Review of Singapore Airlines flight Christchurch Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 298
Class Business
Seat 16K
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 10:22
Take-off 27 Aug 18, 11:53
Arrival at 27 Aug 18, 18:15
SQ   #5 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 676 reviews
By 3268
Published on 23rd September 2018
On the morning of departure back to Singapore, we encountered a rare weather condition as very think fog rolled into Christchurch. Visibility was down to only barely a couple of hundred meters. We arrived at Christchurch Airport safely via the airport shuttle.

photo 43915232105_f51c008e08_b

Due to the thick morning fog, many domestic morning arrivals were cancelled as flights got diverted to other airports. Our SQ flight was still running on schedule, though the aircraft had not arrived.

photo 29888765067_ef7be12637_b

Checking in at the SQ counters and boarding passes issued. The ground staff were also anxiously checking on the aircraft status via FR24 app, hoping that the aircraft would not be diverted. During check-in, the aircraft was nearing CHC and preparing to go into a holding pattern.

photo 29888765277_d1993e457f_b

photo 44825821191_5e3a47f145_b

After check-in, we proceeded up to the departure level on the second storey. There were a number of shops at the departure level which leads to the domestic departure gates.

photo 29888764967_74fc286fce_b

photo 29888764837_00a140c780_b

International departures hall was via a separate immigration and security check.

photo 29888764607_028927b915_b

Needed to go through a small duty-free area after immigration.

photo 44825820731_94e2ea7d92_b

International departure lounge, which was pretty quiet as we were the only international departure at the time of the morning.

photo 29888764367_a6759faf3c_b

photo 29888764107_3f7249c47e_b

The fog outside was still rather bad.

photo 29888764407_4188f753c0_b

Our arrival aircraft had begun flying in a holding pattern near CHC, awaiting for the conditions to improve.

photo 30961645798_0cce12a923_b

In Christchurch, SQ uses the Air New Zealand Lounge, which I guess most other international airlines also do. With only a handful of international flights to serve, the lounge was not too big, but was comfortable and has all the necessary amenities.

photo 44825820261_5eabed8703_b

photo 30954043638_58f6f44726_b

photo 29888764037_09ab6d0062_b

photo 44825819441_32f114d5aa_b

Work area with PCs.

photo 43014821860_290708cd86_b

The buffet area, which was serving breakfast at this time. Selection was basic and choices limited.

photo 44825819301_09051fd2fc_b

photo 44825819121_b18cde2ac1_b

Beverages area.

photo 43014822090_ce5a3efe65_b

photo 44105570964_c9fb4f6b57_b

There are well-equipped and clean shower rooms, stocked with Antipodes products.

photo 44105570624_8588da41fb_b

photo 43014821590_1706e56750_b

photo 44825818321_034e360850_b

My breakfast selection from the buffet.

photo 44825818721_9f50cfb28b_b

We were continuously kept updated on the status of our flight by a SQ representative at the lounge. The flight held in the air for an hour and started the approach into CHC for a landing almost an hour behind schedule. Luckily the arrival flight had fuel to spare! Our new STD was pushed back by an hour as well. The aircraft finally landed an hour behind schedule, and was the first arrival after the fog partially lifted.

The breakfast buffet selection was cleared for lunch, and some cheeses, sandwiches and dessert were brought out.

photo 44825817931_df557e632f_b

Had a tea and red velvet cake during the wait.

photo 44105570314_0ab96e5d09_b

Left the lounge when it was near boarding and spotted a SQ B772 aircraft parked ahead. Or issit?? Haha, it was the titleless NZ-leased ex-SQ B772ER aircraft which had just arrived from AKL after the fog lifted.

photo 43014821200_11abfc1bbb_b

Our aircraft was parked right at the far end of the terminal. So we have 2 SQ aircraft (including the NZ-leased plane) on the ground in CHC. A rare sight. The skies were now clear blue, a start contrast from just 2 hours earlier. There was a separate waiting area for priority passengers.

photo 44105570034_60dd8938cf_b

photo 44825817621_7189728058_b

photo 44105569704_4eb8158044_b

photo 43014820770_0f172f529c_b

27 August 2018
Singapore Airlines
SQ 298
Christchurch (CHC) - Singapore (SIN)
Business Class
Flight Time: 10H23M

After a short wait, boarding was called and we were invited to board. The ground staff were so relieved that the aircraft landed, albeit a bit delayed, as it averted the need to handle a flight diversion and lengthy delay. One of the staff said they even thanked the captain of the incoming flight for landing the aircraft! 9V-SVC, a retrofitted B772ER with the 2006 products and updated IFE, would be operating the flight.

photo 44825817371_73082c867c_b

photo 43014820440_18ce31260e_b

With only one aerobridge at the gate, we boarded from Door 2 and turned left into the Business cabin.

photo 43014819960_2cf14c635c_b

photo 44825817151_e4ecacb2a1_b

The Business Class seat on the B772ER needs no introduction as they are the classic 2006 Long-haul J seats, also still found on most A380s and a couple of B77Ws. The B772ER Business cabin is fitted with 26 seats.

photo 30954039278_a61e4c61d2_b

Home for the next 10.5hrs.

photo 30954040158_5decb5cf59_b

Clear sunny skies outside. Where has the fog disappeared to?

photo 30954039858_9710cfe5ca_b

Slippers, socks and eyeshades were already placed on the seat.

photo 30954039718_3b863e48b1_b

Noise-cancellation headphones.

photo 30954039508_6818ae3932_b

photo 43014816680_942c4bdf18_b

Inflight magazines and IFE guide. The September issues and IFE selections were newly loaded even though it was still the month of August. SQ normally updates its entertainment selection ahead of the start of the month.

photo 43014819680_21126d68f5_b

IFE controller and seat controls. IFE controller was still the old-styled ones and there were no USB ports, only the traditional empower electrical outlets. This was even though economy was re-retrofitted with the hand-me-down old B77W seats with newer IFE controllers and USB ports.

photo 30954039068_3352b00b4c_b

No complains about the leg room.

photo 43014817740_0c9e49b2fb_b

Welcome beverages were offered along with hot towels, and I went for the champagne.

photo 29888759377_aeed307148_b

Boarding completed and we pushed back. The US Air Force Antarctic base is at CHC.

photo 29888759347_c2d6a7ee8b_b

photo 44106076014_6c1576eab3_b

Safety video played.

photo 44105567744_dbc3c708b2_b

Taxied to the runway.

photo 29888759037_c05e1d1fe3_b

We departed from Christchurch Rwy02 about an hour behind schedule.

photo 44105567584_9fd624e092_b

photo 43014817540_f2fe8efefb_b

photo 29888758727_e2cf30b76a_b

photo 29888758617_8826af48fd_b

photo 44105567404_07b1b4ac68_b

photo 43014817150_83e10542c3_b

photo 29888758427_04b632a376_b

Video of the taxi and takeoff.

Final scenic views of the NZ mountains.

photo 44105567144_8f057d58bc_b

photo 43014816900_08e904ec68_b

photo 29888758107_f1f63f0205_b

Climbing through the clouds where some turbulence were encountered.

photo 29888757917_ccf090aca3_b

Firing up he Krisworld entertainment system, I started the flight with Deadpool 2.

photo 44105566894_fdd6c21404_b

photo 29888757857_7c85385df6_b

When the seatbelt signed were switched off, I made a beeline to the lavatory at the rear of the cabin. Business Class on the B772ER has 2 lavatories for the 26 passengers. The lavs were well-stocked with amenities, including the new Penhaligon amenities.

photo 43014816330_af72e53445_b

photo 29888757667_0b8c7673d6_b

photo 44105566584_c91275887c_b

View of the Business Class cabin. The flight was about 2/3 full in Business, with 4 crew serving us. Post takeoff drinks and satay was being served.

photo 29888757527_9bc04c6bea_b

I had my delicious satay with a NZ-crafted beer, Hapi Daze, which is only available on flights originating from NZ.

photo 43014815850_fe3f2fdd14_b

photo 44105566424_19cfa61184_b

photo 44106076384_ecd8884b28_b

Time to peruse the menu.

photo 30954038628_399784c368_b

Menu for lunch, which would be served about an hour after takeoff.

photo 30954038808_110a83457e_b

Mid-flight snacks and dinner before arrival.

photo 43014819020_7411b15c62_b

Selections of the SIN-CHC sector for those interested.

photo 44105568414_dbd6f57531_b

photo 29888759847_ed7670064f_b

The vast beverage selection.

photo 43014818690_aaa8c84c1d_b

photo 44105568144_49696d1de1_b

photo 29888759687_5d88ae990e_b

photo 43014818340_4bac6b1cda_b

photo 44105568014_7dcf2faac0_b

photo 29888759467_23bb0d6899_b

Lunch service commenced.

photo 43014815640_b29d5f6f73_b

The meal trolley rolled down the aisle and my table was set. Starter and selection of breads were offered. I went with garlic bread and lavosh.

photo 29888757017_87c116f7ae_b

photo 44105566254_b773868e53_b

Peppered Gravadlax salad to start. It was nothing fanciful, but tasted fresh. I am generally not a huge fan of fish-type starters.

photo 29888756807_a945b115eb_b

For main, I selected the Seared Fillet of Beef with Garlic Mustard Butter. It was skilfully prepared still with pink in the middle, as good as how inflight steaks could be.

photo 44105566034_8f18fdfcfc_b

photo 44105565894_916141c955_b

My friend chose the Grilled Pork Fillet with Chorizo Crumbs and Apple Jus. According to him, it was way to salty for his liking.

photo 44105562914_c496842d6d_b

For dessert, I had the Affogato ice-cream with Granola. It was pretty good.

photo 29888756427_868542fa2d_b

photo 43014815090_7eb8039213_b

On the other hand, the Pavlova with Passion Fruit and Mango Compote way too sweet! And I have a sweet tooth….

photo 30954025688_9781b8628e_b

photo 44105565714_54a7da7d70_b

Cheeses and fruit served, where I had a selection of cheeses and a melon.

photo 30954025088_d95dc6ca2c_b

photo 29888756147_4f9d3547e1_b

Ending with an Earl Grey tea and some pralines. A bottle of water was also distributed to each of us.

photo 44105565454_fd5ee40083_b

Flipped the seat over and converted it into a bed after the meal.

photo 43014814730_879b32239f_b

Time for movie in bed.

photo 29888755937_d3daa0bd98_b

After finishing the movie, we were somewhere above the Australian desert.

photo 43014814460_62f36407e3_b

photo 29888755717_1909eef7e1_b

And starting on the second movie.

photo 44105565334_794852ac7f_b

Feeling peckish mid-flight, we had Oriental noodles, chocolates, muffin and chips.

photo 44776237052_cacf7182d8_b

photo 43014814180_fe5fbe7e77_b

Third movie.

photo 44105564924_8d6f8360a5_b

About 2hrs prior to landing, dinner was served. Again, the table was set up and starter delivered, along with breads. The Barbequed Prawns starter was pretty good.

photo 43014813640_d0bdf14871_b

photo 44776239272_0cb7a63477_b

For the main, there was a hiccup as my originally ordered Salmon ran out due to, as the crew very apologetically explained, inaccurate numbers uplifted versus as stated in their catering list. I then went for the Wokfried Chicken in Dried Red Chilli and Kuay Teow. It was flavourful, but too spicy, even for my Asian tongue. Surprising, since the dish was catered from Christchurch, where normally spices would be toned down from non-Asian countries.

photo 44105564684_2307b15754_b

photo 43014813420_198a2255c4_b

My friend had the Mongolian-style Lamb Loin with steamed rice. This was a rather good dish.

photo 44105563184_c1e1036b85_b

The Blueberry Roulade dessert was a nice ending to the light dinner.

photo 30954029308_f1d9cd0de1_b

photo 44105564174_7f0563c88b_b

With a cup of jasmine green tea to clean the palate.

photo 43014812850_fcd10de18b_b

Approaching Singapore and started our descent. We managed to make up some time enroute and only arrived half hour behind schedule.

photo 44105563894_7d9dbe600c_b

photo 30954027688_fff7b2fa82_b

photo 44105563714_2d28520cf2_b

Landing into Rwy20R.

photo 44776237662_36c641d253_b

photo 30954027148_064d261b50_b

photo 29888753627_4b7519a2bf_b

A short taxi to Terminal 3 and parked at A20.

photo 44105565074_5f86d6d828_b

View of my seat before disembarking.

photo 43014813970_9f84dc1e5f_b

Thanks for the flight, 9V-SVC.

photo 30954030088_4746ef98e2_b
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Air New Zealand Koru Lounge - Star Alliance Gold


Christchurch - CHC


Singapore - SIN



It was a comfortable ride on the classic B772ER on the long-haul. Service was pretty good as expected on SQ, food was acceptable, IFE selection on this re-retrofitted aircraft was as good as on the newer aircraft, and overall a very comfortable flight. With only 5 (or less soon) B772ERs in SQ's fleet, it would be harder to get a chance to fly on these classic workhorses, though I am also looking forward to try out the new products on the 787-10s and new A380s in the SQ fleet.



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