Review of LATAM flight Mexico City Sao Paulo in Economy

Airline LATAM
Flight LA8113
Class Economy
Seat 35L
Flight time 09:50
Take-off 11 Jun 18, 18:10
Arrival at 12 Jun 18, 06:00
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Published on 5th August 2018
Hi guys!

This is the fourth part (actually it’s the fifth leg of the trip) of the reports from my trip to Mexico on May/June this year. In the ending I’ll post some pictures of Mexico City as well.

The routes were:
- ROS-GRU with LATAM Airbus 321
- GRU-MEX with LATAM Boeing 767-300
- MEX-CUN with Volaris Airbus 320
- CUN-MEX with Volaris Airbus 320 (won’t report)
- MEX-GRU with LATAM Boeing 767-300 YOU ARE HERE!
- GRU-ROS with LATAM Airbus 321

Date: 11/06/18
Origin: México City – Benito Juarez MEX
Destination: Sao Paulo – Guarulhos GRU
Departure: 18.20 (18.45 real)
Arrival: 06.00 (05.55 real)

The date of the flight I got to the airport 3 hours and a half on an Uber. I left my hotel quite early because I’ve heard a lot about Mexico City’s traffic issues. But in the end I arrived quite early with plenty of extra time. I asked the driver to leave me on the International departures area in Terminal 1, which is at the ending of the building.

photo 2018-06-11_16-38-38

Then I went to LATAM’s counters. There wasn’t anyone there yet. In a couple of hours they had a flight departing to LIM.

photo 2018-06-11_16-43-03

You’ll notice that my boarding pass has de KSML code. I asked for a kosher meal after the awful meal I had on the GRU-MEX flight.

After leaving my luggage I walked through the pre departure area because I had a lot of time to spend. I found there is a food court similar to the one there is on the air side of the building. So cool! The Mexican people really know how to eat well! There were many places and different budget options.

photo 2018-06-11_16-47-06photo 2018-06-11_16-51-45

Then I went back to the international area and went through security. I asked the agent if there as any migrations control but she said no. When you arrive the country they give you a small paper you have to keep until you depart and hand it to the airline staff. When I checked in, the agent on the LATAM desk attached this paper to my boarding pass. And then the airline hands in these papers to the migrations office.

photo 2018-06-11_17-15-35

Then I continued walking on the air side, I went back to my favorite part of the airport. The 7 eleven store. I bought a little sandwich just in case the meal was bad again haha.

photo 2018-06-11_17-49-49photo 2018-06-11_17-50-38

At 16 I saw on the screen my departure gate was assigned. But I still had one hour and a half left.

photo 2018-06-11_18-03-21

So I kept walking and I got to gate 14. This gate has no Jetway. It’s just a glass door. I sit by these doors because it’s the only “window” to see what’s going on on the platform and runways. As I mentioned on the other reports, MEX is not a spotter friendly airport at all. So while I was sitting there I could spot LATAM Peru Boeing 767 departing to LIM. Also, I saw many aircraft from Interjet, Volaris and Viva Aerobus, and the landing of an Alitalia Boeing 777 coming from FCO, among others.

photo 2018-06-11_18-06-48photo 2018-06-11_18-46-35photo 2018-06-11_18-49-50

There was less time left for my flight and I went closer to the gate. There was the LATAM Brazil Boeing 767, PT-MOB (still with the TAM livery). Luckily it’s much younger than the plane on the other flight. You see what I mean with this spotter unfriendliness? :-(

photo 2018-06-11_19-00-52

At 17.25 the boarding process had started. First, passengers on Bussiness class and status, then passengers with special needs and with small children, and finally the rest.

photo 2018-06-11_19-01-45photo 2018-06-11_19-02-36

When I boarded I noticed this aircraft had a renewed interior, and the IFE screens were newer than the ones on the other flight. The flight was almost full, at least in Economy cabin. Most passengers were Brazilian, and some Mexicans too. There was a big group of a Brazilian triathlon team.

photo 2018-06-11_19-33-27photo 2018-06-11_19-35-17

As soon as I sat, I started investigating the IFE system. It was really amazing! They had many of my favorite TV series from last year (Big Little Lies, Westworld, The Handmaid’s Tale, and others). Besides from premier films, and various genres, they had some documentaries on LGTB issues for the pride month. I couldn’t decide what to watch!

photo 2018-06-11_19-49-44photo 2018-06-11_20-19-55

Leg room

photo 2018-06-11_19-52-06

Please don’t steal me

photo 2018-06-11_19-52-51

My view: Alitalia Boeing 777, Lufthansa Boeing 747-8 and Air France Airbus 380

photo 2018-06-11_20-09-43

Reading material

photo 2018-06-11_20-25-08

At 18.45 we took off. We headed towards east and then south.

Later the FA’s handed the menus. I regretted about ordering a kosher meal haha. I told them I had this special order and they say they were aware.

photo 2018-06-11_21-00-47a

Before they started serving the meals they came to ask me if it was ok to heat my meal and I said yes. Before serving the rest they handed me my meal and drinks. The meal came on a box with the label of kosher certification under Mexico City’s Rabbinate supervision. The hot tray contained: rice, vegetables and fried fish balls. It was ok. Inside the box there were: corn toasts (amazing), two honey buns, bread, marmalade and a cold fish salad which was ok too. When I saw what they served to my seat mate I notice how less abundant it was. After the dinner service the chief FA came to ask me if everything on my meal was ok.

photo 2018-06-11_21-25-10photo 2018-06-11_21-29-04photo 2018-06-11_21-32-23

After dinner I continued watching a film I started before “Todo sobre mi madre”, a Pedro Almodovar film. After that, as I wasn’t sleepy yet, I re watched Big Little Lies season finale chapter. When it ended we were passed over all Central America.

photo 2018-06-12_00-32-59

When we were flying over Cali I tried to sleep. I still had 5 more hours of flight.

photo 2018-06-12_00-33-03

An hour before landing I woke up, and immediately the FAs came serving the breakfast. Again, mine was served first. On the hot box there was an omelet with vegetables that I didn’t touch. On the box was exactly the same as in the dinner box. Except there was a fruit salad instead of the fish salad. For me it was quite heavy for a breakfast.

photo 2018-06-12_04-33-11photo 2018-06-12_04-33-15

At 5.30 the captain announced we were descending and 25 minutes later we landed. We headed to the remote positions near Terminal 3, and we parked near another LATAM 767. Then I saw the landing of Aeromexico Boeing 787 that departed behind us!

photo 2018-06-12_05-47-12photo 2018-06-12_05-56-21photo 2018-06-12_06-09-50

We disembarked trough stairs and we were driven by bus to Terminal 3 main building. Most passengers were continuing their way to migrations. I went to security control and they were moving very slow. I had just one hour before my flight to ROS. I asked one of the agents if I could make it and she said yes. The agents were very nice and chatty. After this I went to the departures upper floor to find the gate for my next flight.

photo 2018-06-12_06-29-00

Now the Bonus from Mexico City!

El Angel de la Independencia

photo 01

Churros and hot chocolate

photo 02

Bellas Artes Museum

photo 03

Teotihuacan Pyramids

photo 04

Virgin of Guadalupe complex

photo 05

Frida Kahlo Museum

photo 06

Chapultepec Palace

photo 07

Soumaya Museum

photo 08

Museum of Anthropology

photo 09
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Cabin crew9.0

Mexico City - MEX


Sao Paulo - GRU



The flight was ok. Kosher meal is much more abundant than the small portions of the regular economy meal. The FAs were very nice and accommodating. If I had to fly again a long haul flight I would consider LATAM, but I’ll order a special meal again.



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