Review of JetStar Japan flight Chitose Osaka in Economy

Airline JetStar Japan
Flight GK 152
Class Economy
Seat 21A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:57
Take-off 06 Nov 18, 11:04
Arrival at 06 Nov 18, 13:01
GK 15 reviews
By GOLD 288
Published on 19th November 2018
Early the next morning, we took the airport limousine bus to head to the airport. The flight to Kansai is scheduled to depart at 1055am.

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New Chitose Airport's domestic terminal is also a shopping mall and market, selling all sorts of Hokkaido treats, souvenirs and even live seafood!

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The JetStar Japan and AirAsia Japan check-in counters were located right at the far end of the terminal.

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Boarding pass was printed at the self-check-in kiosks and bags dropped off at the counters. The agents were very strict with the weight of carry-ons and weighed each and every one.

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After clearing security, we proceeded down a level to the bus gate as the aircraft was parked at the remote stand today. Boarding has also just commenced.

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On the bus ride to our A320.

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06 November 2018
Jetstar Japan
GK 152
Sapporo New Chitose (CTS) - Osaka Kansai (KIX)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 1H58M

Boarding through the stairs.

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Welcomed by the friendly Jetstar crew. JetStar Japan's aircraft is fitted similar to the rest of the JetStar franchises, with black leather slimline seats and orange accented cabin.

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Boarding in progress. The flight was not too full and there were quite a number of empty seats scattered around. As always in Japan, boarding was very efficiently completed.

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LCC-standard legroom, but not the worst out there.

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View from the window.

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The seat pocket materials.

photo 45214315154_c01568afdf_b

Safety card, with the cute Jetstar Japan mascot.

photo 44122274270_d1580df0a0_b

Taking a look at the BOB menu.

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Doors closed and we pushed back. Safety demo was performed by the crew in Japanese, but announcements were made both in Japanese and English.

photo 45214314834_8a0fcc7b64_b

Taxied to Rwy01L for departure.

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Departed from Rwy01L bound for Osaka Kansai.

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After seatbelt signs were turned off, it was time for the inflight 'meal'. Nope, this was not offered on Jetstar, but purchased from one of the many shops selling bento sets in the airport terminal. And yes, it was an ikura and crab don again. I believe all Japanese airlines, full-service and LCCs alike, allow passengers to consume their own food onboard as it was not mentioned in the inflight magazine, BOB menu or announcements that this is prohibited. Also, all the Japanese airlines do not offer meal service in economy class on all domestic routes. And they do trust that Japanese travellers would not make a mess out of their bring-on-board food.

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It was very cloudy below almost all the way till Osaka.

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BOB service commenced. All crew, in Japanese style, were very courteous and polite.

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As out tickets were inclusive of 500yen of F&B credit each, we used the total of 1000yen to purchase a Jetstar dorayaki and hot green tea set (500yen) and an instant hot porridge (500yen).

photo 45214313934_3c591ca423_b

The very cute Jetstar dorayaki with red bean filling.

photo 44122274000_6305c99d60_b

photo 45214313634_ec0d0b70bd_b

And the msg-laden but tasty instant rice porridge.

photo 44122273840_8fe229ef70_b

Visit to the lavatory, which had the basic amenities.

photo 45889093382_e37da1577f_b

Cabin from the rear.

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There was nothing else to do and nothing to see out the windows apart from thick clouds below till we were approaching Osaka.

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The leisurely approach into Kansai was pretty scenic.

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photo 45889092952_c8bccfaa49_b

A smooth landing in Osaka Kansai Rwy06L ahead of schedule.

photo 44122273420_dfaf0938d7_b

photo 44122273280_c71b547975_b

Taxied to Terminal One.

photo 45889092722_865e9b6be4_b

photo 45214312744_5c89080c0a_b

Parked at the domestic hall of the terminal.

photo 45214312674_eee48852af_b

Disembarking and final look of the aircraft.

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photo 44122272940_5430ec8b11_b

photo 45889092172_e43f09d8e7_b

ANA B738 at Kansai.

photo 45214312134_5f87bb686c_b

Baggage claim.

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Had a simple, cheap and tasty lunch at Matsuya within Kansai Airport.

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For the overnight in Kansai, we stayed at Stargate Hotel Kansai, which was a stop by train from Kansai Airport. Was upgraded to a Corner Double, which was a bigger sized room with huge bath area, and offered splendid views towards the bay and the city from my room at the 48th floor. The hotel was perfect for a short walk to the Rinku outlets, as well as nearby a huge drug store and a 24hrs supermarket for last minute groceries shopping.

photo 45214311054_b983b6be8c_b

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photo 45214311764_f12ec78b16_b

View towards Rinku outlets.

photo 30999726947_2b501e6870_b

Towards the Osaka outskirts.

photo 45214311424_ee3202381a_b

The Rinku ferris wheel.

photo 45889091392_87a6295520_b

Of course, some outlet shopping had to be done at Rinku!

photo 30999726127_49c06317bd_b

Dinner was a tempura meal at Mametora within Rinku Premium Outlets.

photo 45214310534_91d99d2727_b

View that greeted me in the morning.

photo 30999725587_6a66486747_b
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JetStar Japan

Cabin crew8.0

Chitose - CTS


Osaka - KIX



Jetstar offered a very decent domestic offering within Japan. Cabin was clean and spotless, crew were polite and professional, and BOB choices was sufficient for the short-hauls the airline operates within Japan. Overall experience was very consistent with the Jetstar brand.

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