Review of Singapore Airlines flight Guangzhou Singapore in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 851
Class Economy
Seat 55A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 03:50
Take-off 01 Apr 18, 13:55
Arrival at 01 Apr 18, 17:45
SQ   #5 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 677 reviews
By 1318
Published on 7th April 2018
Left the hotel at about 11am to catch the subway to the airport. It was again approximately 45min subway ride to the airport. The airport terminal check-in area was huge!

photo 41256399531_c4b054b10b_b

photo 40360424725_be3534db80_b

photo 40360424935_b2722ff021_b

There was a bit of queues at the SQ counters as it was a very full flight.

photo 40360425155_959ea8950a_b

Boarding pass was issued. The green sticker denotes the boarding sequence.

photo 40541912594_db0d3be98b_b

Departure immigration and security was much faster than arrival. FIDS showing the international departures. Not sure why flights to Hainan island are considered "international". Maybe due to the island's 'duty-free' status?

photo 40360424475_538c381f27_b

Forced to walk through a hallway of expensive boutiques before reaching the gates area.

photo 40360424235_75374971d8_b

photo 40541912374_2ba1794532_b

Some plane spotting at the international pier.

photo 41256399061_14e1750537_b

photo 40360423795_17e591263c_b

photo 41256398271_6597cb6701_b

Our gate was at the furthest most gate.

photo 41256398291_db489e77a2_b

01 April 2018
Singapore Airlines
SQ 851
Guangzhou (CAN) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 3H47M

Boarding commenced and we headed to the aircraft. Newspapers and earphones were again available at the door.

photo 41256398021_34b7b94056_b

photo 27382883088_d1e5f41d21_b

Pillows and blankets on each seat.

photo 41256397751_1be290255e_b


photo 41256397711_3e9182900e_b

Saudia B77W taxiing into the gate.

photo 41256397511_0a5aacee11_b

Boarding almost completed. It was a totally full flight in economy.

photo 27382882498_3ccfdfbcac_b

After the standard hot towels distributed, we pushed back.

photo 41256397851_66f14eb627_b

Taxied past a China Southern A380.

photo 41256397101_610fb43857_b

It was a pretty lengthy taxi to the departure runway Rwy01 at the opposite side of the terminal. We had a "tour" around the 2 terminals of Baiyun.

photo 27382881868_993450b8dd_b

Holding for a couple of landings.

photo 41256396921_69a1d96ec9_b

Departed from Rwy01 bound for Singapore.

photo 27382881428_10cfffb5b8_b

photo 41256396631_5bfdb137d8_b

Continued with the movie 'Jumanji', which I watched midway on the earlier flight. A round of beverages was offered from trays and I accepted an orange juice. Also ordered a Singapore Sling to be delivered later.

photo 41256396371_b18e688daf_b

A snack mix of peas and crackers was then offered.

photo 27382880818_df0b131776_b

Flight map.

photo 40360419665_00dfaf410f_b

My ordered Singapore Sling was delivered after a while, and I started on my third movie, the animation 'Ferdinand'.

photo 27382880468_c622e44ae8_b

About an hour into the flight, lunch was served. Lets take a look at the menu.

photo 40360429995_a6e05442da_b

Lunch service started. My aisle was served by a PRC stewardess who seemed rather new on the job, and a leading stewardess in green who was also assisting with the service.

photo 40360418475_4ffc4f8615_b

I selected the International selection of Fish with potatoes. Had a cup of chinese tea to go along.

photo 40360419275_7dce0f01b3_b

photo 40360418655_7b5a0d5c0e_b

The starter of Smoked chicken with pasta salad was way too salty.

photo 41256395191_790cf6dba1_b

The main tasted good but portions a tad small though.

photo 40360418885_099a54aede_b

The Oriental selection consisted of a shrimp and cucumber salad starter, and main of Chicken in balck bean sauce with rice. Both the starter and main were ok, but nothing remarkable.

photo 40360419155_b5ac3a771d_b

photo 41256395471_90d0e447a4_b

photo 27382880048_22e79acdc5_b

Cruising during lunch.

photo 41256394901_a0006370b2_b

The highlight of the meal was the full-sized Magnum ice-cream bar which was distributed after. Sweet ending to the meal!

photo 40360418175_bb7ebfc571_b

photo 40360418145_48f38ed1a7_b

Another round of beverages was offered before trays were cleared. Had another cup of chinese tea.

photo 41256394491_bd3c98c85f_b

photo 40360417865_24487592f9_b

After completing with the movie, we were nearing the destination.

photo 41256394241_5911ef7386_b

View of the cabin just before descent.

photo 27382877898_88b650de23_b

Due to congestion at Changi, we were required for circle and hold for additional 10min.

photo 40360417705_22f4e9f9d5_b

Descending into the stormy clounds.

photo 27382877378_293ae718e2_b

Approach and landing on Rwy20R.

photo 40360416975_5aab1facf9_b

photo 27382877048_31a39dfac3_b

Taxied to Terminal 2.

photo 41212772022_4255db5f63_b

Parked at F42 and disembarked. This aircraft would be continuing to Manila on its next flight.

photo 27382876498_fd238cddfa_b

photo 40360416585_e4e792a432_b

photo 41256391761_aabbaa195b_b

Thanks for reading and any comments are welcomed.
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Guangzhou - CAN


Singapore - SIN



Again, a very comfortable short-haul flight on Singapore Airlines despite being a full flight. Reasonably good food, good service, comfortable seats and wide selection of IFE on the short sectors certainly ranks SQ highly on regional flights.

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