Review of British Airways flight Los Angeles London in Economy

Airline British Airways
Flight BA268
Class Economy
Seat 80A
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 10:20
Take-off 20 Dec 18, 21:05
Arrival at 21 Dec 18, 15:25
BA   #55 out of 79 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 909 reviews
By 3770
Published on 3rd February 2019

Welcome to this new series of Flight-Reports which is actually a combination of three flights in two different itineraries. The first itinerary would only include a transcontinental flight onboard American Airlines 737-8MAX aircraft and the second one would include two flights with British Airways onboard their A380-800 aircraft and their A320 aircraft.

The second flight of this serie would be my second experience on the A380's of British Airways on one of the longer transatlantic routes. I have flown this flight on the World Traveller cabin with the good ( but not the best ) product of British Airways. Unfortunately, I won't be able to review a lounge this time and the information about that would be available during the report. Otherwise, everything went very good.

Pax for this flight

First: No idea
Club World: No idea
World Traveller Plus: %95-100
World Traveller: %95-100

Trip Overview:

As I already had a booked BWI-LHR-IST ticket in World Traveller, first I decided to fly from LAX to BWI for a reasonable price and then fly to London from BWI but then I've realized that LAX-BWI ticket prices had a significant markup due to the holiday season and it was cheaper to change my BA flight from BWI to a LAX departure. That's why I've decided to fly directly from LAX to LHR and then to Istanbul.


I have competed my online check-in 24 hours before departure. As BA does sell their emergency exit seats for non status passengers, they were unable for my LAX-LHR flight and the upper deck was almost full as well, so I had decided to stick at my original seat: 21K. For my onward journey, I was able to reserve an exit row seat for free.

Boarding pass generated from the BA app

photo img_5340

The day of my flight, I have spotted the incoming flight from; that day I was going to fly with G-XLEF which isn't equipped with Wi-Fi yet. The list of aircrafts that are equipped with Wi-Fi was available on at that time, however, that section is removed at the moment.

photo img_5342photo img_5343


LAX was quite busy that day

photo img_5344


photo img_5345

As usual, reaching TBIT from the entrance took 5-10 minutes as the airport was crowded.

photo img_5346

As there were only 6 employees checking-in all the A380 ( 1 for First, 2 for Club World, 3 for Bag Drop ), I waited 20-25 in the Club World line for my turn to come. Many people, even in the premium cabins, had excess luggage so it took long to process those passengers payments.

photo img_5349-81

While waiting for my turn, the crew had arrived to the check-in desks and I had recognized two of them from my previous flights. One was the cabin attendant that served me on my LHR-BWI flight that summer in the Club World cabin and the other one was serving my area on my IAD-LHR flight, the previous month. But both of them wasn't serving my area that day.

photo img_5347-38

Few minutes before my turn came, I had checked expertflyer to check if there are emergency exits seats available. Seat 80A was available at that time and I have asked the check-in agent to assign that seat for me. He was happy to help with that. Later on, he tagged my bags and told were the lounge is located. After that, I had proceeded to the security checkpoint.

Boarding pass

photo img_5350


photo img_5348

After heading to the upper level for security, I have used the priority lane and the employee there recognized my priority by only looking at my boarding pass. It was strange that the TSA agent didn't want me to take off my shoes at that time. As the agents were efficient that day I was in the airside within 5-10 minutes.

photo img_5351

Then I've headed to the oneworld Lounge to have something to eat before my flight.

photo img_5352-35

At that moment, they were rejecting some eligible pax and redirecting them to somewhere else. I've understood something was going strange at that moment. One of the passengers were directed to the Qantas First Lounge and another one was denied to the lounge with a J class ticket. ( You could see that guy's hand while arguing ). When it was my turn, the employee kindly rejected my entry and told me that they were unable to offer access to me for that occasion only and they have apologized for that. They were more polite to me than they were to the people in front of me. They told me that I could get a meal voucher from the BA service desk.

photo img_5353

As I didn't have that time to walk to the American Airlines Flagship Lounge in T4, I had decided to get the meal voucher and use it in one of the food court restaurants. The agent at the gate didn't question me and gave the voucher directly. Probably there are sometimes that they need to deny people from the OW lounge due to operational reasons. Then, I was surprised that I've got a $19 voucher which is an amount under LAX standards.

photo img_5354

First, I have thought of having a starter and a glass of water at PF Changs which would cost around $15-18 but there was a queue in front of the restaurant as they also accept Priority Pass members. Then I have headed downstairs to the food court and decided to have a burger at Umami Burger.

photo img_5355-33

After a wait of 15 minutes for ordering and another 10 minutes for my meal to be ready. I have enjoyed a truffle burger for the day. It's strange that the burger costed $16.97 and there were no money left for a drink or a side.

photo img_5356

The receipt 

photo img_5357

And the burger which tasted really good but not worth that much.

photo img_5358

After finishing my meal at 20:40 ( 25 minutes before the scheduled departure time ), I have walked really fast to the gate.

photo img_5359


I have arrived to the gate around 20:45 ( 20 minutes before scheduled departure ) and I have noticed that boarding hadn't started yet.

photo img_5361-61

Our aircraft

photo img_5360

There were two queues formed; one for groups 1&2&3 and the other one for groups 4&5. I have entered the queue for groups 1&2. By the way, the seating areas in LAX at gates aren't enough for an A380 departure as most of there were people sitting in the floor as well. There is also no space to form 5 different queues for each group. 

photo img_5363-96

Around 20:50, boarding had started with priorities being respected. As they were using the new face recognition e-gates, it took time that the machine to open gates. Passengers didn't need to show their passports or scan their boarding passes. The e-gates recognized passengers from their faces and the gate opened if the machine recognized the passenger. I have boarded with group 2.

photo img_5364

Gates at LAX are not spotter friendly

photo img_5365

As I was sitting in the upper deck, I have used the upper jetway to board the plane.

photo img_5366

Fuselage shot

photo img_5367


As my seat was in the smaller World Traveller cabin in the upper deck, the overhead lockers are smaller than those in the front so it was essential to board early to place hand baggages near to my seat. Most passengers in groups 4 and 5 needed to place theirs somewhere in the front cabin.

While I've boarded the aircraft; a pillow, a blanket and headsets were available at my seat.

photo img_5368photo img_5375

The enormous legroom at row 80.

photo img_5374

As there were no seats in front of my seat, the power source was next to the life vest and the remote & the USB was located at armrests.

Overhead panel - The nearest seatbelt sign was on top of the crew seat which was located in front of my seat

photo img_5371

FJ A330 which I've spotted from the small emergency exit window

photo img_5372-1

For the safety briefing, the crew asked us to open the personal IFE screens; this aircraft was equipped with the Thales IFE system

photo img_5376photo img_5377

Later on the safety video had been played

photo img_5379

As there were no windows next to my seat I couldn't take pictures of LAX and the takeoff process.

The route map just after we took off

photo img_5380

Even though we had departed 35 minutes later than our scheduled time we were planned to arrive before our scheduled arrival time.

photo img_5381


The BA IFE system is not the best that I've seen but had around 100-150 movies that was selected from different types of movies. Today I've watched one of the recent movies that was released several months before my flight.

photo img_5386

The seat pocket contained the safety card, the High Life magazine and the High Life Shop catalogue. Inflight shopping was available during this flight.

photo img_5382

BA USA route map

photo img_5383

The destinations between London and North American destinations

photo img_5384-82

Shortly after the seatbelt sign had been turned off, the aperitif service started with a choice of drink. The cabin crew had also offered wine for passengers to enjoy with the meal that would be also served within an hour.

photo img_5385


Later on, the meal service had started. The options were chicken and pasta as usual. The tray contained the main course, a small salad, bread, crackers, butter, cheese, vinaigrette for the salad, a bottle of water and a small pudding.

photo img_5387

The main course tasted good. It's always rare and nice to have a tasty meal on a transatlantic flight departing from USA.

Cavatappi with Tomatoes, Olives, Capers & Mushrooms

photo img_5388

While I was enjoying my meal, the crew passed for tea & coffee.

photo img_5389-93

Shortly after I finished my meal, the cabin lights were turned off and I continued to enjoy my movie. Drink runs were made after the lights were dimmed.

photo img_5391-99

After finishing my movie, I had slept for a while and woke up here.

photo img_5395photo img_5396

Then I had a short visit to the lavatory. As I was seated near to the lavatory, I noticed the crew cleaning the lavatory in regular sequences. It was clean during my visit.

photo img_5397photo img_5398

Later on, I've helped myself from the snack basket at the rear galley. These were that days selections.

photo img_5399

BREAKFAST - BA 268 Los Angeles AIRPORT TO London Heathrow AIRPORT

Before landing, breakfast was served by the cabin crew. The tray contained a hot breakfast burrito ( chicken or vegetarian ), a muffin, fresh fruits and a small orange juice.

photo img_5400

I have had the chicken burrito option which tasted really well. It was definitely better than my previous transatlantic experience on BA which they have only served a bagel for breakfast.

Egg, Cheese & Turkey Bacon Breakfast Burrito

photo img_5402

While people were enjoying their breakfast, tea & coffee was served by the crew.

photo img_5403-28

The route map just before starting our descend.

A shot from the emergency exit window

photo img_5407-64

30 minutes before arrival, the video about the Flying Start charity project had been monitored from the safety video.

photo img_5408

We had landed on time and after a 15 minutes taxi we had parked to gate C62. As it took long that the jetway to be connected, passengers in the upper deck World Traveller were able to leave the aircraft 30 minutes after arrival ( approximately at 15:55 - 40 minutes before my connecting flight would depart )


Then I have checked the information for my onward flight and saw the information "Go to A gates". I was in a worry that would I be able to make my next flight.

photo img_5410-0-41

So, this report has came to an end, thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report.

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British Airways

Cabin crew9.0

Los Angeles - LAX


London - LHR



In overall, the flight experience was pleasant and everything went perfect during the flight. LAX was crowded as usual and the waiting time for check-in was long for a priority queue. Even though the security waiting times were acceteptable; the deny at the lounge was a bit surprising and the amount of meal voucher was even more surprising. Probably the amount was based on Heathrow that people could easily eat a full course meal ( light meal + drink/ maybe even a main course + drink at Wagamama ) for 15 GBP. The boarding process was a bit messy as there were no clear lines for each group and people were waiting at different parts of the gate area.

(+) Acceptable security waiting time
(+) The terminal was fresh and had a higher ceiling level than other US airports
(+) Friendly check-in agent that helped me assigning an exit row seat
(-) Very bad traffic ( without exception ) while entering the airport. No public transportation option except buses for a large airport.
(-) Check-in waiting time
(-) Meal voucher was not sufficient for an airport like LAX ( food in LAX TBIT is a huge markup )
(-) Messy gate area even though priorities were respected
(-) Not enough seats for an A380 near gate 154
(+) Comfortable seats
(+) Nice meals during the flight ( both the dinner and the brunch )
(+) Legroom at exit row seats
(+) Sufficient IFE for a transatlantic flight ( but not the best I've seen )
(+) Power sources and USB ports available at each seat
(+) Drink runs were made in regular intervals
(+) Toilets were kept clean during the flight
(-) The snack basket seemed a bit basic but it was alright
(-) It took too long for the ground staff to connect the jetbridge to the aircraft.

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  • Comment 486730 by
    KL651 TEAM 4525 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    No explanation was provided as to why the access to the lounge was denied? That's strange...
    I thought CDG restaurants were overpriced, but i's nothing compared to LAX!
    Nice service, BA has really improved its meal offering in all classes lately.

    • Comment 486793 by
      ISTFlyer AUTHOR 374 Comments

      Hi KL651 and welcome to this report,

      "No explanation was provided as to why the access to the lounge was denied? That's strange..."
      - I guess, probably it was due to capacity reasons as I only had 1 hours 15 minutes for the flight. I was not in a mood to argue as both the employee were polite to me and I was tired at that time after 25 minute wait at check-in. Maybe they have a special protocol that on busy days ( there were 3 Qantas and 1 Cathay Pacific flight coming up within the next 2 hours ), they don't allow passengers who has a short time to their flight. The strangest part is that the BA agent at the gate didn't ask me any questions for the meal voucher while I asked one, I just told her I was denied from the lounge and she just printed me the voucher. Probably rejection to the lounge is common in busy hours, especially holiday season. ( There were around 30-40 people waiting for PF Changs, the only Priority Pass location in TBIT that offers access at that hour slot. That's how I could describe how busy TBIT was at that time ). Looking forward to visit the lounge in my next visit to TBIT on a OW flight.
      "I thought CDG restaurants were overpriced, but i's nothing compared to LAX!"
      - Yes, no sign of the city price based airport IAD.
      "Nice service, BA has really improved its meal offering in all classes lately."
      - Totally agree, maybe I have mentioned this before but BA has the best Economy catering for eastbound transatlantic flights.

      Thanks for your comment and hope to see you in another report.

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