Review of China Southern flight Guangzhou Manila in Business

Airline China Southern
Flight CZ3091
Class Business
Seat 1H
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 04 Mar 18, 08:30
Arrival at 04 Mar 18, 11:00
CZ 137 reviews
By SILVER 1574
Published on 3rd April 2018
Refer to links below for previous legs of the journey:
1st leg – YYZ-CAN

After getting off the plane, we saw a CZ representative holding a sign with names of people and the gates for their connecting flights. I saw my name on there with the gate number but there was a 3.5 hour layover, so no need to rush. After walking the long mile (or two) deep into the bowels of the airport, we got into the line for international transit passengers while most of the passengers coming off the YYZ flight went towards either domestic transit or immigration. The international transit line was further divided into economy and business class passengers, so I was quickly through after the agent scanned/stamped my boarding pass and waved me through. After this, it was upstairs into a security check zone and then got dumped out at a Y split for the A gates.

This is where the confusion happened into where the lounge was. Our gate was A123 and I saw the sign and followed it thinking that the lounge would be there somewhere. Also, I still can’t figure out what “The Exit of Flight Cancellations” sign means but I’m definitely chalking it up as a Lost in Translation moment. :)

photo 39379646150_5b6f98763a_c

If I had only turned around, I would have seen this:

photo 40080041325_4e13bb4a31_c

Instead, I just followed the sign and kept walking for a good 10 minutes towards our gate.

Pretty colours.
photo 39379645230_ba968d39f0_c

We came to A123 and the lounge was nowhere in sight. At this point, I fired up the interweb on my phone and googled where the bloody lounge was. Luckily, OMAAT had a report detailing where it was … back where I started … Le sigh. Another 10 minute hot, sweaty walk back to the starting point and I was allowed inside. There was another front desk inside the lounge where you could go either left or right depending on your ticket. The left turn would take you to the CZ First/Business class lounge whereas turning right would take you to the Gold/Silver elite lounge. Guess where I was punted into? I suspect this was due to the fact that it was way too early in the morning for the CZ lounge to be open.

This is a reverse shot of where I walked in from:
photo 27103008068_6f17ebd953_c

Food/beverage station off to the left as you walked in. There was no food hot being served as it was 5.30am and it would be another hour or so before it was served.
photo 27103007078_6332b54c90_cphoto 40080033325_d1d08dca0d_c

As you walked deeper in, there was a larger seating area.
photo 27103009058_0a5246813b_c

Looking down towards the shower/washroom area.
photo 40080037445_78731576ec_c

Plopped my bag down and asked one of the attendants to set up with a shower room. I was called in around 10 minutes later.

After a hot and refreshing shower to clean off the airplane germs, it was back to the seating to relax till it was time to leave for boarding.

photo 40973266141_5323af76de_cphoto 26102344097_2a707417d4_c

45 minutes to departure, I left the lounge for the lonnnnggg walk back to A123. I snapped up quick pics of the CZ lounge as it was open now. Would be trying this on the way back home. Spoiler – nothing great.

photo 26102341847_c32b52cd93_cphoto 40264307774_b4224f6c57_c

Since there was time to kill, I walked around to snap pics of some birdies.

photo 26102337897_3ee2a0dd92_cphoto 26102335717_bf4e147705_c

The livery of the CZ 787 is very flamboyant.
photo 26102334277_65ac13d537_cphoto 26102333487_9ed3f3a052_c

Finally at the gate.
photo 26102329247_78bc988159_c

With another snaking conga line.
photo 39164456950_f2e7300f7a_c

And our bird on the left.
photo 26102331367_1103d663f0_cphoto 26102326617_7bdf6a3d4c_c

The first row was J class with a wall behind it separating us from economy. All 4 seats in J were taken.

photo 26102324507_bcdd33e372_c

Wonderful leg room for this 2 hour flight to Manila.
photo 39379642890_a3b41e9fa0_c

PDB of juices or water was offered and I went with apple juice again.

photo 39379643620_a3af6ca92a_c

There was one FA working J for the flight. After delivering the PDB, she verbally listed the breakfast menu mains which was a choice between dim sum or seafood noodles. I went with the dim sum.

Boarding was done on time and we were being pushed back.
photo 40931861682_a4e29f85af_c

Even at 8am, there was a bit of a queue for take off – 5 planes ahead of us waiting with other planes landing on the same runway.
photo 40931851922_b24bfc64f6_c

15 minutes after take off, the FA sprung into action and started to deliver the goods.
photo 40931850562_998bbea46e_c

Nothing fancy and was not that great either but it satisfied the stomach.
photo 40931849322_2ea3c36440_c

The thin veil protecting me from the rest of the plane.
photo 40931842652_5a1c828461_c

Stupid camera – focus on the scenery, not the window.
photo 39379642540_be093292e6_c

Smooth descent into Manila and a quick taxi to the gate.
photo 39379642100_b2013b73b4_c

Final mug shot of the bird.
photo 40264261154_47e5fc7967_c

Up next – one day in Manila + flight to Cebu.
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China Southern

Cabin crew8.5

China Southern Business Class Lounge


Guangzhou - CAN


Manila - MNL



While Guangzhou airport looked nice and big, the lounge left a lot to be desired. Since we were punted into the gold/elite side of the lounge, my expectations were really low but not as low as what I expected for the lounge at Manila airport (more of that later).

The flight was pretty straight forward with the meal service being efficient and quick but the actual meal itself not being that great.

Arrival at Manila airport was quick and painless. We managed to get through immigration quickly but our bags were close to last to come on the belt. I guess that VIP bag sticker really meant something but not what we were expecting.



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    socalnow 976 Comments
    Greetings Injian13 and thank you for sharing the continuation of this trip.

    "Also, I still can’t figure out what “The Exit of Flight Cancellations” sign means but I’m definitely chalking it up as a Lost in Translation moment. :)"
    -Oh that's a good one. Perhaps it's an alternate entrance to customs and immigration of you need to enter China in the even of a flight cancellation?

    I have never visited CAN but the airport looks beautiful. Perhaps a little of the HKG asthetic?

    The Gold/Silver elite lounge looks serviceable considering it's the "lower tier" lounge. Shower looks spacious.

    Again a basic service from CZ but I'm not sure one can expect more on a 2 hour morning flight.

    Thanks again for sharing.

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