Review of El Al Israel Airlines flight Frankfurt Tel Aviv in Economy

Flight LY358
Class Economy
Seat 24K
Aircraft Boeing 737-900ER
Flight time 03:45
Take-off 19 Sep 17, 11:30
Arrival at 19 Sep 17, 16:15
LY 39 reviews
By BRONZE 2429
Published on 1st March 2018
In my last flight report about Frankfurt, flight LH694, I told that I hope to visit again in Frankfurt airport…
After the first year in the University, and after I passed all the exams, I bought flight tickets and here's my flight report about LY358, flight from FRA to TLV.

Of course, I found some time for spotting!

I woke up at 5am, and checked my flight status in Frankfurt airport website:
photo screenshot_2017-09-19-05-10-28-938_org.mozilla.firefox
I found that alles gut ;)

Shortly after, I saw our aircraft in Flight radar application:
photo screenshot_2017-09-19-05-32-19-644_com.flightradar24free

We started our day in Frankfurt airport in the rental cars return area:
photo img_20170919_071944

After We returned the car, We walked a lot to the check in area:

After the check in, I went to the WC:
photo img_20170919_074524photo img_20170919_074544_hht
As You can see, they were clean.

Photo from the terminal, before the border inspection area:
photo img_20170919_083938

The duty free shop:
photo img_20170919_084506photo img_20170919_092709
As You can see, the duty free shop isn't big, and I couldn't find something cheap.

Boarding area:
photo img_20170919_100537

And some photos after the security check:
photo dsc05464photo dsc05465

Our aircraft:
photo dsc05471

Aircraft information:

Boeing 737-958ER
4X-EHC, in service since July 2014

One more photo after the security check:
photo dsc05472

The way to the waiting area:
photo dsc05473

Waiting area:
photo dsc05474photo dsc05476

Elal Wifi:
photo dsc05479

Bussiness class:
photo dsc05480

Economy class:
photo dsc05482

Wing view:
photo dsc05485
(Things that you'll never see in Israel, Elal aicraft parking near to Etihad aircraft)

Tables that could be clearer…
photo dsc05488photo dsc05489

photo dsc05492
As You can see, the legroom in my seat (24K) is very nice for economy seat.

And the modern PSU:
photo dsc05496

Some photos during pushback:
photo dsc05502photo dsc05507photo dsc05511

And some photos during taxi procedure:
photo dsc05518photo dsc05522

Before take off:
photo dsc05532

Take off video (4K is available):

And… shortly after:
photo dsc05540

Overhead screen view:
photo dsc05542photo dsc05543

5 minutes after take off:
photo dsc05545

Elal flight magazine, safety card and inflight duty free magazine:
photo dsc05550

15 minutes after take off:
photo img_20170919_114409

At this time, the cabin crew gave us soft drinks and small bag of "Abadi", some Israeli snack:
photo img_20170919_114551

In LY575 flight, the power sockets were unusable, in this flight - the same happend, but the USB sockets worked… (but they're charging so slow):
photo img_20170919_115907

Wacthing our flight in Flight radar :)
photo screenshot_2017-09-19-11-56-48-150_com.flightradar24free

As You can see, the Wifi service (that was free in this flight) worked:
photo img_20170919_121458

50 minutes after the take off, the cabin crew served hot meal:

Included: Salad, Hummus salad, Pita bread, couscous with meat balls, cookies, mineral water and hot drinks (You could choose coffee or tea).

While waiting to the WC to be free, I took some photos from the cabin:
photo dsc05552photo dsc05554

And the WC photos, of course…
photo dsc05555photo dsc05556
As You can see, they were clear.

Over Tel aviv, shotrly before landing:
photo dsc05566

Landing video (4K is available):

After landing photos:
photo dsc05571photo dsc05584

Last cabin view:
photo dsc05589

Goodbye 4X-EHC!
photo dsc05593

Welcome to Israel!
photo dsc05594

Some photos on my way to the border inspection:

Baggage claim area:

I found It very strange, 3 flights on the same belt… but It's not the first time that It happend.

After customs check area:
photo dsc05616
As You can see, there were many people in the terminal, because I arrived before Rosh Ha'Shana (Jewish new year holiday).

I hope that You enjoyed! :)
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El Al Israel Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

Frankfurt - FRA


Tel Aviv - TLV



The flight was very good, the seat was comfortable, the legroom was Ok, I gave only 9 because I think that the cabin could be clearer.
The cabin crew were really nice and they gave very good service, so I gave them the maximum score.
In the Entertainment in gave also the maximum score, because all worked perfect, the Wifi, the dream stream system and the overhead TV.
The meal is nice for 4 flight hours, but I ate better meals in Elal flights.

About Frankfurt airport, I gave lower score in access criteria, due to the long distance from the return car area to the check in area, and lower score in services, because after border inspection, there's nothing to do, just small duty free.

About Ben Gurion (TLV) airport, I gave lower efficiency score because they mixed our baggage with another 2 flights... It's not so easy to find your suitcase from 500-600 suitcases...

Information on the route Frankfurt (FRA) Tel Aviv (TLV)


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  • Comment 434579 by
    757Fan 632 Comments
    Looks like you had a great flight with EL AL. Great views out the window from your flight, and it's nice that they served a hot meal on a flight of this length.

    Thank you for sharing!
  • Comment 434631 by
    loukas 341 Comments
    Very detailed and well written report! Looks like a great flight with extraordinary service for that lenght. Thanks for sharing
  • Comment 435116 by
    KL651 TEAM 4534 Comments
    Toda for this FR.
    I like the pattern on the seats and the cabin looks even nicer with that sky interior.
    Good meal service again with two (typical israeli) appetizers, entree and dessert.
    It seems ElAl is usually moe expensive when flying to Israel but at least onboard you get a better product than the European competition (AF, LH)
    • Comment 435329 by
      Dor BRONZE AUTHOR 114 Comments
      Elal sometimes more expensive than European airlines, but most the time, the prices almost equal.
      In this route, I still don't know which airline is better, because I had a flight with LH that was very good also...
      In some routes, Elal operates really nice aircrafts like the Boeing 737-900 or the new Boeing 787-9, but on some routes You'll get Boeing 737-800 without Wifi, dream stream, power sockets and old cabin in some aircrafts in the fleet.
  • Comment 435558 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6744 Comments
    Hi Dor, thanks for sharing this new report! Love the planespotting at the beginning--beautiful pics!

    LY seems to offer a really good service for Y on this route. Unlike my friend KL651 I don't like the pattern of the seats, though. They remind me of the old UA (Pre-Merger CO) seat pattern. LY has an advantage in Business class on this route with true J seats, rather than the Euro-Business class (Y seat with Empty middle) type seats flown by most European carriers to TLV, except for BA who have lie-flat on the ex-BMI A321s I think.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 436160 by
      Dor BRONZE AUTHOR 114 Comments
      I prefer the seats in the B739 rather than the seats in the B738 (of Elal of course...) I think that they're more comfortable.

      Now, about the business class - Elal will change all the seats in the B738 fleet, I hope that they'll replace the business class seats with the seat from the B739 and they won't replace them with something like the European business classes in LH/AF, etc.

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