Review of Singapore Airlines flight Seoul Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 609
Class Business
Seat 14A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 06:15
Take-off 21 Jan 18, 17:00
Arrival at 21 Jan 18, 22:15
SQ   #1 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 608 reviews
By GOLD 4090
Published on 11th February 2018
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Took the airport limousine back to Incheon for the flight back to Singapore. Check-in was quick at the SQ counters with barely any queues.

photo 39992125562_f48cf1a81b_b

Through the efficient immigration and security, and we were in the bustling airside.

photo 39992124252_4a1d8ebc54_b

photo 26151013108_182830b976_b

As SQ flights were shifted from the Concourse Terminal to the Main Terminal after the opening of T2, SQ's Silver Kris Lounge was closed effective from 18th Jan. According to the ground staff, SQ would be re-opening another lounge at the Main Terminal building. In the meantime, SQ pax have to make do with the sub-par (in my opinion) Asiana Business Class Lounge.

photo 25153094367_54d0bd1066_b

The ambience of the lounge was okay. Nothing fanciful but served its purpose.

photo 25153101437_9012ef4d57_b

photo 26151011918_8013cf2913_b

photo 25153099877_cc07cbd15a_b

However, the catering spread was dismal, consisting only of 3 hot dishes, salad bar and finger food. This pales in comparison to even many of the Priority Pass Lounges out there, especially when this is the hub lounge of Asiana. Not sure about now, but Priority Pass holders used to be able to enter Asiana Lounges in Incheon as well.

photo 26151011008_68fd67eef1_b

photo 25153098357_8b70087c35_b

photo 26151009588_959d32b72e_b

photo 26151007868_49e864c88f_b

Fried rice with kinchi pork and congee. These were the only 3 hot items.

photo 25153096537_f912998281_b

A short visit to the underwhelming Asiana Lounge later, we proceeded to the gate. It was a pretty long walk throught the massive terminal to the gate.

photo 26151006498_29795c29fb_b

Sighted an ancient Korean "royal procession", which is a Korean cultural experience performance right smack in the middle of the passenger terminal!

photo 25153093017_2e4baa420d_b

photo 26151005108_59b94aa769_b

Gigantic Line bear in the terminal.

photo 39992070892_acf5368c99_b

It was a pretty long walk to the departure Gate 19 right at the end of the pier of the huge terminal, where boarding had already commenced.

photo 39125918315_3605208c81_b

photo 26151003988_c20dd7e67d_b

21 January 2018
Singapore Airlines
SQ 609
Seoul Incheon (ICN) - Singapore (SIN)
Business Class
Flight Time: 6H15M

Was boarding immediately via the priority and headed down the jetbridge into the Business Class section.

photo 39125917155_1a978e476e_b

As expected, the seats were the angled-flat Regional Business Class seats, but were recently upholstered in dark brown leather. Pillow and blanket were already placed on the seat.

photo 39125916595_dc27ca88b2_b

photo 26151002518_64228ed279_b

Menus and headsets were placed in the magazine compartments.

photo 39125914635_827e2ccb36_b

Sufficient legroom.

photo 39125904095_64dcd90572_b

Out the window.

photo 26151000488_edf5ef1fb6_b

Crew came down with offers of newspapers and magazines.

photo 26150969568_78cc8df279_b

Hot towels distributed and welcome drinks offered. Being rather thirsty after the long walk, I had both the welcome cocktail Royal Sparkle (not pictured)and the champagne.

photo 26151001398_d660b8ee5d_b

photo 39125913905_32fff00242_b

Inflight magazines.

photo 39125912735_4dc4d9596f_b

The B777-9 and B787-10 were also featured in the fleet list.

photo 26150993228_2dcb5b3603_b

The routemap now also includes all the code-shares.

photo 39125906895_d5d6637165_b

There was a slight delay for pushback due to air traffic congestion. The new safety video featuring Singapore attractions was played after doors were closed.

photo 39125913095_376b248b55_b

Flight map

photo 39313930514_6743df433d_b

Pushed back.

photo 26150992098_2e32d0c8e9_b

photo 39125906045_5bb8db94ca_b

photo 39125904865_bf34d5567d_b

EK A380 taxied past.

photo 26150990928_7d10a65572_b

It was only quite a short taxi to the active runway.

photo 39125903485_3eea0c6681_b

photo 26150987178_b2f6bdc2d4_b

Departed from Rwy33L.

photo 26150986368_a1a94d978b_b

Climbing out of Incheon.

photo 39125901505_de0bf526d5_b

photo 26150985238_e8d262f568_b

photo 39125900735_eca2f288bd_b

Pretty comfortable headphones for the IFE.

photo 26150984198_0fe7d9e112_b

Had also requested for a bottle of water earlier.

photo 26150987838_b01c5d5b37_b

Quick visit to the lavatory, which was well-stocked with amenities as usual.

photo 39125898705_54b091937b_b

photo 26150982698_333679f8e7_b

View of the Business cabin. Today's load was about 2/3 full in Business.

photo 39125899715_a68e977740_b

Above the clouds.

photo 26150981498_05993cb4df_b

Lets check out what is available on the menu for dinner on this flight.

photo 26150998748_1fb384f7f1_b

photo 39125911755_66126581d2_b

photo 26150997748_2648b2d13b_b

Menu for the SQ600 SIN-ICN sector.

photo 26150997278_ef527c6d29_b

photo 39125910465_88064bd7cb_b

The very extensive beverages selection.

photo 26150995998_852fc1f099_b

photo 39125909355_a6f88b0bab_b

photo 26150995078_5fe5a0e975_b

photo 39125908735_b5218f1475_b

photo 39125908405_f84117d894_b

photo 26150993898_b669fc7c97_b

Satay service commenced. I had my satay along with a Citrus Rum Cooler cocktail.

photo 39125897895_8599b34edc_b

photo 26150980838_efc14cd2a9_b

Noticed something 'amissed' when the usual socks, slippers and eyeshades were not handed out. Requested for a pair of slippers from the crew and was informed that these items were temporarily only available on-request basis due to supplier issues and hence only limited numbers were stocked on each flight. It should revert back to normal after supplier issues are resolved.

photo 39125897195_ced8c13997_b

Watched a Korean action comedy on the IFE.

photo 39125895645_0009f9fed9_b


photo 26150979918_c5481c503f_b

photo 39125896265_5b9ed4830f_b

Dinner service started about 1.5hrs into the flight. We were served by 4 crew in Business Class, and the service was excellent by all, especially the Korean Leading Stewardess whose service was exceptional

photo 26150979518_32ff2b8f40_b

I selected the Korean Hansik meal, which was introduced recently on Korea flights. The appetiser dish came with a medley of Korean starters, and all were pretty tasty. Had a Chianti to go along.

photo 26150978678_820f6a5472_b

For the main, it was an excellent tender braised beef shortribs with rice. It was very well-prepared and still slighly pink in the middle.A korean seaweed soup was also presented with the main dish.

photo 26150977768_4b2fbe6d77_b

photo 39125894855_b5472f2af4_b

My friend Booked-the-cook the Herb Mustard crusted Lamb Loin. Starter was the Antipasto plate.

photo 39992069562_1fb3b96eb5_b

Herb Mustard crusted Lamb Loin. It was excellently prepared as well.
Lamb loin with red wine sauce, lyonnais potato, French buttered string beans and parsley buttered Chateau carrots

photo 39992067442_f6835747bf_b

The dessert for the Hansik meal was a unique Banana pudding with brownie. It was a rather heavy dessert.

photo 39125894135_0b3e4cd1fb_b

photo 39125893445_bfab753ae1_b

While for the international selection, it was a delicious chocolate ice-cream.

photo 26150976988_b51cdfd233_b

Meal service in progress.

photo 26150976248_0c7af1302a_b

Cheese and fruits.

photo 39125892535_7fe88f91b5_b

photo 39125892015_03c1bffc51_b

Ending with a TWG Seven Tea (specially created for SQ's 70th anniversary) and pralines.

photo 39125891555_03f4f58b1d_b

Spent the rest of the flight watching the Kingsmen sequel.

photo 39125891125_39b97a590e_b

After 2 movies and a great meal, we were already approaching Singapore.

photo 39125889195_384ec9acd4_b

photo 39125888565_8194b2ef38_b

Descending and landing on Rwy02L.

photo 26150971038_48a85ce8f2_b

photo 26150970818_1702d13db0_b

Last view of my seat and disembarked.

photo 39125890935_328b312a03_b

photo 39125890545_58f7ef3b6a_b

A look at our A330 after disembarkation before another long trek from Gate A20 to immigration.

photo 26150972368_f1bff43afd_b

photo 39125889615_2c9f870336_b

Thanks for reading and your comments are much welcomed.
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This flight definitely ranked as one of the best flights I have flown on SQ Business Class. Crew were super friendly and professional, and food was very well-prepared and tasty. Though the seats might not be the latest generation flat beds, it was totally acceptable for the mid-haul since I was lounging for the entire flight engrossed on the IFE. Excellent flight on SQ this sector was!

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