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Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG 410
Class Economy
Seat 60K
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 02 Feb 18, 21:30
Arrival at 02 Feb 18, 22:30
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By 1700
Published on 16th February 2018
My 2nd trip this year is again another of the frequent hops to Bangkok. TG offers frequent sales on the SIN-BKK route and for a full-service flight, the prices were definitely a steal when the flights were booked less than 3 months prior.

Fast forward to the day of departure, headed home after work, picked up my bags and rushed to the airport for check-in slightly more than 1hr before STD. This Friday evening flight is usually very popular with business and leisure travellers and hence I was surprised that deals were also offered for this flight. Checked in at T1 and got my colourful boarding pass.

photo 25392047407_f278af339d_b

photo 40262993531_c73840f148_b

With the AirAsia group having moved to T4, T1 is now dominated by the Qantas group (mainly Jetstar flights).

photo 25392045647_b7ff162892_b

There was a late gate change from C13 to D47 due to a late departure aircraft at the original assigned gate. Flight also arrived slighly late due to air traffic congestion.

photo 40262991631_3a7ec68fc1_b

02 February 2018
Thai Airways
TG 410
Singapore (SIN) - Bangkok (BKK)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 1H58M

The flight was originally scheduled to be a B747-400, but was changed a month back to the new A350. Not that I minded either, one a classic and the other the newest aircraft. TG's beautiful 1st A350 being prepared for the flight back to Bangkok.

photo 25392044087_4e1f6bf369_b

Boarding was slightly delayed due to the late arrival, and after a quick turnaround, boarding commenced 10min before STD with priorities and sequences strictly enforced. Welcomed by the beautiful TG crew in traditional thai uniforms at the door.

photo 40262989841_c7fd5fd428_b

photo 25392043027_8572de96d7_b

TG's A350s are densely configured in 32J/289Y for a total of 321 pax. Compare that to SQ's A350 which only seats 255 pax. Already placed on each economy seat is a pillow and blanket.

photo 26390417548_cbacd54ed5_b

A wet evening outside.

photo 26390514978_bcef557d97_b

Legroom was adequate, but felt slightly tighter than TG's B777s and 747s.

photo 25391980237_4d50d3a19f_b

Pillow, blanket and headphones.

photo 25392041637_bd792e6755_b

Inflight magazines

photo 26390512858_72c058f52c_b

Boarding for the full flight was completed very quick and efficiently.

photo 25392039757_e23291530f_b

After the last passenger boarded, doors were closed and we pushed back. Safety video was played.

photo 26390511728_82e85a2ec6_b

Finnair A350 beside. The A350 is now becoming a very regular sight in Changi.

photo 25392038597_d2796e87a7_b

TG's A350 is enabled with a live camera view through its IFE system. Here we are taxiing to the runway.

photo 26390510708_9a2c12f4c0_b

photo 39365564775_b7c8441129_b

Turning onto the runway.

photo 26390509698_fded9bcd76_b

Departure from Rwy02C.

Once we were airbourne, I activated the IFE system. TG's IFE system is touch-screen enabled and very responsive, though you may also use the small handset below the monitor. Entertainment choices is decent with the latest movies available, though the range may not be as many as EK's or SQ's latest IFE systems. I selected to watch an action comedy.

photo 40218550962_f3fba705d5_b

photo 25391973477_a55b4071f5_b

Meal and drink carts were swiftly rolled out and meal service commenced in a very efficient manner, with meal trays and wines offered from the meal cart and the beverage cart following behind.

photo 39365564225_c052e415fa_b

photo 40218538152_1b57559041_b

This evening, we were offered a choice of Chicken with noodles or Fish curry with rice. Me and my friend both opted for the fish curry as through past experiences, the curries on TG were very tasty. The meal came with a tuna salad appetiser, warm roll with butter, thai-style dessert and a bottle of drinking water.

photo 26390506038_3e8a68816c_b

photo 26390497438_093545b040_b

Tuna salad is fresh and bread roll is warm and soft.

photo 26390499908_fab5ea9302_b

The main of Thai-style fish curry with rice and preserved turnip with egg definitely did not disappoint. It is very local thai dish, delicious and flavourful!

photo 26390503328_595ee6620c_b

The dessert, which consisted of yam, jelly and coconut milk, was also very tasty!

photo 26390498798_2bd0e44d1e_b

Bar cart came down the aisle offering the full selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. I only had an apple juice.

photo 26390494738_ec5558574b_b

photo 26390493968_3b5b1912ec_b

Enjoying my very satisfying meal. Looking at my seatmate's meal, the chicken with noodles was actually a western-style chicken with spaghetti.

photo 26390492998_12ec52b8dc_b

photo 39365550465_8408f195d8_b

Crew then came down with the coffee/tea cart, offering hot beverages or drinks top-up. I had a tea with lemon. The senior crew also walked arond offering additional breadrolls.

photo 26390491348_d73795cb24_b

Meal service was completed very efficiently within an hour of flight. Visited the lavatory which was clean and well-designed. Amenities were basic except for the inclusion of a cologne.

photo 26390488158_fe9781c71f_b

photo 40262974851_541b6a162c_b

View of the cabin. Cabin ambience was relaxing despite the full flight.

photo 40262973981_72a634246c_b

Cabin light were dimmed for the remainder of the flight till we started the descent into Bangkok.

photo 39365544805_3d0c7899cc_b

Descending into Suvarnhabumi.

photo 39365543725_96cbfd6cb0_b

photo 39365543175_5c6e502f20_b

photo 40218633992_45378ce409_b

photo 39365542015_6c8f5729ee_b

Landing on Rwy19R a few minutes behind schedule.

Taxied to the terminal and parked at the D gates, right at immigration. Coincidentally, another Finnair aircraft was also parked beside at BKK.

photo 26390489508_c38eecc074_b

photo 40262976401_41c0669ced_b

Passing the Business Class cabin during disembarkation.

photo 26390420708_236e353b37_b

Immigration was quick as there were not too many other international arrivals and it was a 30min Airport Train ride direct to Phaya Thai, where my hotel stayed would be. Stayed ay The Sukosol on this trip, which is a very recommended hotel with convenient transport links, big and comfortable rooms, great service and housekeeping.

photo 38452551470_54241f7976_b

photo 40218632752_4c2d00f653_b

View from my room.

photo 40218568602_e0f2b80bc6_b

photo 25391983867_c340178acb_b

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Thai Airways

Cabin crew8.5

Singapore - SIN


Bangkok - BKK



It was an excellent flight on TG on this short haul. Despite the full load, service was very efficient but remained friendly and warm. The food and beverage offerings were awesome and cabin ambiance was good. Was really impressed with the Royal Orchid service on this short sector.

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