Review of Cathay Pacific flight Hong Kong New York in Business

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX846
Class Business
Seat 25K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 15:55
Take-off 25 Jul 17, 18:45
Arrival at 25 Jul 17, 22:40
CX 471 reviews
By 3413
Published on 14th August 2018
Hello, everyone! Welcome to Part 2 of the final leg of my summer 2017 travel series! This trip report is in continuation from Part 1 where I showcased the flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong where I took flight CX754 onboard the mediocre Airbus A330-300, and now I'll finally be flying back to New York City. I guess the whole focus on this report and most of the travel series was how I abruptly changed my original travel plans as well as mainly concentrating on returning to New York. Anyways, I hope I haven't bored you guys already. Let's get to this report! :)

Summer 2017 Trip Report Index:
1) 28 May 2017: CX899 EWR-HKG, B777-300ER, Business
2) 24 July 2017: CX703 HKG-BKK, B777-200, Business
3) 25 July 2017: CX754 BKK-HKG, A330-300, Business
4) 25 July 2017: CX846 HKG-JFK, B777-300ER, Business


After a short 2-hour flight from Bangkok and bypassing security at the transfer area within minutes, I made it to the departure hall
photo dsc01105photo dsc01106

Various shops at HKG

While checking the FIDS, I happened to notice that there was no gate assignment for my flight. Usually, I'd go to the lounge closest to the gate. So, I thought I'd start at The Wing as that's like my home base
photo dsc01125

Gates 1-4 area
photo dsc01126

Heading towards the lounge
photo dsc01127photo dsc01128

The Wing - Business Class entrance
photo dsc01130

Lounge invitation
photo dsc01131

Some shots of The Wing

Coffee Loft
photo dsc01141

Noodle Bar
photo dsc01143

The view from the balcony

Shirley Temple yet again!
photo dsc01136

After approximately half an hour, I headed out to see if I could spot some planes. I checked the FIDS to see what gate my flight was departing from. To my surprise, I found out it was gate 50! Honestly, I found that a bit weird, especially for a US-bound flight. So, I then headed towards The Bridge, which was located across gate 36. Also, it's closer to gate 50 so there might be a better chance of spotting planes since I couldn't find anything during the first time.
photo dsc01146photo dsc01148

View from gate 1
photo dsc01147

Heading towards The Bridge via the Automated People Mover, which eases the journey to the other side of the airport
photo dsc01169photo dsc01170photo dsc01171

Automated People Mover
photo dsc01173photo dsc01174

The Bridge entrance
photo dsc01183photo dsc01212photo dsc02314

Shots of The Bridge

To cut a long story short as I've reviewed this lounge before, it's fairly decent with a variety of dining options although it lacks a noodle bar and showers like others such as The Wing and The Pier.

After some time, I went to try my luck again in regards to plane spotting. I must say, the second time was indeed the charm
photo dsc01191photo dsc01192

Lufthansa Airbus A340-600, D-AIHK, which will serve as LH731 back to MUC later this evening
photo dsc01193

Cathay Pacific Airbus A330-300, B-LAI, which landed from MEL as CX134 and will serve as CX617 to BKK
photo dsc01194

On the way to gates 60-71
photo dsc01195

British Airways Airbus A380-800, G-XLEJ, currently going on remote standby before operating as BA32 back to LHR
photo dsc01196

Emirates A380-800, A6-EDU, serving as EK383 back to DXB
photo dsc01198

I just love the views from HKG!
photo dsc01200

Cathay Pacific Airbus A330-300, B-LAZ, preparing to depart as CX695 to DEL
photo dsc01204

Thai Airways Airbus A330-300, HS-TEN, in front
photo dsc01206

After spotting the planes I could, I ultimately decided to head back to the lounge

Dining area
photo dsc01213

Catering options
photo dsc01214

I was back at the lounge for about 15 minutes before I headed to gate 50 in order to board the flight
photo dsc01215photo dsc01219

Heading towards gates 40-50
photo dsc01220photo dsc01223photo dsc01225

Walking towards gate 50

By the time I got to the gate, there were delays which took 15 minutes, but we were finally able to board right afterwards
photo dsc01237photo dsc01242

Plane to JFK: B-KPT
photo planetojfk

Time to finally head back home
photo dsc01239

Waiting for all these delays to get over with!
photo dsc01243photo dsc01245

Heading towards the plane after secondary security
photo dsc01248photo dsc01252

Well, time to board!
photo dsc01253photo dsc01254

Some pre-flight information:
Date: 25 July 2017
Airline: Cathay Pacific
Flight Number: CX 846
Route: Hong Kong (HKG) - New York (JFK)
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Registration: B-KPT
Distance: 8068 miles
Scheduled Departure Time: 6:45 PM
Actual Departure Time: 8:04 PM
Scheduled Arrival Time: 10:40 PM
Actual Arrival Time: 10:58 PM
Flight Time: 15 hrs 55 mins
Departure Gate at HKG: 50
Arrival Gate at JFK: 14


First class
photo dsc01255

Main business class cabin
photo dsc01257

My seat, 25K with the inflight controls
photo dsc01258photo dsc01260

View from my seat
photo dsc01261

Bumping into D-AIHK again!
photo dsc01262

The good 'ol legroom on the Boeing 777-300ER
photo dsc01264

Flight info
photo dsc01267photo dsc01266

Pre-departure drink: Orange juice
photo dsc01273

Hot towel
photo dsc01278

Well-settled into my seat
photo dsc01280photo dsc01283

Once boarding was finally complete, the captain came on with his pre-flight welcome, advising us that we would be a slight delay in arriving to New York due to secondary security as well as the usual heavy departure traffic in HKG. He even stated that there was going to be the usual turbulence which would occur on and off throughout the flight and that we would arrive into New York just a few minutes behind schedule.

Since I have once again ordered a special meal for myself, I still asked for the menu to see what other options there were
photo dsc01285

Menu for today's flight
photo dsc01286photo dsc01288

Promotion for the all-new Betsy Beer
photo dsc01289

Amenity kit and US Customs form were distributed
photo dsc01291

It took a while for us to finally get clearance to pushback, but the taxi took approximately 10 minutes
photo dsc01292photo dsc01298

View of the midfield concourse
photo dsc01299

HKG Control Tower
photo dsc01303

Cabin view with mood lighting in preparation for takeoff
photo dsc01308photo dsc01309

View during the taxi
photo dsc01310

After the long delays, we finally took off at 8:04 PM

View after takeoff
photo dsc01316

Within 10 minutes after departure, the cabin lights changed yet again
photo dsc01323photo dsc01324

I'll be back soon, Hong Kong!
photo dsc01330photo dsc01332

Evian bottle
photo dsc01334

The crew came around the cabin another 10 minutes later, and that was when the dinner service was starting
photo dsc01335

StudioCX main menu
photo dsc01340photo dsc01341

Time to continue where I left off!
photo dsc01344

Soon, the dinner service started with the drink orders. I got a Perrier as usual
photo dsc01348

Table setup with the appetiser and a bread assortment
photo dsc01356

The main course, which was exactly the same meal that I ate on my flight going to Bangkok the day before
photo dsc01359photo dsc01360

The seat belt sign was on for most of the dinner service due to light turbulence
photo dsc01357

Rasgulla and another round of Perrier
photo dsc01366

It took about 5 minutes for things to smooth out, and I ended up getting some fruit to complete my meal!
photo dsc01367

Hot towel to officially end the dinner service
photo dsc01368

Once the dinner service was over, I headed on to the bathroom with the standard J sink
photo dsc01362

Cabin views
photo dsc01369photo dsc01371

Another shot of my seat inflight
photo dsc01370

I was pretty much just in time to see the cabin lights change, which is a highlight for me
photo dsc01373photo dsc01376

Cabin in complete darkness
photo dsc01380

After a couple of episodes, I decided to open up the inflight map to find out our current location. It turned out that we were going above China, ultimately heading towards Mongolia and Russia
photo dsc01383photo dsc01386

Only 11 hours to go!
photo dsc01397

Since I couldn't sleep, I settled to watch a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory until I called it a night
photo dsc01422

Progress of the flight before going to bed
photo dsc01440photo dsc01443photo dsc01444

Within a few minutes, I put the seat on the fully flat position and had the duvet all nicely spread out and drifted off to sleep!
photo dsc01446photo dsc01451

Waking up after 8 hours
photo dsc01452

Orange juice for starters
photo dsc01453

Waking up above Canada
photo dsc01458photo dsc01457

Fruit platter along with cereal and yogurt
photo dsc01474photo dsc01476

photo dsc01485

Another round of orange juice!
photo dsc01488

Cabin views
photo dsc01484photo dsc01489

Hot towel to end the breakfast service
photo dsc01492

Almost there!
photo dsc01502photo dsc01500

A little bit of sunrise over Ontario
photo dsc01508

Since there was not much to do at this point, I reclined my seat and continued to watch a couple more episodes of 2 Broke Girls. It was about 20 minutes later when the captain came on again stating that we are starting the descent into New York and that we would be landing approximately a few minutes behind schedule.
photo dsc01496

I then checked the map only to find out that we were already near JFK
photo dsc01524photo dsc01529

Final shots before landing
photo dsc01521photo dsc01535

It took some time as it looked like we were in a holding pattern
photo dsc01547

Cabin with mood lighting in preparation for landing
photo dsc01538photo dsc01539

Before I knew it, we landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport at 10:58 PM, 18 minutes behind the scheduled arrival time. However, the taxi to the terminal took about 10 minutes
photo dsc01550

Actual flight route
photo dsc01553

Taxiing towards Terminal 8
photo dsc01555photo dsc01557

Docking at gate 14, located at the main concourse of the terminal
photo dsc01559

Disembarking/Arrival into JFK


It took about 30 minutes to clear immigration and customs as the lines weren't that long. Although, it took a while to retrieve my bag, which is quite normal.
photo dsc01571photo dsc01572

I breezed through customs and was on my way to the arrival hall, which is less impressive as I thought it would be
photo dsc01573

Terminal 8 arrival hall exterior
photo dsc01577photo dsc01578

Afterwards, I went outside to meet my private cab driver, and then headed back home
photo dsc01579photo dsc01581
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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew6.5

Cathay Pacific The Wing - Business Class Section


Hong Kong - HKG


New York - JFK



Even though Cathay Pacific is considered to be one of my favourite airlines, this flight was definitely not special to say the least. From my flight experience, I would say that the majority of the flight was uneventful. Besides the hard product and entertainment choices, I would say that the factors that lacked on this one would be the crew service which was below average, as well as the special meal, which was quite a disappointment. This would be acceptable on a short flight, but not in this case. In fact, I was expecting a flight which was somewhat similar to when I flew from EWR, with top-notch service as well as better catering. However, most of the expectations were not met.

Also, I was expecting a different arrival process at JFK Terminal 8, but it was not from what I expected. I do hope that the departure process out of Terminal 8 would be slightly better. Nevertheless, thanks for reading this trip report as this is the end of the Summer 2017 trip report series. I hope you enjoyed them. I will be posting more trip reports in the near future. So, be sure to tune in next time for my next travel series for the Winter 2017-2018 season, which is going to be really exciting!!

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  • Comment 460003 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6052 Comments

    Hi Rbix, thanks for sharing another very nice report on CX. I see what you mean about the overall experience--while the hard product is obviously great, everything else seems mediocre considering CX is a premium carrier. The fact that the crew didn't remove the plastic and aluminium covers from your SPML just feels lazy and non-premium. You expect that in Economy, not Business, especially on a premium Asian carrier. Luckily CX have been making improvements in J catering from what I understand, I guess they were getting too much negative feedback about the mediocre meal service.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 460119 by
      rbix AUTHOR 73 Comments

      Thanks for the comment, KévinDC!! I would definitely expect that from Economy or even a short-haul flight like my previous flights to/from Bangkok. I guess not all flights are the same when it comes to catering and service. I just hope that the improvements on CX's catering is what they promised and the next time I fly on CX, it would be much better. Happy travels!

  • Comment 460025 by

    Good Report, BUT not good airlines!!

    Airlines, especially EK and CX, have cut huge amount of budget, for its Business Class passengers..... For instance, I have to point out that even the LOUNGE FOOD, is a lot better than those onboard. The dinner and Breakfast costs them less than 40 bucks, for your flight, which is extremely unfair!!

    Many people still arguing that CX is 5 star, but to me the answer is NO, at most 3-4.... NH, SQ, BR have done much better, even TK or TG, have FAR BETTER catering than CX does. What CX have is the lounges, that's it....If you look onboard catering, nothing to write home about......

    • Comment 460581 by
      rbix AUTHOR 73 Comments

      Thanks for the comment! Even I agree that the quality has downgraded on CX, and the lounge food was definitely better than inflight. In fact, I am really looking forward to trying out SQ once they relaunch their service to/from EWR in October. It should be exciting along with trying the catering onboard other airlines such as NH and BR. Happy travels.

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