Review of KLM flight Kuala Lumpur Jakarta in Business

Airline KLM
Flight KL809
Class Business
Seat 1A
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 21 Oct 18, 16:20
Arrival at 21 Oct 18, 17:25
KL   #29 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 947 reviews
Eric V P
By 1646
Published on 9th February 2019
Report #60: KL809 - Returning to the comfort of KL

This will be my report on flying on KLM business class from Kuala Lumpur KUL to Jakarta CGK, a short-haul international flight within SE Asia, on board its Boeing 777-200ER.

Here are the 6 parts of the trip:


When it comes to flying within SE Asia, I found KL’s fifth freedom business class to be a comfort product (just like comfort food, but for business class product) - not only was it my first taste of true business class, they offered comfortable seats (even if it’s nothing cutting edge), decent food, collectible Delft Blue, and on KUL-CGK routes excellent lounge as well as decent price, so it was something I would pay up for.

To end the segment run I decided to book direct on KL’s website just within the 14 days cutoff before the flight, which meant a low fare of RM610 (US$150) one way. In theory, I was supposed to get in return 906 GarudaMiles award miles and 1 GarudaMiles segment (I didn’t use my credit card since KL would charge a 1.8% fee), but I wasn’t expecting that to come up quickly on my account since GA managed to take 4 months to credit the miles from my previous flight with KL and the miles hasn’t come up even until I wrote this review.
photo kl809 21102018 receipt_

Before the flight I also had done web check-in, where I selected the bulkhead window seat on the main cabin. One screw up I found was that while my frequent flyer was GarudaMiles Gold, the boarding pass sent on Facebook Messenger was shown as Flying Blue Gold.
photo screenshot_20190113-095108_messenger

Departure to KUL and check-in

Like most of my ex-KUL flights, I went to the airport by bus, which costed me RM12 (~US$3).
photo 20181021_112126

I arrived at the bus terminal in KUL ~50 minutes after the departure from KL Sentral.
photo 20181021_121954

From there I walked along the linkway to the terminal building.
photo 20181021_122056photo 20181021_122112

The public check-in area was a tad crowded. Since I had no luggage to check, I simply printed my boarding pass on the self check-in machine.
photo 20181021_122926

Boarding pass for the day consisted of a simple thermal paper which also printed my frequent flyer as Flying Blue again like the fiasco on the boarding pass on Messenger.
photo 20181026_115936

I went through the ticket check first before going through immigration.
photo 20181021_123538

While the immigration counters for economy class passengers were crowded, ….
photo 20181021_123628

The counters for first and business class passengers saw no queue (and no, elite passengers flying in economy would still need to queue up with the rest)
photo 20181021_123631

I also needed to go through the customs screening, which was fast.
photo 20181021_123835

KUL transit area

After passing through the stores I went to the automated people mover station.
photo 20181021_124007

View along the short hop to the satellite building.
photo 20181021_124336

I then reached the satellite building - one thing I found a bit confusing is looking which lounge is located where as well as the escalators to the mezzanine, which were hidden.
photo 20181021_124520

CI lounge still wouldn't admit me again this time (I had the chance to visit the lounge a few weeks after this, which I'll review in a couple of months - I had flown a few too many flights around this period), though that means ….
photo 20181021_124749

More time in MH's lounge, of course.
photo 20181021_125107

Lounge test #1: Malaysia Airlines Satellite Golden Lounge

The lounge reception. I showed my boarding pass and afterwards let through.
photo 20181021_125152

As a business class passenger I was directed into the business class section of the lounge.
photo 20181021_125217

The first order of business when visiting this lounge was getting a drink at the bar (the drinks inside the lounge proper are all non-alcoholic).
photo 20181021_125244

MH had upgraded its sparkling wine offering in the lounge to De Venoge Brut champagne, which was better than what they offered before though still nothing special.
photo 20181021_125427

This was already my 4th visit to this lounge so this felt very familiar for me - sort of my second home in KUL, perhaps?
photo 20181021_125740

Reading materials could be found at a couple of places in the lounge
photo 20181021_152558

FIDS is located at a couple of places in the lounge, and is limited to show only airlines that can use the lounge.
photo 20181021_152633

Naturally, I moved aside to the more private seating by the window.
photo 20181021_125751

I went to the noodle station, though they had just ran out of ingredients for laksa.
photo 20181021_125831

In fact, it took them way more than 1 hour to get the laksa, between the ingredients issue and kitchen issue. The laksa wasn't that bad, but for sure I wouldn't want to queue > 1 hour for that kind of laksa.
photo 20181021_144813

This lounge afforded excellent view of the apron, which included ….
photo 20181021_125956

One of MH's abysmal 332. If you had recalled my flight a couple of months ago in its business class, yes, it's the one I flew on.
photo 20181021_140250

Since I was quite hungry at this time I decided to get some meal, but unlike on my previous visits the display table facing the lounge entrance was empty.
photo 20181021_132327

The main hot buffet area
photo 20181021_132348

The buffet's offerings changed between lunch and afternoon tea, and here are the offerings for lunch period.
photo 20181021_132417photo 20181021_132506

What I had from the lunch hot buffet selection.
photo 20181021_132652

Compare with the offerings during afternoon tea, which were more limited.
photo 20181021_152437

Breads and hot soup selection.
photo 20181021_134828photo 20181021_134846

They also offered freshly heated sandwich (not freshly made as they called since they made the sandwich beforehand).
photo 20181021_141702

Beside the sandwich counter is the serviced coffee machine, which also offered some other hot drinks.
photo 20181021_141714

Ice cream and (on breakfast) waffles can be ordered at the counter beside the coffee machine.
photo 20181021_141835

There were chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream available, for which I picked the chocolate ice cream. It was served almost ice cold, though.
photo 20181021_141932

Cold meals offered consist of some basic salad and fruit cuts.
photo 20181021_142852

Inside the lounge proper there were only non-alcoholic beverages available.
photo 20181021_152417photo 20181021_152548

A vacant family room was located at the end of the main lounge area.
photo 20181021_143154

Though I didn't get to use it, the nap room looked comfortable enough to catch some sleep.
photo 20181021_143219

Since the lounge offered a good view of the tarmac, I was also able to take a few shots of the plane of the day landing.
photo 20181021_145014

She then took a short taxi to the satellite terminal, as it has been the case for KL's flights.
photo 20181021_145345

The plane for the late afternoon was PH-BQK, a 13 1/2 years old 772.
photo 20181021_145438

As the plane has arrived at the gate I went for shower first at their bathroom, which was fine if not a bit dingy and small.
photo 20181021_150315

By depositing your passport (or boarding pass, if it's printed) I received body lotion and towel. Dental kit as well as shaving kit were also available on request.
photo 20181021_151057

Lounge test verdict and departure

On overall, the lounge was quite decent by international business class standard - it's nothing especially luxurious, but still delivered the basics quite well with comfortable seats, showers, and (half-)decent meals. Added with the lounge's additional perks like champagne bar and nap room, this lounge was something I would look forward to before my flight.

photo 20181021_152852

Security took me 10 minutes to clear, and there was no priority enforced.
photo 20181021_153018

I had my ticket checked before entering the waiting room. At this time I also verified the load, which was quite heavy.
photo 20181021_154147

By that time boarding was already well underway so there was only a couple of people at the waiting room.
photo 20181021_154316

The boarding gate proper was also unoccupied.
photo 20181021_154337

I was directed to go through the left corridor leading to the front aerobridge.
photo 20181021_154357

The front aerobridge was only used for 30 or so passengers so it's almost expected to have it empty.
photo 20181021_154416

It was time to board the plane and move to the next part.
photo 20181021_154425

On board

Flight: KL809
Plane: PH-BQK "Mount Kilimanjaro"
STD/ATD: 16.20/16.16
STA/ATA: 17.25/17.34
Load factor: 91% J (31/34), 100% Y (285/284)
Seat type: Fully lie-flat offset business class (bulkhead window seat)

After I was welcomed by one of the cabin crews I went right to my seat.
photo 20181021_154503

A standard KL pillow was provided, which was quite plush.
photo 20181021_154620

A side view of the seats.
photo 20181021_154532

Legroom wasn't bad, however I would be better off at the mini cabin since the fuselage curvature made the footrest slightly shift to the aisle.
photo 20181021_154553

To make it worse, the IFE screen was also shifted to the right, which made it uncomfortable to look at.
photo 20181021_154714

Welcome drinks were distributed on a tray.
photo 20181021_154740

Naturally, I went for the champagne, which was distributed in KL's beautiful yet small glass. As expected, there was no refill provided.
photo 20181021_154800

A customs form was also provided on board.
photo 20181021_155604

Time for a seat tour: the armrest by the window (or aisle) can be lowered for sleeping.
photo 20181021_154843

Beside my seat are the USB/AC plugs as well as headphone plug. A small storage area below it was also used to store the packed headphone.
photo 20181021_154902photo 20181021_154929

A centre armrest was provided, which also came with a cocktail table.
photo 20181021_160809

The literature pocket and remote control stowage are both located below the centre armrest. Speaking of the literature pocket, it's a sure-fire way to quickly damage whatever is put there.
photo 20181021_155023

Fortunately, the remote was still in good condition and in fact quite responsive.
photo 20181021_155051

Contents inside the literature pocket.
photo 20181021_155758

Seat control was easy to reach and offered quite a few different settings.
photo 20181021_155132

A foldable tabe could be found from the centre armrest.
photo 20181021_155146

The table, however, was still wet.
photo 20181021_155215

I then asked for some tissue to clean the table, for which I received some KL-branded tissue papers.
photo 20181021_155512

Since I had opted for a seat o the left seat, the view consisted of nothing but the aerobridges for now.
photo 20181021_160621

Me on the seat with the headphone: the seat was comfortable enough, though the headphone felt a bit small even as it did its job.
photo 20181021_161817

Newspaper was also handed out.
photo 20181021_160526

Soon it was time for pushback.
photo 20181021_161659

A safety video was shown at this moment.
photo 20181021_161731

Our short taxi mostly featured views of the satellite terminal.
photo 20181021_162225

There was no queue for departure so take-off roll followed the taxi.
photo 20181021_162416 1

As we started the noisy take-off, I managed to capture a couple of photos of the terminal.
photo 20181021_162420photo 20181021_162510

KUL terminal 2 could be clearly seen as we lifted off.
photo 20181021_162532

As we climbed the views mainly consisted of plants and expressways.
photo 20181021_162630photo 20181021_162748photo 20181021_162816

The entire KUL airport were in sight after we made a turn towards the Malacca strait.
photo 20181021_162914

It was time to leave peninsular Malaysia.
photo 20181021_163045

With multiple ships sailing along the Malacca strait at once, it's no wonder that it's considered one of the world's busiest straits.
photo 20181021_163232

After the fasten seatbelt sign was switched off the curtain was closed to prepare for the service.
photo 20181021_163250

Service started with a hot towel.
photo 20181021_163359

After I lifted my table a tablecloth was applied by the flight attendant.
photo 20181021_155136

There was unfortunately no menu provided, so as the trolley came I was offered between chicken or beef. I opted for the beef option, having tried the chicken option on my flight with KL a few months before, and after the meal was presented bread and olive oil was also provided. This time, though, the meal was brought to me with the aluminum foil still on.
photo 20181021_155247

My early dinner after I opened the foil.
photo 20181021_155403

To accompany the meal I had their signature Flying Dutchman cocktail.
photo 20181021_155933

The early dinner consisted of:
Appetizer: Jakarta-style rice cake and tofu with vermicelli and bean sprouts in peanut sauce
Bread: Bread basket
Main course: Braised beef with vegetable medley and cut potatoes or chicken (didn't exactly remember the exact dish details since there was no menu)
Dessert: Nutmeg cake
Drink: Water / coffee / tea / milk / fruit juice / cocktail / wine / champagne

For reference, here is the menu from KL's website which showed different appetizer and side dishes for the beef option (though the dessert was still the same):
photo screenshot_20181021-180542_samsung internet

To start, though the appetizer wasn't exactly what I predicted, it turned out to be pretty fine (it's only a couple of weeks later that I had grown appetite for the dish on the ground). In terms of the main dish, while the beef was slightly chewy it was still quite tender and flavourful, and the vegetables weren't soggy either. The bread was a tad better than the usual roll, though the olive oil made it better, and to end the meal the dessert was quite good. On overall, I found this to be one of the better short-haul business class meals out there.

I also had the dessert wine during the second drink service, which I enjoyed.
photo 20181021_170834

As the meal was collected another drink service was provided, which I partook by ordering sparkling water.
photo 20181021_171925

Following the dinner service I tried the seat in bed mode, which was pretty fine.
photo 20181021_172330

The wide legroom also helped a bit in this regard, especially since I found the cubby on non-bulkhead rows to be a bit small.
photo 20181021_172336

I then went to the galley and chatted with the flight crew for a while while I waited for the lavatory.
photo 20181021_172521

They also offered me Delft Blue-shaped post-meal chocolate as I waited (which would be distributed to the cabin afterwards), and I picked the dark chocolate one.
photo 20181021_172726

The lavatory was nothing remarkable and otherwise the same as economy class lavatory apart from the additional toiletries.
photo 20181021_172943photo 20181021_172949

Naturally they had already prepared the miniature houses to distribute, and since this was only a few weeks after they released the #99 Delft Blue house (the small ones) they loaded quite a number of them.
photo 20181021_173226

But first, some video for the launch of the new house design:

A view of the main business class cabin.
photo 20181021_173234

While I waited for the houses to come I had a look at the IFE's music selection, which was decent.

Soon enough, the Delft Blue house was distributed and I picked the newest one (too bad it ended up in my friend's hands now).
photo 20181021_173700photo 20181021_173706

The view as we cruised.
photo 20181021_173501

A couple of minutes later I checked the moving map, which was almost as good as it gets for a "default" moving map.
photo 20181021_174844photo 20181021_174920

It was soon time for descent, and as the sun started to set the view improved.
photo 20181021_175438photo 20181021_175609

As we neared CGK, though, it became a bit more dull.
photo 20181021_180259

During the approach to CGK the view was initially dominated by rice fields.
photo 20181021_170906

Occasionally the Tangerang - Merak expressway could be seen as well.
photo 20181021_171429

As we got into our final approach the busier side of Tangerang started to appear.
photo 20181021_171635photo 20181021_171659

The airport rail branch could be seen around the airport perimeter.
photo 20181021_171829

QG's 320 and JT's 739 queuing up for takeoff.
photo 20181021_171845photo 20181021_171921

It was time to start the long taxi all the way to terminal 3.
photo 20181021_172023

ID's 320 landing at runway 7R.
photo 20181021_172153

We also passed by the planes parked in GA's maintenance facility.
photo 20181021_172401

After more than 10 minutes of taxi we finally arrived at CGK terminal 3.
photo 20181021_173239

When we reached there the ground staffs were already expecting our arrival.
photo 20181021_173315

We were finally parked beside PK-GIK, GA's latest 77W.
photo 20181021_173341

As expected on a KL flight, an ad video of them was shown as we started to deplane.
photo 20181021_173433

The business class cabin emptied in no time and it was also time for me to leave.
photo 20181021_173752

After bidding farewell to the crews I walked to the terminal using the aerobridge.
photo 20181021_173812photo 20181021_173841

Last view of the -BQK.
photo 20181021_173858

Arrival at CGK and post-arrival trip

It was time to walk along the interstitial corridor again, which this time was packed due to GA's flight from HND arriving around the same time.
photo 20181021_173923

I then went down to the arrival floor.
photo 20181021_174055

Fortunately we were already among the closest gates to immigration so it didn't take long for me to get there.
photo 20181021_174123

This time the automated immigration gates happened to work, so I went for it. Also seen right beside the automated gates are the gates for GA's arriving elite/premium passengers (and GA only, doesn't apply for other carriers).
photo 20181021_174227

After clearing immigration I went to the arrival hall.
photo 20181021_174408

While the luggage claim area was crowded, I checked nothing so ….
photo 20181021_174456

Instead, I went straight to customs.
photo 20181021_174540

I had the misfortune of getting my bags checked even though I only brought my backpack, though at least it was fast.
photo 20181021_174619

It was the time again to walk all the way to the other end of the terminal ….
photo 20181021_174815

To the bus terminal, of course.
photo 20181021_175209

I took the Damri bus and afterwards connected to a motorcycle taxi to get back to my proper bed.
photo 20181021_180020
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Like on my previous flight with KL on the same route, I especially enjoyed the flight and found it to offer good value as usual. Apart from the offset legrest and the discrepancy on the meal offerings, the flight was on overall quite pleasant. In terms of the airports, both KUL and CGK were relatively fuss-free and the lounge at KUL was quite decent (except for the long delay for laksa and the poor afternoon tea hot buffet selection).

On overall, at around this price point I would be more than happy to fly with them again.

Information on the route Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Jakarta (CGK)


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