Review of Lion Mentari Airlines flight Jakarta Singapore in Economy

Flight JT158
Class Economy
Seat 21E
Aircraft Boeing 737-900ER
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 14 Jun 18, 17:55
Arrival at 14 Jun 18, 20:35
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Eric V P
By 672
Published on 19th August 2018
Report #45: JT158 - All good things must come to an end

This will be my report on flying Lion Air economy class from Jakarta CGK to Singapore SIN, a short haul international flight within SE Asia, on board their Boeing 737-900ER. This is the last part of the 12 series of the Indonesian aviation tour - but another series will be coming up soon.

A fair warning: this report will feature significantly less details than expected on my international flights as I wasn't in a particularly good mood to review and I was tired from the morning flight earlier.

Here are the 12 parts of the trip:


After partaking in quite a couple of interesting flights in the series, I opted to end the trip with a simple flight (as long as it wouldn't arrive too late so I can return to my hostel in the campus by public transport). Like on quite a few of my other SIN-CGK flights I opted for the evening flight on JT, which costed me S$61 (~US$45.3) after OTA discount, and even that was booked only < 8 hours hours to ETD.
photo jt158 14062018 receipt

Trip to CGK and check-in

I opted to go using the airport shuttle bus, which costed me Rp30.000 (US$2.1).
photo 20180614_1525270

The traffic to the airport was quite acceptable.
photo 20180614_154956

Instead of going straight to terminal 2, I first arrived at terminal 3.
photo 20180614_160848

I then went down to the arrival floor, had my ID taken and was subjected to manual security check before I returned to the baggage office to get my missing bag from the earlier flight.
photo 20180614_161318

A short ride back to the terminal 2 followed for my flight to SIN
photo 20180614_172334

As the terminals 2 and 1 are built way before the idea of people mover had been conceived, I needed to go through the pick-up area and then to the arrival floor before taking an elevator to the departure floor (and no, they don't have any escalator at the public area).
photo 20180614_172922photo 20180614_173014

Before entering the check-in area as usual preliminary ticket and security check was conducted.
photo 20180614_173405

I then checked in, which was done in ~3 minutes. I also checked the load, which was rather high.
photo 20180614_173909

The boarding pass was printed in the usual flimsy stock paper.
photo 20180614_182005

I then passed through the automated immigration, which cleared me in < 1 minute.
photo 20180614_174009photo 20180614_174111

CGK transit area and departure

Lately many of JT group's international flights departed from the concourse E, including this one, so I proceeded straight after the immigration.
photo 20180614_174138

I then reached the security, which I quickly cleared.
photo 20180614_174414

There is an open rest area, which I used to rest for a while instead of waiting at the gate.
photo 20180614_174455

As boarding was about to start I went to the gate and had my boarding pass scanned.
photo 20180614_182327

The boarding gate was quite packed.
photo 20180614_182450

There were quite a bit of queue for take-off, and as terminal 2 was facing the runway 7L/25R like terminal 3 the queue mainly consisted of GA' planes.
photo 20180614_182516

The plane of the evening was -LGW, an 8 years old 739.
photo 20180614_182716

Boarding soon commenced from both doors (to the left and right of the corridor).
photo 20180614_183725

It was a short walk down the corridor and then the aerobridge.
photo 20180614_183843photo 20180614_183856

After a bit of queue I finally reached the plane.
photo 20180614_184011

The ownership plate.
photo 20180614_184035

On board

Flight: JT158
Plane: PK-LGW
STD/ATD: 17.55/18.15
STA/ATA: 20.35/20.52
Load factor: 97%Y (210/215)
Seat type: Standard economy class (window/emergency exit row middle seat)

After I was welcomed on board I proceeded into the cabin. When I walked down the cabin I also asked one f the flight attendants there if there was any chance of getting an empty exit row seat, to which she said she would check.
photo 20180614_184048

In the meanwhile, here is my original seat.
photo 20180614_184210

Typical of JT, legroom was tight.
photo 20180614_184423

JT apparently believed that the power of prayer was strong enough to prevent accident, so in my seat pocket I found two prayer cards yet no safety card.
photo 20180614_184509

Boarding was still underway.
photo 20180614_184909

It was only after I asked for the safety card that my seat received one, which was still pristine.
photo 20180614_184947

There was a safety briefing for the passengers on the exit row seats.
photo 20180614_185756

Somehow there was a seat available at one of the exit row seats, so I was invited to move to the front.
photo 20180614_190057

We soon pushed back.
photo 20180614_190119

During the taxi a safety demonstration was conducted.
photo 20180614_190707

After clearing the take-off queue we took off.
photo 20180614_193249

After the fasten seatbelt sign was switched off the flight attendants did a round of sales, offering biscuits and bottles of water, each costing Rp15.000 (~US$1.05) for each bottle or pack.
photo 20180614_195547

I bought the mineral water, which happened to be branded Batik - this has nothing to do with ID.
photo 20180614_200000

What followed was of course the lavatory visit, which wasn't particularly in an immaculate state.
photo 20180614_203313photo 20180614_203404

The view of the cabin from behind.
photo 20180614_204009

I mostly slept through the rest of the cruise, and when I woke up we had already started approaching SIN.
photo 20180614_204750

Landing and taxi was uneventful and after I bid farewell I proceeded through the aerobridge and corridor.
photo 20180614_210341photo 20180614_210402

Arrival at SIN and post-arrival trip

photo 20180614_210429photo 20180614_210522

Instead of going to the immigration I went to the retail area at the center of the terminal.
photo 20180614_210822

As I arrived in the evening, I opted to get another complimentary glass of Singapore Sling from the bar above the duty-free store.
photo 20180614_211232

While not as functional as the one at terminal 2, at least I know where to wait for my next flight.
photo 20180614_214348

I made my way to the immigration, which took me seconds to clear.
photo 20180614_214900

The luggage area was quiet.
photo 20180614_215049

When I arrived my the carousel for my flight, the last bags had been put down the carousel, so I was able to quickly get out of the airport.
photo 20180614_215223

I returned to my place using the metro train, thus ending the Indonesia aviation tour series.
photo 20180614_231300
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Lion Mentari Airlines

Cabin crew4.5

Jakarta - CGK


Singapore - SIN



As far as bringing me from CGK to SIN on a budget (and of course with some luggage allowances), JT indeed did that right. That aside, some parts remain to be improved, however minor it is in the grand scheme of things. In terms of the airport, both CGK and SIN were fuss-free apart from the walk needed from the people mover station to the departure floor.

On overall, I would still fly with JT, although in the near future my focus would be more towards GA.

Some thing done well for the trip (airports):
+ Reasonable check-in time at CGK
+ Fast immigration and security at CGK
+ Fast immigration and luggage claim at CGK

Some thing done well for the trip (on board):
+ Reasonable price (S$61 (~US$45.3))

Things that can be improved (airports):
- Access between the people mover station and terminal proper at CGK
- Take-off queue at CGK

Things that can be improved (on board):
- High load factor
- Old aircraft
- Lack of in-flight magazine
- Missing safety card

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