Review of Cathay Pacific flight New York Hong Kong in Business

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX845
Class Business
Seat 25K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 15:45
Take-off 24 Dec 17, 00:55
Arrival at 24 Dec 17, 05:40
CX   #2 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 511 reviews
By 5493
Published on 20th August 2018
Hello everyone! Welcome to my 23rd trip report where I'll be covering my flight back to Hong Kong for the Christmas holidays. As always, I was planning on going back to Hong Kong along with the usual pit stop in Bangkok. However, the last two sectors are going to be a surprise as this was a last-minute, unexpected trip that was amazing in its own way. I don't want to leave out anymore details. So, stay tuned for the rest of this travel series! It's something worth waiting for!! Anyways, let's get on with the flight! ;)

Winter 2017-18 Trip Report Index:
1) 24 December 2017: CX845 JFK-HKG, B777-300ER, Business
2) 20 January 2018: CX653 HKG-BKK, A330-300, Business
3) 21 January 2018: EK377 BKK-DXB, A380-800, First
4) 25 January 2018: EK207 DXB-JFK, A380-800, First


Here's a little backstory about booking this flight! So, I originally wanted to depart out of EWR due to the fact that Cathay Pacific is operating that route on the Airbus A350-900, and I would finally get a chance to try that aircraft on a long-haul flight compared to the one I took from BKK in 2016. Also, I prefer the departure out of EWR as it's a bit more private in the airport as well as the cabin. Unfortunately, the flight was completely full and I even called CX multiple times in order to get seats, but there were none.

Also, I tried getting flights on an earlier date such as the 22nd or the 23rd, but I couldn't get a seat. However, I was lucky yet again to get a seat on Christmas Eve. That way, I would arrive into Hong Kong just in time for Christmas.

So, I had no choice but to fly out from JFK on the good 'ol Boeing 777-300ER, an aircraft which I've flown for years. Honestly, I like flying on that aircraft, but now I'm starting to get tired of it. On the bright side, I finally get to see Cathay Pacific's new home in Terminal 8 as well as try out the American Airlines Flagship Lounge!

I left home at around 10:00 PM and arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport, just in time to check out Terminal 8
photo dsc01589photo dsc01590

Terminal 8 Departures exterior
photo dsc01592photo dsc01593

Terminal 8 Departures interior/departure lobby
photo dsc01600photo dsc01597

Cathay Pacific check-in counters. As always, the process of checking-in took 15 minutes.
photo dsc01598

A huge Christmas tree!
photo dsc01602

Heading towards security
photo dsc01605


The security process took 5 minutes to say the least as it was late at night and I think this was one of the late departing flights out of Terminal 8. Anyways, by the time I got to the airside, I was amazed with the design!
photo dsc01609

The Big Apple
photo img_7478

American Airlines logo evolution
photo dsc01613

Some duty-free shops
photo dsc01615photo dsc01616

A really cool sculpture at the terminal. From New York to the world!
photo dsc01673

Terminal 8 Departures at JFK is quite massive, and has more variety in regards to shops and dining options compared to Terminal 7. I was quite impressed with the move!

Once I was done exploring the terminal, I headed to the American Airlines Flagship lounge, where the elevators are located a few meters after security
photo dsc01620

Lounge invitation
photo dsc01626

Lounge entrance
photo dsc01627photo dsc01690

A cool portrait of the Empire State Building
photo dsc01629

Another portrait, but this time of Rockefeller Center
photo dsc01691

photo dsc01630

Shots of the lounge

I eventually found a seat facing the tarmac
photo dsc01641

Boarding pass
photo dsc01644

Overall, the Flagship Lounge was fairly descent in regards to seating and atmosphere. Before entering the lounge, I heard this lounge was renovated and recently re-opened. I have to say, it did look astonishing!
photo dsc01647photo dsc01651

The only thing I have to complain about though is the catering, where the choices are quite limited and unappetising. I guess the saving grace would be the beverages, where there is a wide variety of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
photo dsc01652photo dsc01653photo dsc01656

Private booths
photo dsc01648

More seating area. There wasn't a lot of people at the lounge during the time of my flight. I guess we were the only departing flight out of the terminal.
photo dsc01649photo dsc01650

Since I had plenty of time prior to the flight, I decided to sit back, relax, eat, listen to music, chat with my friends, and surf the web using the free WiFi
photo dsc01695

Before I knew it, I realised it was time to board the plane.The walk to the gate was quite long as it was at another concourse at the terminal.

The journey consisted of going through an underground tunnel consisting of escalators. I guess that's my only con about the terminal

Plane to HKG: B-KPH
photo dsc01668

The underground tunnel with a lot of advertising for the new Star Wars movie
photo dsc01709photo dsc01710

Heading towards gate 47
photo dsc01711photo dsc01713

Honestly, it was not that bad of a journey to the gate
photo dsc01716photo dsc01717

Gate 43-47 area
photo dsc01719photo dsc01722

The boarding process was really smooth this time!
photo dsc01723photo dsc01724

Time for yet another holiday!
photo dsc01725photo dsc01726

Heading down the aerobridges
photo dsc01727photo dsc01729

Well, time to board!
photo dsc01731

Some pre-flight information:
Date: 24 December 2017
Airline: Cathay Pacific
Flight Number: CX 845
Route: New York (JFK) - Hong Kong (HKG)
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Registration: B-KPH
Distance: 8066 miles
Scheduled Departure Time: 12:55 AM
Actual Departure Time: 1:18 AM
Scheduled Arrival Time: 5:40 AM
Actual Arrival Time: 5:31 AM
Flight Time: 15 hrs 45 mins
Departure Gate at JFK: 47
Arrival Gate at HKG: 3


Main business class cabin
photo dsc01733

My seat: 25K, along with the inflight controls
photo dsc01734photo dsc01735

View from my seat
photo dsc01737

The legroom on the Boeing 777-300ER
photo dsc01739

Flight info
photo dsc01743photo dsc01744

Pre-departure drink: Orange juice
photo dsc01752

I am ready for the next 15 hours!
photo dsc01755

Hot towel
photo dsc01757

Cabin view
photo dsc01756

What I found a little weird was that the captain did not make any pre-flight announcement or any kind of welcome. The only time I heard him was when he instructed the cabin crew to be seated for both takeoff and landing, and yet again 30 minutes prior as well as preparing the cabin for arrival.

Regardless, we were able to pushback from the gates after approximately 20 minutes, which was the quickest I have ever seen from JFK!
photo dsc01766

Amenity kit
photo dsc01760photo dsc01761

Crystal Geyser water bottle
photo dsc01762

One of the reasons why I like departing out of EWR was primarily because of the on-time departure because from what I've previously experienced at JFK, there are constant delays due to heavy traffic at the airport, which can heavily disrupt travel plans.

However, I was able to set some views prior to departure
photo dsc01767photo dsc01770

Mood lighting changes in preparation for takeoff
photo dsc01787

Two windows all to myself! ;)
photo dsc01769

Visiting the old quarters (a.k.a. Terminal 7)
photo dsc01771

Passing by Terminal 5
photo dsc01772

Menus were then distributed as we were still taxiing towards the runway
photo dsc01773

Menu for today's flight
photo dsc01774photo dsc01777

Taxiing to Runway 31L, with the view of the Lower Manhattan skyline in the distance along with China Airlines Boeing 777-300ER B-18052 also on its way to the runway serving as CI11 back to TPE
photo dsc01786

Surprisingly, we took off at 1:18 AM, which has been the earliest departure I've been a part of at JFK!
photo dsc01789photo dsc01793

Heading towards Connecticut
photo dsc01795

Peace out, America!
photo dsc01798photo dsc01800

To cut to the chase, the choice of entertainment on this flight was quite disappointing in regards to my usual TV comedies
photo dsc01804photo dsc01805

At least I was able to watch a few episodes of New Girl
photo dsc01806

Another view of the inflight controls
photo dsc01813

A slight change towards the mood lighting
photo dsc01818photo dsc01819

After approximately 10 minutes, the crew came towards the cabin taking drink orders as well as setting the tables for the dinner service.

Perrier, a.k.a. my standard drink!
photo dsc01823

Table setup including the appetiser, fresh berries, and garlic bread
photo dsc01839

This time, I opted for the light meal option as I wasn't feeling that hungry as I had dinner prior to leaving the airport. IMO, this is not the proper way to serve soup, especially for a 5-star airline like CX. This was a disappointment. Nevertheless, the soup was actually pretty good.
photo dsc01841

Cabin views
photo dsc01824photo dsc01825

I was done in 20 minutes when the crew courteously cleared the table for us and then distributed hot towels as an end to the dinner service along with the subsequent mood lighting change
photo dsc01848photo dsc01850

Once the dinner service was over, I headed to the bathroom with the standard J sink
photo dsc01827

At that point of time, I switched to the inflight map to find out our current location
photo dsc01851photo dsc01853

Afterwards, the mood lighting switched again until it led to complete darkness, giving it the perfect environment for passengers to rest
photo dsc01856photo dsc01860

After looking for more programs to watch during the flight, I came across with La La Land, which is one of my favourite movies. I must say, it did make up for the missing inflight entertainment
photo dsc01861

I watched a bit of of the movie before I ultimately decided to call it a night

Heading towards Greenland
photo dsc01878photo dsc01880

Only 12 more hours to go!
photo dsc01881photo dsc01883

Within less than 5 minutes, I was able to set the seat in a fully flat position with the duvet all nicely spread out. Before I knew it, I was sleeping on one of the comfiest business class seats in the world!
photo dsc01888photo dsc01890

I woke up after 8 hours upon discovering that we already were heading close towards Mongolia. I woke up realising that I was craving for something to eat. So, I requested one of the flight attendants for the wonton noodle soup, which is nothing but a CX classic! As always, I added a Perrier to go along with it.
photo dsc01894photo dsc01901

Cabin views
photo dsc01892

I eventually went back to finishing La La Land. After all, it's one of my favourite all-time movies

photo dsc01911

photo dsc01915

The high life in the sky! ;)
photo dsc01917

Another round of Perrier!
photo dsc01918

The noodles taste a lot better with the chilli sauce. It really brings out the flavour!
photo dsc01920

I then continued to watch La La Land once I was done with my noodles.
photo dsc01922

It wasn't until 25 minutes later when the cabin lights came back on and I was handed a hot towel, which was about 2 hours from arrival.
photo dsc01924photo dsc01927

Orange juice for starters
photo dsc01930

Table setup including fresh fruit and a croissant
photo dsc01932

I ended up watching yet another movie onboard this flight, Hidden Figures. It is yet another Oscar-nominated movie which I believe deserves more praise and acclaim.
photo dsc01933

Blueberry Greek yogurt
photo dsc01938

Above central China
photo dsc01939

For the main course, I chose the Singaporean fried noodles. It was good, but the chilli sauce was definitely the saving grace.
photo dsc01942

Hot towel to end the breakfast service
photo dsc01943

My seat after 14 hours
photo dsc01951

Cabin views, with mood lighting yet again
photo dsc01955photo dsc01960

Once I got back to my seat, I decided to continue watching Hidden Figures

After half an hour, I checked the inflight map again only to find out that we were already starting the descent towards HKG
photo dsc01965photo dsc01966

That was also when the captain came back on just to say that we had 30 minutes until we landed. Suddenly, the seat belt sign came back on giving the indication that we had to prepare for landing, which didn't take long.
photo dsc01979

Arrival information
photo dsc01962

Approaching HKG
photo dsc01981photo dsc01984

Final shots before landing
photo dsc01989photo dsc01983photo dsc01992

What I found strange was that there was no mood light change during the landing
photo dsc01994

We landed approximately 10 minutes ahead of schedule at 5:31 AM. The taxi to the gate was quite short.
photo dsc02002

Actual flight route
photo dsc02004

Docking at gate 3
photo dsc02006


photo dsc02007photo dsc02009

Mini business class cabin
photo dsc02011

First class
photo dsc02012

Arrival into HKG
photo dsc02013photo dsc02014photo dsc02015

The walk to immigration was quite short as well.
photo dsc02018photo dsc02021photo dsc02022

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER, B-KQH, which just arrived as CX883 from LAX
photo dsc02016

Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-900, B-LRC, which just arrived as CX676 from TLV
photo dsc02019

As always, I breezed through immigration, got my bag, and made it to the arrival hall within 10 minutes
photo dsc02026photo dsc02027

Baggage claim area
photo dsc02030photo dsc02031

As always, I was able to get my bag within 5 minutes
photo dsc02034photo dsc02035photo dsc02036

Making my way towards the arrival hall
photo dsc02037

I made it just in time for Christmas!!
photo dsc02038

Before heading back home, I went on to The Arrival lounge, which can be quite tricky to find as I had to go through Terminal 2
photo dsc02040photo dsc02041

However, it was not a long walk from the arrival hall as I took a different way than I did the last few times
photo dsc02042photo dsc02045

Entrance to The Arrival
photo dsc02046

Lounge invitation
photo dsc02048

Shots of The Arrival lounge
photo dsc02052photo dsc02053

Afterwards, I made it towards the Airport Express
photo dsc02056photo dsc02058photo dsc02060

Airport Express interior
photo dsc02068photo dsc02069

After less than 25 minutes, I arrived at Central/Hong Kong station, where I immediately caught a taxi afterwards and made my journey from there.
photo dsc02070photo dsc02073

As always, it feels good to be back!! :)
photo dsc02071photo dsc02076
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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew8.5

American Airlines Flagship Lounge - 8


New York - JFK


Hong Kong - HKG



Overall, this flight was better than from what I expected. In fact, I was surprised that there were some service enhancements from when I flew with them back in July 2017, which was quite a disappointment. Maybe it was the Christmas season, but I somehow enjoyed this flight on Cathay Pacific. The departure process from JFK Terminal 8 was actually better than I expected, especially with the terminal itself.

I found the crew much nicer than the July flight and the meal service was better as well. The only thing that I found discouraging was the way it was being served on, especially with soup in a cup. I found that to be a bit disappointing. Even though the entertainment choices were quite limited, especially with the lack of my usual shows, I was able to make use of the choices and watch some Oscar-nominated movies, especially La La Land and Hidden Figures.

Nevertheless, thank you so much for reading this trip report. I hope you've enjoyed it. Tune in next time for the next segment where I hope I'll be flying somewhere (which is going to be a huge surprise) along with the usual stopover in Bangkok!

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  • Comment 460888 by
    The meal looks EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING, that;s common for all CX J class passengers. Red eye flight and day flight are all the same. Haven;t you noticed that CX and EK are similar? The J product itself is nothing to write home about..... The only impression is their lounge, you have to admit htat EK and CX lounge food, is far better than food onboard, at least for J CLASS..... So CX basically use lounge to let you have a perfect first impression. That's it, nothing else!! To me CX is even worse than TG and NH
    • Comment 462133 by
      rbix AUTHOR 73 Comments
      Thanks for the comment. Well, from what I’ve experienced on this flight, I would say that the inflight catering was actually better than the lounge. Although I would say that the portions are quite disappointing, I just hope CX would implement that in the near future, especially with the new dining concept they are planning to introduce soon.
  • Comment 461339 by
    hometoyyz 539 Comments
    Thanks for another look at your commuter route. I guess there are worse ways to shuttle back and forth between NYC and Hong Kong than CX J. ;-)

    I have to agree with SAF, though, that the food looks disappointing.

    And I've always wondered about CX's 77W J seat. It looks like the same J seat I flew on an MU A330 -- which I presumed was a reverse herringbone seat slightly downgraded to accommodate the narrow A330 fuselage.... but here it is, on a nice wide 77W with the same lack of storage as I saw on the narrower A330. It just seems so... unnecessarily cramped compared to an otherwise similar seat from, say AC or CI, on the 77W. Heck... I even kinda feel like it has less storage/space than DL's A330 J product. It seems silly to quibble over the details of an all-aisle-access flat bed J seat, but this really does look "less premium" than some competing products to me.

    Just my $.02. And despite the complaining, I'd still like to fly CX J someday. I keep meaning to do it. And then I remember what I can have for just 20k more miles....
    • Comment 462134 by
      rbix AUTHOR 73 Comments
      Thanks for the comment! Well, I have to admit that I'm getting slightly tired of flying CX, but it's one of my best options when it comes to flying to my home bases. I haven't really got the chance to try out either of these airlines, but I have been wanting to fly on CI for some time and compare the J class on their 77W with CX. After all, it wouldn't hurt to see what the catering, crew services, entertainment choices are like and see which is better.

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