Review of Garuda Indonesia flight Lombok Denpasar in Economy

Airline Garuda Indonesia
Flight GA451
Class Economy
Seat 31K
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 00:55
Take-off 20 Oct 18, 13:05
Arrival at 20 Oct 18, 14:00
GA 203 reviews
Eric V P
By 549
Published on 30th December 2018
Report #58: GA451 - When the flight was even shorter than the (already short) connection time

This will be my report on flying on Garuda Indonesia economy class from Lombok LOP to Denpasar DPS, an ultra short-haul flight within Indonesia (and by that, only 76 miles short), on board its Boeing 737-800.

Here are the 6 parts of the trip:


Save for promotions, GA’s flexible economy class tickets (which earn 3 segments regardless of distance) within Indonesia have always been sold at the Indonesian government’s upper fare limit, which means that the best way to earn segments are through flying ultra short-haul like between LOP and SWQ/DPS or to a less extent between CGK and TKG.

During GA’s travel fair, which was held 2 weeks before the trip, after first getting people thinking of the weird itinerary I managed to get a decent deal when I booked the flight from LOP to DPS via SWQ and LOP as the ticketing staff working with me helped to price the entire itinerary as “roundtrip” and waived the airport fees for the SWQ-LOP-DPS flights by routing it as if I went to DPS via SWQ. All in all, I managed to get those three ultra short-haul flights for Rp1.195.000 (US$79). In return, I received 119 KrisFlyer miles from my credit card, 295 GarudaMiles award miles, and 9 GarudaMiles segments (plus, 3 snack boxes in 4 hours). The fare could be even lower from cashbacks by one of the Indonesian state banks, but I wasn't a customer of that bank yet and worse, had my credit card application for that bank rejected.
photo ga7034 20102018 receipt

Trip to LOP and check-in

The previous flight from SWQ was how I managed to arrive at LOP, so I would only give a few snapshot related to this flight from the past review and then continue to the re:

The plane for this flight was parked right beside the AT7 I rode on from SWQ - If only I could just hop on through the aerobridge stairs instead of going through all the process again. The plane was PK-GNM, a 4 years old 738.
photo 20181020_122415

After arriving at the luggage claim area I proceeded to the check-in area through the glass door, but I already had my boarding passes in hand so ….
photo 20181020_122828

Time to get to the proper review: I went straight to the departure floor using the escalator.
photo 20181020_122856

Security was rather screwed up since it took me 5 minutes to clear - not that it's even considered as excellent in many overseas airports.
photo 20181020_123111

LOP transit area and departure

After security one of the first sights was the row of shops.
photo 20181020_123646

FIDS for the afternoon.
photo 20181020_123655

I returned to the lounge, which I got access to thanks to my GarudaMiles Gold (SkyTeam Elite-equivalent) status.
photo 20181020_123757

I won't make a review of the lounge since I only went for a light lunch (after 2 snack boxes earlier on - the snacks got boring really fast), but still even on this short connection that's quite an achievement. Read here for a more detailed review of the lounge.
photo 20181020_124044

IN's 735 and GA's CRK as seen from near the escalator to the departure floor.
photo 20181020_124418

Situation at the gate.
photo 20181020_124450

Boarding was almost completed so I went through in no time.
photo 20181020_124510

I proceeded through the corridor to the aerobridge, and no, I wasn't asked to get down the stairs this time.
photo 20181020_124611

Another IN's 735 with JT's 739 in the background.
photo 20181020_124619

The walk through the aerobridge was painless and fast.
photo 20181020_124636

Thank you for your (airport) visit in LOP (?) Also seen is the maitre d'cabin (the flight attendant with purple uniform), a rare sight on GA's 738, let alone on this ultra short-haul flight.
photo 20181020_124721

On board

Flight: GA451
Plane: PK-GNM
STD/ATD: 13.05/13.11
STA/ATA: 14.00/13.35
Load factor: 91% J (11/12), 88% Y (132/150)
Seat type: Seat type: Standard economy class (emergency exit row window seat)

Newspapers were available - the availability of local options are always appreciated.
photo 20181020_124742

After I was greeted by the flight attendants I first passed what would be a rather full business class cabin.
photo 20181020_124754

Why bother with fully paid business class when flying behind offered almost the same amenities, save for slighty tighter seat, 1 piece of GA's bread, and 1 less segment?
photo 20181020_124856

I returned to the usual seat - my bad for taking a photo of it too high, but it was still in the usual 31K seat (i.e. second emergency exit row window seat).
photo 20181020_124955

Legroom was as usual excellent.
photo 20181020_125134

The seatback as usual consisted of a seat pocket, a disabled table, and an IFE screen.
photo 20181020_125138

Reading materials from the seat pocket.
photo 20181020_125247photo 20181020_125331

Also found is an airsickness bag and a broken headphone.
photo 20181020_125421

In fact, when I first asked to get it replaced I still got another broken one so it was only upon the second time that I got a decent-shaped headphone.
photo 20181020_125755

With boarding completed a flight attendant briefed those seated in the exit rows.
photo 20181020_125525

This is rather hit and miss, but this time candies were distributed prior to pushback.
photo 20181020_125735

View from the window was on GA's -GAL which I rode to SWQ and back again to LOP earlier and wouldn't fly until in the late afternoon to BMU.
photo 20181020_125912

We soon pushed back for departure.
photo 20181020_130318

A safety video was played during pushback and taxi.
photo 20181020_130329

After the short taxi we took off, which was ordinary.
photo 20181020_131017

We then cruised at a cruising altitude of 8000 feet.
photo 20181020_131941

Snack time again: after the fasten seatbelt sign was switched off the flight attendants rushed to hand out snacks.
photo 20181020_131937

A snack box was again handed out.
photo 20181020_132053

The contents happened to be exactly the same as the one I had on the SWQ-bound flight earlier.
photo 20181020_132100

Just like the previous flight, there were very few meat on the bread.
photo 20181020_132246

The snack service for the afternoon consisted of:
Bread: Bread with minced chicken
Nuts: Mixed nuts
Drink: Mineral water

As far as a snack for a 20 minutes flight go there shouldn't be a complaint at all, but needless to say the bread was rather disappointing with so little meat in it, while the nuts and water were rather ordinary. On overall, the snack was filling enough but quality-wise like most ultra short-haul snacks on GA they were rather bad.

After I finished the snack there was no more time for even the usual ritual of lavatory visit and cabin shot.
photo 20181020_132530

It's almost like a habit for GA to put two consecutive ultra short-haul flights as one on the moving map (e.g. CGK-TKG-CGK/DPS-LOP-DPS).
photo 20181020_132831

We were already on our final approach 15 minutes after taking off.
photo 20181020_132946

I decided to have a look at their classical music offerings, which were rather basic.

We landed just 20 minutes after we took off. Since we were landing from the east, we were offered with some views of the planes parked at DPS.
photo 20181020_133133photo 20181020_133155

D7's 333 could be seen in the background being pushed back for her return to KUL.
photo 20181020_133239

We were finally parked beside, again, IN's 735.
photo 20181020_133415

Business class passengers were able to disembark first so those in the economy class cabin needed to wait for a while.
photo 20181020_133631

5 minutes later I was able to get off the plane.
photo 20181020_134135

Despite being a so-called major airport DPS still used a lot of remote stands for domestic flights so I disembarked using the stairs.
photo 20181020_134200

As usual, buses were provided.
photo 20181020_134228

While waiting for the bus, I decided to take one last photo of -GNM.
photo 20181020_134253

The row of tails at DPS domestic terminal.
photo 20181020_134313

Following a bus trip was an unsheltered walk to the terminal building.
photo 20181020_134601

Arrival at DPS and post-arrival trip

DPS' terminal layout means that unlike on CGK as a bussed passenger I was dropped quite close to the carousels.
photo 20181020_134621

As expected after a GA flight, many people were waiting for their luggage to arrive.
photo 20181020_134723

I happened not to be among them (I needed to pack light after all), so I proceeded to the rather quiet public area kerbside.
photo 20181020_134855

Since I had a bit of affairs to do outside the airport I went to the pick-up area and even further to get out using motorcycle taxi (and of course avoid the parking fee).
photo 20181020_135046
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Garuda Indonesia

Cabin crew8.0

Concordia Lounge


Lombok - LOP


Denpasar - DPS



When it comes to ultra short-haul flights, GA offered one of the most amenities on board with spacious seats, working IFE and even snack services, which was commendable despite the price tag. The lounge access benefit I received was also beneficial, even when the lounge was rather basic. In terms of the airports, LOP was rather dated and its security not among the fastest, although on the other hand DPS' domestic terminal still looked fresh and wasn't that bad to walk on.

On overall, I would fly on this route given the opportunity (and need to fill my segments on GA).

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    Pilpintu SILVER 815 Comments

    I'm still trying to find the chicken in that "chicken sandwich"!
    I bet the meal service is much better on Nam Air. Nam nam nam!! LOL

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 482352 by
      Eric V P AUTHOR 125 Comments


      I'm still trying to find the chicken in that "chicken sandwich"! 
      - So did I - for more photos of bad snacks, don't forget to read my other reviews on GA. Also, that bread isn't sandwich since a sandwich consist of more than one piece of bread stacked together :p

      I bet the meal service is much better on Nam Air.
      - No matter how bad GA's snacks are, they're still better than IN/SJ (think of one piece of bread and a glass of water in a paper bag - I'll review SJ in a couple of months, which is almost the same as IN apart from the plane type since IN is SJ's "regional" arm).

      Thank you!

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