Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Denpasar in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 946
Class Business
Seat 16K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 02:34
Take-off 22 Dec 18, 16:33
Arrival at 22 Dec 18, 19:07
SQ   #4 out of 69 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 632 reviews
By 2206
Published on 28th December 2018
Over the Christmas holiday which just passed, I flew to the nearby resort island of Bali for a short getaway. Flights were booked on SQ Business Class for this trip as a Xmas treat.

Departure to Bali was from Changi Terminal 2 and check-in was quick at Row 1, where SQ's premium check-in desks are located. I hope the T2 flipping flight info board survives the massive T2 renovations in the near future.

photo 45559107505_2c95953a29_b

photo 45559107355_cd3327f3ca_b

Boarding pass

photo 45559107095_180f398664_b

First stop was a visit to the T2 Silver Kris Lounge. This lounge is already showing its age and long overdue for a revamp. Surprisingly, the lounge is reasonably busy at this time of the afternoon.

photo 45559106755_9a7ee0ccb2_b

photo 46472064151_2ffddf664c_b

photo 46421203972_3e3d8b7684_b

photo 46421204132_cdc8f8f314_b

photo 45559106985_b544070bae_b

photo 46421204042_e56c9af45b_b

Food selection is not fantastic, and I only grabbed a nibble of the choices from the buffet.

photo 45559107255_cd83c7c345_b

photo 46472063661_eed721e7cd_b

Left the lounge and headed to the gate. Spotted our A330 aircraft parked at E3.

photo 46421203902_7ffe86153b_b

SQ's regional workhorse 9V-SSH would be operating the flight this afternoon.

photo 46421203822_88fdbc5b41_b

Proceeded to gate E3 for the flight. It was still more than 20min from STD but most passengers had already board.

photo 45559106525_cc9acbbb7e_b

photo 46421203682_70dfc81480_b

photo 45559106365_9a2f34580f_b

22 December 2018
Singapore Airlines
SQ 946
Singapore (SIN) - Denpasar Bali (DPS)
Business Class
Flight Time: 2H35M

Proceeding to board the aircraft immediately.

photo 45559106415_6d8ba6f7b9_b

Welcomed by the crew and directed to our seats. A pillow, blanket and amenity kit was placed on each seat. I would not review much about the seat as it has been reviewed countless times and on the way of being phase out. It was also surprising that being more than 20min to departure, we were the last 2 Business Class passengers to board. The Business cabin was totally full today, 30/30.

photo 45559106295_432651ea3d_b

Seat controls and IFE handset.

photo 46421200732_9b2a0b0fd2_b

SQ's new Dreamliner beside us.

photo 45559105975_09145dd962_b

Christmas decorations in the cabin.

photo 46421203362_db720a2d3c_b

Inflight magazines.

photo 46421203002_5924583e40_b

Noise-cancelling headphones

photo 32599596658_de43047861_b

Hot towels, welcome drinks, newspapers and magazines were offered. I went with the Charles Heidhieck champagne. And nope, I am definitely not a Crazy Rich Asian!

photo 46421203142_90ac953264_b

Flight time scheduled at 2h05m.

photo 46421202892_836ac28af3_b

All aboard and ready to go.

photo 46421194932_bd2273051c_b

Pushed back and safety video played.

photo 32599596468_f3e56c0b61_b

photo 32599596388_d2fb142468_b

Taxiing to runway. EVA B77W holding for us to pass.

photo 46421202772_e3ea13f9b1_b

Departure from Rwy02C. It seemed that the new 3rd Runway 02R/20L has been extended and looked ready for use.

photo 32599596268_2e66d7f9ac_b

photo 45748576084_ee054e5450_b

photo 46421202592_1c325a400b_b

photo 32599596018_9465571a67_b

A look at the amenity kit which was provided. It came in a black bag and contained a hand cream, lip balm, The Laundress Crease Release and Fabric Fresh.

photo 46421202482_da721df459_b

For some reason, the kit that my travel partner got had a Wash & Stain bar instead of the Fabric Fresh. Not sure is it random or one of us had the wrong items packed.

photo 45748571744_8241f86386_b

Watching Crazy Rich Asians.

photo 32599595788_88f5a9e14d_b

Dinner service commenced shortly after seatbelt signs were turned off. Being a regional flight, meal trays were served from carts. Crew were professional and efficient. Of special mention is the Indonesian Leading Stewardess serving my aisle, who was especially friendly and jovial. Totally un-robotic and natural in her interactions with passengers, making us feel really comfortable.

photo 32599595098_81ef90217b_b

photo 46421202182_73dc9fdc08_b

There were no proper menus offered on this regional flight, just a slip of menu paper describing the meal choices.

photo 32599596818_ea12b44e65_b

The meal tray was offered with the starter and dessert. I had a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc to go with my meal.

photo 32599595568_4e2cdb0889_b

Selection of breads were offered and I went for the garlic bread and a savoury bread. Butter needed to be requested from the crew as, according to the crew, they were now removed from the meal trays on regional flights, ie. cost-cutting.

photo 46421202072_a12d10cab4_b

The crab and mango salad starter was alright.

photo 46421201982_0d7bb45a40_b

The mains were delivered separately from the galley. For the main, I had booked-the-cook the Lobster Thermidor. This was well-prepared and not too heavy.

photo 32599595218_408f11570f_b

photo 46421201752_0b22c4cac4_b

Coffee Bavarian Cream dessert was very good.

photo 32599594938_899aa9667c_b

My travel partner pre-ordered the Seared Lamb Loin from the inflight menu, which was tender though a bit salty. The pre-ordering feature was just introduced network wide for all of SQ's First/Business passengers on the week of our flight (not to be confused with Book-the-Cook) after a few months of trial on North Asian flights. Hence, passengers would get to peruse the inflight menu online up to a month before the flight, and pre-order the main from the inflight menu latest 24hrs before the flight. Guess it could prevent wastage (and cut costs) and also ensure happy passengers as you would definitely get your choice of meal if you pre-ordered.

photo 46421195402_3785c6844b_b

To end, I ordered an Earl Grey tea.

photo 32599594868_0005e43061_b

Setting sun as we flew eastwards.

photo 46421201422_e1ab98c470_b

Visit to the lavatory.

photo 32599594578_6490c9e8a6_b

Fake orchids has replaced the previous real stalks (another cost-cutting spotted).

photo 32599594338_f750a8bdaa_b

All the usual amenities were still available.

photo 46421201212_bd47572907_b

photo 46421201322_7a82b347a6_b

View of the cabin. Even though the cabin was totally full, the ambience was still good.

photo 32599594098_ff3b29bb32_b

Continued with my movie, and also requested for a bottle of water.

photo 32599593978_0999119e1e_b

photo 46421200962_01ed8c9459_b

Not too long later, we started descending into Bali.

photo 32599593788_693220da01_b

Weather was not too good, and we need to slow and hold for a bit during the approach into Bali, lengthening the flight time by about 20min. We almost reached Lombok before turning back towards Bali for the approach.

photo 32599593708_5856171cb9_b

photo 32599593548_6588061bdd_b

photo 32599593418_6c6a98fccf_b

photo 32599593268_8cd7d8fd6a_b

Landing in Denpasar Bali Ngurah Rai Intl Airport Rwy27 right on schedule.

photo 46421200432_5847618e48_b

Parked at the gate. It was a wet and rainy welcome to Bali.

photo 32599593098_61bbaffc41_b

View of our messy seats.

photo 46421200262_c81f4cd7aa_b


photo 32599592858_7798c87fbd_b

photo 32599592758_7798c87fbd_b

Despite the totally full cabin, consistently excellent service was maintained by the crew on this flight.

Immigration was another matter as it was very crowded and the wait to clear immigration and customs was almost an hour!

photo 46421199992_6611d7493c_b

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Despite the totally full cabin, consistently excellent service was maintained by the crew on this flight. A very good regional sector on SQ this was.

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