Review of Thai Airways flight Singapore Bangkok in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG 404
Class Economy
Seat 60K
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 28 Apr 18, 13:45
Arrival at 28 Apr 18, 14:50
TG   #10 out of 133 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 336 reviews
By GOLD 1513
Published on 8th May 2018
A quick report of another trip to BKK over the May Day holidays, where I flew on my usual carrier of choice, Thai Airways. I would be flying on both their newest A350 and oldest B773 in the fleet.

As expected, due to the holidays, the flight was totally packed with locals going on the short weekend break. There was a bit of queue for check-in at Terminal 1.

photo 40968520125_d2d984d8c5_b

Colourful boarding pass issued.

photo 41149948024_769eb9d663_b

The flight was delayed for almost an hour due to the late arrival of aircraft from Bangkok. This was due to bad weather in BKK in the morning, which resulted of several delayed departures from BKK. Departure gate was from D41.

photo 41149947934_e6a7010713_b

We would be flying on TG's month-old HS-THM. It was still sparkling clean.

photo 41824175082_76fcf3217f_b

Packed gate awaiting boarding.

photo 41149947784_71e9b3329b_b

Albino SQ B773 taxiing past.

photo 41149947644_764ff0b739_b

28 April 2018
Thai Airways
TG 404
Singapore (SIN) - Bangkok (BKK)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 2H04M

Boarding commenced and priorities were enforced.

photo 41149947564_de5e044669_b

photo 41149947494_109a99ca41_b

Welcomed by pleasant crew and into the clean and new economy cabin. On every seat was a pillow while blankets were placed randomly on some seats. Additional blankets were available from the crew.

photo 41149947404_c22c564d9c_b

photo 41149947274_62da8406e7_b

photo 41824164382_e437f35ca7_b

Loved the blended winglets of the A350.

photo 41149947144_d46b346d7b_b

Huge IFE touchscreen monitor with remote. Legroom was acceptable. A legrest was affixed to each seat.

photo 41149947044_e95e2ac2da_b

Boarding in progress but was completed with efficiently.

photo 41149946974_cdd49b739c_b

Inflight magazines, headset, pillow and blanket. Headset was already placed in the seat pocket.

photo 26998971607_b984cbe8a2_b

photo 41149946844_53563b29d1_b

Safety video played.

photo 41824174172_4c3fe58e72_b

Pushed back and started the taxi to Rwy02C. There was camera view from the IFE system.

photo 26998971297_4c5662256d_b

photo 41149946514_ebd3955969_b

photo 41149946584_12214ef0b3_b

photo 41867178361_a869bd244a_b

Departure from Rwy02C and climbing out of Changi.

photo 40968500675_e3572fb745_b

photo 41149946084_be3857e28e_b

photo 40968500535_f2990c804e_b

Flying along the coast of Peninsula Malaysia.

photo 41149945954_6be3b7e975_b

photo 41867178091_24568b5d03_b

Cabin ambience was relaxing with the mood lighting turned on.

photo 40968500445_4dedb25a43_b

Decided to watch The Greatest Showman.

photo 40968500785_e2cb38c40e_b

photo 40968500375_a6115ce394_b

Lunch service started, first with the distribution of meal trays, followed by beverages.

photo 41149945634_7e960f4b1f_b

Meal tray, which came with a side salad, warm roll with butter, dessert cake and a bottle of water. The 2 options of the mains were Chicken with Fried rice or Prawn Curry with rice.

photo 40059960290_d3356d6e27_b

Chicken with fried rice option. The salad was fresh and crisp. Main course was flavourful.

photo 26998970317_e0dd891281_b

photo 41149945444_42ecfb6d3e_b

photo 40968500065_f4b9174925_b

photo 40059960020_b9d78b1b26_b

The other choice of thai-style Prawn Curry was very good as well, though may be too spicy for some.

photo 26998965057_34179c5224_b

Got a gin and tonic (TG uses Bombay Sapphire in economy) from the beverage cart. TG has all the liquors on display on the beverage carts and cocktails were prepared at your seat. Coffee and tea were offered during the second round of beverage service.

photo 26998969997_8a0c7f22dc_b

The crumble cake was a bit dry for my liking.

photo 41149944874_01e517ee77_b

As we were nearing BKK, the weather turned for the worse and we flew in the clouds for the remainder of the flight. Luckily there was not much of turbulence.

photo 40059958940_1102ae45d9_b

Approaching and descending into BKK.

photo 41149943834_bbd83d43f8_b

photo 41149944184_106c5be2de_b

photo 40059958690_62835e8567_b

Had a very smooth landing on Rwy 19R.

photo 41149943374_7c1a781678_b

photo 26998968057_acc1d48176_b

photo 41824168302_6175e63e45_b

photo 41149943114_05d12005b9_b

photo 41149942994_436fea746a_b

photo 41824167892_e018657cbe_b

Video of the landing.

We were assigned a remote stand.

photo 26998967587_909cd9d153_b


photo 40059959510_2fafb4d9d4_b

photo 41149944704_f1a4df7ac9_b

Having a view of the Rolls.

photo 40059959350_44d2b37912_b

Bus ride on the tarmac to the terminal.

photo 41149944494_a91607cbc6_b

photo 41149944524_6f24244ea2_b

photo 40059959100_4e8fc36e8f_b

photo 41149944264_899226e7a6_b

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Thai Airways

Cabin crew8.0

Singapore - SIN


Bangkok - BKK



It was again a pretty comfortable ride on the TG A350 on this short 2hr sector. Catering was good, amenities sufficient, service was quick and efficient with smiles. For a 2hrs flight, this is already the one of the best you can get in economy.

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    Patou974 323 Comments

    Hi TerryYong,
    Thank you for this FR and this delicious Thai culinary bonus. How lucky to be able to spend these weekends in Bangkok.
    I have not yet fly in these beautiful A350 but I do not despair. I think it's one of the most comfortable planes out there.

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