Review of Malaysia Airlines flight Kuantan Kuala Lumpur in Economy

Flight MH1269
Class Economy
Seat 20F
Flight time 00:30
Take-off 01 Apr 18, 10:55
Arrival at 01 Apr 18, 11:25
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Published on 5th June 2018
Hi everyone! Im very sorry for the delay in publishing this report.

For those of you who are still wondering, this is the part II of my short weekend trip to Kemaman on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Part I of the report can be found here: MH1268 KUL-KUA

In this Part II of the report, I will cover about my return flight back to KL from Kuantan + a bonus trip report of my post-arrival in KL. So, here we go….

In the Resort

On Sunday morning, we woke up very early, took shower and had our breakfast at the resort's cafe (the same cafe where we had our dinner in previous night). They served variety of local Malaysian and international cuisines on the buffet spread. But I noticed that the taste of foods was not so good compared to my last visit to the resort back in year 2008. After we were done with our breakfast, we returned back to our room, packed our belongings and did the check-out.

The check-out process went smoothly and we waited in the lobby for our Grab car that we already booked yesterday to arrive. Almost 40 minutes of waiting and there was still no sign for our Grab car to show up. I contacted the driver and he confirmed with me that he was not able to pick up us that morning due to a family matter. But he promised to send another Grab driver for us instead. 20 minutes later, the replacement Grab driver arrived at the resort and we got into his car with our belongings at no time. We had to rush as the journey from Cherating to Kuantan Airport will take about 40 minutes. Our replacement Grab driver completely understood about our situation and he drove us to the airport at the most maximum speed!

In the Airport

We felt so relieved to be able to arrive at Kuantan's Sultan Ahmad Shah Airport around 1 hour and a half before our departure time, thanks to the super Grab driver!

The alphabets "LT" stand for "Lapangan Terbang" which means an airport in Malay while "SAS" mean "Sultan Ahmad Shah".
photo kua 1

KUA's drop-off and pick up area.
photo kua 4

The terminal seems more happening and lively than on the day of arrival with more crowds and number of shops opened. There was a big group of pilgrims who were traveling to Saudia Arabia via KL.
photo kua 2

I went to the check-in counter to collect our boarding passes and drop the luggage while my mum went to 1 small shop to purchase a magazine.
photo kua 3

From the check-in counter, I walked to the small shop to meet with my mum and then we headed to our departure gate together. We cleared the security check and arrived at the departure gate less than 30 seconds. Very impressive! We waited here for about 20 minutes before the cockpit and cabin crew for this flight arrived (I was shocked to learn that there will be a changing set of crew for a short domestic hop like this). Then, we had to wait for another 15-20 minutes before our plane arrived from KL. After all the passengers and crew from previous sector left the aircraft, the new set of crew for KUA-KUL boarded the aircraft. Finally, the boarding process started and passengers were called based on their seating zones. My mum and I were so fortunate as our seating zone was among the 1st to be invited.
photo kua 5

Our flight today would be operated by MH's B738 9M-MXW with BSI cabin interior. Yeay!!
photo kua 6

Both front and rear doors were used for passengers to board the aircraft.
photo kua 7photo kua 8

My mum and I boarded the aircraft from the back as our seats were in row F.
photo kua 9

By this time, more passengers from different seating zones were welcomed to board the aircraft.
photo kua 10

We were so close to the tail fin of the plane! I even took this chance to touch the rear part of this flying metal =D
photo kua 11

MH's iconic symbol is inspired from a traditional Malaysian flying kite known as "Wau".
photo kua 12

Looking back to the terminal building of KUA with some passenger movements on the apron.
photo kua 13

Onboard Experience

My seat, 20F with a better seat pitch than the previous flight. I didnt bother to check out the seat pocket contents as I was 100% sure that they were just exactly the same with the seat pocket contents of the flight that I took yesterday. Anyway, welcome back the IFE!
photo mas 1

Boarding process still ongoing. 1 of the airport staffs entered the cabin to do some checking on passenger. The flight seems around 85% full and there were 4 cabin crew on duty (a standard number of crew for all MH's short domestic flight).
photo mas 2

The sexy winglet of MH's B738 aircraft.
photo mas 3

After the boarding process completed, the safety video was played on each individual screen. And this time, they played the new one! It was my very first time to watch the full duration of MH's new safety video. I can say that I really like it as it is quite simple and very straightforward (Im not a fan of long, documentary-like safety video to be honest!).
photo mas 4

An Islamic journey prayer was screened immediately after the safety video was over.
photo mas 5

Our aircraft moving to the runway.
photo mas 6

The taxi was so short and it didnt take a long time for our aircraft to take-off from the ground.
photo mas 7

Reaching higher altitude. I started to explore the IFE and found out that they had an extensive selection of movies, drama series and songs in their playlist, but we had to bring our own headset.
photo mas 8

5 minutes later, the crew began the inflight service and we were served with…. the same Salted Peanuts.
photo mas 9

And…. the usual Orange Juice. As my mum and I were sitting in the middle and next to window respectively, it was quite difficult for the crew to hand out the peanuts and juices personally to us, so the lady who was sitting in the aisle seat had proactively helping the crew to pass those stuffs to us. Thanks to that lovely lady!
photo mas 10

Later, the crew came again to collect the trash and prepared the cabin for landing. I already can see the ground from the window.
photo mas 11

Wing flaps.
photo mas 12

And finally, we were safely landed in KLIA ahead of the STA. The flight was so short. I didnt really check the time, but I think we were up in the air for only 20 minutes.
photo mas 13

Our plane taxiing to the Contact Pier Building.

The abandoned B747 planes in KUL.

KLIA's Main Terminal Building and the control tower.
photo mas 20

Our plane parked at the gate and cabin crew prepared for the disembarkation process.
photo mas 21

Walking through the duty-free shops and outlets.
photo kl 1

Our bags arrived about 15 minutes after we left the aircraft.
photo kl 2

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Ok, so this is the end of my report and I would like to wish thank you to all of you for reading it. See you guys next time!
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Another good and enjoyable experience on MH's short domestic flight. Both the soft and hard products on this flight were adequate and acceptable, but I really hope that MH could consider to offer different kind of juice and snack other than Orange Juice & Salted Peanuts for its flights of the same duration.



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