Review of Qatar Airways flight Ankara Doha in Economy

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR314
Class Economy
Seat 14F
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 03:50
Take-off 07 Aug 18, 13:40
Arrival at 07 Aug 18, 17:30
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By GOLD 1028
Published on 15th August 2018

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Route Overview ( ESB-DOH )

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Pax for this flight

Business Class: %85-90
Economy Class: %85-90
On this flight, that day, there were mostly passengers transferring to the Far East and Southeast Asia, also some transferring to Melbourne like me as I have also seen them in my next flight.


It was possible to check-in 48 hours online for both of my flights. That day I have checked-in online from their mobile app.
First, they offered me to upgrade this sector to Business for 480$ which I was not interested.

photo img_2938

My journey today

photo img_2939

Seat Selection for this flight. Seat 14D and 14E was blocked at that time as I checked expertflyer so I didn't touch my seat. Also row 11 was completely empty and no passengers were seating there today.

photo img_2940

Seat Selection for my onward connection. Again, I kept my reserved seat 26K as 26J was blocked at that time.

photo img_2941

Even though I completed online check-in, the system didn't allow me to create mobile boarding passes and asked me to see a representative at the airport.

photo img_2942
photo img_2944

The next day I just wanted to check something and another upgrade offer was available, this time for my onward journey to MEL for $1140. The one-leg upgrade fee was expensive than my whole booking and hotel fees so I haven't took it.

photo img_2948

A quick note that the gate for my flight was assigned the previous night. ( Screenshot from TAV application )

photo img_3016

The morning of my flight, I have got to know that I would fly A7-AIA for the second time. I have last flown him on my DOH-SAW flight this December as this flight was also reported on this website.

photo img_3034photo img_3035


After a short taxi ride from my hotel, I had arrived to the international terminal. I was in the building in 5-10 minutes after the security control.

photo img_3037

At the entrance, there was a list of airlines flying here. This list wasn't updated.

photo img_3038


Qatar Airways had 6 check-in booths open today. 4 for Economy, 1 for Online Check-in and 1 for Business & Status passengers. Today I headed to the Business Class line as there was only a family in front of me. The QR supervisor and the check-in agent welcomed me and asked me if I had a special request or wanted to change my seats. I didn't had any requests so the check-in process took 2-3 minutes as I checked-in my luggage and my boarding passes was handed to me.

photo img_3039

FIDS for the International Terminal

photo img_3040

After check-in I had realized that I didn't have tooth-paste with me for the holiday so I have just headed to Gratis store in the arrivals level. Prices are same as their city store and it's interesting that they sell cold drinks for the same price as their regular stores. Also I bought my newspapers at the stand at the departure level.

photo img_3041

Also, there is only one café and a duty free store after passport control, and also I didn't want to go to a lounge as my flight would depart within 1 hour I've had my coffee at Starbucks which is located between the domestic and international terminal.

photo img_3043

After I finished my coffee, I headed to the passport check and final security control as no one was in front of me so I have cleared both checks within 5 minutes.

A Pegasus 738 was parked at gate 118 waiting for his flight to DUS.

photo img_3044

Boarding pass

photo img_3042


I was present at the gate 40 minutes before scheduled departure. At that time boarding had begun. The aircraft was visible from the gate.

photo img_3045

Gate 119 today

photo img_3046

After I boarded, it was possible to see a SV A330 parked at gate 120.

photo img_3047

And, TC-ASP again. Getting ready for his flight to DUS.

photo img_3048

Our aircraft

photo img_3049

There was a queue near the aircraft door and I have waited 3-4 minutes there. The Oneworld logo at the aircraft.

photo img_3050


I was welcomed by the cabin supervisor and another crew at the door, after that I have proceeded to my seat.


This was my seat for a 3h30min flight. It was comfortable enough and had more legroom than most airlines short-haul aircraft. Blankets and pillow was provided for each passenger. By the way, seat 14E rested empty but seat 14D was assigned to someone.

photo img_3051
photo img_3053

PTV's were available, but this aircraft was equipped with the old Oryx Entertainment System.

photo img_3052

Overhead panel

photo img_3054

Headphones were available at seat pockets.

photo img_3055

Before Takeoff:

Refreshing towels were distributed by the cabin crew.

photo img_3057

The safety video had been monitored from the personal screens.

photo img_3058

A Turkish government A319 had been arriving that time.

photo img_3059

A PC 738 parked at the apron and waiting his afternoon flight to TEQ.

photo img_3060

After the safety video had been shown, one of overhead monitors couldn't be closed but before takeoff it was back in its closed position.

photo img_3062

Heading to the runway

photo img_3063

The terminal from the runway

photo img_3065

VIP terminal

photo img_3066

The Saudia A330 was being pushed back as we depart.

photo img_3067

Just after takeoff

photo img_3068photo img_3069

The airport was visible

photo img_3070

Kızılırmak river

photo img_3071

After the seatbelt sign has been switched off, menu cards were distributed.

photo img_3080


First I opted for the pasta but they were out of it after 7-8 passengers, so I had the stow cooked beef with onion gravy. There was a chickpea salad, a berry torte, bread, butter, labneh cheese, water and a small chocolate present.

photo img_3082

The sauce of the beef was fluid but I was prepared for it as I had my blanket on me.

photo img_3083

After the meal service, tea&coffee was served by the cabin crew. I took a coffee with Camus VSOP Elegance.

photo img_3084

After the crew collected, the tea&coffee cups we were somewhere over Iran.

photo img_3085


As each passenger had it's own personal screen, there were also a USB port and a power source at each seat. No Wi-Fi onboard this aircraft

photo img_3056
photo img_3072

I have watched a movie at this flight. Just a quick remark that the route map wasn't showing information about the flight. Only the flight map and the time zone map was available.

photo img_3081

There was also the Oryx Magazine in the seat pocket. The Space Issue

photo img_3075b

In this issue, there was a news article about the four new routes opened last month and they have also indicated that they would serve Gothenburg starting this December.

photo img_3076

Qatar Airways flies to more than 150 destinations.

photo img_3078photo img_3079

Technical information about our aircraft

photo img_3077

In addition to the Oryx Magazine, the Extravaganza Duty Free catalogue was also present. Inflight duty free shopping was available this flight.

photo img_3074

Safety card

photo img_3073

Another interesting fact about this flight was that I have learnt that QR A321's has 3 lavatories in the rear. As I visited one of them they were clean.
photo img_3086photo img_3087bphoto img_3088b


They were fine had I had no special contact with them except meal services.

Before Landing:

A video about Hamad Airport and a QR ad was shown

photo img_3089b
photo img_3090

Arrival information was available but not our arrival gate.

photo img_3091

Connecting flight information was posted. Since I had a long connection my onward flight was not listed.

photo img_3092


photo img_3093
photo img_3094

Just before landing

photo img_3095


Concourse A

photo img_3096

At the end of the runway

photo img_3097

We had just started taxiing

photo img_3098

After a short taxi we had parked at gate D1 next to a brand new A359 which would fly to Singapore this evening.

photo img_3099

I felt lucky as we arrived to a jetbridge because it was 43C outside.

photo img_3103

Last view of the aircraft from the gate.

photo img_3104

After that I had proceeded to transfer security D for my onward flight.

Thanks for reading.
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Qatar Airways

Cabin crew7.5

Ankara - ESB


Doha - DOH



(+) Not crowded, short wait times at checkpoints
(+) General facilities at this airport. Better than IST
(+) Boarding started on time, finished on time
(-) There weren't enough facilities after passport control.
(+) Pillows and blanket provided
(+) Nice meals and above expectations
(+) 3 Economy class lavatories for a short haul aircraft
(+) Took of and landed on time
(-) They were out of pasta
(-) Route map had problems
(+) Fast transfer security
(+) Arrived to a jetbridge as it was really hot outside



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    thanks for sharing ! next time in esb i will try this ibis hotel maybe
    why did you hide some parts of IFE ?

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      First I would like to thank you for your comment,
      -I have darkened some parts of the IFE because of my face which appeared directly due to sunlight.
      -ibis would be a good choice actually despite there are only two hotels near the airport and ibis is the cheapest option and their service is good.
      Have a nice day.

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