Review of Qatar Airways flight Doha Ankara in Economy

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR257
Class Economy
Seat 10F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 04:00
Take-off 15 Aug 18, 15:30
Arrival at 15 Aug 18, 19:30
QR   #1 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 554 reviews
By GOLD 898
Published on 7th September 2018

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As the hotel shuttle dropped me to the airport 3 hours 15 minutes before my flight, I thought that I was going to have a lot of time looking at stores & boutiques but plans didn't go as expected.

photo img_3398

The flower statue located at the check-in area. I was already checked-in for my flight so I have directly headed to the passport control.

photo img_3399

Hamad Airport ad while waiting for my turn at the passport check

photo img_3400

Passport Check & Security:

Being similar to the arrivals level, the departures level passport check was also processed slowly. I waited 30-35 minutes for this control even thought 10-15 booths were open at that time. Luckily, there was no queue at the security checkpoint so that took less than 3 minutes. I was in airside 2 hours 45 minutes before scheduled departure time.

The Teddy Bear was visible after both checkpoints were cleared.

photo img_3401

FIDS. My flight was listed on the 5th screen at that time

photo img_3402

The food court. Burger King was overcrowded as usual but the other options were not packed.

photo img_3403

I chose to have a cold drink and a muffin at Starbucks which is located at concourse B. The prices were not that expensive for an airport as I paid $10 for a Frappuccino and a muffin.

photo img_3404
photo img_3405

After wandering around the huge duty free area, it was time to go to my gate.

photo img_3406

The Mickey statue

photo img_3407

Boarding Pass

photo img_3378


Boarding was announced 1 hours prior to scheduled takeoff and I was at the gate 55 minutes before scheduled departure, but they were not letting passengers to board the aircraft at that time.

photo img_3408

Zone signs were visible as it would make boarding more efficient.

photo img_3409

40 minutes before scheduled departure boarding started with Business Class passengers and Oneworld Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald members. An interesting fact that as the ground staff keeps the small part of the boarding pass, Oneworld status cannot be seen in the larger part of the boarding pass so passengers should show their OW FF card for priority boarding, as BA hasn't provided a physical card to me, I showed my mobile card and the ground staff asked me " What is this sir? ", I answered as " a mobile Oneworld frequent flyer card ", after the small conversation she welcomed me onboard and I was the first one to board the aircraft.

photo img_3410

Another view of the aircraft from the gate

photo img_3411


I was welcomed by two of the crews while boarding than I headed to my seat 10F.


This aircraft ( A7-ADC ) was one of the oldest A320's of QR. That's why the seat looked a bit old and there was no personal TV's equipped to these seats, but it's nice to have a blanket & a pillow for a 3h30min flight. In addition seat 10E was empty and expertflyer showed it blocked instead of available.

photo img_3412
photo img_3413

The aircraft was installed with the old overhead panels

photo img_3448

Headphones were provided which could be found at the seat pocket.

photo img_3439

We pushed back 10-15 minutes before our scheduled departure time so that was nice to know that we would arrive early.

photo img_3414

The safety video was played from the overhead monitors.

photo img_3417

After the safety video, refreshment towels were distributed.

photo img_3416

B concourse and remote stands

photo img_3418

A7-AIA ,which I flown him 2 times in the past 8 months, was getting prepared for his flight to Amritsar.

photo img_3419

A7-BDC was also taxiing to the runway, this aircraft would serve QR 163 to CPH for the day.

photo img_3420

Concourse B, an A320, an A330 and a 77W visible at that time

photo img_3421

This A320 had just arrived from Salalah at that time.

photo img_3423

Emiri Terminal

photo img_3424

We would depart from runway 34R

photo img_3425

A7-ADJ is landing as QR266 from Larnaca

photo img_3429

After that A320 had landed, it was our turn to takeoff.

photo img_3430photo img_3431

Some islands were visible during takeoff

During takeoff the video about the child care program was shown

photo img_3436

Passing over the city of Basra

photo img_3449photo img_3451

After the seatbelt signs has been turned off, menus were distributed.

photo img_3440a


A short while after the menus were distributed the meal service had started. First, I opted for the pasta but then the cabin crew told me that pasta wasn't loaded today so I went for the lamb.

photo img_3452

The lamb machboos was served with rice and onions. The tray contained a seasonal salad, a mango cheesecake, bread, butter, Babybel cheese, a small Godiva chocolate and a small bottle of water.

photo img_3453

I have slept for the rest of the flight to I hadn't have to chance to enjoy tea or coffee.


As this aircraft wasn't equipped with PTV's, a movie was shown from the overhead screens for the first 3 hours of the flight and then the route map was available. Today the movie "Avengers: Infinity War" was present.

photo img_3438

Also there was a panel at each seat that allowed passengers to switch to music channels as well.

photo img_3415

The seat pocket contained the Extravaganza Duty Free catalogue as inflight shopping was available during this flight.

photo img_3442

The August 2018 edition of the Oryx magazine was present onboard

photo img_3443a

QR route map

photo img_3444

QR Europe, Middle East & Northern Africa route map

photo img_3445

Technical information of our aircraft

photo img_3446

And an article promoting Thailand

photo img_3447

As it is one of the most important things during the flight, the safety card was there too.

photo img_3441a

Descending and Taxiing to the Gate:

I just woke up here while we were almost landing.

photo img_3454

Lot's of AJA aircraft at the domestic terminal

photo img_3455

TC-ANP parked at gate 115 and getting ready for his flight to Antalya

photo img_3456

We were going to arrive at gate 118 today.

photo img_3457

Qatar Airways caters from Sancak Inflight Services at ESB. Just a quick note that, in my opinion Sancak Catering is better than Turkish Do&Co.

photo img_3458


Our aircraft from the jetbridge

photo img_3459

A last view of our aircraft

photo img_3460

The departures level was visible

photo img_3461

I cleared the passport control within a minute but it took time that luggages arrived.

An arrival duty free store was present

photo img_3462

Our luggage would be arriving at carousel 14, my bags arrived 15 minutes after I was in the baggage claim hall.

photo img_3464

International arrival FIDS

photo img_3465

And this trip has came to an end, thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed it. I would also like to mention that my next report would be my first Business Class report so stay tuned.
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Qatar Airways

Cabin crew8.5

Doha - DOH


Ankara - ESB



(+) Boarding well organized
(+) Wide selection of shops & cafés
(+) The terminal is well air-conditioned. ( It was 43 C outside and the humidity was close to %100 )
(-) Slow passport check process
(-) Early and unnecessary boarding call. ( This was made so passengers would arrive early to the gate )
(+) The meal was amazing
(+) Took of early and landed early
(+) Blankets and pillows were provided for a 3h30min flight
(+) Middle seat blocked due OW status
(-) First choice of meal not available
(-) No PTV's compared to the recent aircraft. ( It's completely a luck if an old or new aircraft would arrive )
(+) Fast passport check process
(-) Duty free prices are super expensive
(-) A small wait for luggages

Even though the aircraft wasn't good QR was above average for this flight. First, it wasn't nice to wait 30-45 minutes at the passport check in Doha and I understood why the hotel that I stopovered-in transferred passengers 3 hours before their flight. The facilities in DOH is extraordinary but it wasn't nice to announce boarding before boarding had begun. It is also interesting that showing my mobile BA card worked outside of the BA boundary. I would prefer the new A320's compared to the old ones but I have no power to change the aircraft after I boarded it. Besides, it was comfortable enough to have a nap. Another interesting fact is that they only load 2 types of meals for those shorter European flights instead of 3 listed in the menu. That's why pasta wasn't available both on my ESB-DOH & DOH-ESB flights. Ankara Esenboğa Airport doesn't handle that much international flights so the passport control is usually empty. Waiting 15 minutes for bags at a medium-sized airport is moderate but it was fine.

As a final impression, I would definitely re-fly QR if they continue to offer good promotions and credit a nice amount of miles to my BA EXEC account. This journey was worth the price. Also I can tell that the medium-haul product of QR is definitely better than most of the other airlines medium-haul product.



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