Review of Etihad Airways flight Abu Dhabi Melbourne in Economy

Airline Etihad Airways
Flight EY462
Class Economy
Seat 38A
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 13:06
Take-off 19 Mar 18, 09:53
Arrival at 20 Mar 18, 05:59
EY   #7 out of 119 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 213 reviews
By SILVER 1011
Published on 8th May 2018

Flight Review EY462 from Abu Dhabi to Melbourne

Hi everyone for the 2nd part.
This report will cover my flight from AUH to MEL - Down Under - with some bonus pictures of Melbourne.

Trip Overview

1st Segment: MUC > AUH – EY004
2nd Segment: AUH > MEL – YOU ARE HERE
3rd Segment: MEL > AUH – EY463
4th Segment: AUH > MUC – EY003

Pre Flight @ AUH

After my connecting flight from MUC was perfectly on time (even a few minutes early) there was no rush for me to get my next flight to MEL.
I really enjoyed to walk around AUH in the morning and proceeded to the gate early as I read that there were some special security controls for flights to Australia.
They checked my bag and wanted to know how many devices with a battery I have (Notebook, Tablet, Mobile Phone, etc.).

Gate 34 for my longest flight up to that point!
photo 20180319_043500

I have not mentioned the aircraft type for that route.
Well … yes … it was a B787-9!
My first time flying with that type and I was really looking forward to it since I booked my flights back in January.

View of my B787-9 from gate.
Doesn't she look pretty? Especially in that morning light!! ;)
photo 20180319_044015photo 20180319_045917

General Flight Information EY462

Aircraft Type: B787-9
Aircraft Registration: A6-BLK
Boarding (planed): 08:10 am
Boarding (actual): 08:25 am
Push Back: 09:26 am
Departure (planed): 09:10 am
Departure (actual): 09:53 am
Arrival (planed): 05:20 am
Arrival (actual): 05:59 am
Arrival Gate: 06:03 am

Ticket for flight EY462
photo ey462

Flight EY462

When boarding started a few minutes late, the aircraft was still refuelled.
photo 20180319_053343

My seat for my flight to Melbourne - once again 38A.
photo 20180319_053837

The seat pitch and width was a little bit smaller than on the EY B777 in my opinion.
Overal the seat was okay, but it was not that comfortable than on the B777.
photo 20180319_053834photo 20180319_054810

Refuelling still ongoing.
photo 20180319_054217

View from my seat across the gates at AUH.
photo 20180319_053840

Bonus: Headphones connection in EY B787-9

As I had time and my flight was a little bit delayed, I tried to check out the Dreamliner a little bit. One pretty cool feature is the connection of the headphones to the inflight entertainment.
The connectores were fitted into the socket via the three magnet stipes.

Push back was about 30min late and the delay rose even more as we had to wait some time to get a new departure time because of that much traffic in AUH.
Thank god the view during taxiing and waiting was not too bad.

Finally with a delay of about 50min we lined up and our heavy heavy B787-9 roared away.
Take off was pretty amazing, you could really feel all the kerosin and heavy load of the aircraft.

Air France A380 at AUH (for service …?).
photo 20180319_065425

Some other aircrafts at AUH (for service …?).
photo 20180319_065431photo 20180319_065441

Aerial view of beautiful AUH shortly after departure.
Weather was amazing … and that wing?
I fell in love when I saw it flexing during take off <3
Boeing makes by far the most beautiful wings ever!

Wing detail with blue sky as background <3
photo 20180319_065645

We departed in western direction, so we had to make a sharp U turn to get on course to MEL.

30min into the flight, a light snack and drinks were served.
photo 20180319_071227

When we left the Arabian Peninsula and entered the Arabian Sea, lunch was served.
Starter was some bean and cucumber salad, followed by spicy chicken with rice.
Dessert was some kind of pudding or something like that, to be honest - I have no idea how it is called, but it tasted okay.

Our route was slightly south of India and passing over Sri Lanka.
There wer no bumps over the Arabian Sea, but when we crossed Sri Lanka it started to shaking quite a lot for about half an hour.
No surprise as there were thick clouds outside on cruising altitude.
photo 20180319_110205

EY's entertainment system is very good (nothing new ;)), lots of new movies as well as old and well known movies.
I choose the new version of "It" … definitely worth to watch it.
photo 20180319_104824

The part between India / Sri Lanka and Australia is by far the most exhausting part of the whole flight.
It takes hours and hours to cover the distance and there is only water underneath …
Weather outside got thankfully better, just some fluffy clouds.

About half way between India / Sri Lanka and Australia, another snack was served.
Two buns with cheese and ham and it got dark as we headed into the night.

During the flight I made already some plans for MEL after arrival and slept a little bit.
Surprisingly I slept a few hours and felt refresh when I woke up anywhere above Australia.
photo 20180319_181700

Just a few minutes after I woke up - about 2h until MEL - breakfast was served.
There was only one option - vanilla bread.
Taste was good and filling.

Flight path and almost in Melbourne … the other side of the world!! :)
photo 20180319_190123

It felt that landing was not easy as there were some gusts that early morning in MEL.
But the pilot did a great job and tried to touch down as smooth as possible.
photo 20180319_195709

Finally … Down Under!!!
After a total travel time of 22h from departure in MUC to landing in MEL.
photo 20180319_195939

Post Flight @ MEL

After the flight, it took a while to get of the aircraft as there were some minor problems with the bridge at the gate.
Imigration was very good … maybe one of the most friendliest staff I have ever had at an immigration point!

I bought a SIM CARD for my mobile phone imideately after the exit and then walked to the SKY BUS Terminal which connects MEL Airport with MEL Downtown 24h a day and 7 days a week.
If you plan to go to MEL, book your tickets in advanced via the website! I really recommend that and you can save some money as well.

Bonus: Pictures from Melbourne and Phillip Island


Melbourne is a beautiful city.
The tram system is very convenient and easy to handle, by far the best option to get around Melbourne.
In the free tram zone - which covers all the hotspots in down town Melbourne - you don't need to pay anything and can use all trams as often as you want.

Southern Cross Station is the central station of Melbourne, from there you can go almost everywhere.
photo 20180320_074517

Docklands District with the habour and the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel.
photo 20180320_195405photo 20180320_193415

The famouos Flinders Street railway station and St. Paul's Cathedral right next to it.
photo 20180320_170436photo 20180320_162037

As I am a huge sports fan, I had to check out the Melbourne Cricket Ground.
Wonderful and huge stadium - bigger than any stadium in Germany :D
photo 20180320_140154photo 20180320_145554

Some of you might know, that Melbourne is also known for the Formula 1 Grand Prix, which is helt in Albert Park.
That was one of my main reasons to go to Melbourne, so here are a few pictures.
Awesome location, friendly people and everything is so easy to reach!
In the end, also the right driver - Sebastian Vettel with Ferrari - won!

Some other sights I visited in Melbourne where the Botanic Garden and Shrine of Remembrance.
I spent almost a full day in the Botanic Garden, because the location is awesome and even if you are in the middle of the city … you have the feeling you're anywhere but not in the city.

Flagstaff Gardens is also a great location and offers some great breakfast restaurants around.
photo 20180321_093645photo 20180321_094750

Phillip Island

I also took the oportunity to visit Phillip Island, an island which is located about 150km south of Melbourne.

First up was the Maru Koala and Animal Park with Koala Bears and Kangaroos.
The location is very nice and looks very welcoming.
There were a lot of animals from the wilderness who were injured and now in care of animal sepcialists.

Next stop was Phillip Island itself.
The famous Phillip Island Chocolate Factory, which was great to see but not so intersting.
But … the chocolate is awesome!!!

Next stop was Woolamai Surf Beach, where lot's of surfers can be found when the weather and waves are great.
photo 20180321_164057

On the way to the Phillip Island Nature Park, we made a short stop at the Phillip Island Circuit where V8 Supercar Races and Moto GP Grand Prix's are held every year.

The Phillip Island Nature Park is located at the west side of the island.
The Nobbies at the end of the island are also very famous and with the great sunset in the afternoon, the atmosphere was awesome.
photo 20180321_174720photo 20180321_174054

Last stop of the tour was the Penguin Parade.
It is quite amazin when the little Penguins come back to the beach and their nests when the night comes.
I did not made any pictures as it was forbidden because of the health for the Penguins.
They can get blind from the flash … unfortunately I will never understand such dump idiots who still made a lot of pictures directly in front of the Penguins ….

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Abu Dhabi - AUH


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