Review of Citilink Indonesia flight Majalengka Surabaya in Economy

Airline Citilink Indonesia
Flight QG9821
Class Economy
Seat 1D
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 23 May 18, 07:25
Arrival at 23 May 18, 08:55
QG 21 reviews
Eric V P
By 802
Published on 16th June 2018
Report #39: QG9821 - A mad dash to return

This will be my report on flying on Citilink economy class from Majalengka KJT to Surabaya SUB, a short-haul intercity flight within Java island, on board their Airbus A320-200. For a preview of the arrival area at KJT as well as the arrival ceremony, read here. This is also the first scheduled commercial flight departing from KJT, so read on!

A fair warning: this report will be way shorter than usual as I was tired from waking up so early for the SUB-KJT flight and that the on board part of the review significantly overlap the SUB-KJT flight. Rest assured, however, that most other reports in the series will feature the usual level of detail expected.

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Note that among the reviews series the KJT and 744 flights would be published soon, followed by the rest of the series.


It's not an usual occasion to be among the first to fly on a brand new airport (it's one thing when a new terminal opens, but when it's a whole new airport opening, let alone a long-awaited one, that's on a completely different level), so when I heard of the airport's first flight being confirmed I decided to make a trip around the very joyous occasion. The first flights announced to operate was the daily QG flight from/to SUB, so I decided to hop on it.

The prorated fare after OTA discount came at Rp443.000 (US$32), which was still cheap as the airport was virtually in the middle of nowhere with no expressway or rail connection yet.
photo qg9820 qg9821 08062018 receipt

Confession time: I paid up for the 1D seat, the closest possible seat to the door 1L so I would be one of the first to arrive at the new airport as well as a chance to rub shoulders with the officials. As much as I don't fancy paying for bulkhead seats, this was indeed a historical I don't fancy paying for bulkhead seats, this was indeed a historical moment.

Trip to KJT and check-in

Technically my earlier flight from SUB to KJT is the trip to the airport, which you can read here.

After taking the elevator I proceeded to the drop-off point.
photo 20180608_075616

The signage leading to the departure area.
photo 20180608_075622

Afterwards it's a walk down the massive walkway to the security screening area.
photo 20180608_075629

A view of the middle floor and the walkways to the security.
photo 20180608_075654

Afterwards I went through the initial security, which was fast.
photo 20180608_075706

There are self-service check-in counters available, which were still unused.
photo 20180608_075843

The check-in counters for the flight. Due to time constraints I just used the return boarding pass printed at SUB earlier on.
photo 20180608_075858

The ceiling of the check-in area. One prominent feature of it is the presence of a peafowl feather-shaped design.
photo 20180608_080128photo 20180608_080134

Afterwards it's a walk to the security.
photo 20180608_080140photo 20180608_080154

After I cleared security it was a downward escalator ride to the departure floor.
photo 20180608_080423

The security officer asked me to delete the photo of the second security and ticket check area, so that's the best I could get.
photo 20180608_080430

KJT transit area and departure

First I went through the rather wide yet empty corridor to reach the waiting area.
photo 20180608_080442photo 20180608_080510

The waiting area mostly consisted of rows of identical seats.
photo 20180608_080534

A plane-themed playground could be seen as well.
photo 20180608_080538

There were few passengers left in the airport.
photo 20180608_080540

I then boarded the plane without queue at the gate. On a side note, the FIDS display at the gate looked particularly horrible - it's almost as if someone got paid peanuts to make one.
photo 20180608_080624

I then passed trough some of the officials again, some of which gave the two goodie bags for me (review on the on board section).
photo 20180608_080725

It was followed by a walk down the lane of children still dancing.
photo 20180608_080729

I then walked down the aerobridge.
photo 20180608_080748

-GQO seen from the aerobridge.
photo 20180608_080754

As I was among the last to board there wasn't much queue.
photo 20180608_080810

On board

Flight: QG9821
Plane: PK-GQO
STD/ATD: 07.25/
STA/ATA: 08.55/
Load factor: 91%Y (163/180)
Seat type: Standard economy class (bulkhead aisle seat)

After I was welcomed back I went to the cabin when the boarding was already well underway.
photo 20180608_080859

There were quite a few members of the press covering the flight. Probably as the non-official sitting at the most forward seat I was also about to be interviewed by a news company, but rejected it as I preferred to keep it low profile.
photo 20180608_081309photo 20180608_081311

The usual goodies there, including the inflight magazine and shopping catalogue.
photo 20180608_081653photo 20180608_081659

I couldn't recall any single time when they prepared something in the oven on return flights (i.e. SUB-KJT and then KJT-SUB), so consider the hot meal sales a failure?
photo 20180608_081707

The safety card had been replenished.
photo 20180608_081714

A plastic airsickness bag could be seen as well.
photo 20180608_081729

We soon pushed back from our gate.
photo 20180608_083659

The ramp agents would then wave at us.
photo 20180608_084047

After a short and queue-free taxi we then departed.
photo 20180608_084514

The weather turned better for the climb.
photo 20180608_084905

As I had paid for the seat for the return flight, the same snack service was provided again for me. The snack service consisted of:
Snack: multigrain bar
Drink: coconut water drink
photo 20180608_090503

After the snack service I visited the lavatory, which was clean.
photo 20180608_090939photo 20180608_090941

View of the cabin from the front.
photo 20180608_090955

The views during cruise mainly consisted of a handful of mountains.
photo 20180608_091055photo 20180608_091418

Goodie bag time: during boarding I received two goodie bags, one from QG and one from the airport authority. Let's have a look at the one from QG:
photo 20180608_091621

The goodie bag from QG contained a QG pen and Majalengka-style peanut rempeyek.
photo 20180608_091638photo 20180608_091653

Next is the one from the airport authority, also packed in a similarly styled fabric bag.
photo 20180608_091715

How much Majalengka-style peanut rempeyek can I eat? I thought I had too many of them to the point I gave one for my taxi driver.
photo 20180608_091728

The other stuffs consist of fried oncom and sweet soya sauce, both of which were made in Majalengka.
photo 20180608_091745photo 20180608_091803

I discussed with the person beside me at seat 1C, who work for the transportation development division at the East Java branch of the Ministry of Transport (hence him being seated together with the head of the said branch), and without realizing we had landed to SUB.
photo 20180608_093657

We then reached terminal 1.
photo 20180608_093917

The head of the East Java branch of the Ministry of Transport together with someone from the transportation development division.
photo 20180608_094038

We were parked at the furthermost gate, yet the next few gates happened to be empty.
photo 20180608_094042

I bid farewell and proceeded to the aerobridge.
photo 20180608_094425

A last view of -GQO.
photo 20180608_094456

Arrival at SUB and post-arrival trip

As I arrived at the farthest gate, supposedly reserved for Umrah flights, I needed to go through the narrow, long corridor.
photo 20180608_094549photo 20180608_094638

As a dual-purpose terminal (i.e. both for scheduled domestic flights and Umrah flights, which are international by nature) the typical customs screening equipments were in place.
photo 20180608_094745

I then went down to the arrival floor.
photo 20180608_094816

The remnants of the terminal's past (i.e. as an international terminal) could be seen.
photo 20180608_094828photo 20180608_094842

I then went to the luggage claim area.
photo 20180608_094901

As I had no luggage to claim I went to the public area.
photo 20180608_094927photo 20180608_094930

I then tried to book a taxi using a ride-sharing app, but as the taxis under the Navy's cooperative have a very strong stance against those ride-sharing vehicles I was forced to go down and after haggling with them got a fare slightly higher than had I used the original transport mode.
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Citilink Indonesia

Cabin crew7.5
Buy-on-board menu4.5

Majalengka - KJT


Surabaya - SUB



Citilink again proved to be a decent way to travel short-haul within Indonesia with the trip being done without any problem and relatively comfortable given the low-cost nature (except the seat assignment fee, but that's another story). Apart from some issues surrounding a newly built airport (e.g. lack of transport access or shops), KJT seemed well-poised to take a significant portion of BDO's traffic and possibly tap into previously underserved markets. SUB, on the other hand, was already a bit of a mess with the dual-purpose terminal and the fact that passengers are often expected to pay more just for their outbound transport doesn't seem ideal for a major airport.

Some thing done well for the trip (airports):
+ Modern design at KJT
+ Acceptable security at KJT
+ Fast boarding at KJT

Some thing done well for the trip (on board):
+ Reasonable price (Rp443.000 (US$32))
+ Decent load factor
+ Decent bulkhead seat legroom
+ Free snack and beverage provision for paid seats
+ Friendly cabin crew
+ Clean lavatory

Things that can be improved (airports):
- No security photo policy at KJT
- Poor FIDS design at KJT gate
- Lack of Wi-Fi at KJT
- Uninspiring goodie bag offering
- Gate usage at SUB
- App-based transport prohibition at SUB

Things that can be improved (on board):
- Expensive seat assignment fee



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