Review of American Airlines flight Dallas-Fort Worth Shanghai in Economy

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA127
Class Economy
Seat 36L
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 14:26
Take-off 27 Jun 18, 13:14
Arrival at 27 Jun 18, 16:40
AA   #71 out of 133 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 410 reviews
By 1785
Published on 23rd November 2018
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Review: American Economy 787 Dallas-Fort Worth to Shanghai-Pudong

The Delay

We originally were supposed to have a one-hour layover at DFW, so we were going to skip the lounge, but with this delay, we were able to spend more time in the Amex Centurion Lounge in Terminal D. I looked at the FIDS, and they showed an anticipated departure for 12:30 or so.


My dad and I rode the Skylink to Terminal D, where we looked for the Amex Centurion.

photo img_3576
I saw this beautiful Korean Air 777-300ER (HL8041) that was awaiting departure to Seoul-Incheon.

photo img_3577
Next to it was an Emirates 777-300ER (A6-EPZ) being catered for its flight to Dubai-International. This flight had been downgraded from the A380 for a while now.

We found the lounge and took the elevator up. My father had the Business Platinum from American Express and card members are allowed to have up to two guests with them for free. The American Express Platinum card works too.

I wasn't planning on doing a review for this lounge, but there will be one in the future, especially at their new lounge location in DFW.

However, I can tell you our experience in the lounge. The lounge was pretty full when we got in but not to the max. We were able to find some seats near the food and started to settle down. The Centurion offers a shower, free high-speed internet, a bar, and complimentary 15-minute spa treatments, but we didn't take advantage of that. At the food area, there were still breakfast foods out.

I decided to head out of the lounge to go planespotting and to go to our gate to find out the reason for the delay.

photo img_3578
An American 777-200ER operating the seasonal AA240 flight to Rome-Fiumicino. (N776AN)

photo img_3579
This flagship 777-300ER (N732AN) was operating as AA125, to Hong Kong. This 16-hour 8,000-mile flight is American's longest flight.

I went to gate D36 where I asked the gate agents where our plane was. The agent said the plane was at the hanger because of maintenance.

I decided to head back to the lounge to wait until boarding. I had some food when the breakfast spread was out and tried some of the lunch spread when it was put out. The food I had was really delicious. :)

Overall, the Centurion is a great place to spend your layover at DFW. It is definitely better than the other Admirals Lounges.


We arrived at D36 where our plane had arrived.

photo img_3580
N823AN, a two-year-old 787-9 was to be our aircraft for today's flight. This would be my fifth flight on the 787 and first on the 787-9.
photo img_3581

We waited at the gate for a while before our flight was rescheduled for 1:15.

Boarding started, and I was able to find my seat by 12:25. American's 787-9s have Business Class, Premium Economy, Main Cabin-Extra, and Main Cabin. Business is in a 1-2-1 config. , PE in 2-3-2, and Main Cabin in a 3-3-3 config. throughout the cabin.

photo img_3582
View from 36L. Not bad!

photo img_3616
Legroom shot.


Boarding was orderly, and we pushed back at 1:14, 2 hrs and 40 minutes late.

photo img_3584photo img_3583
Safety Video and seatback

We taxied to Runway 18L, where we held for an AA arrival.
photo img_3588

We began our takeoff roll at 1:30. The two GEnx engines roaring to life.

After takeoff, we immediately started to turn right and make a 180 degree turn to fly north to Shanghai.
photo img_3598

View of DFW after takeoff.
photo img_3599photo img_3600

We continued north flying over Oklahoma City before turning northwest.

photo img_3601
Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City

photo img_3602

After twenty minutes in the sky, drink service started. I ordered a Dr. Pepper and was given a bag of peanuts. One good thing about AA is they serve Dr. Pepper over Coke or Sprite at Delta or United.

The flight attendants then came around with meal orders one hour later. I ordered the western option of chicken with pasta. It came with a small salad, a shrimp side, a bottle of water, a bread roll, and a yummy brownie. It was a very good meal, actually. ;)

photo img_3603
AA 787 Lunch

After lunch, I watched some movies/tv shows on the seatback entertainment. AA offers some of the most extensive selections out of any airline.

Lavatory visit at 3:26. The 787-9 has five economy lavatories Four in between the two cabins, and one at the back. This one was a decent size and was pretty clean.

photo img_3604
AA 787 Lavatories
photo img_3605

Cabin shot at 3:34 PM. Lights were dimmed already. The crew also took control of the window dimmers.

photo img_3606

I continued to enjoy the entertainment and eventually got some really short one-hour shuteye.

Our route today was very northern, taking us up to Barrow, Alaska.

photo img_3608
AA 787 Route map. 7:33 PM.

Cool view outside, lol. Very purple.
photo img_3609

The in-flight meal was served at 8:29 PM, Central Time. It consisted of some salted caramel gelato, some interesting pea crisps (they were really good), and a sandwich. The crew set up Lays chips and some other snacks in the galley. The snack was pretty good.

photo img_3610

After the snack, I was able to get another two hours of sleep, eventually.


photo img_3611
Blurry cabin shot

The crew turned on the cabin lights, and I was able to finally see outside. We were flying near Dalian, Liaoning in China.

photo img_3613
Above Dalian at 3:18 PM China Time

The crew served the final meal at 3:40. The two choices were fried rice or a breakfast sandwich. I noticed AA usually always serves a sandwich as one of the options for breakfast. The meal came with a bottle of water and some fruit.

photo img_3614
It was perfectly edible, though, nothing to write home about.


Eventually, the crew came around to collect trash and we started descending into PVG.
photo img_3615

We broke through the clouds, where I could see the many ships of the Pacific Ocean. There were also some interesting wind turbines.

I don't know what this building was or why there were three planes parked next to it.
photo img_3621photo img_3622
Getting closer!

We touched down at 4:42 PM on Runway 34R.

Time for the planespotting now!
photo img_3626
Etihad 777-300ER from AUH
photo img_3627photo img_3628
Lufthansa 747-400 from FRA

photo img_3629
Lufthansa A340 from MUC

photo img_3630
Singapore Airlines A380

photo img_3631
Emirates A380 from DXB

photo img_3637
American 787-9 from LAX

photo img_3638photo img_3639
Vietnam Airlines A350

photo img_3640
Qatar Airways 777

We pulled in next to an Air Canada 777 at Terminal 2 at 4:50 PM, half an hour behind schedule after a flight time of 14 hrs and 16 minutes.
photo img_3641

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American Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Dallas-Fort Worth - DFW


Shanghai - PVG



I was glad to finally be on the ground again after fourteen hours in the sky. Immigration wasn't horrendous, and we were on the maglev for a ride into Shanghai. Overall, this flight was pretty great. The food was pretty good and the entertainment was fantastic. The seats were comfortable enough and the crew was nice and caring. While the delay wasn't great it didn't turn out all bad in the end. We stayed in Shanghai for a couple of days before taking a bullet train to Wuhan, Hubei. Thanks for reading!



  • Comment 477165 by
    757Fan 544 Comments

    Looks like a good flight with AA on a long distance route like this one! I would love to fly on the Dreamliner - have yet to do so!

  • Comment 477167 by
    KL651 TEAM 4442 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    I wonder if Y passengers with no lounge access got a voucher or a snack during that delayed boarding.
    Decent catering, especially the lunch. But I do feel the breakfast should have more than just an entree and fruits.
    Nice pictures of Shanghai !!

    • Comment 477168 by
      Aaro AUTHOR 25 Comments

      No, as it was only a two and a half hour delay, there weren't any snacks or vouchers given. Also, AA isn't Delta ;). Last year, I had a twelve-hour delay on AA263 from DFW to PEK. AA gave each passenger two meal vouchers for lunch and dinner. I guess they felt that delay deserved some compensation!

  • Comment 477619 by
    pwecar 53 Comments

    The building is actually one of the facilities of COMAC, Chinese commercial aircraft manufacturer.
    One of the 707-ish quad is Yun-10, a failed counterfeit of 707, also the first large commercial jet made in China.
    The other one is a Shanghai-assembled MD-82 in China Southern livery.
    Not sure what the third plane was, maybe a C919 full-scale model?

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