Review of Singapore Airlines flight Taipei Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 877
Class Business
Seat 16K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 04:15
Take-off 02 Sep 18, 14:41
Arrival at 02 Sep 18, 18:56
SQ   #2 out of 134 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 592 reviews
By GOLD 1562
Published on 2nd October 2018
Returning back to Taoyuan T2 via the Metro, the SQ check-in counters were very empty, granted it was only about 1.5hrs before departure.

photo 44921841082_08572e994e_b

After security and immigration, we headed to the SQ Taipei Silver Kris Lounge.

photo 44970375791_f871263045_b

The interior of the small lounge definitely had seen better days and in need of a revamp. However, it was cosy enough for a short stay.

photo 44921840732_379149beba_b

photo 30033601887_76711da92d_b

Hot and cold beverages.

photo 44058228075_eca75b9515_b

photo 30033617157_45bdfe923e_b

Selection from the hot buffet. There were Taiwanese and Singaporean dishes on offer.

photo 44058228355_328be23411_b

More hot dishes. The selection of food is not bad for an out-station lounge catering to only 2 SQ flights a day.

photo 44058228295_0b3cf4975b_b

My choices from the buffet.

photo 44058228185_a39d845a1b_b

photo 30033616987_c6d251b2fb_b

Nearing 30min to departure, we left the lounge for the gate D4. A boarding pass check was conducted before we headed down to the waiting lounge. there were SQ-branded sweets for yours to take as well.

photo 30033616687_0e37575b68_b

photo 30033602547_6b0cb63b65_b

02 September 2018
Singapore Airlines
SQ 877
Taipei Taoyuan (TPE) - Singapore (SIN)
Business Class
Flight Time: 4H16M

The aircraft was all ready for boarding.

photo 30033616027_7ca79cc1c8_b

photo 30033615807_e4a4cfa1fa_b

Boarding was called shortly after.

photo 30033615547_3cbea75eba_b

Boarded and proceeded to my seat, again at 16K. As usual, a pillow and blanket was already placed on each seat. Bottled water were also placed in the bottle holders.

photo 31097565738_462e05ea60_b

photo 31097565178_689ea2e09f_b

Inflight magazines were similar to my last for flights, ie. for the month of September.

photo 30033605457_6face1e121_b

SQ fleet info

photo 30033605217_0b51938fcd_b

Welcome beverages were offered an I selected a champagne. Business cabin was about half full.

photo 31097565518_cf88f79ddc_b

photo 31097565298_6c091625b2_b

Boarding was completed efficiently and we pushed back.

photo 30033611267_abf1998e89_b

Taxiing to Rwy23L.

photo 31097564318_6b18273713_b

photo 31097564158_202588d768_b

photo 31097563998_c1d3bc455f_b

photo 30033612707_6aeb75816d_b

Took off from Rwy23L.

photo 30033612427_cbddcd850a_b

photo 30033612157_5951b48a73_b

photo 30033611887_35c04153e0_b

photo 31097563258_0c721b7224_b

photo 30033611267_abf1998e89_b

Made a turn back northwards and flew past Taoyuan airport, before cutting across the northern tip of the island, flying down along the eastern coast.

photo 30033611087_3bd8c09780_b

photo 30033610907_1cca3d814b_b

photo 30033610287_675ea6f360_b

photo 30033609797_0db23f0a70_b

Over the city of Hualien.

photo 30033609517_3d3428155a_b

Requested for a pair of slippers from the crew. Slippers, socks and eyeshades were only provided on demand.

photo 30033609997_957fdae9a2_b

As usual, the lavatory was clean and well-stocked with amenities.

photo 31097563058_f1d3e83d5f_b

Shortly after departure, mixed almonds and cashews were served, along with my after takeoff beverage choice of Singapore Sling.

photo 30033609327_3f7dcd10a8_b

photo 30033609187_6e1eba9902_b

A peek at the menu selection for this flight. This would be the September selection.

photo 31097564998_0489eef399_b

photo 31097564838_36212ea040_b

And the selection for SQ876.

photo 31097564588_0db676b7e6_b

Lunch was served, starting with Classical Gravadlax along with selection of breads. The salmon and roe were all fresh.

photo 30033608827_79f506e7a7_b

photo 30033608517_1ab69f5efe_b

For the main, I chose the Pan Fried Pork Piccata with Polenta. It was good but unmemorable.

photo 30033608227_37d1fa959b_b

photo 30033607927_305ef4aa13_b

My friend had the Prawns in Preserved Bean Curd Sauce with egg white fried rice. This dish was pretty tasty. However, note that both dishes were missing the garnishings. Either the crew forgot or catering did not load the garnishes.

photo 30033601087_7e3cc3a5cf_b

For dessert, they ran out of the brownie and we were left with the mango sorbet. Not a favourite of mine as it was a tad sour.

photo 30033607747_f736e35c9d_b

photo 30033607447_204180593e_b

A selection of cheeses and fruits were also offered.

photo 30033607267_cf25b9f94d_b

The crew, noting that we did not really liked the dessert, offered us some Haagen Dazs ice-cream from Economy instead. Now, this is what a proper dessert should be! Funny that Economy would have a more satisfying dessert than Business.

photo 30033606987_28b3d2cde9_b

Pralines to end.

photo 30033606727_bfc96bf648_b

View of the cabin.

photo 30033601857_3bc1232293_b

1.5hrs more to SIN.

photo 30033606527_6012148cfc_b

Descending into Singapore at dusk.

photo 44970367761_87793fc631_b

photo 30033605697_4153c65933_b

photo 30033604877_6fdd9bfae5_b

Landing in Changi Rwy20R.

photo 30033604727_2c23b8764c_b

photo 30033604477_84f1a3ecd9_b

photo 30033604257_12be43caf2_b

Taxied to Terminal 2 Gate F50.

photo 30033603887_02bd479338_b

photo 30033603567_0b50833d83_b

photo 30033603337_c8bc7b0524_b

Last view of my seat and disembarked.

photo 30033603107_f747679c8b_b

photo 30033602727_072647438c_b

photo 30033602467_69c63f3dba_b

Thank you for reading and comments are welcomed.
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Another run-of-the-mill high standard SQ Business Class experience with good service and offerings. The regional J seat on the A330s is still acceptable and comfortable for short/mid-hauls, though I will be looking forward to trying SQ's new regional Business Class seats for my future travels!

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