Review of Air New Zealand flight Auckland Wellington in Economy

Airline Air New Zealand
Flight NZ 425
Class Economy
Seat 19A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 00:52
Take-off 19 Aug 18, 12:08
Arrival at 19 Aug 18, 13:00
NZ   #18 out of 115 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 89 reviews
By GOLD 811
Published on 10th September 2018
Took the Yellow Bus back to Auckland Airport domestic terminal. This sector down to Wellington was on Air NZ as well. Check-in and bag-drop was all DIY, and I was pretty impressed with self-check-in system as it was all very easy to use.

photo 42760825700_3691b5c414_b

photo 43660740745_26b2d5e18e_b

A number of eateries before domestic security.

photo 30700009918_805c877be7_b


photo 43660740845_66c589ea42_b

Security was fast and in no time, we were at the gate area. The A320 operating our flight was already at the gate preparing for the flight.

photo 43660740625_24de0d141f_b

photo 43660740315_8285cdff1a_b

Passengers disembarking from another arrival flight. Air NZ has boarding/arrival procedures on domestic sectors where passengers seated near the rear of the aircraft may board (depending on load) or disembark from the rear aircraft doors as well even though there are aerobridges attached to the front door. This was to facilitate faster boarding and disembarkation due to the short turnaround times.

photo 43660739885_6723c85e7d_b

19 August 2018
Air New Zealand
NZ 425
Auckland (AKL) - Wellington (WLG)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 0H52M

Departure gate was being readied.

photo 43660740175_8f3626e847_b

photo 42760825350_f9fe4ba84b_b

Thee All-Blacks A320 at the gate beside.

photo 43660739615_de4d447435_b

Boarding commenced and only the front door was used due to the low load factor on this flight.

photo 43660739725_81a88062c4_b

Economy seats on the domestic A320. There is no Business Class offered on domestic routes.

photo 44570312401_dfe00c03cf_b

Boarding in progress, but was completed very quickly as the flight was less than half full. Guess not many people travels to Wellington on a Sunday.

photo 44520910452_1774e3614c_b

View out the window.

photo 43660739295_00bcab96aa_b

Legroom is sufficient for the short flight. The seat is basic with no IFE system nor power ports. Not that these are needed as NZ's domestic fleet only operate routes with flight times of not more than 2hrs..

photo 44520910062_db1b7746f5_b

Inflight magazine and safety card in every seat. Aug's edition of the inflight magazine was showcasing Singapore!

photo 43660739115_5a977e2125_b

Air NZ's fleet.

photo 44520908762_152689394f_b

Crew preparing the cabin for departure.

photo 44570311941_29698e3319_b

The Antarctic-themed safety video was played and crew along the aisle pointed out the exits.

photo 44520909552_dd919ef195_b

Pushed back and taxied to Rwy23L.

photo 43660738485_927e40c1ec_b

photo 44520909322_fac0a31d15_b

Holding short for a Dash 8 to land.

photo 43660738255_da5752770d_b

We were next for departure and had a powerful takeoff from Rwy23L bound for Wellington.

photo 43660738635_93e44479e3_b

Above the clouds.

photo 43660738035_919ce39262_b

It was certainly a very lightly-loaded flights, judging by the number of empty seats in the cabin.

photo 44520908982_19953ff09e_b

photo 43660737775_3ce6d19efe_b

The skies cleared soon after departure.

photo 43660737555_2195ffee4b_b

Cabin service commenced. Even though the load was very light, all 4 cabin crew still came out with 2 carts from the front and back. Crew were all very friendly and jovial, and service was swiftly completed within minutes.

photo 44570309811_4010fe3a89_b

A cookie or a pack of corn chips was offered, along with water, coffee or tea. No other beverages on offer. This is the standard Air New Zealand domestic service on almost all routes I believe. I had the tasty cookie along with water and coffee.

photo 44520908582_e0818e13b3_b

Visit to the lav (no themed lavatories here) which was stocked with the basic amenities. Though I must say the Antipodes handwash which NZ uses smells very fragrant. Found out that it is a New Zealand branded product and a premium brand (aka not cheap).

photo 43660737355_a6b400ab5b_b

View of the A320 cabin from the rear.

photo 44520908232_a4d5ef0b98_b

After the trash were collected, again the crew came round with a basket of lollies before descent. Simple but nice tough on NZ flights.

photo 44570308941_827fdf8654_b

Short features played on the overhead screens.

photo 43660736635_f85418bd9e_b

Approaching and descending into Wellington.

photo 43660737065_a06d6f33c4_b

photo 43660737175_f17cccf85d_b

photo 44570308171_966deda0e1_b

Flew down south of WLG before making a turn northwards back towards the airport.

photo 43660736395_5b3658c575_b

photo 44570307841_9f34f96a8a_b

Landing on Wellington Rwy34 right on schedule.

photo 44520907532_70631aeee8_b

photo 43660736125_c8991906c5_b

Taxi to the terminal, with Fiji Airways B738 and SQ's B772 spotted at the international section of the terminal.

photo 43660735885_74c0083775_b

photo 44570307371_3ee46f0e0e_b

photo 43660735675_6d3e81213e_b

Welcome to the Middle of Middle Earth, as Wellington is also known other than being the capital of New Zealand.

photo 42760822780_3787865b96_b

Parked at the gate.

photo 43851968114_5202b8ddef_b

Disembarking. We were also allowed to disembark via the rear stairs, but with the light load, almost everyone decided to exit via the aerobridge instead.

photo 43660735415_f2fb1cf6c7_b

Just a couple of passengers decided that some exercise is needed and used the stairs.

photo 44520907082_d707706bb2_b

View of my A320 again.

photo 43851967944_c1875c24a4_b

Other aircraft at the terminal.

photo 42760822370_8335bfac3f_b

photo 43851967744_f4a2a60c3d_b

Wellington's airport terminal is very bright and modern, and seemed rather new as well.

photo 43660734945_7473f452fe_b

photo 42760822140_304c102484_b

Domestic baggage claim.

photo 43851967494_175bc708fa_b

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Air New Zealand

Cabin crew8.5

Auckland - AKL


Wellington - WLG



A pleasant short domestic hop on Air New Zealand it was. The snacks and beverages were sufficient for the short domestic sectors, and the specially-configured domestic aircraft (all economy seating with only 2 lavatories, 1 each at front and rear, and smaller galleys) retained sufficient legroom and was comfortable for the short sectors they operate. With the frills and baggage allowance thrown in, NZ offers a very competitive product vs its low-cost rival JetStar in the New Zealand domestic market.

Information on the route Auckland (AKL) Wellington (WLG)


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