Review of Cathay Pacific flight London Hong Kong in Economy

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX250
Class Economy
Seat 42A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 12:00
Take-off 08 Dec 18, 17:55
Arrival at 09 Dec 18, 13:55
CX 465 reviews
By BRONZE 2856
Published on 26th January 2019
Welcome to the second part of the trip to Asia in December, this part will cover the flight from London Heathrow to Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific Airways.

1. Part 1 MUC->LHR BA927: Here!
2. Part 2 LHR->HKG CX250: You are here!
3. Part 3 HKG->TPE CX464: Here!
4. Part 4 TPE->HKG CX421: Here!
5. Part 5 HKG->LHR CX257: Here!
6. Part 6 LHR->MUC BA956: Coming soon!

After arriving from Munich, because of the delay I only had about one and hour hour to my next boarding to Hong Kong. I took the shuttle bus from Terminal 5 to Terminal 3. Once I reached the security check at terminal 3, it was surprising that there was no people at all and staff were just chatting with each others. This was very good and I was through in no time. The gate for my flight to Hong Kong was assigned at gate 31.
photo img_3799
Obviously, I could not get any view of my aircraft due to the terminal design, after the trip I checked online and knew that the plane was B-KPW. This plane had already been painted into the new Cathay Pacific livery. It provided 4 classes in the configuration of F6C53W34Y182.
As I arrived at the gate, the boarding started soon in a few minutes. I boarded the plane quite late and a Japanese lady and a Chinese man were already seating the middle and aisle seats. That was why I did not take any photos during the boarding phase. Anyway, 42A was my seat, and was located in the 4th row of the economy class. The seat was still the old type that introduced in 2012. This was also implying that the plane had not yet refurbished into the latest 10 abreast cabin.
photo img_380
Back of the economy seat
photo dsc07064
Cathay Pacific Airways had updated their entertainment system in this plane. and this version was identical with those in their A350.
photo dsc07065
At 17:39pm, menu was distributed and according to the announcement, flight time was expected to be 11 hours and 18 minutes.
photo dsc07066
At 18:11pm pushback was commenced and cabin light was turned off for takeoff. It was raining quite heavily outside. With about 15 minutes taxi to the runway, we lifted off at 18:32pm at RWY27L.
10 minutest after takeoff, the seatbelt sign was switched off and I started to watch the first movie of the flight, The First Purge.
photo dsc07068
About 40 minutes after take-off, wet tissue, pretzels and drinks were served.
photo dsc07070
At 19:53pm, dinner was then served. I opted for the "Stir fried chicken with mushroom sauce". Honestly the taste was really good.
photo dsc07071
In the middle of the meal, ice-cream was given to everyone and I got the chocolate taste.
photo dsc07074
As I finished the movie, I checked out the flightmap. We were flying somewhere between Lithuania and Belarus.
photo dsc07075
Then I started the second movie, Mission Impossible-Fallout, about 20 minutes later, the cabin light was switched off.
photo dsc07076
At 21:50pm, my neighbor was leaving her seat and I took the chance to go to the lavatory. The closest lavatory for me was the one behind row 45, otherwise I would have gone to the very end of the aircraft.
photo dsc07077
As I mentioned in one of my Cathay Pacific flightreport, I really like this hand cream.
photo dsc07078
I also checked out the small snacks bar next to the toilet and grabbed myself a banana and an orange juice. I returned to my seat and continued with the movie. After I finished the movie, I slept for about 50 minutes and as I woke up, we had entered Kazakhstan territory.
photo dsc07079
I eventually started watching the third movie of the flight, The Predator.
photo dsc07080
When I finished the Predator movie at 2:50am, we had just entered China airspace. Then I had another 50 minutes nap.
photo dsc07081
Flying over Qinghai province in China, somewhere east to the city of Xining.
photo dsc07083
Still have approximately 3 more hours until we reached Hong Kong.
photo dsc07084
i then watched the fourth movie of the flight, The Meg,
photo dsc07085
At about 4;00am, the crew distributed the wet tissue and some refreshment drink. Breakfast was served 30 minutes later. I took the scrambled egg option with orange juice.
photo dsc07086
At about 5:10am, the announcement from the flight deck informing us that the expected arrival time would be local time 13:55pm and the descend would begin very soon.
photo dsc07087
Full flaps on final approach.
photo dsc07088
We landed on RWY07L at local time 13:56pm. The total flight time was 11 hours and 24 minutes.
photo dsc07089
Finally we parked at gate 42 in terminal 1.
photo dsc07090
"Good-bye" screen
photo dsc07091
The last view of my seat.
photo dsc07092
Thanks for reading!
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    KL651 TEAM 4523 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    A superior meal service compared to LH but flying through LHR does make the trip a lot longer.
    This old configuration with the new screen is really good, we better enjoy it while it lasts...

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