Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Ho Chi Minh City in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 178
Class Economy
Seat 57A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 14 Jun 18, 10:00
Arrival at 14 Jun 18, 10:45
SQ   #2 out of 131 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 554 reviews
By GOLD 1237
Published on 24th June 2018
Over the recent Hari Raya Muslim New Year holiday weekend, I went on a short trip to Ho Chi Minh City, with the main purpose of some crockery (for the renowned Minh Long porcelains) and paintings shopping. Surprisingly, airfare on SQ, booked just slightly more than a month ahead for the peak holiday season, was priced similarly to VN and the budget carriers, and even cheaper than Scoot! Guess competition does help to keep the fares down. Unfortunately, this trip was also memorable in the wrong way due to the longest ever flight delay I experienced on SQ. More on this later.

On the departure day, we performed self check-in at Terminal 2. The morning peak has subsided and the SQ counters were rather empty.

photo 42919446612_928c995cf1_b

photo 42919446372_36a7078a99_b

After immigration, it was bustling within the transit area. Spotted UA, TR and AI Dreamliners along with many MIs and SQs.

photo 42919446352_7fd8403b18_b

photo 42919445832_85f431cd33_b

Departure gate was a rather long walk to F42.

photo 42919445562_100fe5f874_b

14 June 2018
Singapore Airlines
SQ 178
Singapore (SIN) - Ho Chi Minh City (SGN)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 1H45M

Shortly after we cleared security at the gate, boarding was announced. Being seated near the rear, we boarded early.

photo 42919445272_cb362f1dcd_b

photo 42919444962_fbd59cb9ea_b

photo 42919444512_aff84c3c1f_b

Not sure if it was cost-cutting or a flight-specific thing, but no newspapers were available on the aerobridge at the door, which is unusual on SQ. Only the usual earbuds for the IFE were placed there for economy passengers to help yourselves to. No newspapers were offered onboard as well, though I also did not see anybody requesting for one. However, according to others, newspapers are still offered on other regional routes such as CGK. So maybe SQ decided that SGN economy pax are not avid news readers….

photo 42919445002_9d0c234542_b

Headed to my seat towards the rear of the aircraft. There were no pillows or blankets on the seats. Blankets would have to be requested from the crew.

photo 42919444172_616ac31012_b

photo 42919444002_af66eedd9b_b

View of the seatback.

photo 42919443812_0afbbc007b_b

Boarding in progress. As expected, it was a very full flight.

photo 42919443162_0d2f93ce2e_b

As mentioned earlier, blankets were available upon request. For some reason, the cleaning crew forgot to remove the pillow from the previous flight from my seat, and I guessed I became the only economy passenger with a pillow.

photo 42919443502_d683b8a8a8_b

Inflight magazines.

photo 42919443382_23dca9d2ec_b

View out the window.

photo 42919443762_d665d48c9e_b

Special meals orders were confirmed and hot towels were distributed.

photo 42919430652_b0b79bb945_b

Doors closed and safety video was played.

photo 42919443032_54578f693a_b

Taxiing to Rwy20C. It would be a 1h45m flight to SGN. I decided on a Chinese comedy for the IFE on this short flight.

photo 42919442862_55a5341476_b

photo 42919442712_0daee2c64c_b

photo 42919442502_141a38cc4f_b

Holding short of the runway for an arrival Scoot A320.

photo 42919442262_3c5fd49f87_b

Took off from Rwy20C towards the south before making a turn back north.

photo 42919442092_a3b48439c9_b

photo 42919442182_3accdefc82_b

Climbing to cruise. It was a rather smooth flight for most of the flight duration.

photo 42919441522_3d57d9398e_b

photo 42919441182_ea29a2a049_b

photo 42919441002_f61ae932ef_b

photo 42919440812_0ea3abb074_b

photo 42067363025_49eb898047_b

Shortly after takeoff, brunch service commenced. Special meals were distributed out. My friend ordered an Indian Vegetarian meal and was served first. The meal tray was filled with a whopping selection of food, including cut fruits, yoghurt, main course of dhal with other items, a sour yoghurt like accompaniment, roll with margarine and jam, sweet dessert, cup of water and an ice-cream! An obscene amount of food on a less than 2hrs flight!

photo 42919431012_8b8272d085_b

Normal meal service started from the rear of the cabin, and the 2 choices offered were Scrambled eggs with sausages (usual boring choice) or Thai-styled noodles with prawns. The meal tray came with cut fruits, roll with butter and jam, main course, cup of water and ice-cream. I had an apple juice and coffee to go along as well. It was a pretty decent amount of food for the short flight too. I chose the prawns with noodles, which was pretty tasty with fresh plump prawns topped on spicy rice noodles.

photo 42919440452_4ab82c114e_b

photo 42067362875_2b496a6d32_b

photo 42067362735_88a99e8bd9_b

photo 42919440072_35990bd877_b

Ice cream on a short flight! Note the coffee stains on the tray table, which was not cleaned during the layover.

photo 42919439832_736f14e658_b

Meal service in progress. Service was efficient and crew, as expected of SQ, were all professional and nice.

photo 42067362635_2a0fcc3210_b

Enjoying my bite-sized chocolate-coated vanilla ice-cream with the movie.

photo 42919439242_6255b63964_b

photo 42919438942_f63a4054c2_b

View of the cabin when I made my may to the rear lavatory.

photo 42919437932_886c5fcfe4_b

Lavatories continued to be well-stocked with amenities.

photo 42919437592_f3e3ebbb67_b

photo 42919437762_ccf4a2142f_b

Another view of the cabin while meals were cleared.

photo 42919437452_c69fd78380_b

Continuing with my movie for the remainder of the flight.

photo 42919438282_2c2d341d8b_b

Soon, we were descending into Saigon.

photo 42919437272_d5ba7b2ba1_b

photo 42067361655_589b483503_b

Flying over the city center during the descent.

photo 42919436922_cfea5974bf_b

photo 42919436812_09af3f925c_b

photo 42919436582_9a3fd46a64_b

10min to landing.

photo 42969062301_d7252c5ed2_b

Making some turns during the descent.

photo 42919436452_6da6005d38_b

photo 42919436172_18341b8ea8_b

photo 42969062101_46e1046f6f_b

Approaching and landing into Tan Son Nhat Intl Airport Rwy07R. Ho Chi Minh's new tallest building could be clearly seen during the final approach.

photo 42919435892_340a61b0d8_b

photo 29096552488_5444cb96c8_b

photo 42919435682_e8774c905b_b

photo 29096552378_c007c160dc_b

photo 29096552268_2ac456f609_b

photo 42969061671_85176c3873_b

photo 42919434732_bdf5fa1ee4_b

photo 42919434842_3766d7a48a_b

Video of the approach and landing.

Waiting on the taxiway as 2 aircraft departed from the adjacent runway.

photo 42919434642_54c84b8b75_b

photo 42250252104_273b308892_b

Continuing the taxi to the international terminal.

photo 29096551928_e2bb6208dd_b

photo 42919439382_822fb272d6_b

Parked beside a CX A330.

photo 42919439152_5023e1ebe8_b


photo 42919438612_bc2ba8ae8a_b

photo 42919438452_3228843037_b

After the excellent flight, immigration was another matter, with very long queues which took more than 30min of wait to get through.

photo 42067361995_6741ff091c_b

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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Singapore - SIN


Ho Chi Minh City - SGN



It was an excellent short flight on SQ to SGN. Despite the full flight, cabin was comfortable, service was good and catering was well above expectations. With the fare paid, I shall overlook the absence of newspapers and pillows. Certainly one of the better short-haul flights I have flew on these days.

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