Review of Lufthansa flight Munich Hong Kong in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH730
Class Economy
Seat 97K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 11:05
Take-off 30 Jun 18, 22:20
Arrival at 01 Jul 18, 15:25
LH   #54 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 1156 reviews
By SILVER 2068
Published on 29th September 2018
Hello everyone! This report will cover the first leg of my business trip from Munich to Hong Kong in July 2018.

Part1: LH730 MUC->HKG: Here!
Part2: LH731 HKG->MUC: Here!

On the day of flight, I left home and took the tram to Munich east station. Once I arrived I realized that there was a technical issue with the S-Bahn, and I had no time to figure out what was happening, so I immediately took a taxi to the airport. It took me just 20 minutes to get to the airport. As mention from my previous report, Lufthansa deployed A380 to the Munich-Hong Kong route since 25th March 2018, and this was my second time to fly with Lufthansa's A380.
photo dsc06483
Since I saw no one using the baggage drop off machines, I decided to try it this time. As I stood in front of the machine, a staff help me with the process and I had a little chat with her. After that I headed straight to the security check.
photo dsc06484
The gate was assigned at L24, which is located at the satellite terminal of terminal 2. I need to take the people mover to reach the gate.
photo dsc06485
As I arrived at the gate, there was already over hundreds of passenger waiting. I tried to stand as close as the gate as possible so that I could get on the plane faster. L24 would be used solely for economy passengers while L26 was for business class.
photo dsc06490
A glimpse of my aircraft. D-AIMB, carries the name of München, delivered to Lufthansa in July 2010. Boarding was started at 21:55pm, my seat was located on the rear of the upper deck and have to walk to the end of the aircraft and use the staircase to the upper deck.
photo dsc06491
My seat 97K. The seats on the upper deck here is 2-4-2 configured while the lower deck provide a 3-4-3 configuration.
photo seat
Besides, economy class passenger in upper deck can enjoy a extra storage compartment below the window. I can put my business bag besides me instead of putting it in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of me which was perfect.
photo dsc06493
Welcome screen of the PTV. The seat back monitor was a bit outdated in 2018.
photo dsc06495
Cabin view
photo dsc06497
Then I checked out the flight camera.
photo dsc06498
At 22:44pm, boarding was completed and I could see the retracting of the jetbridge from the flight camera. Pushback was then commenced 10 minutes later.
photo dsc06499
At 23:16pm, we took off from RWY07R.
photo img_2708
Shortly after takeoff, I started watching the inflight movie, Red Sparrow
photo dsc06501
At 23:48pm, snack and drinks were served. I opted for orange juice
photo dsc06502
About 30 minutes later, the dinner was served. Just like my previous longhaul flight with Lufthansa a week ago, no paper menu was provided. After the dinner, at about 1am, I fell asleep and slept for about two and a half hour.
photo dsc06503
As I woke up, I instantly checked the flightmap and found that we were flying over Kazakhstan.
photo dsc06505
When I finished the movie at 4:40am, I lifted up a bit the window blind and try to get a glimpse of the view outside.
photo dsc06506
At this moment, we were about to enter China territory.
photo dsc06507
At 5:00am, I started watching the second movie of the flight, Kingsman The Golden Circle. But 30 minutes after the started of movie, I fell asleep again and slept for about an hour.
photo dsc06509
At 6:60am, I visited the lavatory. There is only one toilet available in the upper deck economy section, just next to the staircase.
photo dsc06510
At 7:54am, the cabin light was switched on again and shortly after that a wet towel was provided. About 20 minutes later, breakfast was served and I had coffee as the drink.
photo dsc06515
At 8:54am, announcement from the flight deck informing us about 35 minutes to landing. Then the seatbelt sign was switched on again.
photo dsc06516
Close up on the wingtip of A380
photo dsc06517
The usb port was located underneath the armrest.
photo dsc06518photo dsc06519
Another view of the upper deck cabin.
photo dsc06521
Entering Hong Kong from the east.
photo dsc06524
Tai Lam Chung reservoir in distance.
photo dsc06525
We landed on RWY26R at 15:47pm local time. Total flight time was 11 hours and 31 minutes
photo dsc06529
Reached the final parking position at gate 64. Parked next to an British Airways A380.
photo dsc06530
Thanks for reading!
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Cabin crew8.5

Munich - MUC


Hong Kong - HKG



The upper deck was quite comfortable and the extra storage under the window was excellent. The only thing that I am not quite satisfied was the screen which was too small and not too sensitive enough.

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