Review of Emirates flight New York Dubai in First

Airline Emirates
Flight EK204
Class First
Seat 4K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 12:30
Take-off 24 Jul 18, 11:20
Arrival at 25 Jul 18, 07:50
EK   #15 out of 99 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 554 reviews
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Published on 22nd December 2018
Hello everyone! Sorry that I have been missing in action this past month as I've been extremely busy. However, I'm back with yet another trip report and will continue on with my travel series! Welcome to yet another report where I'll be covering flights during the latter portion of the summer of 2018. Before I say any additional information, this flight had a lot of planning before ultimately going ahead with the plan shown below. Since my trip to Dubai was round-trip, it was quite difficult to decide when to go, with the choices of either during the summer or winter.

I wasn't sure if I was going to return to Hong Kong for the winter holidays. However, I was proven right after several family discussions during the months leading up to now. So, I ultimately decided to play it safe and go home the long way which was to spend a few days in Dubai before ultimately heading back to Hong Kong a few days later. Also, I'll give the reason why Bangkok is in the final itinerary in the next trip report. Anyways, I hope I hadn't bored you all too much with my travel plans. Let's get on with the flight! ;)


This was yet again another situation where it was quite difficult to decide WHEN exactly to depart for Dubai. Since there are about 2-3 daily flights, it was either to take a day or a night flight. After a while, it became clear to me that I wanted to spend time enjoying the flight during the day as I would be sleeping for the majority for the flight if I took EK202.

So, I was able to reserve a seat for myself for flight EK204 without any hesitation or problem. Regardless, I was quite excited to go to the UAE for the second time to go to the places I haven't seen during my previous visit, including Abu Dhabi.

Now, coming back to this report. Prior to departure, I did have to wake up early at around 6:30 AM. As many of you would know right now, I am not a morning person, but my excitement to fly on Emirates did keep me up and running! I had arranged for the chauffeur to pick me up at around 8:00 AM, which would give me enough time to pack my belongings check out before proceeding to the airport, making it there before 9:00 AM.

Terminal 4 Departure Entrance at John F. Kennedy International Airport
photo dsc04761photo dsc04763

Departure lobby

EK First Class check-in
photo dsc04770

To cut a long story short, it took quite some time in order to wait to check-in. I remember other passengers seated in First Class ended up going to the Business Class counters and checked in for their flight from there. So, I finally ended up going there after waiting for nothing for 10 minutes.
photo dsc04771photo dsc04773

The process was very smooth, with the total time of 5-10 minutes.
photo dsc04772

Heading towards security
photo dsc04777


I remember the last time I flew out of Terminal 4, the security lines were extremely long. However, I think the leading factor was me departing during the Christmas peak season, which is extremely busy. Nevertheless, security was also smooth as I was done within 10 minutes.

The airside was an escalator ride away
photo dsc04778

Terminal 4 Airside
photo dsc04781photo dsc04782

The "famous" view from the terminal
photo dsc04779

photo dsc04790

More airside pics

Heading towards the A gates
photo dsc04801photo dsc04803

The A gates
photo dsc04807photo dsc04808

China Southern Airlines Boeing 777-300ER, B-7183, which will depart for CAN as CZ300
photo dsc04805

Now, time to head to the lounge!
photo dsc04809photo dsc04811

Before the flight, I was under the impression that the Emirates lounge at JFK was still under renovation. Apparently, I found out that it opened its doors just a day before this flight. So, I was quite excited!!
photo dsc04812photo dsc04814

Few shots of the lounge

From a first impression, I would say that this lounge looks very spaced out, and is much better than the one in BKK that I reviewed in January. The was a huge selection of seating choices as well as the amenities offered such as a business centre, free WiFi, a massive spread of food and beverages. To sum it up, I'm loving this lounge already!
photo dsc04819

More shots of the lounge
photo dsc04839photo dsc04843

Another reason why I love this airport lounge already: amazing views from outside! I got an amazing opportunity to plane spot!!
photo dsc04831

Air India Boeing 777-300ER, VT-ALN, which will depart for DEL as AI102
photo dsc04832

Our ride to DXB: A6-EUE
photo dsc04835

Avianca Brazil Airbus A330-200, PR-OCJ, which arrived from GRU as O68500
photo dsc04837

Etihad Airways Airbus A380-800, A6-APE, which arrived from AUH as EY103
photo dsc04838

Terminal 4
photo dsc04842

Food and beverages offered at the lounge

Boarding pass
photo dsc04824

Water and a glass of orange juice
photo dsc04855

I was pretty much going around the lounge like yet another crazy tourist

Uzbekistan Airways Boeing 787-800, UK-78701, which will serve as HY102 to TAS
photo dsc04861

Another feature that I love is that we can board directly from the lounge
photo dsc04862

Sitting with a view!
photo dsc04865photo dsc04866

It wasn't until more than an hour later before it was time to board the flight
photo dsc04873photo dsc04875

Excited yet again to board the big giant!
photo dsc04876photo dsc04877

Well, time to board!
photo dsc04878photo dsc04879

Some pre-flight information:
Date: 24 July 2018
Airline: Emirates
Flight Number: EK 204
Route: New York (JFK) - Dubai (DXB)
Aircraft: Airbus A380-800
Registration: A6-EUE
Distance: 6842 miles
Scheduled Departure Time: 11:20 AM
Actual Departure Time: 12:34 PM
Scheduled Arrival Time: 7:50 AM
Actual Arrival Time: 8:47 AM
Flight Time: 12 hrs 30 mins
Departure Gate at JFK: A6
Arrival Gate at DXB: A8


As soon as I entered the first class cabin, I was lead to my seat by one of the cabin crew members.
photo dsc04881

Emirates A380 First Class
photo dsc04882

My suite, 4K
photo dsc04886photo dsc04887

My suite shown from different angles
photo dsc04888photo dsc04889

A slight refresh to the IFE main page along with a snack selection and vanity mirror
photo dsc04890

Tablet and mini-bar
photo dsc04891

Welcome drink - Orange juice
photo dsc04895

Writing kit
photo dsc04901

Another peak at the business class cabin
photo dsc04898

Well settled into my seat for the next 12 hours! (I wish the flight could've been longer!)
photo dsc04904

Another view of my suite
photo dsc04910

photo dsc04918

Arabic coffee
photo dsc04920

Bag including an amenity kit, slippers, eye mask, and a set of pyjamas

The inside of the amenity kit
photo dsc04937

Fast Track pass
photo dsc04940

The massive amount of legroom
photo dsc04893photo dsc04894

Flight info
photo dsc04926photo dsc05010

View from the tail camera
photo dsc04931

It wasn't long until the the captain came on with the pre-flight welcome by a multinational crew. He advised us that there wold be a few delays due to some new baggage system at JFK, so it did take some time before pushback.
photo dsc04892

Meanwhile, I continued to check out the rest of the suite as well as the amenities
photo dsc04944photo dsc04938

Browsing through the entertainment system known as ICE
photo dsc04945

Hot towel
photo dsc04929

Cabin views. The first class cabin in this flight was filled to mid-capacity, which wasn't bad
photo dsc04948

Menu pages
photo dsc04952photo dsc04954

Drink menu
photo dsc04956photo dsc04957

Menu for today's flight
photo dsc04958photo dsc04959

Suite controls
photo dsc04964

Duvet and comforter tucked in the back
photo dsc04965

I remember all of us getting stuck at the gate for about 40 minutes before we were given clearance to pushback
photo dsc04969photo dsc04975

Leaving Terminal 4
photo dsc04985photo dsc04994

Another control system for the entertainment
photo dsc05028

ANA Boeing 777-300ER, JA791A, departing back for NRT as NH9
photo dsc05031

Taxiing to Runway 22R
photo dsc05033

After the many delays, we finally took off an hour behind schedule
photo dsc05024

High above the clouds
photo dsc05039

10 minutes after departure
photo dsc05036photo dsc05038

See you soon, America!
photo dsc05048photo dsc05059

Noise-cancelling headphones along with the case
photo dsc05065photo dsc05066

Audio and video settings
photo dsc05068

Seat controls

One thing I love about Emirates' "ICE" is that there is a huge selection of entertainment options. I didn't even know where to start!
photo dsc05069

Connecting to the complimentary onboard WiFi
photo wifi

Since my favourite TV shows were not on this flight, I decided to start off this flight with How To Be Single. After all, anything with Rebel Wilson is hilarious!
photo dsc05095

After approximately an hour, I thought it was time to have some lunch since I had a really light breakfast. The crew delightfully took my order, set up the table, and told me it would take approximately 25 minutes to prepare.
photo dsc05078photo dsc05091

Orange fizz
photo dsc05093

photo dsc05094

For the main course, I ended up going for the miso-glazed cod, which was a little bit overrated coming from EK F
photo dsc05102

Cabin view
photo dsc05104

A second round of an orange fizz
photo dsc05101

Despite my initial disappointment with the main course, I ended up finishing my main course in 20 minutes as I was starving!

Post-meal offerings: including chocolates, a hot towel, as well as dental hygiene products including a toothpick and floss
photo dsc05103

Once I was done with my meal, I decided to head on to the famous first class bathroom as always

The bar area with a variety of drinks, located in front of the first class cabin
photo dsc05105

Shots of the bathroom
photo dsc05107photo dsc05109

The famous shower, where I have scheduled for one two hours prior to arrival
photo dsc05110

Stairs leading to the lower deck
photo dsc05115

I would say that I'm glad I took the daytime flight out of New York as I could explore the cabin and enjoy the flight rather than sleep the entire way! I ended up going to the bar afterwards for a drink

Business class cabin
photo dsc05116

Lounge offerings
photo dsc05121photo dsc05122

Lounge seating area
photo dsc05124

Shots of the lounge
photo dsc05125photo dsc05129

By the time I got there, I found out that the mojitos have ran out. I guess it's Emirates most popular drink. In any case, I ultimately went for a virgin cucumber gimlet, which I had on my previous flight back in January.
photo dsc05128

One thing that I have noticed on this flight was that I felt that there was less crew interaction with passengers. I guess even premium airlines like Emirates have some kind of flaws. Anyways, back to the flight. I headed back to my seat as soon as I finished my drink

Business Class with mood lighting
photo dsc05130

First Class overall cabin
photo dsc05131

Overall suite picture
photo dsc05132

View of the engines
photo dsc05134

The cabin lights were slightly dimmed, allowing for a comfortable environment
photo dsc05139

Afterwards, I switched to the inflight map to find out our current location
photo dsc05135photo dsc05141

I ultimately continued watching How To Be Single until I decided to call it a "night."

Then, I went back to the first class bathroom in order to change into the pyjamas provided on-board and asked one of the cabin crew for the turndown service.
photo dsc05154

First class cabin with mood lighting
photo dsc05145

Approaching Europe
photo dsc05171photo dsc05172

Only 8 hours left!
photo dsc05174photo dsc05175

Photos of the seat as a flat bed. It wasn't long before I drifted off to sleep since I did wake up early for this flight.
photo dsc05167photo dsc05168

I was able to sleep for about 6 hours until one of the cabin crew members woke me up as I had scheduled a shower 2 hours prior to landing. I thought to myself "Wow, this flight is passing by really quickly!"
photo dsc05180

Soon after, I was on my way towards the spa and ready to take a shower. Generally, I would enjoy the service, but there were some hiccups this time. For instance, while I was testing the temperature of the water, there was no flow. So I had to ask one of the cabin crew members what had happened and they immediately went over to diagnose the problem. They reset the water timer, which made things come back to normal.
photo dsc05184photo dsc05185

As stated previously, the only downside was that you only get water for 5 minutes. However, the heated floors are always a nice touch!
photo dsc05181

A beautiful display in front of the first class cabin
photo dsc05191

Fruit assortment handed out post-shower
photo dsc05192

Checking our location again
photo dsc05199photo dsc05203

Since there were less than 2 hours left, I thought it'd be best to get some breakfast before landing. So, the crew took my order, set up the table, and told me it would take approximately 10 minutes to prepare.
photo dsc05193photo dsc05221

While scrolling through the inflight entertainment, I made the decision to watch Mean Girls. Even though I've seen the countless times, it was worth seeing it again!
photo dsc05218

Orange juice
photo dsc05215

Evian bottled water
photo dsc05224

Table setup
photo dsc05225

My main course: French toast with strawberry compote and vanilla sauce. It was honestly better than what I expected.
photo dsc05228

Dark cabins in both first and business
photo dsc05231photo dsc05232

I remember being halfway towards the movie and the captain made his announcement stating that we were starting our descent into Dubai and that we had approximately 40 minutes until we landed.
photo dsc05235photo dsc05236

Time really flies when you have fun.
photo dsc05237

Thus, I went back to the bathroom to change back into my regular clothes before preparing to land
photo dsc05256photo dsc05260

Approaching Dubai
photo dsc05272photo dsc05284

Final shots before landing

Although I was a bit sad that the flight was over, I was able to get some shots of the Dubai skyline upon descending!
photo dsc05300

A clear visual of DXB
photo dsc05305

Almost there!
photo dsc05314

Due to the late departure out of JFK, we landed approximately an hour behind schedule at 8:47 AM. On the bright side, a the taxi to the gate was not that bad

Emirates Group headquarters
photo dsc05320

Emirates Airbus A380-800, A6-EOV, about to depart for FRA as EK45
photo dsc05322

Actual flight route
photo dsc05326

Docking at gate A8, right next to A6-EOA, that just arrived from LHR as EK6 and will depart for DUS as EK57 later this afternoon
photo dsc05328


One last look of the first class cabin
photo dsc05329

photo dsc05332

Concourse B, clear in sight
photo dsc05333

Arrival into DXB
photo dsc05334photo dsc05336photo dsc05339

One last look of the big giant
photo dsc05337

I always love this sign!
photo dsc05342

Time for the never-ending walk towards immigration

As always, Dubai International Airport is grand every time I arrive or depart!
photo dsc05361photo dsc05362

Waiting for the automated people mover in order to go to immigration

Finally making it to immigration
photo dsc05373

Baggage claim area

I was able to retrieve my bag in 5 minutes.
photo dsc05382photo dsc05383

From then on, I proceeded to the arrival hall where I scheduled the chauffeur-drive service in advance in order to drop me off to my hotel

DXB Arrival Hall
photo dsc05396photo dsc05397photo dsc05399

Exterior, which a wide arrange of chauffeur cars!
photo dsc05401photo dsc05402

After loading my bags into the car, I was on my way to the hotel for yet another mini-vacation in Dubai before heading back to Hong Kong a few days later!
photo dsc05403photo dsc05404
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Overall, this flight was not as fantastic when compared to my previous flights on Emirates. As stated previously, I felt there was less crew interaction from the last time I flew on EK F. I honestly found that a little strange. Also, I felt that the entertainment system as well as the shower in the spa had a few minor setbacks as well as one of the main courses didn't really look that appetising, and was something that was definitely not standard on EK F. However, I would say that this was an average flight, but nothing really special to write an extraordinary amount of.

The only thing I could do is wait and see how my flight to Bangkok compares to this one, besides the distance! Anyways, thanks for reading this trip report. I hope you enjoyed it. Tune in next time for the return flight which I'll be posting soon!



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