Review of Singapore Airlines flight Osaka Singapore in First

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 619
Class First
Seat 3F
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 06:05
Take-off 07 Nov 18, 11:31
Arrival at 07 Nov 18, 16:36
SQ   #1 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 616 reviews
By GOLD 2582
Published on 24th November 2018
Kansai airport could be seen in the distance from my hotel room.

photo 45247955564_dd4ec8b665_b

Checked out of the hotel before 9am to catch the 9am free shuttle to Kansai airport. It was only a 10min bus ride to Kansai, and 10min to the experience which all Avgeeks would die for, the Suites experience on Singapore Airlines! For the peak winter schedule, SQ had upgraded one of the twice daily flights (which will go up to both dailies for a month from mid-Dec) to the A380 and with this, Suites Class was offered on the KIX route. In fact, this is the only destination in Japan which offers Suites. And KIX being a premium-light route compared to Tokyo, Suites Savers redemption was widely available (4 seats or more per A380 flight up for Savers redemption) and hence I jumped at the opportunity and upgraded my Business ticket to Suites! Suites was so 'unpopular' that Business Class redemptions were only on waitlist for both Saver and Advantage redemptions, but Suites redemption was immediately available for confirmation.

Arrived at SQ's check-in counters and proceeded straight to the Golden check-in row which had no queue. Comparatively, there were long queues at the Business and Economy counters.

photo 45247955524_a8d66476fd_b

Check-in completed, and got my 1st every Golden ticket! According to the JAL check-in agent, Suites would be 5/12 today.

photo 32101401288_8c893a1f5a_b

Suites passengers were provided with the Fast Lane pass (I recalled Business passengers were not provided with this), as well as JAL Sakura lounge or 2000yen meal voucher, similar to Business Class offering.

photo 45247955354_c2ba198a8d_b

Heading to the Fast Lane security clearance.

photo 31033533657_0ef1525a59_b

After the efficient security and immigration, we were at the airside. The departure level overlooks the domestic hall.

photo 32101400858_d32f59b5a6_b

photo 45247955264_b2703ca412_b

Instead of heading to the JAL Sakura Lounge, I grabbed a bite at a Japanese restaurant using the voucher credit instead.

photo 32101400038_0529e2569d_b

After some final duty-free shopping, we took the shuttle train to the far end gates where international flights would depart from. Our magnificent whale was all readied for the flight back to Singapore.

photo 31033532977_7ff7fe3c11_b

The gate area was crowded with passengers, which means that the flight must be pretty full at the back.

photo 45247954744_d093ffcde0_b

An area towards the boarding gate was reserved for premium passengers.

photo 45247954484_f7a52a3a28_b

Ground staff all prepared for boarding.

photo 32101399428_aa29fa5bfd_b

07 November 2018
Singapore Airlines
SQ 619
Osaka Kansai (KIX) - Singapore (SIN)
Suites Class
Flight Time: 6H05M

After passengers needing assistance were boarded, the ground staff invited Suites passengers which they had identified earlier to board. Into the whale!

photo 31033532707_27c886b46e_b

Made a left turn at the 1st aerobridge and welcomed by the crew at the door. We were personally escorted to our suites. For this flight, my suite would be at the window 3F. 3A/F offers 3 windows in each suite, compared to the other window suites which only have 2 each.

photo 32101398938_4421a666e3_b

photo 31033532457_8a6901a3a5_b

My private space for the next 6.5hrs!

photo 31033532187_1ac845fa6e_b

The Suites crew came around to welcome and introduce themselves. As this would be my 1st time in Suites, the crew also made the effort to do a brief introduction of the seat features. Even though this was the old suites, it was still perfectly comfortable and easy to figure out the nooks and crannies.

IFE handset, seat controls, some storage and a litter bin. The power outlets and more storage are at the other side (which I forgot to take a picture of).

photo 45247954314_a658f845ca_b

A large sized pillow and a blanket was already placed on the ottoman. The crew came round to remove the blanket wrapper and offered to assist to cover you up if you would like. Hmm, not too used to such personal service haha.

photo 45247954154_259fc3e1e2_b

The reading materials. The Silver Kris magazine article title totally described my life now!

photo 31033532017_03337fa6ea_b

Hot towels were offered and welcome beverages offered. Shall go with the Dom Perignon before departure! I am no wine connoisseur but the Dom is definitely easier to drink than the Charles Heidsiek in Business. Nuts and are glass of water were also offered.

photo 45247947344_f974aeaa8d_b

photo 45972428051_c595ccb616_b

photo 31033531827_8bf2c16e5b_b

I had no chance to finish up the champagne as the crew reappeared to top up my champagne flute whenever the champagne level went low.

photo 45247947024_96c2d6bbe6_b

photo 45247953844_0ec7041483_b

The new Bang & Olufsen’s Beoplay H9i wired headphones and leather-bounded menu were offered. Selection of newspapers and magazines were also offered.

photo 45972427001_78c15e68fa_b

photo 45972427921_3f3cf46cb5_b

Across from my suite. It was pretty empty with only 5/12 in Suites.

photo 45972426891_3dfc1a4f4c_b

View from the window.

photo 31033531497_41e8f9c4dd_b

Safety video played prior to pushback. With so much space and the distance between the seat and tv screen, it certainly does made the screen look small. First world problems…

photo 45247953574_c6eec90da9_b

Pushed back and given the traditional Japanese farewell from the ground crew.

photo 45972427201_3495447f7b_b

photo 45972427251_909471cdec_b

Taxied to the runway while crew cleared the glasses and dishes.

photo 31033530287_f085322353_b

photo 45247952514_85a54d793a_b

Departed from Rwy06R.

photo 32101394358_8e3d817b7e_b

photo 45972426681_e674afae00_b

Flying pass Kobe airport.

photo 45247952084_8137e19187_b

Flying in great weather.

photo 45972426591_8105e01f57_b

photo 45923169802_16c6eaa840_b

After having so much liquids since boarding, I rushed to the restroom immediately after seatbelt signs were turned off. There are 2 lavatories for Suites passengers, and they were not too fanciful compared to some of the 'bling bling' airlines. Toiletries were well stocked and Lalique-branded amenities were offered.

photo 45972426491_e1a71de73e_b

photo 45972426311_d6e5b33576_b

photo 45247951714_64c236877f_b

photo 45923169692_8ded6d4b1f_b

photo 45972426431_4f8e69c141_b

View of the Suites cabin and my seat. Still very classic and glamourous after all these years.

photo 45972426121_3759a86774_b

photo 45247951664_88c7696764_b

photo 45972426021_ce90bded33_b

More champagne post departure. This time round, I swapped for the Krug.

photo 45923169392_de9c756c6f_b

photo 45972425861_a2285caf07_b

Krug was very good too, very smooth to the palate. Can't decide which is better, Dom or Krug. It appeared that I was the only passenger drinking Krug (or champagne for the matter) and the crew cheekily commented that I could have the whole bottle if I wanted. Nope, that is too much alcohol for me! Guess some of you must be thinking "how can there be too much of Krug!"

photo 45972425531_a74be6bcf7_b

Crew also came round to offer amenities, starting with the Lalique slippers, which the crew removed from the packaging and placed on the floor.

photo 45972425781_42cbdaa863_b

As our scheduled flight time was 7h10m, we were eligible for pyjamas and amenity kits as well (offered on day flights of over 7hrs), and a full set was brought to me, along with socks and eyeshades.

photo 45972425641_74d9b390d2_b

photo 45060476065_c853c95009_b

Contents of the male kit, which included lip balm, lotion, bar soap (?) and a candle (???). Accompanied with the SQ Dreamliner teddies!

photo 45247951184_16ee5a05f1_b

For the female kit, there were lip balm, lotions and a perfume.

photo 45972419891_067b71edff_b

Satay was served and it was very good as usual.

photo 45972425321_15076ca057_b

photo 45247951094_a51728f845_b

Bliss in the sky is drinking Krug with a movie.

photo 45247951054_52cd3d07a6_b

photo 45972425131_811088005c_b

Checking out the signature A380 stairways to the 'lowly' Business cabin haha. Heaven is definitely not up there.

photo 31033528037_38c3d26dc0_b

As the pair of middle seats at 3C/D remained empty, I checked if the crew could covert it into my 'bedroom' while 3F remained as the seating/dining area. No problem, and in no time, they were converting the 2 middle suites into a double bed suite.

photo 45972419921_e7e30688ea_b

Double bed made up, with fluffy pillows and soft, comfortable duvets.

photo 45247950844_a8cf3a9b40_b

photo 45060474695_4418b947a8_b

The bed was very comfortable too, much better than any of the SQ Business Class flat beds.

photo 31033527827_0607126a55_b

I had requested for lunch to be served 2hrs after takeoff, and when it was ready for lunch, I went back to my dining suite.

photo 45247950754_e8bd581943_b

photo 45060474485_1f831a81d4_b

A view of the menu for the flight.

photo 45972427851_e48a53e1a3_b

photo 31033531247_3e739b8116_b

photo 45972427731_e16f6e4548_b

photo 31033530967_51385514be_b

Champagne, wines and other alcohols.

photo 45247953264_deec4d2909_b

photo 45972427531_c3bc3e64cf_b

photo 45972427441_0b24256bf5_b

The non-alcohols, coffees and teas.

photo 45247953104_f7a33a9779_b

photo 45972427331_4a2cec537f_b

photo 45247952984_ef52b110ce_b

Even though I had pre-booked the Kyo Kaiseki meal prior to the flight, I requested if I could have the caviar from the international menu to start. No problem, and Chilled Malossol Caviar was presented as the starter before the Kyo Kaiseki starter was brought out. Crew also offered a chilled vodka with the caviar, but I declined.

photo 45247950664_eef8ae3e8e_b

photo 31033527677_0011d3006b_b

Trying to appreciate the salty fish eggs. I certainly do not have an expensive tongue.

photo 45060474285_c91dfb0d00_b

Starting with the appetisers (Sakizuke and Mukuozuke). It was paired with a very good sake. Refer to the menu posted earlier for the items as I was also figuring out what I was eating from the menu. Some of the items sounded weird but all were actually quite tasty.

photo 31033527427_881712e4cd_b

photo 45247950284_e4b4dc99d4_b

photo 32101389548_13682bcdd0_b

photo 45060473995_52a0b94849_b

photo 45247950504_6d11618981_b

Next was the oshinogi, or noodles course. Cold udon with soba sauce, mackerel sushi and side vegetables. Very good too.

photo 45060473745_3f568b4ea9_b

Next is the Futamono course, which consisted of Braised Kurobuta pork belly. This was delicious, with melt-in-the-mouth and flavourful proteins! The beetroot puree added a different dimension to the meat as well.

photo 45247950004_9b50dd8e0c_b

photo 45060473325_224f615156_b

photo 32101389098_3af946953f_b

photo 45247949854_dfd47388aa_b

The inflight manager came round to recommend a red wine to go with the pork. It was a very smooth wine indeed and paired well. "More wine?" after I had finished my glass. Apparently no one else was drinking wines in the Suites cabin and the crew were keen to sell the excellent wines.

photo 32101389308_e7cea34401_b

The rest of the hot courses arrived. Yakimono, Gohan, Kounomono and Tome-***. These were good and light after the heavier meat course.

photo 45060473145_918b6c4353_b

photo 45247949604_247df16aef_b

photo 32101388938_15000b56d9_b

photo 45060472945_c72f8b3a9e_b

And finally the dessert course. Requested for both the International and Japanese desserts (yes, I have a very sweet tooth), which the crew gladly prepared. The whole meal service was very well-paced according to individual passenger, allowing sufficient time to savour the food.

The international dessert was the Warm orange financier cake with chocolate ice-cream. It was sinful but great.

photo 45923167982_89ae4127ee_b

In contrast, the Japanese selection of Yuzu cake with yuzu sorbet was a lighter option and could serve as a palate cleanser. Also had a genmai tea with the dessert.

photo 45060472755_da54861fb2_b

photo 45247949464_98f1c606a1_b

To end the meal service, the crew offered cheeses and fruits. I declined the cheeses and just had a melon. Pralines were also offered and I ordered a Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee to finish.

photo 45923165522_944d02b2c4_b

photo 45972420301_59b6891a96_b

photo 45923167732_1499e8651a_b

photo 45247949314_bc1f8eac9a_b

After the awesome meal, I hopped over back to the double bed suite, where a bottle of evian was already placed beside the bed.

photo 45247948784_4ea98e639e_b

As the bed was so comfortable and the cabin temperature was cool enough to snuggle under the duvet, I was soon fell asleep for more than an hour.

photo 45247949184_8037c8239b_b

When I woke up, we were just 40min away from landing. Requested for another Blue Mountain prior to descend, and luckily it was delivered just before the seatbelt signs came on and things started to get a bit bumpy.

photo 31033525097_2fece532d6_b

photo 45923166462_6faf3a6565_b

Descending into Singapore. My 'Suite' life was about to end soon.

photo 45247948524_333ed92664_b

photo 45247948454_3afeb281f9_b

photo 45247948354_769ccfb9ab_b

photo 45247948274_8c26e4a07a_b

Without any hold, we descended rapidly, approached and landed on Rwy20R almost 30min ahead of schedule. This could be one of the rare times when I wished my flight would not land early.

photo 45247948154_c1b45cd45d_b

photo 45923165872_c020ccc749_b

photo 45247947944_8e3a12160e_b

photo 45247947904_a4e8277c7e_b

photo 45923165652_2c182c5a25_b

photo 45247947754_11e7a64164_b

photo 45247947654_fa706e1b60_b

Video of the landing.

Just a short taxi to the gate at T3.

photo 31033525277_6c8dbb883b_b

photo 45247949024_b1d65356e9_b

Last look at the luxurious and grand suite.

photo 45923167082_9a8e42576f_b

photo 45060472205_79b39ee0df_b

Disembarked. Just a small nit-pick here. The first few economy passengers had disembarked from Door 2 prior to the Suites passengers from Door 1. Another first world problem haha.

photo 45923166872_9cdf79254c_b

Thanks for reading and your comments are welcomed!
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Verdict: It was a wonderful experience flying on SQ Suites. Service was exceptionally personal and professional, catering was wonderful on this flight, and the hardware certainly stood the test of time and remained very comfortable and luxurious. It was definitely a fantastic and memorable flight, and I am certainly looking forward to my next Suites experience on SQ!

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