Review of Singapore Airlines flight Bangkok Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 983
Class Business
Seat 19A
Aircraft Boeing 787-10
Flight time 01:53
Take-off 14 Oct 18, 20:26
Arrival at 14 Oct 18, 23:19
SQ   #3 out of 102 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 617 reviews
By 2498
Published on 21st October 2018
Headed to Suvarnabhumi for the flight back on SQ.

photo 45408201021_a90e55344c_b

SQ had quite a number of counters for check-in, but with 3 SQ flights departing within a span of 3hrs, this is to be expected.

photo 31532787338_239738903e_b

photo 30467905757_e8c8965ccb_b

Boarding pass and premium lane invite issued.

photo 31532787138_b28eaa42f5_b

Immigration and security through the Priority Lane was definitely hassle-free and took only a maximum of a couple of minutes.

photo 45408200701_d52f087dde_b

After immigration and security.

photo 44493516285_e2b301b026_b


photo 31532786958_ace94cdc04_b

The SQ Silver Kris Lounge is one level down. The lounge is pretty new, having only opened about a year ago.

photo 45408200301_6c73386318_b

photo 31532784858_f1f7a879b5_b

Lounging and dining areas.

photo 30467889527_4cabe389ab_b

photo 44493515815_8a0330448e_b

photo 31532786798_599cd9d65c_b

The buffet choices is pretty wide and of good quality. There is a selection of salads and cold cuts.

photo 30467904697_c247a2a6b0_b

Hot mains, including Singaporean and Thai choices.

photo 44493515355_d6da35892c_b

photo 44493514365_5b1a2f1970_b

photo 30467903667_e5940a7c38_b

Hot finger food and dimsum.

photo 31532786048_c5a17575eb_b

Thai and Singaporean dessert pastries and cakes

photo 30467904457_563e6e0634_b

Ice cream from Haagen Dazs and a local Thai brand.

photo 31532786528_0899c1407e_b

Cold beverages. Fresh coconuts were available too.

photo 45408199851_2474c0df71_b

Bar counter and barista

photo 43591570940_c01f8b1372_b

photo 44493513785_5359dc012c_b

Selection of cocktails available

photo 31532785518_d2ea9cd4a1_b

Thai teas

photo 31532785388_df161934e6_b

Selection of wines

photo 43591570360_a35611afb9_b

Lets dig! Also tried the cocktail, Horizon, which is an interesting blend of vodka, coconut milk liquor and blue curacao.

photo 44683653224_8853c2ebfe_b

Pad thai

photo 31532785168_52951790fd_b

Ginger Crush mocktail and butterfly pea tea.

photo 43591570630_7fb98b3849_b

Selection of desserts

photo 44683653024_e2e043f07f_b

And a very delicious sweet durian local ice-cream to end the meal. The BKK Silver Kris Lounge really has much better quality F&B than the homebase lounge back in Singapore. No wonder I also saw a few passengers with TG boarding passes who 'defected' to the Silver Kris lounge instead.

photo 44683652804_f7f6ea26f0_b

The boarding gate at D7 was right across from the lounge. The aircraft operating tonight's flight would be SQ's 1st B787-10 aircraft, 9V-SCA. It had landed slightly late from SIN and catering was still underway.

photo 43591570210_a6f8e4a616_b

Judging by the crowded gate, it was gonna be a very full flight.

photo 31532784518_a07ff6b7cc_b

photo 43591569990_d1a2c5659e_b

14 October 2018
Singapore Airlines
SQ 983
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi (BKK) - Singapore (SIN)
Business Class
Flight Time: 1H54M

Boarding was called and premium passengers boarded ahead of others. Newspapers were available on trolleys along the aerobridge. For some reason, only Door 1 was used for boarding and the aerobridge at Door 2 was not in use, which slowed down the boarding process considerably as all passengers needed to pass through the Business cabin, and also affected the pre-takeoff service in Business as nothing could be done with Economy passengers clogging the aisles.

photo 31532784318_4b69e742b8_b

photo 43591569680_01e6bd6577_b

photo 31532784088_ccfa1963a3_b

First look at the brand new Regional Business Class cabin in 1-2-1 configuration and seats on the B787-10! The cabin looked luxurious, impressive, modern and comfortable, as evident by the "oohs" and "waahs" from the economy passengers streaming pass.

photo 43591569490_9b39394e23_b

photo 30467888297_6c8473b393_b

photo 31532783698_e30182f574_b

My seat at 19A, which is a window-seat. The entrance into the seat is narrow, but no problems for my frame. On each seat was placed a pillow and blanket.

photo 43591569200_2a0af79673_b

A look at 20A, which is at the last row of the cabin, and an aisle-seat.

photo 43591569320_9c66b449a6_b

Welcome aboard! The huge IFE monitor is touch-screen enabled and very responsive.

photo 44493510825_a0e526e28b_b

Literature pocket.

photo 31532783488_aabb0f5aaf_b

Utility compartment which contains the headphones and menu. There are USB ports and electrical power point, as well as a hidden vanity mirror which could be pulled out (not shown).

photo 44493510465_292d795f68_b

Seat controls and touchscreen handset. Did not make use much of the handset as it was easier to navigate the IFE selection via the monitor.

photo 31532783298_58b890874f_b

Personal lighting configurations

photo 31532782998_f768368ce1_b

Legroom and seat-well. The amount of space, though not as generous as the long-haul seats, is sufficient for me. In fact, I might prefer the cosiness of this seat as compared to the long-haul seats!

photo 44493509985_34c22d8f2e_b

Inflight magazine and guides.

photo 31532783228_03e891ca8e_b

Noise-cancelling headphones

photo 44493507495_0f6e55477b_b

View out the window. As you can see, the other aerobridge was not in use.

photo 43591566930_f8f7d1570a_b

After the economy passengers had passed through, the crew rushed to distribute hot towels and pre-departure drinks. A glass of champagne for me, please. Business Class looked rather full this evening.

photo 43591567210_e648395c7c_b

photo 43591567090_325f3d5121_b

photo 43591566500_d01419bd31_b

Pushed back from the gate.

photo 44493507705_9c75d06d0e_b

Safety video was first played.

photo 31532781558_177d40765c_b

It was followed by an introduction video to the new Regional Business Class seats in the Business cabin.

photo 31532781358_1e53e6acc2_b

photo 44493507205_ae65ded1e1_b

For this short flight, I decided to watch The Incredibles 2.

photo 44493506975_08e486b137_b

I was expecting a lengthy taxi to the active runway Rwy19L, but the Captain decided otherwise and requested for departure from the high-speed exit interception, which saved us probably 5mins of taxi time. Being so light for the 2hrs flight, we maybe need not use the full 4km runway for takeoff too.

photo 31532781108_e9858a27f1_b

photo 31532781018_94b9ef814b_b

Starting the movie.

photo 31532780978_ea6ce658a6_b

Flight info could be displayed on the handset.

photo 44493506395_545090cf7f_b

Unlike most other regional routes where SQ has did away with proper menus in Business, opting for only a slip of menu paper, Bangkok flights still received the full menu.

photo 44493509595_1043daff68_b

Choices for this flight.

photo 31532782778_501906bf2a_b

And the choices for the SIN-BKK SQ982 sector.

photo 44493509215_4e0326dbc6_b

An extensive beverage menu.

photo 31532782538_0b9858fb89_b

photo 31532782398_dec964ab60_b

photo 44493508745_06d42a9d02_b

photo 31532782108_8472b03a9b_b

photo 31532781918_2c86160255_b

photo 43591566630_76e804bb95_b

Due to some turbulence, the crew were only able the start the meal service about 20min into the flight.

photo 44493506075_31aa5b3433_b

photo 31532780798_1d757b7975_b

The tray table is deployed from under the IFE screen.

photo 45408810801_051a17c90e_b

photo 44493505595_33ff3b553d_b

For the meal, I chose to have the Pad Thai with Prawns. It was served on a tray together with the starter and dessert.

photo 31532780608_a424afa08c_b

photo 45408189531_38db8097e4_b

Starter of Smoked Ham Salad and dessert. The starter was satisfactory.

photo 45408189741_bd88ca048f_b

Had the lavosh and garlic bread.

photo 44683649664_188111f6f8_b

The Pad Thai was served piping hot and was pretty tasty.

photo 44683649784_bbfc6de85a_b

Braised Lamb Shank with rice. The lamb was a bit too tough and gamey is taste.

photo 30467888627_683170d0bc_b

Vanilla yoghurt trifle was good.

photo 30467893817_996b61d281_b

Requested for a cup of jasmine tea to end the meal.

photo 45408189231_89be132418_b

photo 43591562600_0a795a0c8d_b

Visit to the lavatory, where there are 2 at the front of the Business cabin. The lavatory size is rather generous compared to the other aircraft. The usual amenities were available.

photo 30467892707_f016c55733_b

photo 45408188861_9118c19565_b

photo 30467892557_6965d4dacc_b

An interesting feature is the foldaway bench.

photo 30467891677_f7d91892a2_b

photo 30467891877_0c67048c4c_b

View of the cabin after meal service is completed.

photo 30467891387_f0b1e69f9d_b

Testing out my seat in lie-flat mode.

photo 30467891407_073ccf8187_b

And the aisle seat in flat mode with armrests retracted.

photo 45408184931_794a7d9a36_b

Continuing with my movie. The seat was pretty comfortable in full-flat mode. I can see myself cosying up in this seat for long-hauls as well with no problems. Inflight wifi worked fine as well, and all Business Class pax were entitled 30MB free. For Boingo users with eligible accounts (like me compliments of my credit card), you may sign in the wifi using Boingo account for free!

photo 30467890827_b6f88ba080_b

All too soon, we were starting our decent into Singapore. Arrival information was available on the IFE.

photo 30467890767_434bebb6c7_b

photo 30467890517_4e31147ced_b

Landing into Rwy02L slightly ahead of schedule.

photo 30467890457_901eef1372_b

photo 30467890157_da59a7b4bb_b

Parked at the gate with windows all fogged up due to the high humidity.

photo 30467890017_f407684db8_b

A last look at my seat and waiting for disembarkation.

photo 30467889517_949f806eb1_b

photo 30467890147_81161df4f6_b

Last glimpse of 9V-SCA.

photo 45408185851_aebf7f87f6_b

Thanks for reading and comments are welcomed.
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SQ certainly has a winning Regional Business Class product on its B787-10. As mentioned by other reviewers, this product is equivalent to many other competitors' long-haul product and with the comfort offered, I have no qualms flying the seat long-haul too. Together with the consistently excellent SQ service onboard and latest IFE system, I dare say that there are not many competing airline which such high standard of product on regional flights which the B787-10s and regional A350s will be replacing.

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