Review of Batik Air flight Medan Jakarta in Economy

Airline Batik Air
Flight ID6887
Class Economy
Seat 9F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:20
Take-off 24 Aug 18, 20:00
Arrival at 24 Aug 18, 22:20
ID 19 reviews
Published on 15th November 2018
Hello friends! Welcome to one of my reports.

Firstly, as usual, sorry for my bad English, and also bad quality of the photos as I took all of them by my cellphone.

Here are parts of the journey:
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August 24th, 2018: Medan (KNO) to Jakarta (CGK) by Batik Air Airbus A320 (you are here)

AUGUST 24th, 2018

Time to return to Jakarta after spending a night in Malaysia and 4 days in North Sumatra. I came here alone, and this time I also left alone. Like what I mentioned in the KLM CGK-KUL report that I couldn't stay longer because of the TWICE's concert, though I still desired to enjoy my time in this area.

After having lunch with my grandma's brothers at a local restaurant in Siantar, I took the "Paradep" shared-taxi to reach Kuala Namu International Airport. The distance between Siantar and the airport was about 130 km, and the journey took about 2 hours.

photo 45215295732_ec796c4c09_b

Reaching the airport at 6.00 p.m., 2 hours before scheduled departure.

photo 44353731365_5695686c58_bphoto 44353730555_0f91d93e76_bphoto 44353728535_70b4a2c6d8_b

My flight was Batik Air ID 6887 to Jakarta (Soekarno-Hatta).

photo 44353729275_5f2c711277_b

Inside the terminal building, still in public area.

photo 44353725675_538655795d_bphoto 44353724395_e47e2012df_b

Here I printed the boarding pass. I had did the online check-in as usual.

photo 44353726335_11a9fe7988_bphoto 45265460561_f389b56d99_b

Entering the airside after security check. A long way to reach our boarding gate.

Gate 9-12 shared the same waiting lounge.

photo 30326452057_bb58830c45_bphoto 44543401514_0e4c513d33_bphoto 30326449747_08d14a3d10_b

Charging stations available.

photo 44543400584_0954dc1909_b

Free-to-use PCs, but with unreliable internet speed.

photo 30326448887_6a6b998c69_bphoto 20180824_191658

Called for boarding at 7.30 p.m.

photo 44543399184_d3221f0d2f_bphoto 44353711335_00758922f3_bphoto 45265450011_6027cc91d3_b

The aircraft, Airbus A320, with registration code PK-LAS.

photo 44543397534_091699704f_bphoto 44353709385_71e2efb811_b

Entering the plane, we were greeted by the cabin crews. I really love their physical appearance, especially the one with short hair.

The cabin looked very fresh. This PK-LAS plane was probably still very young.

Passing business class as usual. The seat looked very wide and luxury.

photo 44543396674_4deb549b9e_bphoto 45265448911_0c8fccd109_b

Economy class. The stewardess I mentioned before could be seen.

photo 45265447951_70b2beecab_bphoto 45265447431_b44c76b56d_b

Outside the window, an A320 of Batik Air, just like this plane, was seen.

photo 43451034490_894af2f383_b

Boarding completed. I guess around 75% of the seats were occupied.

Then the safety video was played on the IFE screen. The video was in Indonesian language, with English subtitles and sign language interpreter provided.

photo 43451032420_419a11b9ac_bphoto 44543392144_3482151f90_b

The plane began to fly at 8.20 p.m. (UTC+7). The take-off process was smooth as usual.

photo 43451029590_8319c13231_b

Time to explore the IFE, with sensitive touch-screen and interactive content. USB and 3.5mm headphone slots were available, but the USB slot was only for charging, not file reading.

photo 45265443381_6a5e224058_bphoto 44543391134_ec998783bd_b

Indonesian cultures were featured in the IFE. Just like the carrier's name, "Batik" Air.

Sadly, no musics available in the IFE. Very disappointing me as a music lover.

The interactive flight map.

photo 44543389064_f4156457f6_bphoto 44543350064_329c716291_b

Time for dinner. Cabin crews gave us a meal set containing rice with beef dish (I don't know exactly what it was) and vegetables, together with muffin and mineral water. The food was good but nothing special. The rice was dry, not looked fresh.

photo 43451025130_c433dba9ce_b

Not forget to check anything inside the seatpocket.

photo 43451003500_9bc6b66c1f_b

"Batik" magazine.

photo 43451002510_2627e9e225_bphoto 45265409291_503d51dd27_bphoto 43451001820_36812096f8_b

An anniversary greeting from Airbus. Lion Group used only Boeing planes for long time before ordering A320s for Batik Air and A330s for Lion Air (only used for chartered flights) and Thai Lion Air.

photo 43451001050_505060bf6c_b

Invocation card, containing prayers of 6 religions (Islam, Protestant, Catholic, Hindu, Buddhism, Confucianism). The Catholic prayer was taken from a well-known Indonesian Catholic liturgical book.

photo 31391237808_98a4bcafc9_bphoto 31391237518_53db2cb9cb_b

I spent rest of time before arrival by listening musics in my cellphone while playing some games on the IFE.

Then the land began to be seen.

photo 43451024200_f5aa93dcdd_bphoto 44543387784_6a582c39c8_b

Touching Soekarno-Hatta International Airport at 10.20 p.m., 2 hours and 20 minutes since departure from Medan.

photo 30326412167_37949275fb_bphoto 44543384404_0463d9d9c6_b

Time to leave the plane.

photo 45215252482_b411853895_bphoto 45215251772_c598bee950_b

For the arrival, aerobridge wasn't provided, and we had to reach the terminal building by bus.

photo 31391233338_dbdb458699_b

Final shot of the PK-LAS which brought me from Medan.

photo 31391234358_9a5d043abd_b

Parked close to it was one of Batik's 737-800.

photo 44353678525_488bdc0bcb_b

Entering Terminal 1C.

photo 45215244402_74b4f491ef_bphoto 31391229968_ab72154aa6_b

Baggage claim zone.

photo 31391228898_8decd3bf92_bphoto 44353673705_756dd59445_b

Finally left the airport for Pasar Minggu Train Station, from where I would take a commuter train to my lovely home.

photo 31391225728_f3a96968c6_bphoto 31391213418_4638820857_b
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Batik Air

Cabin crew7.5

Medan - KNO


Jakarta - CGK



This year for me is the year of Batik Air. After receiving complaints from the passengers about the downgrading service, today Batik Air "shines" again and has done great service like what it did during its initial period. Yet there are still rooms for improvement, especially the food quality. I hope Batik Air can serve hot and fresh food, not a drier rice like what I received on this flight, also with more choice of drinks.

Anyway, the cabin condition of Batik Air "PK-LAS" plane still looked new, fresh, and fragrant. Cabin crews were nice and friendly, and honestly I was falling in love with the short hair one, she reminded me to a K-pop group member. The IFE was good with sensitive LCD, but why no music? If musics were available, the score for the IFE would be better. But at least lots of movies and games were provided.

Also I really appreciate the time punctuality. It was the main reason why I chose Batik Air for my returning flight to Jakarta.

The only thing urgent to be improved is its branding strategy. Especially the logo, seriously it needs to be replaced with a newer and fresher one. Also the livery and tail painting look boring for me.

Comments about Medan's Kuala Namu Airport and Jakarta's Soekarno-Hatta Airport can be read on my previous reports. But the main thing is that Kuala Namu Airport looks much much better than Soekarno-Hatta, though the cleanliness still needs to be improved.

Thanks for reading!



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