Review of Jetstar Airways flight Singapore Denpasar in Economy

Airline Jetstar Airways
Flight JQ117
Class Economy
Seat 2F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:40
Take-off 12 Jun 18, 05:20
Arrival at 12 Jun 18, 08:00
JQ   #15 out of 23 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 52 reviews
Eric V P
By 1132
Published on 4th August 2018
Report #43: JQ117 - Low fares (except for last-minute travellers) forever

This will be my report on flying on Jetstar Airways economy class from Singapore SIN to Denpasar DPS, a short-haul flight within SE Asia, on board their Airbus A320-200.

Here are the 12 parts of the trip:


As my friend notified me of JT's 744, the last 744 in Indonesia, mainly flying between CGK and DPS for the exodus season, I decided that I may as well make an extension to the Indonesia aviation trip after my phone interview. However, as the ex-CGK flights were completely full I opted for the flight from DPS - but not without catch: I would need to connect with the first available flight to DPS. and pray for it to be sufficiently on time for me to make it to the 744. As it was booked exceptionally late (i.e. 5 1/4 hours to STD) the flight costed quite a lot at S$209 (~US$153).
photo jq117 12062018 receipt

Trip to SIN and check-in

From my campus I took the public metro train, connecting with the last shuttle train to SIN's metro station.
photo 20180611_234955

I then arrived at SIN just a few minutes past midnight.
photo 20180612_000353

Afterwards I made my way to SIN terminal 3 for the interterminal people mover to terminal 1.
photo 20180612_000736

The interterminal people mover was as usual quite clean yet not too heavily occupied.
photo 20180612_001122

FIDS of the midninght/early morning.
photo 20180612_001236

As usual, SIN terminal 1 kept on having check-in counter renovations.
photo 20180612_001255

I first tried doing my check-in at the kiosk.
photo 20180612_001431

Since being a JQ flight I was ineligible for the kiosk check-in I proceeded to the manned counters.
photo 20180612_001804

Despite the queue, I was through with my new boarding pass ~3 1/2 minutes later.
photo 20180612_001807

My boarding pass for the early morning.
photo 20180612_005139

As usual I proceeded through the ticket check and immigration, both of which I completed in 2 minutes.
photo 20180612_002205photo 20180612_002408

SIN transit area and departure

The transit area was rather quiet during the late evening.
photo 20180612_002543photo 20180612_002548

I then proceeded to the working area near Starbucks, which feature plenty of power plugs to charge my devices for the upcoming review marathon.
photo 20180612_005020

The plane of the day was the plane in orange, VH-VGF, a 7 1/2 years old 320.
photo 20180612_040553

As it was still very early morning, most shops were still closed.
photo 20180612_042838photo 20180612_042740

I then proceeded through security and boarding pass check, which was fast. However, I was unable to take photos of the security and therefore had the photo deleted.
photo 20180612_043212

Situation at the gate.
photo 20180612_043204

-VGF from the front.
photo 20180612_043246

Afterwards a 60 minutes delay was announced as there were some issues with the flight crews. I ended up proceeding to terminal 2, tried to print my next flight's boarding pass at a transit hotel, and ran all the way back to terminal 1 for my flight, which I didn't document.

Boarding had already started as I arrived back at the gate.
photo 20180612_053937

Boarding was fast and afterwards I proceeded to the corridor.
photo 20180612_054000

The aerobridge still had quite a bit of queue.
photo 20180612_054024

~2 minutes later I reached the plane.
photo 20180612_054232photo 20180612_054251

On board

Flight: JQ117
Plane: VH-VGF (Low fares forever/#jetstargeneration livery)
STD/ATD: 05.00/05.58
STA/ATA: 07.40/08.38
Load factor: 83%Y (150/180)
Seat type: Standard economy class (window seat)

As I was welcomed by the crew, I asked if the crew for the flight was SIN-based (yes), to which I further asked whether it was usually the case since it was JQ instead of 3K (they occasionally have Australia-based crews as well as the Singapore-based ones).

Typical on 3K/JQ, the 1ABC seats feature additional legroom due to lack of partition wall.
photo 20180612_054317

My seat was the window seat just behind the bulkhead seat.
photo 20180612_054350photo 20180612_054435

Boarding was still well underway.
photo 20180612_054442

The seat feature a table, which was nonadjustable.
photo 20180612_054507

The seat pocket contained the safety card as well as the Australian in-flight magazine (in contrast with the 3K one).
photo 20180612_054520photo 20180612_054531

A menu was present as well, which typical of JQ was expensive.
photo 20180612_054535

Last but not least, two airsickness bags on my seat pocket.
photo 20180612_054545

We were parked beside JQ's 320.
photo 20180612_054608

Safety demonstration was done manually as we pushed back.
photo 20180612_060038photo 20180612_060052

We then taxied for take-off at runway 20C.
photo 20180612_060740photo 20180612_061008

Take-off was uneventful and we soon climbed with some last views of Singapore and Batam.
photo 20180612_061054photo 20180612_061422

After the seatbelt sign was switched off customs form were then distributed. The Chinese tourists beside me seemed to have some difficulties so after I finished mine I tried to assist them using my passport and customs form except for the occupation part, where I ended up needing to call the flight attendant to explain to them.
photo 20180612_061613

The view after we took off.
photo 20180612_062937

As I was thirsty after the long run at SIN I opted for a glass of orange juice, which costed A$4 (~US$3).
photo 20180612_063341

One major plus here was that they receive debit card for payment, and afterwards provided me with the electronic receipt after landing.
photo jq117 12062018 drink receipt

I then checked the lavatory, which while basic was clean.
photo 20180612_063858photo 20180612_063902

The cabin seen from behind (yes, I went to the rear lavatory despite being seated at the front).
photo 20180612_064304

The cruise was uneventful with clear skies. I ended up sleeping during most parts of the cruise as I couldn't sleep while at SIN.
photo 20180612_075642

We then descended for approach towards runway 9.
photo 20180612_081800

During descent I asked to change seat to the aisle seat (i.e. seat 2D) to prepare for my imminent connection so I didn't manage to take many photos, however after a short taxi we were then parked beside GA's 330.
photo 20180612_082113

I was the first to exit the plane, followed by another person catching another flight to LBJ.
photo 20180612_082415

Arrival at DPS and post-arrival trip

After I reached the building I went down to the arrival floor.
photo 20180612_082446photo 20180612_082500

I proceeded towards the immigration, though unfortunately the automated gates were not working so I was redirected to the manned counter, which took me 2 minutes to clear.
photo 20180612_082547photo 20180612_082806

Like at KUL main terminal the duty-free store was located between immigration and luggage claim.
photo 20180612_082800

The luggage claim area.
photo 20180612_082821

Since I didn't have any checked luggage I proceeded to the customs, where unlike at CGK every bag was scanned. I was cleared in 1 minute.
photo 20180612_083009

After I had cleared customs I proceeded to the walkway towards the domestic terminal.
photo 20180612_083121photo 20180612_083206

From there I traveled through the series of corridors.
photo 20180612_083233photo 20180612_083359photo 20180612_083509

You know you had reached the domestic terminal when you got to see the laid back-looking terminal, but there's still some more walk involved to the check-in area.
photo 20180612_083622photo 20180612_083836

What follows next would be the flight on board JT's 744 (the last 744 in Indonesia), which you can read here.
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Jetstar Airways

Cabin crew5.5
Buy-on-board menu2.5

Singapore - SIN


Denpasar - DPS



The plane's livery made for an especially dark joke of how much I had paid, which were it not for chasing JT's 744 I wouldn't even partake in. Typical of 3K/JQ flight legroom was tight and service virtually nonexistent, though at the very least it brought me to DPS. SIN was as usual efficient and a breeze to get through, while DPS proved to be a pain to transfer at with arduous walks.

On overall, I would prefer flying with other carriers when possible on the route (did I say KL's 77W product was far superior?)

Some thing done well for the trip (airports):
+ Late night public transport provision towards SIN (but not at midnight)
+ Fast check-in at SIN
+ Fast immigration and security at SIN

Some thing done well for the trip (on board):
+ Acceptable cabin crew

Things that can be improved (airports):
- Few retail options on midnight at SIN
- Excruciatingly long international to domestic transfer at DPS
- Unusable automated immigration gates at DPS

Things that can be improved (on board):
- Exorbitant price S$209 (~US$153)
- 1 hour delay
- Tight legroom
- Expensive dining offerings

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