Review of Qatar Airways flight Melbourne Doha in Economy

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR905
Class Economy
Seat 26K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 14:10
Take-off 14 Aug 18, 21:35
Arrival at 15 Aug 18, 04:45
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By GOLD 4094
Published on 31st August 2018

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Route Overview ( MEL-DOH )

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Pax for this flight

First Class: No first passengers on board
Business Class: %85-90
Economy Class: %85-90


Online check-in wasn't available 48 hours before departure and an error code appeared both from the website and the mobile app.

photo img_3233

But an upgrade offer was shown at the manage my booking section.

photo img_3235

I have re-attempted one hour later and this time the system told me that I couldn't check-in online at that moment because there was more than 48 hours for my connecting flight to depart.

photo img_3236

The next day online check-in worked.

photo img_3238

I haven't changed my pre-booked seats.

photo img_3239photo img_3240photo img_3241

The night before my flight an upgrade offer for the DOH-ESB was offered.

photo img_3244

Tracking the outbound flight

photo img_3245

A7-API, one of the newest additions to the fleet. I would fly this bird for the second time.

photo img_3246

Luckily, I didn't experience a traffic jam as there is construction on the Airport freeway.

photo img_3249


I had arrived to Terminal 2 at 20:00 which means that I had 1 hours 35 minutes until the flight takes-off.

photo img_3251


photo img_3252

Most of the check-in desks were closed 1h30min before departure as most of the passengers had completed their check-in. There were 2 Priority check-in desks open and 1 Economy at that time. As I was a Oneworld Ruby member at that time, I used the Business Class check-in which I had only waited for 2 minutes.

photo img_3253

Security & Passport Control:

Priority Is not offered for OWR so I headed Into the regular line which took me 20 minutes to complete security because they were too slow, but the passport check dured less than 5 minutes.

Due to the time I had just headed to the gate.

Boarding Pass:

photo img_3258


Gate 9 was our gate for the day and the aircraft was visible at that time.

photo img_3255

Captain Andrés preparing for the flight.

photo img_3256

Another view of the aircraft

photo img_3257

There was three different areas to sit at the gate. One for families for children, one for groups 1&2 and one for groups 3&4&5. Business Class passengers boarded the aircraft from the lounge level.

Boarding for Groups 1&2 started at the same time with OWR, OWS and OWE passengers which was 50 minutes before departure. Just a quick information that QR accepts OWR passengers to use a priority boarding lane as some other OW carriers don't.

The aircraft from the gate.

photo img_3261


I have boarded the aircraft from door 2L, and used the staircase to reach my seat.
Welcome on board.

photo img_3270


The seat was slightly different from my previous QR 904 flight but it had the same comfortability. The legroom was quite good for an Economy Class seat.

photo img_3304a

The scheme of the seat was different from A7-APD or A7-APE which I experienced on my previous flights with QR. There is no remote control on this type of seat but the power supply is over the tray table instead of under the seat. Also, it's possible to notice that the tray tables are different.

photo img_3263

In addition, the PTV's are bigger than the other A380 seats.

photo img_3264

The seat pocket contained a personal amenity kit and headsets.

photo img_3266

Before Takeoff:

Our route today

photo img_3267

An EK A388 ( A6-EOD ) would serve EK 407 tonight to DXB was parked next door.

photo img_3265

Shortly after this EK A388 was push-backed an EY 77W was visible.

photo img_3271

At that time, refreshment towels were distributed.

photo img_3272

Later on another EK aircraft, this time EK 408 from DXB arrived and parked to the gate next to us.

photo img_3274

Then we started our push-back process as the safety video was played.

photo img_3275

A QF 738 taxiing.

photo img_3276

VH-YIV a VA 738 arrived from Nadi.

photo img_3277

Were taxiing to the runway

photo img_3279

A last view of the terminal

photo img_3284

We had just took of

photo img_3287

Route map as we gain altitude.

photo img_3288
photo img_3289

Just after the seatbelt signs has been turned off, menus were distributed.

photo img_3290

Dinner would be served after takeoff.

photo img_3291a

And, breakfast would served before landing.

photo img_3292a

And, the beverage menu

photo img_3293a


There were three options for the main meal service: chicken, beef and pasta as usual. I went for the mushroom tortellini which was served in a tomato and olive sauce.

photo img_3295

Besides the main meal, the tray contained a salad dish, a chocolate & orange mousse cake, bread, butter, cheese, a small Cadbury chocolate and a small water.

photo img_3296

After the meal, tea/coffee was served as usual.

photo img_3297

Water was provided before the cabin lights were darkened.

photo img_3305


This aircraft had a larger screen than my previous flight ( QR904 ) but didn't have a remote control so every command that was given was done on the touchscreen. Also at this aircraft, the power supply was underneath the IFE screen instead of under the seat. The entertainment system was the same as the previous flight and contained the same contents. Today I have watched 2 movies as it was a long flight.

photo img_3294photo img_3314

It was interesting that this aircraft also had the July edition of the Oryx magazine. By the way, this report contains a flight which departed on 14 Aug 2018.

photo img_3299a

QR route map

photo img_3300

QR Oceania route map

photo img_3301

Technical information about the aircraft

photo img_3302

An article about Qatar - Visa free entry for more than 80 nationalities

photo img_3303a

Safety card

photo img_3298a

Wi-Fi was available during this flight. 8 MB of free data was being provided to each passenger.

photo img_3273

I don't know why, but my device failed to connect to the system while we were over the Indian Ocean, maybe it was a technical error that occurred at that time and disappeared later during the flight

photo img_3316


The same movie refreshments as the outbound flight was served as water, orange juice and rubbish collection runs were made during the flight

photo img_3307

Some route information as the first refreshment service was made

photo img_3309
photo img_3310
photo img_3311

For the midflight light meal, there was a choice between a chicken sandwich and a vegetarian one. I have chosen the chicken sandwich which was served with a small cake.

photo img_3312

The sandwich provided at the DOH-MEL sector was better than this one but this one is also above average considering all my flight experiences.

photo img_3313


There were two cabin members serving the upper deck Economy cabin. Both of them were polite and nice to passengers. Every time when the seatbelt sign has been turned on they warned passengers which had unfastened seatbelts at that time and this means that they cared about our safety. In addition, I had a small conversation with one of the crews when I was waiting my turn for the restroom.


There were three selections for this breakfast meal. Omelettes, frittatas and pancakes were the options. My first choice was the pancakes with sultanas, cinnamon and apple compote which I've enjoyed.

photo img_3317

The tray contained, the main dish, some fruits, a peach&mango yoghurt, a croissant, butter, strawberry jam and a small water.

photo img_3318

The last tea & coffee before landing

photo img_3319

Flight information at that time

photo img_3321
photo img_3322
photo img_3324

Before Landing:

Opened my window blind

photo img_3325

A video about HIA and another video about Qatar was shown from the PTV's

photo img_3327
photo img_3328
photo img_3330

Just before we started our descend

photo img_3332
photo img_3333
photo img_3335


photo img_3339photo img_3341

Some information about Qatar which can be found from the IFE. It would be nice to see some of the monuments stated here.

photo img_3343
photo img_3344

Rear camera

photo img_3345

Just aprroaching

photo img_3346photo img_3347

The airport is visible

photo img_3348

We had landed to DOH

photo img_3349

Started taxiing

photo img_3350

Doha ATC can be seen

photo img_3351

A7-ALT getting ready for his flight SIN

photo img_3353

This aircraft would serve QR 725, service to Chicago

photo img_3354

A7-BAS is getting prepared for his flight to Manila this morning

photo img_3357

Another QR 77W parked at the C concourse, QR 960 to DPS

photo img_3359

Arrived to gate B1

photo img_3360
photo img_3361

By the way, connecting flight information wasn't available at the time we landed.

photo img_3362


Last view of the aircraft from the gate

photo img_3365

I had almost 11 hours for my next flight so I have headed to the hotel desk to arrange something during my stopover. After a 20 minute wait at the queue the representative checked my documents and asked me would I prefer the airport hotel or a hotel in the city. I chose the city hotel option.

photo img_3369

Later on these documents were given to me

photo img_3371
photo img_3372

It's time to head to the arrivals level to meet the hotel representative there.
A last view of the Teddy Bear from the transfer area.

photo img_3370

The immigration line wasn't that crowded when I arrived, but it took 45 minutes to reach the arrivals hall which is a long time. A lady with small children argued with an officer because of the long wait-time but the police told him that due to the high departure traffic, most of the booths in the arrival level was closed at that time.

After my handbag was scanned, I met my hotel representative, which told me to sit until we wait some more passengers which would be transferred to the same hotel. After another 30 minute wait for hotel guests a transfer bus arrived and we were in the hotel within 15 minutes.

photo img_3379


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Qatar Airways

Cabin crew9.5

Melbourne - MEL


Doha - DOH



(+) Waiting time for check-in
(-) Security guards were too slow
(-) Gate area was a bit messy
(+) Excellent food and inflight service
(+) Wide IFE screens ( Better than BA J )
(+) Professional and nice crew
(+) Toilets were kept clean at all times
(-) Onboard wi-fi had some issues
(-) Inflight magazines are not updated
(+) A free hotel was provided for a 11 hour transfer
(-) Long wait for immigration

The longhaul Y product of Qatar Airways is the best I have seen and I was impressed that they improved their service since I have flown at December. It's nice to see that their menus change in regular intervals and they haven't been reducing costs from passenger services. It is also nice that they provided a free hotel for a 11 hour stopover. Also I would like to note that it's not possible to book a free transfer hotel online unless you would stay for more than a night.

Although, QR was quite good during all 4 of my flights, the hotel wasn't that good and it would be better if they assigned me the Oryx Rotana hotel or if I chose the airport hotel option. The hotel was OK except the problem In the bathroom and the location but I think that it is not fair that some passengers receive a 5 star hotel and some receive a 4 star hotel when they apply for a stopover hotel and I was one of the unlucky ones that day. Some others had a chance to stay near the touristic destinations but I was one of those who was assigned to a hotel surrounded by car repair shops. In the future, I hope to experience Qatar in a better hotel having much more time to explore the country.

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