Review of Air New Zealand flight Queenstown Christchurch in Economy

Airline Air New Zealand
Flight NZ 5652
Class Economy
Seat 12A
Aircraft ATR 72-600
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 24 Aug 18, 15:58
Arrival at 24 Aug 18, 16:48
NZ 85 reviews
By 937
Published on 19th September 2018
After walking back to the hotel to pick up our luggages, we again took the public bus from the bus stop outside our hotel back to Queenstown airport. It was only a 15min bus ride at a very affordable NZ$2 per pax.

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The pretty small Queenstown Airport terminal building.

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Traditional manual check-in counters for JetStar, Qantas and Virgin.

photo 44667066162_c442b14bd9_b

While NZ uses mainly self-check-in kiosks.

photo 44715948661_a27251663a_b

Boarding pass printed.

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Queenstown is proud to hold the annual Winter Pride.

photo 44715948351_3127f6ce70_b

FIDS and waiting hall.

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Queenstown Airport is certainly one of the most scenic airport in the world!

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Virgin arriving from Australia.

photo 43998165394_09107c9d97_b

JetStar arrived from AKL and Star-liveried NZ A320 pushed back.

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Fun fact: JQ uses Australia-registered aircraft on domestic NZ flights due to open-skies agreement between Australia and New Zealand.

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Our ATR72 arrived from Christchurch. This afternoon flight was originally scheduled on an A320, but was changed to the ATR72 instead subsequently.

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24 August 2018
Air New Zealand
NZ 5652
Queenstown (ZQN) - Christchurch (CHC)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 0H51M

Boarding gate for the prop flight is via Gate 1. Interestingly, there were no security checks prior to boarding the flight. We were scanned through and allowed onto the tarmac to board.

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Beautiful tarmac view! The red-roo was also at ZQN.

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Legroom on this ATR was good, helped by the slimline seats fitted.

photo 44715945701_620b2759f6_b

Safety card

photo 44667064642_40df3776fe_b

View out the window.

photo 43807203645_13dee81c1d_b

Boarding completed. The flight was totally full. With no IFE system on this prop, safety demo was done manually.

photo 44715945241_14e1dc29a1_b

Started the short taxi to the runway.

photo 44667064322_e52b125127_b

Holding short for Virgin to depart.

photo 43807203165_b6735df9f6_b

Taxiing down the runway and making a U-turn to depart from heading Rwy23.

photo 44667064232_89d634b868_b

photo 43807202895_5ed522cb80_b

Very scenic departure from the beautiful Queenstown!

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photo 44667063992_c239eb0cd1_b

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Video of the taxi and beautiful departure.

Flying on the ATR72, we were treated to gorgeous mountain views due to the lower flying altitude of only 17,000ft and slower airspeed.

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photo 44715943431_f0efa916c5_b

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The 2 cabin crew on the flight first came around offering water.

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More gorgeous views enroute.

photo 44715942691_8f3dd32b3f_b

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The crew then pass through again, offering cookies and coffee/tea. They were kind enough to give me 2 cookies, washed down with a cup of tea.

photo 43807200515_4f307b6afb_b

photo 44715942231_8e909c07b5_b

photo 43807200115_876f9a6a9c_b

View of the cabin.

photo 43807199815_62b4ce8c80_b

The ATR lavatory, which was clean but tiny.

photo 44667062872_6ab6547214_b

After cabin service, the senior crew, knowing that we were visiting New Zealand for a holiday, dropped by our seats and passed us a coffee cup, filled with fudge! 'A small treat', she said. What an angel!!

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We were soon descending into the Canterbury plains.

photo 43998159914_16d8528a64_b

photo 43807199525_1e0f68713b_b

Approach and landing into Christchurch Rwy20.

photo 44715941121_94b540dae1_b

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photo 44715940601_a606cb0e2d_b

photo 43807198665_c9e3113f80_b

photo 43998158934_2349907b13_b

Video of landing.

Taxi to props parking stand.

photo 44715940161_0994642bd2_b

photo 43807198315_ce0cca7473_b


photo 43998158584_6742c87036_b

Spotted an All-Black with white nose ATR72.

photo 44715939751_09ef37faf0_b

Waiting for luggage to be delivered.

photo 43807197915_ed5ccc92ef_b

From Christchurch, we took the public bus to the city center. We stayed at the Crowne Plaza Christchurch, which is a rather new hotel built over a previously office building damaged during the devastating quake. I believe the hotel is also one of the tallest, if not the tallest, building in Christchurch currently. The room is very modern, clean and comfortable.

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Air New Zealand

Cabin crew9.0

Queenstown - ZQN


Christchurch - CHC



It was a very pleasant flight on the Air NZ ATR72 flying from Queenstown to Christchurch. Cabin was comfortable, crew were excellent, and the view enroute was marvellous!



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