Review of Firefly flight Kota Bharu Subang in Economy

Airline Firefly
Flight FY2071
Class Economy
Seat 16F
Aircraft ATR 72-500
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 11 Mar 18, 13:25
Arrival at 11 Mar 18, 14:30
FY 19 reviews
Published on 4th April 2018
This flight report will cover my return flight from Kota Bharu (KBR) to Subang (SZB).

You can read my flight report for the SZB-KBR here:

I would be flying alone on this return flight as my father would take Malindo Air (OD) flight to SZB that scheduled to depart earlier than the FY flight.

In the Airport

From Kota Bharu town, my aunt drove and dropped us at KBR. We waved goodbye to her and proceeded to check-in counters. After we got our boarding passes, we did some window shopping and had some drinks in 1 of the cafes available in the airport. At 11:30am, my father made his way to the airside to board his OD flight. I spent the rest of time by surfing internet through my mobile phone.

photo fy 1

About 1 hour later, I walked passed the security check and went to the gate where my flight would be departed, Gate 3.
photo fy 2

I was there for only few minutes before the boarding process started. All passengers were called based on their rows and later had to walk to board the aircraft.
photo fy 3

Walking towards our plane that will bring us to SZB. An AirAsia A320 which bound for KUL is taxiing on the runway.
photo fy 4

Onboard Experience

Settled down in my seat, 16F. Finally, a window seat for me! The seat pitch, however, felt much tighter than the seat pitch in the previous flight.
photo fy 6

The views out of the window. The wing of this propeller plane can be clearly visible.
photo fy 7

KBR's runway.
photo fy 8

We will be taking care and looking after by 2 cabin crew, Yasmin and Eshah on this flight. The load seems 100% full.
photo fy 9

After the last passenger boarded the aircraft, the door was closed and our aircraft was readied for takeoff. The cabin crew did the safety demo while we were taxiing to the runway.
photo fy 10

A short taxi later, our plane took off from the runway and we were soon airborne.
photo fy 11

Reaching higher altitude.
photo fy 12

Around 15 minutes later, the inflight service started. Cabin crew, Eshah walked through the aisle to serve drinks with a choice of Mango Juice & Soya Bean Milk. We also received a pack of Vanilla Cream filling Croissant from another cabin crew, Yasmin. I really liked the Croissant and it was definitely tasted better than the cold Curry Puff in the outbound flight.
photo fy 13

Cabin crew, Yasmin then walked through the aisle again to distribute a pack of Salted Peanut to all passengers. It was a very nice gesture from the crew as we had to choose only 1 light snack out of 2 options on the outbound flight, but in this flight, we received both!
photo fy 14

The rest of the flight went uneventful and 50 minutes into the flight, the cockpit crew announced that our plane has begun its descent and we will be landing SZB shortly. Cabin crew did the trash collection for the 2nd time and the final check in preparation for landing.
photo fy 15

New housing project development near SZB.
photo fy 16

Approaching SZB.
photo fy 17

We were flying low above a traditional village which I believe is the "Kampung Melayu Subang".
photo fy 18photo fy 19

We were safely landed in SZB few minutes ahead of STA. Our plane parked at the tarmac and from there, it just only a short walk to the terminal. But due to some unknown reasons, it took quite a long time for our luggage to arrive (almost 30 minutes).
photo fy 20

Finally, I got my luggage and made my way to the landside of the terminal.
photo fy 21

SZB seems more happening and bustling in the afternoon.
photo fy 22

I met my father at the same Kampong Kravers Cafe located on the 1st floor of the terminal and after that we walked to the car park to get into our car.

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Thank you for your time to read my flight report. See you guys soon in my next flight report!
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Cabin crew10.0

Kota Bharu - KBR


Subang - SZB



-Another great flight with this small regional subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines. Lovely crew, well-maintained cabin and complimentary light snacks which were highly appreciated. I wouldnt mind to fly with FY again on the future when the price and time are right.



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