Review of Thai Airways flight Bangkok Singapore in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG 409
Class Economy
Seat 61K
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 06 Feb 18, 20:20
Arrival at 06 Feb 18, 23:25
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By 1047
Published on 18th February 2018
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Back to the airport by the Airport Train from Phaya Thai. Check in and baggage drop at the TG counters were pretty empty and we were processed immediately.

photo 39588519634_8cbff45f96_b

photo 40300197161_0490a01c1e_b

Immigration and security were another story as it took more than half hour to go through both despite most counters opened. After clearing immigration, headed to the gate. View of the tarmac.

photo 38490707030_b4ec275463_b

When we reached the gate, boarding should have begun. However, as expected due to the Changi Airshow runway incident just a couple of hours earlier which closed down one of the 2 runways and severly limited Changi's capacity, all regional flights were required to be delayed. Our flight was affected a well and we were given a new departure timing of 8pm from the same gate. Ground staff informed that meal vouchers would be distributed, even though it was no fault of the airline. Not only our flight, but all other flights to SIN were severely delayed for at least a couple of hours as well (SQ's 630pm departure was delayed till 11pm!).

photo 39588518624_aabc3ba348_b

Googling the lounges accessible by Priority Pass, I discovered that the Oman Air Lounge near the gate is one of the many lounges granting entry to Priority Pass members, and reviews for the lounge were pretty good as well. So headed to the lounge to pass the next 3 hours. Priority Pass members were granted a maximum of 3hrs stay at the lounge, which was alright with us.

photo 40300150061_279d73ee4c_b

The reception staff welcomed us in warmly. The lounge, though small in nice as expected for an overseas airline lounge, was very well appointed. There is a newspapers and magazines shelf just after the reception.

photo 40255057712_0d546c1273_b

The lounge is seperated into 2 main areas, the lounging area and the dining/work area. The lounging area was pretty empty at that time, and has a strong middle-eastern flair in the deco.

photo 40300195451_bd73783ddf_b

photo 38490704090_1e494e0138_b

There are 2 private "rooms" which could be shielded from the main lounge by curtains.

photo 40255034522_1ee1d5a950_b

The dining/work area. There is a single toilet and shower facility for use as well.

photo 40300146651_30dccb1ff0_b

photo 40255054202_878d2f96c8_b

photo 40300185121_653ccb67db_b

A wide selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on offer, including arabian coffee.

photo 40300191241_373d4b5150_b

photo 39588510424_630642f2aa_b

Buffet selection ranged from finger foods, sandwiches, salads, mains and desserts. Pretty wide-ranging and tasty.

photo 39588511724_2999984875_b

photo 38490702480_9b5f77abde_b

photo 40255056662_3899e49a02_b

Arabian coffee and dates to start.

photo 40255055192_bf8a304887_b

Thai and Middle-eastern starters.

photo 40300189881_b46970edc4_b

Hot dishes including Chicken Briyani, satay, chcken puff and falafel.

photo 40255052672_b908bd576a_b

Tom yum goong was offered later in the evening as well.

photo 40300186361_c0e5841c99_b

Fruits, desserts and drinks. The Oman Air Lounge in BKK certainly ranks as one of the best Priority Pass lounges that I have visited so far.

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photo 40255049692_caefd12c2c_b

FIDS. Note the delays of all SIN-bound flights.

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06 February 2018
Thai Airways
TG 409
Bangkok (BKK) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 2H08M

Back to the same gate, where boarding had just commenced.

photo 39588504594_0c2e63ebe0_b

It was a bus gate, and we were ferried by bus across almost entire airport compound to the awaiting A350 aircraft. This was TG's 2nd A350 plane.

photo 26427832708_7108ee69e7_b

photo 39402778425_22aa9fcbb9_b

The mighty Trents.

photo 40300182401_b0b23c23b6_b

Up the stairs and welcomed at the doors. Apparently the crew has also waited for the delayed flight since 230pm and they would still need to operate the sector back to BKK after this flight.

photo 26427831718_950b0c578e_b

photo 40300181711_b5dd4ea9b5_b

View of economy seats and cabin towards the rear, with a pillow placed on each. Blankets were later distributed by the crew.

photo 38490691600_7a53fb9ce0_b

photo 26427829938_209e94e025_b

View out the window.

photo 26427828988_3e759d5286_b

IFE system and camera view.

photo 40300180491_8354f7ae91_b

photo 26427828438_74e5d5edba_b

Pillow, blanket and headsets.

photo 40300179321_444421a55f_b

Seatback view

photo 26427826378_78dd11e56a_b

Boarding in progress.

photo 26427826868_45f5a3eda1_b

Boarding completed and we started the very long taxi to the runway. Flight was pretty full and the captain apologised for the delay due to the runway closure in Changi.

photo 26427825978_b87eafea47_b

Turning onto the runway and takeoff from Rwy01R.

photo 26427825708_6fbd89d1df_b

Mood lightig turned on.

photo 26427825288_409c3a6b2b_b

Decided to watch a Korean comedy on this flight.

photo 26427824318_38a403b0b2_b

Meal service commenced shortly after.

photo 26427824738_173af01995_b

On this flight, we were offered a choice of Chicken in oyster sauce with rice or Omelette with fried rice. We chose an option each. The meal tray came with a smoked salmon salad, warm roll with butter, a bottle of water and a vanilla mousse dessert.

photo 26427823798_0e5f46dc10_b

Chicken with rice and vegetables option.

photo 40300175501_47d6afd622_b

Starter and dessert.

photo 40300174281_fd61d98e98_b

The main course was decent, but I still preferred the thai curries option.

photo 40300174711_738057ac57_b

Got an orange juice from the bar cart.

photo 39402763405_08853c6408_b

Omelette with fried rice option.

photo 40300175241_78b3d2f26d_b

Generous portion of salmon in the smoked salmon salad.

photo 40300173041_dc637e161e_b

The omelette had a tomato-filling. The dish was decent, but again I preferred the meal served on the previous sector.

photo 40255038212_b9b7b64900_b

Dessert with a cup of tea. Overall, this meal is not as good was the meal served on the previous sector which was excellent.

photo 39402761685_b2ba1dfa6b_b

Again, meal service was completed very efficiently within 1hr and the cabin lights were dimmed for passengers to rest.

photo 25428917087_541e3671dc_b

Very soon, we were approaching Singapore.

photo 40300168001_cbb52c3d69_b

photo 25428915767_67c475135f_b

photo 25428914927_94a576e0c5_b

Landing on Rwy02L, which reopened at around 7pm SG Time.

photo 40300164021_4f9a6aeba7_b

Parked at Terminal 1 C20, which is just beside immigration. A SQ A350 was parked a C1, which is a common occurance as there are insufficient gates at T3.

photo 40300162991_77346f212f_b

photo 40300161631_e45381f5e7_b


photo 40300160911_dc4db498b6_b

Thanks for reading my short report and comments are welcomed.
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Thai Airways

Cabin crew8.5

Oman Air Lounge


Bangkok - BKK


Singapore - SIN



Again a short an pleasant flight on Thai Airways, which offers very good flight schedules at competitive fares and inflight offerings.

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