Review of Malindo Air flight Kuala Lumpur Singapore in Business

Airline Malindo Air
Flight OD 805
Class Business
Seat 1A
Aircraft Boeing 737-900ER
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 08 Jul 18, 20:10
Arrival at 08 Jul 18, 21:00
OD 35 reviews
By 2980
Published on 15th July 2018
For the flight back to Singapore, I booked on Malindo. Malindo frequently runs very good promotions from Malaysia, and on this instance, my fare on Malindo's Business class was almost equivalent to the economy class fare! After almost an hour's Grab ride to KLIA right in the middle of oil palm plantations, we arrived and checked in at the dedicated Business Class desks with no queues.

photo 43401144321_884d9112b9_b

Boarding pass and a meal/lounge voucher for Business Class passengers was issued. As Malindo does not have its own lounge in KLIA, it uses contract lounges. Passengers also have the option to claim a RM30 meal voucher at selected eateries instead.

photo 29531071208_6f8e5bf6bf_b

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As the contract lounges are nothing to shout about (Priority Pass could also be allowed entry into the Plaza Premium Lounge, which is better than Malindo's contract lounges), we decided to use the vouchers for hearty meals at Old Town White Coffee restaurant instead.

photo 29531070778_af5d64343b_b

Aircraft on the tarmac were mainly MH's.

photo 29531071138_7811c6da79_b

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Also to add, the departure immigration queues at KLIA were extremely long, and boy was I glad that I was flying in Business as First/Business passengers on all airlines had a separate immigration queue. After dinner, we headed to the gate at the far end of the other side of the main terminal building. The 2 abandoned B747s can be spotted.

photo 28531955087_751499e654_b

Security at the gate.

photo 29531070678_a9b620b6dc_b

The scheduled aircraft was 'upsized' from a B738 to a B739ER.

photo 29531070608_e7be433dea_b

photo 29531070418_55820ce63c_b

Boarding gate.

photo 28531954697_ed22ae365b_b

08 July 2018
Malindo Air
OD 805
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) - Singapore (SIN)
Business Class
Flight Time: 50M

Boarding was called and Business Class passengers were invited to board at leisure. Others were by row numbers.

photo 43401143331_1d4df69151_b

Welcomed at the door and took my seat at 1A. On each Business Class seat was a small pillow. The seat is of the exact same model as on MI and GA B738s and VN A321s.

photo 29531070138_0a703f3999_b

View of the cabin towards the rear.

photo 43401140771_a7d18c3e3d_b

Very generous legroom in 1A.

photo 28531954337_948c7c5486_b

Mechanical seat controls.

photo 29531069738_638ec79c3f_b

IFE handset and headphone jack at the side. There is no use for the handset as the IFE monitor is touch-screen enabled.

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Inflight magazine and shopping catalogue.

photo 29531070378_a7e2e30b58_b

Malindo's fleet.

photo 29531069968_fa861bd0cc_b

And the airline's rapidly growing route network.

photo 43401143021_c28f52bc3e_b

After most passengers had boarded, we were offered a selection of welcome drinks, including water, apple and orange juices. I had an apple juice, which was served in a proper glass. This evening load in Business was 6/12.

photo 43401142761_891ec2ba8d_b

Aerobridge retracted and we would be on our way. The cabin crew also came round and inform that refreshment would be served, and for our choice of either a chicken or vege sandwich and beverage selection.

photo 29531069568_2c16e99f68_b

Safety video was shown and we taxied to the runway. There was a delay in departure due to the long takeoff queue coupled with intermittent aircraft landing.

photo 41593424060_41eeb64ff7_b

Finally we departed from Rwy32R 30min behind schedule.

photo 43401142511_852a870594_b

Immediately after seatbelt signs were switched on, the crew came around to lay the tray tables with linens. Surprisingly, headphones were also distributed even though there is enough time to watch the IFE selection. The full selection of IFE is available.

photo 41593423930_a6009a5c99_b

photo 43401142331_e6c29aa735_b

Flight map was shown on the overhead monitors.

photo 41593423790_48a96db9c6_b

Crew were preparing the refreshment trays in the galley.

photo 29531069348_ca5316a659_b

The refreshment tray was hand delivered from the galley, consisting of a properly plated warm chicken pizza sandwich and red velvet muffin, and a hazelnut chocolate waffle bar at the side. It was accompanied with my pre-ordered apple juice. The tray linen and metal cutlery were Batik Air branded. The sandwich tasted average, but muffin was good. Hot coffee and tea were also available on request. The Business Class crew were also proactively topping up our beverages despite the very short flight.

photo 41593423620_f4825fb5bf_b

photo 41593423400_8b9c72a35d_b

photo 43401141851_a7c5e56067_b

photo 42497313045_1d3f8e178c_b

Watching 15min worth of IFE.

photo 41593423170_637e28f1cf_b

A quick visit to the lavatory as we started the descent. The lavatory was clean and stocked with the basic amenities.

photo 42497312805_237dd66cc7_b

My messy seat with legrest out. Did not fully recline the seat and so could not comment on the full recline angle.

photo 43401141391_9bf832bd88_b

We flew along the southern coast of Singapore before heading up north to approach from the north.

photo 43401141361_cc616460b3_b

photo 41593422920_014af97e36_b

Landing in Changi Rwy20R 20min behind schedule due to the delayed departure.

Parked at Terminal 3.

photo 43401141081_a833795476_b

Last look at my seat and aircraft during disembarkation.

photo 42497311955_407c001e85_b

photo 43401140651_1fe269093f_b
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Malindo Air

Cabin crew8.5

Kuala Lumpur - KUL


Singapore - SIN



At the price paid for this Business Class experience on the short hop, it was definitely more than worth it for the quality of service and offerings received. Malindo certainly exceeded my expectations for the fight, and I certainly would hope to fly them again when there are future promotional fares in the premium cabin.

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    Thank you for the report.

    I was about to fly from HKG to KUL with OD but a friend working in the tourism industry warned that OD flights suffered regular delays...

    By the way your experience was great for such a short flight.

    Best regards.

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