Review of Emirates flight Dubai New York in First

Airline Emirates
Flight EK207
Class First
Seat 4K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 14:40
Take-off 25 Jan 18, 15:00
Arrival at 25 Jan 18, 20:40
EK   #3 out of 86 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 595 reviews
By 5047
Published on 15th September 2018
Hi everyone! Welcome to the final leg of the Winter 2017-18 travel series! After a nice couple of days exploring Dubai, it was time for us to head back to New York flying on Emirates yet again. I have to say, this trip was one of the best trips that I've ever been on as I've been wanting to go to Dubai for years and I'm glad I finally got the chance to do so.

Also, the weather was especially beautiful during that time as it's bearable in the winter months, with pleasant sunny skies all around! Overall, I had an amazing time and I wouldn't mind taking another trip to Dubai in the foreseeable future. Anyways, without further ado, let's get to this report! ;)

Winter 2017-18 Trip Report Index:
1) 24 December 2017: CX845 JFK-HKG, B777-300ER, Business
2) 20 January 2018: CX653 HKG-BKK, A330-300, Business
3) 21 January 2018: EK377 BKK-DXB, A380-800, First
4) 25 January 2018: EK207 DXB-JFK, A380-800, First


Due to the fact that there were about 4-5 flights that depart for New York from Dubai, it was initially quite difficult to select a flight, especially with the choices are at all times of the day! After a few days, my family and I ultimately came to a mutual decision that we would depart in the afternoon. Hence, we were able to get seats for flight EK207, which departed at 3:00 PM. I would say that this would be a good flight as we would land in New York in the evening, and we would get to experience the afternoon flight as this, along with the return flight EK208, were going to stop operations sometime in March 2018. This would leave EK to operate 3 daily flights to New York, including the one via Milan.

Since we had scheduled the chauffeur to pick us up from the hotel at around 11:30 AM, I ended up waking up at 9:00 AM to enjoy my breakfast on my last day in Dubai before doing the routine of freshening up, doing some last-minute packing, and checking out from our hotel before ultimately heading to the airport.

The only reason why we ended up leaving at 11:30 AM in the first place is because we knew that DXB Terminal 3 is extremely massive, and I wanted to check out the terminal as much as possible before proceeding towards the flight. We ended up making it to the airport with enough time to check-in and go through security and immigration.

Premium departure drop-off at Dubai International Airport, Terminal 3
photo dsc03079photo dsc03080

Emirates First and Business Class check-in
photo dsc03104photo dsc03107

Walking down the red carpet! ;)
photo dsc03093

Special check-in area for US-bound flights
photo dsc03089photo dsc03109

Before actually checking in, there were questions being asked about our stay as well as our bags, which is a normal procedure for flights departing for the US.
photo dsc03095photo dsc03098

Once that was done, we were able to check-in, where the whole process took less than 10 minutes. Before I knew it, our bags were immediately checked in all the way to New York.
photo dsc03102photo dsc03106photo dsc03108

It was quite a long walk in order to get to security, but at least I was able to check out more of the pre-security area as well as the business class check-in counters.
photo dsc03110photo dsc03112photo dsc03113

Finally making it to security
photo dsc03116photo dsc03118


Since our flight was departing from Concourse A, it meant that we had to take the automated people mover (APM)
photo dsc03122photo dsc03123photo dsc03124

Taking an elevator leading to the APM
photo dsc03125photo dsc03126

Even though it was only a short distance, it felt like a long trek from my standpoint
photo dsc03129photo dsc03132

After 5 minutes, we made it to the APM, from then we were on our way to Concourse A, which is dedicated specially for Airbus A380-800s.
photo dsc03136photo dsc03137

An interesting concept
photo dsc03138

Heading towards Concourse A
photo dsc03141photo dsc03145

Concourse A "lobby" area, where the actual terminal can be accessed through an escalator or elevator

One thing I knew from the start of this trip was that everything was massive at DXB!

Fountain display behind the elevators
photo dsc03161

We decided to take the escalator towards the concourse
photo dsc03158photo dsc03162

IMO, I would say that Concourse A was like any other airport terminal I've been to, but I must say that it has its own charm. In particular, it has an extensive range of duty-free products, and shops.

More shots of Concourse A

An interesting display!
photo dsc03175

A Porsche 911 Carrera inside the terminal!
photo dsc03197

Now, time to head to the lounge!
photo dsc03210photo dsc03212

First Class lounge entrance, which looked really grand!
photo dsc03213photo dsc03215

Lounge lobby
photo dsc03216

Soon after, my family and I were given a tour of the lounge, which filled up most of the concourse. I have to admit, I was quite impressed with the layout, especially with the space! It was very obvious that this lounge was recently renovated if I'm not mistaken. Also, it has a wide range of amenities including a spa, business centre, cigar bar, quite area, kids' zone, and shower facilities!

I know I've been raving about this lounge just like I did for the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at LHR (Link can be found here), but this lounge in DXB takes things to another level!

Map of the lounge, which is very useful
photo dsc03233

Business centre
photo dsc03229photo dsc03305

Duty-free options at the lounge, which can be perfect for last-minute purchases!
photo dsc03219photo dsc03221photo dsc03225

View of the concourse from the lounge. I believe the business class lounge is a level above from the first class one.
photo dsc03228

Signs to the lounge facilities
photo dsc03223

Quiet area, perfect for those with long layovers in DXB

photo dsc03301

After my exploration of the lounge, my family and I went to the dining area and checked out some of the catering options

Dining Area

Just like I expected, Emirates lounges had an amazing selection of food and beverages! Just like any other lounge, there were à la carte options as well as choices from the buffet!

Boarding pass
photo dsc03262

Lunch and Dinner menu
photo dsc03265photo dsc03266

Drink menu
photo dsc03267

Since I couldn't decide what to get, I ended up getting food from the buffet and from the menu!

My buffet choice - Stir fried chicken in with black bean sauce and some Korean fried noodles. It was exemplary!
photo dsc03339

Virgin Mojito
photo dsc03341

My à la carte dish, wild mushroom risotto, which was surprisingly really delicious!
photo dsc03342

Seating area
photo dsc03343

More shots of the lounge
photo dsc03350photo dsc03354

One thing I love about Emirates First and Business Class is that you can board directly from the lounge!
photo dsc03349photo dsc03355

After spending more than an hour in the lounge, we headed towards the gate which was not that far of a walk
photo dsc03356

Time to fly back home after such an amazing holiday!
photo dsc03357

Taking the elevator towards the aerobridge
photo dsc03360photo dsc03363

Before boarding, there were secondary security checks along with the inspection of our electronics, which took less than 2 minutes

I'm excited yet again!
photo dsc03365

Plane to JFK: A6-EEH
photo dsc03367

Well, time to board!
photo dsc03368photo dsc03373

Some pre-flight information:
Date: 25 January 2018
Airline: Emirates
Flight Number: EK 207
Route: Dubai (DXB) - New York (JFK)
Aircraft: Airbus A380-800
Registration: A6-EEH
Distance: 6844 miles
Scheduled Departure Time: 3:00 PM
Actual Departure Time: 3:47 PM
Scheduled Arrival Time: 8:40 PM
Actual Arrival Time: 8:44 PM
Flight Time: 14 hrs 40 mins
Departure Gate at DXB: A15
Arrival Gate at JFK: A7


As soon as I entered the first class cabin, I was lead to my seat by one of the cabin crew members.
photo dsc03376photo ek

Emirates A380 First Class
photo ekf

My suite, 4K
photo dsc03379photo dsc03380

Suite features
photo dsc03381

The first thing I noticed was that the entertainment screen and the tablet looked much wider and newer compared to my previous flight from Bangkok!
photo dsc03385

View from my seat
photo dsc03386

Tablet and mini-bar
photo dsc03387

Welcome drink - Orange juice
photo dsc03388

Another peak at the business class cabin
photo dsc03389photo dsc03390

I think Emirates crew members are quite familiar with aviation geeks like me, and I ended up talking with two of them during the beginning of the flight about how excited I was to be onboard an Emirates A380 yet again! I've said it before and I'm going to say it again: I'm loving this flight already!
photo dsc03422

I was then handed a bag, consisting of the amenity kit, slippers, eyemask, and a set of pyjamas

The inside of the amenity kit
photo dsc03400

The massive amount of legroom
photo dsc03405photo dsc03406

I'm definitely going to enjoy these next 14 hours onboard!
photo dsc03407

The pleasant sight of the tail camera
photo dsc03409

Exploring the inflight info section before takeoff
photo dsc03416photo dsc03417

Menu pages
photo dsc03419photo dsc03421

Flight info
photo dsc03474photo dsc03475

Seat controls
photo dsc03424

Duvet and mattress
photo dsc03426

Once boarding was complete, the captain came on with the pre-flight welcome and a welcome by the multinational crew. He advised us that we would be a slight delay in arriving to New York by a few minutes due to heavy departure traffic in Dubai, which was expected.

A few minutes later, the crew came back around the cabin again with dates
photo dsc03428

Along with some Arabic coffee
photo dsc03430

Hot towel
photo dsc03432

Cabin views.
photo dsc03394

I was quite surprised to see a light load in both first and business class
photo dsc03434photo dsc03437

More shots of my suite
photo dsc03438photo dsc03439

Views from pushback
photo dsc03445photo dsc03447

Right in-front is an Emirates Boeing 777-300ER, A6-EGF, which arrived from DUB this morning as EK164
photo dsc03467

Emirates Boeing 777-300ER, A6-EPS, which arrived from DKR this morning as EK795
photo dsc03470

Emirates Boeing 777-300, A6-EMR, currently on standby which will serve as EK544 to MAA later on
photo dsc03472

Taxiing towards Runway 30L
photo dsc03481photo dsc03484

A really cool helicopter that I knew I had to take a photo of
photo dsc03486

More tail camera views
photo dsc03487photo dsc03490

Runway in sight
photo dsc03495

Before I knew it, we lifted off from Runway 30L in the blink of an eye!

High above the clouds!
photo dsc03498

Thanks for everything, Dubai!
photo dsc03508photo dsc03511

Approximately 15 minutes after takeoff, once the seat belt sign was off, I decided to head on to the famous first class bathroom.
photo dsc03521photo dsc03515

Fascinating art of the Dubai skyline
photo dsc03519

The shower!
photo shower

Stairs leading to the lower deck
photo dsc03522

The bar area with a variety of drinks, located in front of the first class cabin
photo dsc03523

An overall cabin view
photo dsc03525

Soon after, I went back to my seat, where I was greeted by another crew member who handed me a menu. I was again familiar with the "whatever you want, whenever you want" dining concept from my previous flight
photo dsc03526photo dsc03527

Drink menu
photo dsc03530

Menu for today's flight
photo dsc03531photo dsc03532

Cruising above Iran
photo dsc03533photo dsc03535

Just as I expected, the tablet was quite quick and responsive. Thus, making it easier to control
photo dsc03539

I headed to the lounge/bar area located just behind business class a few moments later

Onboard lounge
photo dsc03544photo dsc03547

Seating area
photo dsc03548

View of the wing
photo dsc03555

Once again, the bar looked newer and refreshed compared to my previous flight from Bangkok
photo dsc03551photo dsc03556

Checking out the business class seat yet again. I was not surprised when I found the cabin to be mostly empty on this flight too.
photo dsc03558photo dsc03559

photo dsc03561

Business class inflight controls and features
photo dsc03563

Business class cabin
photo dsc03566

I then headed back to my seat to enjoy the rest of the flight!
photo dsc03569

Noise-cancelling headphones along with the case
photo dsc03570photo dsc03571

Power outlet onboard
photo dsc03575

Controlling the inflight entertainment with the tablet
photo dsc03577photo dsc03578

Adjusting my seat
photo dsc03579photo dsc03580

I decided to explore the inflight entertainment once I got back to my seat.
photo dsc03581

I've said this previously, but "ICE" has a wide variety of choices ranging from movies, TV shows, music, and more!
photo dsc03582photo dsc03583

Time to continue where I left off!
photo dsc03584

Orange fizz, with kettle cooked chips
photo dsc03541

View of the engines
photo dsc03600

Cabin views
photo dsc03599

After a couple of episodes, I thought it was time to try out the meals. From then on, the crew delightfully took my dinner order, set up the table, and told me it would take approximately 25 minutes to prepare.

Table setup
photo dsc03608

Caviar to start things off
photo dsc03609

Tomato soup
photo dsc03619

I did end up waiting a few additional minutes for the main course to be ready, but it was worth the wait!
photo dsc03616photo dsc03618

Another orange fizz
photo dsc03592

I ended up getting prawns with garlic, coriander, along with herb butter sauce, seasoned vegetables, and steamed jasmine rice. I have to admit, it was one of the best meals I've ever had on any flight I've been on! I mean, the the portion was perfect, and the butter sauce truly is a nice complement to the prawns. I mean, it was just perfect!
photo dsc03632

The next thing I knew was the cabin lights changed, ultimately leading to complete darkness.
photo dsc03630photo dsc03634

A dark cabin. The illuminated stars a nice touch as always!
photo dsc03638photo dsc03639

Once I was done with my main course, I ended up getting some dessert: chocolate cake with apricot compote
photo dsc03640

Afterwards, I switched to the inflight map to find out our current location
photo dsc03647photo dsc03652

Cruising above Russia, with approximately 10 hours left of flying time.
photo dsc03663photo dsc03666

I ultimately went to the lounge again and got something to drink yet again!
photo dsc03672

Drink selection
photo dsc03679

Seating area
photo dsc03671photo dsc03687

Strawberry-infused mojito
photo dsc03675

Galley area with stairs leading to the lower deck
photo dsc03678

After approximately 5 minutes, there was some light turbulence. Hence, the seat belt sign came back on. Luckily, the seating area has seat belts, thus giving me the opportunity to chat with some passengers sitting next to me, who were also in the bar area in order to pass the time. I must say, I feel the lounge onboard Emirates is an amazing place to socialise and make connections!
photo dsc03680

Orange fizz
photo dsc03681

Lounge with mood lighting
photo dsc03682

Once everything started to smooth out and the seat belt sign was switched off, I ended up getting yet another drink at the lounge since I was already having the time of my life! This time, I went for a virgin cucumber gimlet. It was very refreshing and I would highly recommend it!
photo dsc03686

I was there for another 10 minutes. This was when I finished my drink and headed back to First as I had already scheduled my shower.

Business class cabin with mood lighting
photo dsc03689

First class cabin in complete darkness
photo dsc03690

Soon after, I was on my way towards the spa and ready to take a shower. The experience was amazing as always! As soon as I was done freshening up, I changed into my pyjamas and decided to head off to bed. Hence, I asked one of the cabin crew for the turndown service.
photo dsc03699photo dsc03695

Fruit assortment handed out post-shower
photo dsc03710

Suite storage area
photo dsc03704

Calling it a night above Russia
photo dsc03716photo dsc03720

Photos of the seat as a flat bed
photo dsc03721photo dsc03727

Well, I slept for 9 hours on this flight. I have to admit, it was one of the best I've had on any flight!
photo dsc03728

I ended up waking up to this. It was hard to believe that we were already preparing for landing
photo dsc03731photo dsc03734

Filling out the US Customs form.
photo dsc03733

Above Maine, with less than an hour to go for the flight
photo dsc03735photo dsc03743

It wasn't long before the captain came back on with his pre-arrival announcement, saying that we were now starting the descent towards New York and that we had approximately 40 minutes until we landed and that we would arrive a few minutes behind schedule.
photo dsc03746

Suddenly, the seat belt sign came back on giving the indication that we had to prepare for landing
photo dsc03764

Thus, I went back to the bathroom and changed back to my regular clothes before preparing to land
photo dsc03755photo dsc03756

Hot towel
photo dsc03760

Time flies when you have fun!
photo dsc03777photo dsc03782

Approaching New York
photo dsc03768photo dsc03769

Final shots before landing
photo dsc03783photo dsc03786

This is one of the times where I wish the flight was a little bit longer!
photo dsc03790

We landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport at around 8:44 PM, which was about 5 minutes from the scheduled arrival time. Honestly, it wasn't that bad!

Actual flight route
photo dsc03802

Taxiing towards Terminal 4
photo dsc03813photo dsc03818

Mood light changes
photo dsc03820

Docking at gate A7
photo dsc03821


One last look of the first class cabin
photo dsc03828photo disembarking

Disembarking/Arrival into JFK

Immigration didn't take so long as we were out within a few minutes, but it took some time to get our bags, which is quite normal.

Anyways, we breezed through customs and were finally on our way to the arrival hall after an hour of waiting for our bags!
photo dsc03842photo dsc03843

Terminal 4 Arrival Hall
photo dsc03844photo dsc03848

From then on, we met our driver from the chauffeur service at the arrival hall itself. Afterwards, we were smooth sailing back home.

I have to admit, I did miss the cold weather of the East coast!
photo dsc03853photo dsc03856
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Cabin crew10.0

Emirates Lounge - First (Gates A)


Dubai - DXB


New York - JFK



I have to say, this has been one of the best flights I've ever been on! Words can't even express how much I love Emirates, but this flight was a lot better than the first flight I took from Bangkok. Primarily because the timeframe was more stretched out (14 hours compared to 6) and the hard product, along with the seat controls looked refreshed and was so easy to navigate around. In general, everything about this flight was top notch (the crew, entertainment, catering, bar, shower, etc)!

Thanks for reading this trip report as this is the end of the Winter 2017-18 trip report series. I hope you enjoyed them. I will be posting more trip reports in the near future. So, be sure to tune in next time for my next travel series!

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    Incredible detail. But very well written!
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    Thank you Rbix for all the time and thought that went into this fantastic report. It’s true, everything is bigger in DXB and you do a great job capturing the scale and grandeur of the infrastructure EK have created at their global hub.
    “A Porsche 911 Carrera inside the terminal!”
    -The nanny needs a car too after all…
    That lounge is overwhelming. The food you selected sure looks excellent.
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