Review of Pegasus Airlines flight Istanbul Ankara in Economy

Airline Pegasus Airlines
Flight PC2672
Class Economy
Seat 21F
Aircraft Airbus A320neo
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 06 Aug 18, 20:15
Arrival at 06 Aug 18, 21:20
PC 32 reviews
By GOLD 812
Published on 13th August 2018

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Trip Overview

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Route Overview ( IST/SAW - ESB )

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Pax for this flight

Economy Class 160/186
This is the exact number of passengers onboard this flight. I have heard one of the ground crew telling the pax to the bus driver that took us from the terminal to the aircraft.
There were mostly passengers transferring to Kiev at Ankara and some transfer passengers from international flights that arrived to SAW.


I have checked-in online for this flight 72 hours before departure on the PC mobile app.

photo img_2928

Today, seat 21F was assigned for me, I kept this seat as I didn't want to pay a seat selection fee for a 40 minute flight.

photo img_2929photo img_2930

No additional service bought today so check-in is completed.

photo img_2931


Entering the airport:

For those traveling from the European side, bus E-3 from 4.Levent is one of the best options to access this airport as it only takes 45 minutes to the airport ( without traffic ) and costs only 7,80 TRY ( equal to 1,25€ ) with Istanbulkart.

photo img_2950

The terminal

photo img_2951

The west and the middle entrances was packed to I have headed to the East Entrance which is located at the end of the passenger drop off lane. It's much quieter than the other entrances because most of the cars dropped passengers at the very beginning of the drop off lane. I was in the building within 5 minutes.

photo img_2952

I have weighed my bag to ensure that I have paid for enough extra luggage weight. My baggage was under 20 kilos so no problem.

photo img_2953


Pegasus Airlines has 3 check-in islands at this airport. Island C which I used today is bag drop only, the other islands D & E are standart check-in counters. The light under the screens at the counter turns green when the agent is ready for the next passenger.

photo img_2954

I had arrived early so I had lots of time. First I've bought my shampoo which I would use during this trip at the Watsons store on the departure level of this terminal.

photo img_2956

I was hungry at that time so I headed Caribou Coffee which is located near check-in island H for a late lunch. A cold drink and a sandwich was my choice today. I've paid this by food checks.

photo img_2957

Then I headed around the terminal to buy my monthly magazines at the D&R store.

photo img_2959

After that, it was time to go airside. Almost all of the security lanes where open and I was in airside in 5 minutes despite the high crowd.

photo img_2960

I didn't want to eat something onboard so I have headed to Puro Gusto Restaurant. I had a pasta with chicken for dinner. I would like to note that the photo below is taken after I took some bites so the portion is actually bigger.

photo img_2963
photo img_2962

At that time the gate was assigned for my flight.

photo img_2961


photo img_2971

Boarding Pass:

photo img_2958


On the 31st of July, the new terminal building has opened officially which would expand the area of the domestic terminal. There would be 4 more jetbridges in this building and some more bus gates. The expansion wasn't completely open so I could have taken photos of some of the areas, security was not allowing passengers to those areas which were not in service at that time.

Passengers arriving to this building would connect to the main building from this area.

photo img_2966

The new area for domestic arrivals, buses assigned to flights arriving at remote stands would drop off their passengers here.

photo img_2967

Puro Gusto Restaurant, which I have eaten my pasta at, would open a new restaurant to this new building.

photo img_2968

The barriers not allowing passengers to go the area which the new jetbridges are located.

photo img_2969


Gate 310B is a remote gate.

photo img_2973

An AJA 738 and a PC 738 can be seen at the gate.

photo img_2972

Boarding had begun at gate 310B 45 minutes before scheduled departure time.

photo img_2975

On the bus journey to the aircraft, this AJA aircraft getting ready to Trabzon appeared.

photo img_2976

TC-CPY, a 738 for PC at gate 206A

photo img_2977

Food is loaded to TC-SAH which would also fly to ESB as TK7254

photo img_2978

TK7346 to BJV is pushing back.

photo img_2979

This TK A320 would also be flying to Bodrum.

photo img_2980

This PC 738 parked at gate 202B would serve PC702 to Bishkek.

photo img_2983

TC-JGA had just arrived from ESB at that time.

photo img_2985

A PC A320 getting ready to head off to Kayseri

photo img_2986

TC-IZI would operate PC2206 to Izmir

photo img_2987

A TK 738 getting ready for his flight to Tbilisi

photo img_2988

The Airbus A320neo which would take me to Ankara

photo img_2989

This aircraft was named Feyza.

photo img_2990

As my seat was 21F, I boarded from the rear door.

photo img_2991
photo img_2992
photo img_2993



It was comfortable for a low cost airline and the legroom was fine enough.

photo img_2994
photo img_2995

The overhead panel

photo img_2997

Before takeoff:

TC-JGA to TBS was pushing back as boarding continued.

photo img_2998

TK7346 to BJV has been seen again.

photo img_3002

After TC-JGA pushed back, TC-IZI appeared for the second time.

photo img_3003

After boarding was completed, the captain announced that the flight would be delayed due to heavy traffic at the runway so we remained in our parking position for 25 minutes and then headed to the runway. After pushing back the safety demo was done by the cabin crew.

We had took of at 21:10 ( 55 minutes after our scheduled departure time )

photo img_3006

Somewhere around Tepeören district in Istanbul just after takeoff

photo img_3007


Pegasus Airlines doesn't offer free meals or drinks so a buy-on-board menu can be founded in the seat pocket. Today most of the passengers wanted to buy something so it took a long time that the trolley came to me as one of them starts service from the first row and the other one from the last row and they meet at the middle of the aircraft. Today I have just bought some water. The menu and the price list can be found in my PC 3308 report.

photo img_3008


Pegasus hasn't equipped their Airbus fleet with overhead screens so the only way of entertainment is inflight magazines. The Pegasus Magazine wasn't present at my seat pocked at this flight as someone might took it home on the previous flight. The only choice to read was the Euro 2024 bid brochure and the inflight menu.

photo img_3001
photo img_2999

Also the safety card is attached to the seat in front.

photo img_2996


The crew was nice and polite to passengers during this flight. They were slow at the buy on board service so they couldn't collect rubbish due to landing, but when leaving the aircraft the crew offered to throw my waste to the rubbish bins. Also as I heard other passengers talking with the crew, their English were understandable and they spoke fluently, it is hard to find a fluent English speaking cabin crew onboard on Turkish carriers.

Descending and arrival:

Some photos of Ankara before landing

photo img_3012
photo img_3013
photo img_3014

We had landed at 21:50 at Ankara ( 30 minutes late than scheduled arrival time ). We had parked to gate 115 after a short taxi.

photo img_3018

TC-CRB which would serve PC3169 to ESB was parked at gate 113 at the time we parked.

photo img_3020


A last view of the aircraft from the terminal.

photo img_3021

Domestic Arrivals FIDS

photo img_3023

Our baggages would be arriving to carousel 24. There were not many passengers at the carousel because most of the passengers had onward connections or had to clear customs at the international terminal. Bags have arrived within 10 minutes.

photo img_3022

After claiming my luggage, I have headed to the taxi rank to go to my hotel. I would like to remind you that I have posted a review about the hotel below in the bonus section.


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Thanks for reading.
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Pegasus Airlines

Cabin crew9.0
Buy-on-board menu7.5

Istanbul - SAW


Ankara - ESB



As this was a short flight with a really good price. It was satisfying for the price I have paid and the 30 minute late arrival didn't affected me as my next flight was the day after. Also I would like to remind that if you check-in online for PC flights, you earn 250 BolBol points for domestic flights and 500 BolBol points for international flights even you if you don't purchase extras so it's possible to collect more points by online checking-in.

(+) Airport staff was prepared for heavy passenger traffic
(+) Wide selection of facilities at the airport
(+) Food at Puro Gusto is for a reasonable price ( compared to airports ) and tasty
(+) With the expansion and new bus gates, there is more space to sit when waiting for flights
(+) Cabin crew was nice to passengers
(+) Crew spoke clear English with non-Turkish customers
(-) In flight magazine lacked in my seat pocket.
(-) Crew was slow during buy-on-board service as my turn came when descending
(+) Fast baggage claim
(+) Not crowded



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  • Comment 459581 by
    fiftytwo SILVER 1099 Comments

    thanks , reports from/to esb are quite rare in this site

    looks like this airport is too big for this city (besides kurban bayram and seker bayram) , coz its never too crowded , and its something i like

    about SAW i always tried to avoid it cause of traffic jams , better adding extra money and land/take off in IST

    cant wait for the next report


    • Comment 459705 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 368 Comments

      Hi and thank you for your comment,
      -As you said, ESB airport is really big for the low traffic there but it can be crowded on mornings and late-afternoon due to the heavy business traffic from/to Istanbul. Otherwise, it's true that the airport only gets crowded in religious holidays.
      -As IST is closer to my house in Istanbul, SAW seems to be a place to avoid but I have got used to it after flying 3-4 times. As I'm accustomed to the traffic jams in Istanbul, I choose the cheapest ticket to my destination but I never forget the fact that transportation to SAW can be a nightmare from the usual route sometimes. I can just tell that the travel time to SAW would be better when the metro would be expanded to SAW next year.
      My next report would be posted this week and I would wish you to have a nice day.

  • Comment 459832 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5850 Comments

    Hi Eryorulmaz, thanks for sharing this thorough report on SAW and Pegasus. It's impressive that SAW is expanding and IST is also being replaced by a new bigger airport this fall! Istanbul is really well connected to the world by air.

    The cabin looks nice and new and the seats and legroom do look decent for a low-cost carrier. Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 459854 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 368 Comments

      Hi Kévin,
      I would like to agree that the cabin and the legroom provided is above average for a low-cost carrier, and luckily this aircraft had more legroom than some of TK's domestic aircraft. Furthermore, most of the citizens of Istanbul is getting prepared to use SAW instead of the new airport because SAW is closer to some European-side districts and they won't anymore pay the price difference to fly from IST. Also, a second runway in SAW ( which can handle the A380 ) is proposed and will open to service in a few years. However connecting passengers would continue to fly from the new airport which would be better than today's IST.
      By the way, thanks for your comment and have a great time.

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