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Airline Philippine Airlines
Flight PR2697
Class Economy
Seat 5A
Flight time 19:30
Take-off 05 Apr 18, 08:10
Arrival at 05 Apr 18, 09:40
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Published on 21st April 2018
Hello! Welcome everyone!

Its another great day to fly!

This is the third part of the 4 series flight fro my previous holiday back to the Philippines and this is the return flight from Basco to Clark.

This series of reports covers;

PR 510 SIN- MNL Economy (1st Flight)
PR 2696 CRK - BSO Economy (Flight before this!)
PR 2697 BSO - CRK Economy (you're here!)
PR 507 MNL - SIN Business Class (soon!)

It was a 4 days great stay in Basco, Batanes. Indeed it is a Gem for those who appreciates Nature and loves Adventure. And its time to head back Manila via Clark.

Since our Bnb is just about 10 minutes walk to the airport, our host advise us not go at the airport too early, at least 1 hour before departure is enough. Basco Airport is small, the main terminal has only 2 rooms, one for security check and check in counters and the other bigger room is for the boarding gates. when you enter the terminal security check welcomes you and after that when you just turn around maybe 5 few steps you are already at the check in counter. 10 or more passengers inside the room is crowded already, if the is an influx of passengers out of batanes, they are asked to queue outside the terminal to managed the crowd inside the terminal. Check-in went smoothly and fast, in few minutes we managed to get our boarding passes. You can see there are a lot Philippine Airlines Ads inside the airport, even their signages has PR on it.

Before we went inside the boarding gates, my mom decided to buy some more souvenirs and water aswell, and i had a chance to take more photo around the airport. some souvenir shops, food stalls and airline offices just outside the main terminal. A mini garden lake separates the main terminal and stalls. Waiting area and empty arrival hall.

We went inside the boarding gates already and you have to go through the same door for security check that leads to check in counter before the door to boarding gates. Before you enter the gates you have to pay another terminal fee, 100 Php (S$2.60) and in our case i already pay for it when i redeemed my travel reward. Waiting area is small, maybe enough to accommodate 2 full small planes, and on that day it seems ok and spacious, looks like it wont be a full flight. Basco Airport's designed is still traditional Ivatan architecture, the exterior is inspired with Ivatan's stonehouses, wooden furnitures and nipa roofings. Inside the gate there are photos of older Batanes and some paintings from their local artists. There a toilets inside the gates, small yet clean. If you already inside the gate and decided to buy some food, as there were no stalls inside the gate, you may still get out to do so.

photo img_1042

There are at least 6 airlines operates in and out of Basco.
photo img_1043

View outside the pre departure area. Ops are busy, and our bags are ready to load.
photo img_1044photo img_1047

Our Plane that will take us back to Clark just landed, she is the first to land that day in Basco. There is a VIP onboard so security is a little tighten. then our bags are being loaded to the plane.

It was a quick turnaround, after a few minutes the plane ready to accept passengers for boarding. The usual priority boarding was made, First are the Mabuhay Miles high tier passengengers then elderly followed by the rest of the economy passengers, again we are one of the passenger to board the plane.
photo img_1073photo img_1091

Inside the plane. This plane is one of the newest Dash-8 that Philippine airlines, you see that plane is clean white, shinny and the smell inside the cabin seems like it is fresh out of the factory.
photo img_1092photo img_1094photo img_1095

The plane is half full, less that 50 pax returning to Clark. In no time, boarding is done and the plane ready to fly to Clark. It was a great gesture and very warmth that ground personnel file a single line, put their hand to their chest, bow their heads and wave goodbye (like Japanese airports that i saw from other video).
photo img_1110photo img_1661

Skyjet plane just arrive before we left Basco.
photo img_1114

Scenery while taking off…

As we leveled up in the sky, i pay a visit to the lavatory, its clean, tissues, seat cover and handwash are stocked.
photo img_1181photo img_1182

More Cabin view. Im gonna be sad and upset if im on a window seat without a window. You can easily count the passengers on this flight.
photo img_1183photo img_1186photo img_1154

Cabin crew start distributing skytreats, this time orange juice and water as beverages.
photo img_1156photo img_1161

Backseat contents, the usual Safety Card, Blow bag, Mabuhay and La Isla Magazines. Again magazines are not up to date.

You will know when you already at your destination when you saw buildings. We also passed by Clark Airport and the veiw of Mt Arayat.

It was a quick flight, i think we managed to fly less than 1 hour from Basco to Clark. we parked in a remote bay, as we alight from the plane, There is already a bus waiting for us to transfer to the main terminal. Our plane that fly us out of Basco and getting ready to flew back for another flight to Basco. The bus that we use for transfer is familiar, with the warning written on windows and the voice over when closing the door, is similar to the Buses here in Singapore.

Few meter away from the bay area, we this hallway leading to the luggage claim area. bags showed up quickly and left the terminal in less that 10 minutes.

I Like Clark Airport, its very efficient and not crowded. it easy to navigate with the signages. This is a good alternative airport if you want to travel out manila. There are regular bus services that let passengers come in and out of Clark to Manila, as well as other part of Northern Luzon.

photo img_1244

Comments, suggestions and critiques are most welcome.

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Philippine Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

Basco - BSO


Clark - CRK



It was a good 6 years of trying to earn and accumulate Miles just to use and see this destination, it all worth it.

PAL is really living it up to their core Filipino Hospitality. Crews were friendly, polite and very professional.
On time departure and arrival is another plus point for this flight.
Hopefully by now they already change and update their inflight magazine to Arpril.
PAL is generous enough to provide snack for this short flight, make stands out from other carrier.

Hope that Basco Airport can cope on the rising number of tourist in order to accommodate them in. They need to expand their terminal specially the check in counters at it is really tight during peak hour/season.

Clark needs more domestic and international flight in and out of this airport to sustain its operation and order to grow. so that passengers will choose CRK as a transit airport to different domestic route.



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    Pilpintu TEAM 997 Comments
    Hi Jaytot!

    Thank you very much for these last two very enjoyable reports between Clark and Basco.

    I love reports about routes off the beaten path, and Batanes was a great discovery. I never imagined there was such an interesting place in the north of the Philipines, so rocky and mountainous. My favorite kind of landscape.

    My favorite part of the bonus: Tayid lighthouse and Sabtang stone houses.

    What a handsome airport they have at Basco! I learned about the characteristics of traditional Ivatan architecture thanks to this report.

    The cabin also looks great. Nothing like the smell of something new!

    The ground staff bidding farewell was a very nice touch.

    I'm very glad you were able to spend some nice holidays there.

    Thanks for sharing! :)
    • Comment 442428 by
      jaytot AUTHOR 30 Comments
      Thanks Nechus.

      Yup, Batanes is very unique from other places in the Philippines. Tayid Lighthouse is my favourite lighthouses that i've seen in Batanes, the serenity of the place and the picturesque view is so calming, i can sit the whole day and draw it in my mind how beautiful i was.

      The photo of the staff bidding goodbye was just a screen shot from a video, on that video when they did that you can here me say... aaahhhhwww! my heart really melts. lol

      again thank you.

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