Review of Malaysia Airlines flight Bangkok Kuala Lumpur in Business

Airline Malaysia Airlines
Flight MH783
Class Business
Seat 1K
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 02:15
Take-off 22 Apr 18, 17:05
Arrival at 22 Apr 18, 20:20
MH   #25 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 216 reviews
Eric V P
By 3865
Published on 9th May 2018
Report #33: MH783 - What's better than a throne bulkhead seat?

This will be my report on flying on Malaysia Airlines business class from Bangkok BKK to Kuala Lumpur KUL, a short-haul international flight within SE Asia, on board their Airbus A350-900. Due to operational changes, this review will feature Malaysia's first class A350 seat - the world's only first class product on A350, though otherwise the service is still business class standard.

Readers beware: this review will be slightly longer than the usual reviews here, but the main highlight for this report would be QR's lounge and the on board experience so you may want to focus on those parts first.

Here are the 6 parts of the trip (which magically enough could be crammed into 3 days):
KUL - BKK on Malaysia A330-200 business class: Read here
DMK - CNX on Thai Lion Air 737 MAX 9 economy class: Read here
CNX - DMK on Nok Air 737-800 economy class: Read here
DMK - HKT on Thai Lion Air A330-300 premium economy class: Read here
HKT - BKK on Thai 777-200ER economy class: Read here
BKK - KUL on Malaysia A350-900 business/first class: You are here


Malaysia Airlines conducted their travel fair on March 2018, offering business class to Bangkok and back starting from RM788 (US$205). I then further reduced it with online travel agent discount so I managed to only pay RM738 (US$190), which represented a phenomenal value for money with lie-flat bed on throne seats both ways (I chose my flights partly considering the throne seats availability) and access to up to 6 lounges.
photo mh782 20042018 receipt

Since I had just went to Bangkok on December with Malaysia as well, I planned an almost completely different agenda for this trip. For this flight, however, the main agenda was:
- Review Qatar's new Premium Lounge (when possible, given the tight schedule),
- Compare their A330-300 business class with their A350-900 (both of them share the same business class cross-section so I expect this to be slightly narrower), and
- Try their normal ex-BKK catering offerings (I previously ordered seafood meal).

Based on my positive experience with the 359 throne bulkhead seat, I had also snagged 1K, the sole throne bulkhead seat on 333, for this flight. As deceptively empty as it looked (it was taken quite a while before), let's see how would it be at the counters.
photo mh783 22042018 seat map

Trip to BKK and check-in

Technically my trip to BKK was the one on TG earlier, so there would be no review on how I went to the airport.

QV's AT7 - the last photo I took before I slept.
photo 20180422_135250

QR's 77W passing by 1 1/2 hours later.
photo 20180422_152935

I then returned to the check-in floor for my flight before it got too crowded.
photo 20180422_153515photo 20180422_153626

However, since MH used row G for the MH783 flight (that is, like the MH783 flight I took a few months before) instead of the other row they usually used, it wouldn't accept early check-in, resulting in the massive queue for economy class.
photo 20180422_154001photo 20180422_154003

The business class counter wasn't spared from the queue either.
photo 20180422_154026

Check-in was done in 5 minutes. I asked:
- How was the load (full, 39J 247Y),
- What was the plane type (359; the J capacity would be way more than MH 333 could accommodate), and
- Whether it would be possible to get 1 more fast-track pass (yes; I also told her because they ran out of it in KUL)
photo 20180422_154528

I then received the boarding pass, which like before was less proper than the one issued in KUL (see the black and white MH logo).
photo 20180422_155722

Two fast-track cards were also provided.
photo 20180422_155734

Last but not least, the invitation card for the Miracle lounge. Note that the stamp shows MAB Bangkok Airport instead of MAS Bangkok Airport a few months ago.
photo 20180422_155740

I proceeded to the fast-track security and immigration, which I cleared in ~7 minutes.
photo 20180422_160536photo 20180422_161311

Bangkok BKK transit area

Part 1: taken between immigration and entering the Miracle Business Class Lounge

A statue greeted as I exited the immigration.
photo 20180422_161347photo 20180422_161350

The 4th floor consisted of mostly high-end shops, which I skipped.
photo 20180422_161404

Instead, I went down to the 3rd floor where all the lounges I could visit were.
photo 20180422_161419

The arrival immigration was so overcrowded the queue overflowed.
photo 20180422_161532

Part 2: taken between exiting the Miracle Lounge and entering the Qatar Airways Premium Lounge

The corridor at the 3rd floor lead to the walkway to the gates.
photo 20180422_164740

CZ's 32S
photo 20180422_164745

TG's planes at concourse E.
photo 20180422_165020

JL's lounge, which unfortunately still closed.
photo 20180422_165054

Transfer counters.
photo 20180422_165139

Signage leading to CX's lounge.
photo 20180422_165317

FIDS just before entering QR's lounge - never mind that the gate has opened since as I checked on FR24 the flight would be delayed for a bit.
photo 20180422_173248

Lounge test #1: Miracle Business Class Lounge Concourse D

I proceeded to the reception, and after I handed my boarding pass and lounge invitation card I was let in.
photo 20180422_161453

Wi-Fi credentials was also provided as I was let in.
photo 20180422_161628

Upon entering the lounge the first sight would be the 4 chairs.
photo 20180422_161541

The lounge have two areas: dining and normal area.
photo 20180422_161559photo 20180422_161604

I had reviewed the lounge's dining offerings in more detail here, so I would just fast forward this part, but if there's anything to take note at it's that the dining offerings were uninspiring.

I then proceeded to the shower room, which was unoccupied.
photo 20180422_163327photo 20180422_163335

The shower room was clean and spacious, which I appreciated. The water flow was also not too bad, which is another plus.
photo 20180422_163342photo 20180422_163345

Single-use amenities.
photo 20180422_163348

The main seating area, which was basic.
photo 20180422_164600

Lounge test #2: Cathay Pacific Lounge

The signage for the lounge.
photo 20180422_165317

The exterior looked warm, an improvement from their granite exterior on their KUL lounge.
photo 20180422_165339

I reached the reception area, where after a quick boarding pass check I was let through.
photo 20180422_165359

The Wi-Fi password.
photo 20180422_165406

The lounge is divided into several sections.
photo 20180422_165413photo 20180422_165420

A variety of seating was available, from the stool ….
photo 20180422_165430

All the way to sofa and semi-private seat, which I loved.
photo 20180422_165439

The semi-private seat afforded excellent sense of privacy and also has its own table, albeit small.
photo 20180422_165509

Each of them also sport an individual reading light.
photo 20180422_165515

The best part? Of course the plugs.
photo 20180422_165524

Even more seats were available further in, which included seats for spotting.
photo 20180422_165540

To start I went to the bar and found the extensive menu.
photo 20180422_165547

I ordered the rose sparkling wine, which instead of Chandon was its proper counterpart Moet & Chandon.
photo 20180422_165620photo 20180422_170345

The drink was served in proper glass, which was appreciated. The champagne was drinkable, so it's a plus by J lounge standard.
photo 20180422_165705

I had saved my appetite for the dining offerings here, which was better than the one at Miracle Lounge.
photo 20180422_170016photo 20180422_170022

Condiments were plenty.
photo 20180422_170044

I opted for dandan noodle and pork dumpling. Having missed it on my earlier visit, this was a quite good option compared with the rest (even pad thai).
photo 20180422_170134

To pair the meal I went for the sparkling wine, which unlike the rose counterpart used Chandon instead.
photo 20180422_170417

Despite the compact footprint of self-serve light meals, the options were quite respectable.

I went for the pad thai and pork dumpling again. Like before, the pad thai was on the sweeter side, but this time I found it strange that they put the bean sprouts beside instead of cooked together.
photo 20180422_171452

There were a variety of reading materials.
photo 20180422_171959

The lounge got more crowded over time, so let's hope for no more meltdown at The Noodle Bar.
photo 20180422_172007photo 20180422_172231

A business centre was also available but completely unused.
photo 20180422_172236

The views from the lounge also include the gate as well as the rest area within the terminal.
photo 20180422_172247photo 20180422_172254

To end the lounge visit I had one of their signature mocktails while waiting for my portable battery to charge for a bit.
photo 20180422_172703

Lounge test #3: Qatar Airways Premium Lounge

The lounge's closed door may seem intimidating at first (was the lounge closed?)
photo 20180422_173423photo 20180422_173429

The rules were clearly posted beside the door, both in Arabic and English.
photo 20180422_173436

I then opened the door and welcomed by two reception staffs. They asked for my boarding pass and afterwards let me in first while they took a picture of my boarding pass and told me they would return it to me later. Also note the FiDS, which only showed QR or QR codeshare flights.
photo 20180422_173501

Upon entering the lounge I was greeted by the water decoration.
photo 20180422_173507

The lounge offered a view of the landside.
photo 20180422_173522photo 20180422_173704

The seating area consist of sofas. At this point my boarding pass was returned by one of the reception staffs. I then asked if I was the first guest for the day, to which she said yes.
photo 20180422_173525

A universal power plug and USB power plug was provided for each sofa, which was generous. Another staff staffing the seating area then also came to me and informed that foods and beverages were prohibited in the seating area, but I was invited to go to the dining area should I wish to have some.
photo 20180422_173536

The table wasn't especially useful for working as it was small and filled with a pot and a placard.
photo 20180422_173558

Another seating area.
photo 20180422_173610

There weren't that many magazines.
photo 20180422_173622

I then proceeded to the dining area, which was well-appointed.
photo 20180422_173709

Instead of bare tables like at other lounges, the table setting resembled much more of a decent hotel's breakfast buffet. As soon as I was seated another staff came and offered me sparkling or still water, to which I opted for the still water - talk about a personalized service.
photo 20180422_173711

Even the cutleries were heavy enough and patterned, which was not something to see at ordinary lounges.
photo 20180422_173937

I didn't manage to take a photo of the dining area on overall, but here are the foods on the main buffet area.

I had eaten quite a bit on the CX lounge so I decided to take a bit. The food was rather decent, which testified how QR invested quite a bit on the lounge.
photo 20180422_173947

The water arrived afterwards, complete with a coaster. A small thing in the grand scheme of things, but it was nonetheless appreciated.
photo 20180422_174115

Instead of a fully self-serve salad bar they were plated each in small plates and looked especially appealing.
photo 20180422_174212photo 20180422_174216

Arabic-style desserts (not photographed) and normal desserts were on offer.
photo 20180422_174255

Ice cream was also available on request. After taking the photo the staff behind the counter asked me whether I would also like some ice cream, to which I opted for chocolate (who can resist an ice cream offer?)
photo 20180422_174259

Non-alcoholic drink options. Also note the circular shape of the buffet counter - the foods and beverages were arranged in several circular counters.
photo 20180422_174307

Cheese and fruit bar.
photo 20180422_174313photo 20180422_174318

There are 4 wines offered, as well as their monthly special cocktail.
photo 20180422_174340

For non-drinkers, a selection of Dilmah teas were provided, which unfortunately was a notch down from the TWG tea at CX lounge.
photo 20180422_174347

I had some blue cheese as well as one of the Arabic-style desserts, which was delicious. The rock-cold ice cream was also served to my table in an ornate ice cream bowl with saucer and spoon. Also note the QR-style design on both the cheese and dessert plate and saucer.
photo 20180422_174444

After finishing some of the ice cream as well as the cheese and dessert I went to the bar for a glass of champagne. I also asked if it was possible to take a photo of the champagne, to which the bar staff offered for me to take a photo of the unopened bottle of champagne instead, and afterwards told me that the champagne would be delivered. The champagne was Pommery Brut Royal, which retailed for US$35.
photo 20180422_174847

The bar as well as coffee machine. Also note just how many staffs were there in the lounge facing the guests.
photo 20180422_174856

Even more staffs?
photo 20180422_175002

The champagne arrived within 2 minutes, again with a coaster.
photo 20180422_175020

While waiting for the champagne I visited the lavatory, which was equipped with Rituals toiletries that as I understand was also used on board QR's planes.
photo 20180422_174931photo 20180422_174936

The shower room was unfortunately closed, so I was glad I used the one on Miracle earlier.
photo 20180422_174951

Afterwards I excused myself and exited the lounge. I also asked about the access policy for the lounge, which as others have also confirmed is only for premium class Oneworld passengers.

Lounge test verdict and departure

Given the three lounges I visited, the Qatar Airways Premium Lounge was by far the best lounge available for MH passengers in BKK and this can easily pass as one of the best outstation lounges in SE Asia. From the high customer-facing staffing (since nobody else entered the lounge until I left, there were close to 10 staffs attending so the service was very prompt and courteous), varied dining options (CX is also good in this regard but more Asian-focused), all the way to the champagne (especially important since MH's BKK-KUL flights are dry), it is no surprise that QR wanted it to be quite exclusive. If you are going for an evening/night/morning flight on a Oneworld carrier in J/F, I would strongly recommend the lounge.

This, however, is not to say that CX's lounge and the Miracle lounge serve no purpose: the Miracle lounge is especially useful to guarantee a pre-flight shower (that is, when QR's lounge is closed) while CX's lounge is useful for working and getting some Asian-style hot meals, so it's still worth doing some lounge hopping in BKK.

I passed in front of CX's lounge, this time without reentering.
photo 20180422_175443

I then proceeded to the gate G2.
photo 20180422_175534

Another Miracle lounge near the gate.
photo 20180422_175603

The plane of the evening, 9M-MAC, a 4 months old 359 and the second example delivered to MH. Unlike the -MAB I rode before, during the trial period she was deployed to PEN and BKI on a daily basis so it was also her first appearance at BKK.
photo 20180422_175621photo 20180422_175632

To proceed to the gate I needed to go through the downward ramp.
photo 20180422_175649

A slightly better view of the -MAC.
photo 20180422_175700

It took me 1 minute to get my boarding pass checked.
photo 20180422_175731photo 20180422_175838

The waiting area is fully self-contained with amenities including dedicated lavatory and water fountain.
photo 20180422_175727photo 20180422_175834

The plane was being prepared for departure.
photo 20180422_175915

Boarding was chaotic as people were waiting around the officer, even for business class.
photo 20180422_181048

After ~13 minutes since I had my boarding pass checked boarding commenced and it was a walk down the corridor and aerobridge.
photo 20180422_181210photo 20180422_181228

From the corridor I could see CX's 359 parked right beside MH's 359.
photo 20180422_181216

There was a bit of queue before entering the plane.
photo 20180422_181247photo 20180422_181251

Newspapers were available for self-serve.
photo 20180422_181257

On board

Flight: MH783
Plane: 9M-MAC (Negaraku livery)
STD/ATD: 17.15/17.41
STA/ATA: 20.30/20.57
Load factor: 100%C (39/39), 99%Y (245/247)
Seat type: Suite first class (window/aisle seat)

I was welcomed on board and after my boarding pass was checked I was directed to the second aisle.

Upon noticing that I was taking photos the flight attendant on the right aisle decided to pose instead.
photo 20180422_181304

I then walked to the second aisle.
photo 20180422_181309

My home for the next 2 1/2 hours. A blanket, pillow, and headphone had already been placed.
photo 20180422_181313

The seat comes with a large LCD screen.
photo 20180422_181433

An ottoman was also present, but it was so small I barely managed to squeeze myself there.
photo 20180422_181442

Nonetheless, it was enough to get a decent photo of my actual seat from the front.
photo 20180422_181455

A flight attendant offered to take a photo of me in my seat, which of course I obliged to - there's not much other opportunity to fly in F given the current budget.
photo 20180422_181512_001

Welcome drinks was then offered, which as usual consisted of water or juices, which I opted for the pink guava. I also asked why was pink guava juice available despite being ex-KUL exclusive, to which the flight attendant said that there was some spare from the earlier flight.
photo 20180422_181646

There is no storage under the ottoman, but at least the legroom was more than enough.
photo 20180422_181654

The main control panel include an IFE remote control and seat control. I especially loved that there was an option to have the seat slightly reclined during taxi, take-off, and landing.
photo 20180422_181717

The IFE remote control while nothing extraordinary was at least touch-responsive.
photo 20180422_181735

The emergency door release button.
photo 20180422_181827

Like in J, the F seat use three-point seatbelt. There was also an announcement regarding the three-point seatbelt later on.
photo 20180422_181918

A reading light was provided at the suite wall.
photo 20180422_182007

Another softer light can be found beside the seatback.
photo 20180422_183617

The proper suite door handle, which can only be activated from the outside suite wall.
photo 20180422_182009

The table can be found together with one of the storage area, which needed some effort to take, showing that it was not meant to be directly take by the passenger.
photo 20180422_182047

On the plus side the table was quite big for a one-person suite.
photo 20180422_182107

The wrapped headphone and welcome drink, which I had yet to drink.
photo 20180422_182123

A newspaper was soon provided, which provided a better comparison. I also opened the headphone, which unfortunately were the economy class type.
photo 20180422_182202

Despite bleeding space, it was possible to put all the goodies from the literature pocket without stacking them.
photo 20180422_182257

Hot towel service followed, which was quite good (i.e. not too dry).
photo 20180422_182310

The goodies from the literature pocket. Note the promotional pamphlet for the in-flight communication services, which was unavailable when I flew before.
photo 20180422_182344photo 20180422_182428

No, I didn't forget the airsickness bag.
photo 20180422_182452

The front storage area offered the most space and could easily handle a carry-on bag's weight.
photo 20180422_182631photo 20180422_182643

The cover of the rear storage area revealed an even more extensive range of seat adjustments.
photo 20180422_182829

A basic vanity mirror is located behind the storage cover.
photo 20180422_182903

Typical of a modern long-haul cabin, USB and AC as well as headphone plugs were provided.
photo 20180422_182926

Another storage area, including a dedicated place for eyeglasses and water.
photo 20180422_182948

As there is no luggage storage above the centre seats, individual air vents are available only at window seats in J and F.
photo 20180422_183232

Safety cards on MH planes were laminated, making it more easily collectible.
photo 20180422_183310

I was then asked by a flight attendant,
- If I am a Malaysian (no), and
- Whether I would end my trip in KUL (yes).
She then provided me with the fast-track invitation card, which unlike the fast-track card for BKK didn't grant fast-track immigration on its own.
photo 20180422_183320

Safety video was played, featuring the strangely depicted 359.
photo 20180422_183336

After the safety video MH's signature prayer was shown.
photo 20180422_183831

The view consisted of simply CI's 738.
photo 20180422_183341

Time to fiddle with the window: windows in F are electronically adjustable.
photo 20180422_183423

The window shade first applied the thinner shade, something equivalent to day curtain at hotels.
photo 20180422_183430

Afterwards it's the proper shade, which completely blocked the window.
photo 20180422_183434

Instead of being put at the seat pocket, menu was distributed before pushback which the flight attendant said was due to the last-minute plane change.
photo 20180422_183040photo 20180422_183133

The menu was exactly the same as on the MH782 flight.
photo 20180422_183059photo 20180422_183120

Selfie test: the seat clearly provided ample space, which was very appreciated.
photo 20180422_184738

When we pushed back, FM's 738 arrived at the gate beside.
photo 20180422_184207

JL's 788 and 777 parked, waiting their evening departures.
photo 20180422_184326photo 20180422_184951

Another plane just took off.
photo 20180422_185028

WE's 320 and a construction for the airport's expansion.
photo 20180422_185448

Soon it was our turn for take-off and we departed from runway 19L.
photo 20180422_185924

The take-off afforded some views of the terminal.
photo 20180422_190022

Watch the video of the take-off here:

Climb was smooth and in a few minutes we reached the South China Sea.

After the fasten seatbelt sign was switched off the mobile network was turned on first, followed by the Wi-Fi later on.
photo 20180422_190931

A few minutes later the meal service started from the front. I received the low-fat meal option. I also asked if it was possible to change to the normal meal option, to which the flight attendant refused due to limited meal availability, further noting the full load in J while offered me to wait after the meal service had ended to get the remaining meal, which I refused. I didn't manually opt for LFML, so I suspected it was due to me inquiring with QR about their lounge hours and access rules and therefore I had my meal option synchronized with the preference in my FFP account with them. Regardless, here is the low-fat meal option. They also asked for my drink option, to which I opted for the orange juice.
photo 20180422_191647

After the lid was opened.
photo 20180422_191657

Soy and nut mix was also distributed.
photo 20180422_191828

However, they only served the bread 15 minutes after my meal was served, which by that time I had already finished my meal and did my first lavatory visit.
photo 20180422_193334

The menu for low fat meal option for the day was:
Appetizer: Smoked salmon salad
Bread: Bread basket
Main course: Lean fish with baked vegetable medley and potato in tomato sauce
Dessert: Chocolate mousse (or ice cream?) with nut
Drink: Fruit juice / coffee / tea / water
Snack: Soy and nut mix

To start, the smoked salmon salad was an improvement over the previous smoked salmon salad where the salmon was too thick. The main was a bit of a letdown as the fish was on the leaner side and the side dish nothing to write home about, but at least it was edible. MH's garlic bread was as usual quite flavourful but at the same time on the more soggy side, and the dessert left me wondering whether it was mousse or melted ice cream as it was rather airy like ice cream but not cold enough. On overall, this wasn't an especially good meal. and I may be better off having the normal meal.

After I received my meal I decided to play around with the door, which can be closed just by lifting the handle.
photo 20180422_192342photo 20180422_192415

Like other Vantage XL seats, the door doesn't fully close - there is a small gap that a finger can fit in.
photo 20180422_192453photo 20180422_192501

The door handle.
photo 20180422_192514

The proper J cabin, which was packed.
photo 20180422_193121

I then visited the J lavatory, which was clean.
photo 20180422_193147photo 20180422_193231

As usual, Acca Kappa toiletries were supplied.
photo 20180422_193244

The flight attendant serving the second J cabin. Note how the meals are packed ready to serve with the main course covered with aluminum foil.
photo 20180422_193302

Dinner with a view?
photo 20180422_193532

The glass also subtly bore the MH logo.
photo 20180422_193856

Laptop test: the table was big enough for me to put my laptop with sizable space to spare. The seat can be also adjusted forward, which is my preferred working position.
photo 20180422_194208

The classical music options weren't too bad, though compared with the collection last December they cut the amount from 34 albums to only 28 albums.
photo 20180422_194741photo 20180422_194752photo 20180422_194757

Their moving map, which was decent enough since it was customizable.
photo 20180422_195055photo 20180422_195111

I then made my seat into a bed, which was especially comfortable although on the narrower side by F standard.
photo 20180422_195652photo 20180422_195656

The unmanned F galley.
photo 20180422_195716

I then visited the F lavatory in front of my seat, which was wider than the J lavatory.
photo 20180422_195737

Other than that, though, it was also equally bare.
photo 20180422_195743

Selfie test, which shows the lavatory's width.
photo 20180422_195756

I forgot to take a photo of it on the J lavatory, but the water's temperature is also electronically adjusted.
photo 20180422_195813

No handphone in the lavatory?
photo 20180422_195907

I then did a galley visit and talked with one of the flight attendants. Here are some things we discussed during the visit:
- Whether the 359 had chiller (didn't exactly remember that),
- Whether my dessert was mousse or ice cream (mousse, otherwise there would be special chilling instructions for ice cream; I showed the photo of the meal),
- What happened with the plane change (too many J pax),
- How was the load (J completely full and one or two vacant seats in Y),
- What was going on with the delay (traffic at KUL on the earlier sector and the catering issue, from 27J for 333 MH needed to contact the BKK caterer for last-minute 12 extra meals),
- He mentioned that he was initially scheduled for another flight with the 738, but somehow had changed so it was his first flight on the 359,
- He also agreed that the F seat was inappropriate for the KUL-LHR route the MAC usually goes to,
- He noted that my LFML was specially catered as it was flown from KUL to BKK to be served for the flight back, and
- I asked him if it would be possible to have a photo with the crews as well (yes)

But first, he wrongly took a blurred selfie of himself.
photo 20180422_200715

The more proper photo with the flight attendants. Note the Negaraku lapel pin wore by one of the flight attendants.
photo 20180422_200731photo 20180422_200824

Bed test: the bed was very spacious by J standard with some room to wiggle.
photo 20180422_201123photo 20180422_201143

We soon descended and some videos were screened.

First was the KLIA arrival/transfer guide.
photo 20180422_201333photo 20180422_201407

Afterwards it was Uber ad (note that by that time they had stopped operating in all SE Asian countries except Singapore).
photo 20180422_201520photo 20180422_201524

Coming last was the nationalistic-themed Negaraku (English: My Country) video, which is also the theme for the -MAC's livery.
photo 20180422_201530

Headphone was also collected, to which I asked on why were the J passengers provided with Y headphone, which the flight attendant said it was due to the short-haul nature of the flight (complete nonsense - they had cut the alcoholic beverages and now premium headphone?)

Later on the in-flight supervisor came to my seat and discussed. Some points of the talk were as follows:
- She asked whether I had enjoyed the flight (yes; she must have noticed that I went around taking a lot of photos),
- She asked what I was doing (studying) and my course of study (computer science; nothing related with aerospace),
- She asked whether I blog (I write reviews, but not on my own blog; I didn't mention about FR but I also mentioned I had positive experiences with their 359 before as well), and
- She asked whether I was a plane enthusiast (difficult to say, I'm focused more on products; find me on cabins, not observation deck).
She also thanked me for flying with MH and afterwards went for pre-landing check.

The other suite with the seat in take-off position.
photo 20180422_203215

Arrival information was then loaded for reference.
photo 20180422_203247

The note above the suite door handle.
photo 20180422_203506

The view during descent and approach wasn't too bad, but my phone wasn't good enough to capture then well.

My IFE somehow was reset.
photo 20180422_204403

Some more views during final approach.

Landing was uneventful and we soon proceeded to gate C36.
photo 20180422_205104

SV's 744
photo 20180422_205124

MH's 388
photo 20180422_205254

JT, BA, and of course MH. On an unrelated side note, when I visited the lounge later I happened to talk to a business traveller who was about to go to LHR by BA; she noted that BA's J felt narrower than BA'S W.
photo 20180422_205352

ET's 788
photo 20180422_205553

MH's 388 again?
photo 20180422_205710photo 20180422_205713

We then reached gate C36 and soon J passengers started deplaning from door 1L.
photo 20180422_210138

The forward J cabin.
photo 20180422_210255

Last view of the suite.
photo 20180422_210259

I bid farewell to the crew and deplaned.
photo 20180422_210314photo 20180422_210320

Bonus lounge test: Malaysia Airlines Satellite Golden Lounge

This is not really a planned lounge test, but since I managed to get in I decided to make a brief review of it as well. For the more detailed review of the lounge, read my earlier review from KUL to BKK.

I proceeded to the Golden Lounge and asked if it would be possible to get lounge access on arrival. The reception staff then asked for my boarding pass, typed for a while, and afterwards let me in to the business class lounge.
photo 20180422_211002

I proceeded to the J lounge.
photo 20180422_211004

My first destination was the bar where I decided to get some mimosa after the dry flight.
photo 20180422_223516photo 20180422_211615

The seats were quite full when I visited, but as more evening flight departed the crowd subsided. I mostly worked on the first review for the trip.
photo 20180422_211144photo 20180422_223408

Feeling a bit peckish, I decided to go to the noodle bar, which still served Sarawak laksa again.
photo 20180422_223536photo 20180422_223557

Supper for the evening.
photo 20180422_223820

The main dining area wasn't particularly interesting, which I skipped.
photo 20180422_223925photo 20180422_224006

The family room.
photo 20180422_224610

I then took a shower, which was quite decent.

Seating by the dining area.
photo 20180422_224614

Around 1 hour before my bus departure I left the lounge.
photo 20180422_230051

Arrival at KUL and post-arrival trip

After my lounge visit I took the people mover back to the main terminal.
photo 20180422_230229photo 20180422_230336

From there it was an escalator ride and a short walk to the immigration counters.
photo 20180422_230555photo 20180422_230643

The counters were quiet and I was done in < 1 minute. The staff, who happened to just go out from the booth, asked me if there was something wrong, to which I said that I was just timing.
photo 20180422_230842

As I was supposed to take my bag 2 hours ago I proceeded to the lost luggage office to claim my bag.
photo 20180422_231318

From there I went to the customs area.
photo 20180422_231447photo 20180422_231531

I was let through without scanning and exited in no time.
photo 20180422_231536

Now it's clear who won in SE Asia between Grab and Uber.
photo 20180422_231548photo 20180422_231551

I then walked to the public area.
photo 20180422_231622photo 20180422_231712

I proceeded back to the bus terminal for my trip back to Singapore.
photo 20180422_231852photo 20180422_232113

I had kept the priority tag from the earlier flight, so I decided to compare the one issued at BKK and KUL. Note the inconsistency in the font and colour.
photo 20180422_232315

Worse, the tag for this flight was sticked so that I couldn't keep it.
photo 20180422_232156

After waiting for a while I boarded the bus to Singapore, which of course was a downgrade from MH's F seat but still fine given the fare.
photo 20180422_235627

I arrived in Singapore on Monday morning, which meant rush hour period on the crossing to Singapore.
photo 20180423_060705
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Malaysia Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Qatar Airways Premium Lounge


Bangkok - BKK


Kuala Lumpur - KUL



Let's get this straight: this is by far not only the best flight for the whole trip, but also the best one throughout my 17 years of flying. There's no denying that MH's F seat is the best J seat in the world (for one, it doesn't really deserve the F designation even the flight attendant said so, but I paid J fare to fly on that F seat). Despite the less than stellar meal and classical musics selection cut, the soft product more than made up for it. In terms of the airports, BKK was nothing to write home about but QR's lounge was indeed a hidden gem, offering excellent product and service for Oneworld premium class passengers. KUL was also pretty efficient and and the land transport connectivity wasn't too bad.

Given the chance and the price point, I would be more than happy to fly with MH on their wide-body fleet in J again.

Some thing done well for the trip:
+ Reasonable price (MYR738 (US$190) roundtrip)
+ Excellent QR and decent CX lounges at BKK
+ First class seat upgrade
+ Decent IFE
+ Provision of individual air nozzles
+ Attentive flight attendants
+ Lounge access on arrival (this is case by case)
+ Fast immigration at KUL

Things that can be improved:
- Slightly slow fast-track security and immigration at BKK
- IFE selection cut
- LFML food quality
- Lack of alcoholic beverage options
- Y class headphone in J

Information on the route Bangkok (BKK) Kuala Lumpur (KUL)

Les contributeurs de Flight-Report ont posté 20 avis concernant 4 compagnies sur la ligne Bangkok (BKK) → Kuala Lumpur (KUL).


La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Thai Airways avec 8.1/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 2 heures et 5 minutes.

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  • Comment 444395 by
    socalnow 976 Comments
    Thank you very much Eric V P for the thoughtful and detailed report on a winde variety of lounges and beautiful aircraft. I very much enjoyed reading it. What a great value for the price paid.

    "There's no denying that MH's F seat is the best J seat in the world (for one, it doesn't really deserve the F designation even the flight attendant said so, but I paid J fare to fly on that F seat)."
    -What do you think of the Qatar QSuite? I've read many good reviews but i haven't had the pleasure of flying in one.

    Thanks again for sharing and happy flying.
    • Comment 444398 by
      Eric V P AUTHOR 123 Comments
      Hi Christian,

      Thank you very much Eric V P for the thoughtful and detailed report on a winde variety of lounges and beautiful aircraft.
      - Just Eric would do :D At least BKK seems to house quite a number of Oneworld outstation lounges, which is always good for hopping.

      What a great value for the price paid.
      - MH J shouldn't cost more than US$250 return when booked early enough, but if you strategize enough you can also fly on their twice-weekly wide-body service which offer lie-flat beds. Plus, even the lounge visits alone should be worth a good chunk of the fare, so there's some value to get there year-round.

      What do you think of the Qatar QSuite? I've read many good reviews but i haven't had the pleasure of flying in one.
      - Apart from the numerous rear-facing seats, it seems to be also a solid yet space-efficient J product. Mind you, though, that despite MH's F seat is based on Vantage XL, an otherwise J seat, it has been modified for F so there's no foot cubby and so much storage available yet still narrower than F elsewhere so it's more between J and F.

      Thank you for reading!

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