Review of Singapore Airlines flight Shanghai Singapore in First

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 833
Class First
Seat 2A
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 05:29
Take-off 02 Jan 19, 16:40
Arrival at 02 Jan 19, 22:09
SQ   #1 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 617 reviews
By GOLD 2137
Published on 23rd January 2019
After checking out of the hotel, we proceeded to Pudong Terminal 2 for our flight back to Singapore. The flight back would be the highlight of the trip!

photo 45812183575_568bf58126_b

At the departure kerb side.

photo 32852639008_ae63816d84_b

Prior to the aircraft's departure, I was pretty nervous as SQ had sent the old A380 on the flight rather regularly. Hence, it was a relief that the new A380 took off for Shanghai in the morning, and it would also be the exact same aircraft I flew on into Shanghai. According to the check-in staff, the load in Suites was 3/6 today.

Checking in at the SQ counters and Golden boarding pass received!

photo 45812183435_bb62b6941f_b

photo 45812183275_2068a6b9f9_b

photo 45812182935_a219fe3568_b

Immigration and security was fast as there were not many departing travellers. Soon we were in the departure hall, and spotted our A380 which had arrived early and being serviced.

photo 45812182615_88ce4f6e91_b

photo 45812183055_0b6504d686_b

Up a level to the Air China First Class Lounge. Not sure of the lounge policy of other SQ/Star Alliance lounges, but each Suite passenger was allowed to guest in 1 guest into the First Class lounge.

photo 45812182525_1823d94f45_b

photo 32852637568_6d4dbca4da_b

The First Class lounge was pretty empty with lots of seating areas.

photo 46003074804_fb62652f65_b

photo 45812181955_f705b427a1_b

Restrooms were individual cubicles, and was cleaned by attendants after every use.

photo 31786255017_262e117913_b

photo 46003075044_84274e01c2_b

The dining area consisted of a simple buffet selection.

photo 31786254897_7280c67368_b

photo 39762821703_e32c5f0113_b

photo 32852637858_5ca1aee882_b

photo 39762821513_8d23c20590_b

photo 46003074474_596e916db8_b

Bar area

photo 46003074224_b7595d0f4c_b

An ala-carte menu was also offered.

photo 46003073794_3c8bd7c651_b

photo 32852638058_cea63fa2a7_b

photo 39762821653_2948bc001d_b

photo 39762821623_67af4185c4_b

photo 32852637978_f213763277_b

Placed our ala-carte orders, which needed some preparation time, and grabbed some bites from the buffet and an Air China signature cocktail from the bar to start.

photo 32852637748_eda7068147_b

Shanghainese Xiaolongbao and Iced Tremella soup

photo 39762821433_afb07576b2_b

Salmon fillet, fried rice and Shanghainese wanton soup.

photo 39762821393_67eda87220_b

photo 39762821343_94ebd01093_b

photo 45812180265_767a4d731e_b

Left the lounge and headed to the gate, where boarding has just begun.

photo 39762821283_b163ca01b4_b

02 January 2019
Singapore Airlines
SQ 833
Shanghai Pudong (PVG) - Singapore (SIN)
Flight Time: 5H29M

Boarding the whale.

photo 32852637488_e06470e63d_b

photo 45812179665_8a917cea93_b

photo 39762821203_d757818849_b

And welcomed into the brand new Suites cabin! First impression: Stunning! As someone who has never flown First and only once in the old Suites, the New Suites certainly did not felt like an aircraft seat. It was more of a cabin on its own! Amazing! I would be in 2A this evening.

photo 46727649651_3fc9a6c074_b

photo 45812179235_414e18f37e_b

photo 45812179465_4168c25684_b

photo 45812179095_19f80ae4c8_b

After welcoming us onboard, the crew in Suites introduced themselves. The leading stewardess also gave as a brief on the features of the Suite. At the suite entrance, there is a personal closet large enough to store carry-ons and hang your coats. Slippers, socks and eyeshades were also placed in the closet. No amenity kits and PJs provided on this mid-haul flight.

photo 45812174965_815dc5662c_b

Huge TV monitor with great resolution.

photo 31786253517_d5cbd41374_b

Simple IFE controller and seat/monitor controls. As others have reviewed, you can swirl the armchair round and round for your own amusement.

photo 31786253617_c510fc00b4_b

B&O headphones already placed at the seat.

photo 32852637218_57d74bf483_b

Suites guide in the literature pocket.

photo 32852636898_cc4f95abfb_b

Welcome beverages offered. A Dom for me please.

photo 32852637428_1a564a1a81_b

As well as a selection of warmed nuts. Mix of everything please.

photo 46727649001_9b00a57146_b

More storage compartments, wireless controller, window shades/lighting controls and call buttons.

photo 31786253877_c3de4ff007_b

photo 32852637118_9c3aff3c9d_b

A peek into Suite 1F, which remained empty for the flight.

photo 32852637328_973f9c5da6_b

In the midst of being overwhelmed with the seat and space, the captain informed that due to a tropical depression, the flight would be longer than usual due to a rerouting required to avoid the bad weather. Estimated flight time of 5h30m. Yess!

Pushed back on schedule.

photo 45812178885_e88aafed4d_b

photo 46003071744_6b04ba4cb8_b

Safety video was played, followed by an introduction video to the New Suites.

photo 32852636998_48e549a483_b

photo 32852636878_80f4a4215c_b

The awkward moments of being able to see your fellow Suites passenger across the aisle, with a vase of decorative fake orchids. This was made worse inflight during dining when the armchair needs to be angled towards the suite door.

photo 39762820853_734aefc0d7_b

Taxied to the runway Rwy34L for departure.

photo 32852636838_66b161650e_b

photo 46003071544_976778ec19_b

photo 32852636778_904620c906_b

photo 46003071394_85e9401773_b

More champagne after takeoff? Sure, Krug please.

photo 32852636548_65b8990d6d_b

photo 32852636688_56c3530278_b

A leather-bounded menu was presented, meal choices confirmed and preferred dining time noted. We decided to have dinner 1.5hrs after takeoff.

photo 32852636628_550130453a_b

photo 32852636618_32e084e924_b

Satay was served shortly after departure.

photo 32852636588_c6b111448f_b

Another serving of mixed nuts with a refill of Krug offered.

photo 46003070154_3cd7ef8423_b

Setting sun

photo 46003070964_0527888d31_b

The wireless touchscreen IFE controller was easy to use, but required a restart by the crew as the IFE system hanged on me.

photo 31786252917_6cc277606f_b

Popped into the XL-sized lavatory, which was so huge that one can do yoga in it.

photo 32852636418_01c1bbc750_b

photo 31786252837_06103bf593_b

photo 46003070704_77dabb7bf6_b

photo 32852636358_f037dd9a2f_b

photo 31786252697_085d6488a0_b

photo 31786252577_4a006e4234_b

Suite 1A with the divider down. You don't need to be a crazy rich Asian to fly in one of these luxurious suites haha.

photo 46003065844_52c8166082_b

We requested to lunch to be served at 6pm local time, which is about 1.5hrs after departure. But first, lets take a look at the menu.

photo 45812177075_631962c9be_b

photo 31786252457_1059c4c4e8_b

Beverages selection. For unknown reasons, none of the Chinese teas were stocked on this flight again, similar to the previous SIN-PVG sector.

photo 46727653201_9570a3a62e_b

photo 39762820113_ab48de7d1f_b

photo 45812176845_bf7f28d306_b

photo 39762820023_2f82d371bc_b

photo 39762819993_5e82ecd301_b

photo 46727652791_8877f817b8_b

photo 39762819933_d4ab689ea1_b

Dinner service commenced, with the dinner table nicely set up with a selection of breads. Oh, the awkwardness of staring straight at your fellow passenger while dining. Luckily, the crew discreetly asked the passenger across if he would preferred the suite door to be closed, and proceeded to close it between serving of courses.

photo 39762819903_12dbfcea91_b

For the starter, I chose the oven-baked lobster, which was presented in the most crazy way with a huge standing lobster head. Taste-wise, it was a bit dried out but still acceptable.

photo 39762819863_8e26623de8_b

photo 45812176305_5ec5cb3e53_b

photo 46727652411_f271dbf4e9_b

Next was the soup, which I had the oriental Double-boiled duck with pork soup.

photo 45812176095_0ecdd8cc2d_b

The soup was rather flavourful.

photo 39762819763_87fda11397_b

photo 46003069054_ca3f310b6d_b

Grilled asparagus salad. The asparagus were still crisp and had a nice grilled aftertaste.

photo 39762819693_4d20c29d72_b

For the main, I had pre-ordered the Chicken Ballotine stuffed with Foie gras, spinach and mushroom. Not sure if it was a China catering issue, but it was too salty for my liking.

photo 46727652201_3e2e0ea5c6_b

photo 39762819633_dd6bc4a71a_b

photo 45812175665_9963865660_b

The dessert of Passionfruit mousse cake with vanilla ice-cream was very good.

photo 39762819573_40fa7bd4ed_b

We were just off the coast of Philippines at this time. A detour away from the usual flight path to avoid weather.

photo 39762819513_70b3bb97ce_b

Cheeses and fruits to end.

photo 45812175495_ca286fe6bf_b

photo 32852635368_55eba76dcd_b

And a Blue mountain to wash it all down.

photo 39762819463_17b79fed1c_b

My friend has the Shi Quan Shi Mei cuisine, which he felt was very average. The assortment of starters.

photo 46727649321_81763cb35e_b

Shi Quan Shi Mei main course.

photo 32852634168_d4c7db6929_b

Warm creamy walnut soup for dessert.

photo 46727648541_2f4ec88d43_b

After the dinner service, the crew offered to set-up the beds.

photo 45812175315_40f8ec9871_b

photo 39762819383_eb54f77d1c_b

Double bed all made! The bed was certainly very comfortable, though I thought was slightly harder than on the old Suites.

photo 32852635228_2a6836aea5_b

photo 31786251507_83d63feb3e_b

photo 39762818423_bc6e60a165_b

photo 45812175085_43a1927033_b

Its was lights out for the next couple of hours till we were nearing Singapore. Visited the other lavatory, which was still big but not crazily so as the one on the right.

photo 32852635098_d7933ae633_b

Crew offered more drinks prior to descent and I had a chamomile tea.

photo 31786251447_d5930afc5e_b

Nearing the end of the Suite life.

photo 32852635048_f6e88d9d2b_b

photo 31786251347_fd7b3c5202_b

Landing into Changi Rwy02L right on schedule.

photo 32852634958_81810a9560_b

photo 31786251257_b2a6592c05_b

Taxied to Terminal 3.

photo 45812174315_42a2fe002b_b

photo 31786251187_0f235ca696_b

photo 31786251157_d4c772f5f8_b

Last look (and more pictures) of the amazing Suites before disembarking.

photo 46727650171_ede68c5ddc_b

photo 31786251097_b501bc7dbf_b

photo 46727650341_7952dd2a68_b

photo 31786251007_9c3960aa7b_b

photo 46727649771_7a495b3a0e_b

photo 46727649921_a681ef71e1_b

A narrower stairway down to steerage on the new A380s, with a lovely crew posing for me haha.

photo 46727650051_2846502371_b

Thanks for reading!
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Air China First Class Lounge No. 71


Shanghai - PVG


Singapore - SIN



I must say that it was a privilege to be able to experience SQ's New Suites on the A380. This is definitely a new level of luxury and space for First Class travel. The hard product was amazing by all means, though the gadgets on the seats took some time to get used to (eg. no full recline of the armchair possible when facing ahead, with only full recline enabled when angled for dining and watching the IFE. We discovered this after tinkering around the armchair, including resetting it, with the crew, thinking that the armchair was faulty). There were minor inconveniences which were also stated by others who flown it, such as staring into neighbouring passengers across the aisle while dining. The service was excellent as always on SQ premium cabins, though it felt a bit too scripted on this flight. Nothing bad, just a personal preference. Catering was the weakest link for this Suites product, though it could be an overseas station catering issue. Overall, an overwhelming experience of the pinnacle of air-travel.

Now, all that is missing is a shower haha.

Information on the route Shanghai (PVG) Singapore (SIN)


  • Comment 485054 by
    hometoyyz SILVER 538 Comments

    Hello TerryYong!

    “The flight back would be the highlight of the trip!”
    - Oh, I can imagine!

    “Checking in at the SQ counters and Golden boarding pass received!”
    - Sing along with me. “Oh, I’ve got a golden ticket… I’ve got a golden chance….”

    I think this is the first I’ve seen of the CA F lounge at PVG. It looks nicer in many regards than their flagship lounge at PEK, with the a la carte menu especially. That food actually looks very good!

    Although a short flight, what a great way to have one’s first exposure to international First Class products. Nicely done!

    I don’t think I’ve seen the choose-your-own-mix-of-nuts thing before. What a great idea.

    “In the midst of being overwhelmed with the seat and space, the captain informed that due to a tropical depression, the flight would be longer than usual due to a rerouting required to avoid the bad weather. Estimated flight time of 5h30m.”
    - Oh no. More quality time with your new friends Dom and Krug. The horror!

    You offer a thorough tour of the SQ F product, and the lav. Much appreciated!

    And ha! Is there a better movie to pick for flying SQ F than Crazy Rich Asians. I heard they were offered the airline sponsorship for that flight, but decided against it. I wonder how much they regret that decision today?

    Catering looks lovely, though I’m not sure about being presented my lobster’s head. But that’s just me. Unfortunate to hear about the salty main.

    Excellent choice on the blue mountain.

    Nice to get pics of your companion’s meal too, even if it was just average. That creamy walnut soup sounds very interesting.

    The beds look nice, and what a space it creates with the two suites combined into double-bed mode!

    Looks like a very nice flight. Did you manage to stop by The Private Room on arrival? Is that even allowed?

    I’m curious if you’ve had a chance to read Rewardflying’s recent review of the new SQ F, and your thoughts on his criticism of the suite, especially it surrendering functionality and usability for style?

    Thanks for sharing this report… looks like it was a great time. Happy flying!

    • Comment 485094 by
      atco GOLD 134 Comments

      "Looks like a very nice flight. Did you manage to stop by The Private Room on arrival? Is that even allowed?"
      - It is allowed, I've already been fully investigating this as we are landing in Singapore and not connecting onwards. Yes it is allowed if Singapore is your destination although I'm not sure what happens to your bags! I'll be giving it a try later this year, will form part of my hopefully comprehensive report!

      "I’m curious if you’ve had a chance to read Rewardflying’s recent review of the new SQ F, and your thoughts on his criticism of the suite, especially it surrendering functionality and usability for style?"
      - I'll be happy to offer my thoughts too later this year that's of course if we end up flying the new Suites. Given my propensity for terrible luck I would not be at all surprised to get a swap to the older product. Which I know is still an amazing product and won't be worthy of any of my whining, but I did book this flight specifically to try the new suites. In the days leading up to departure I'm going to be driving myself crazy checking ExpertFlyer by the hour for any changes!

  • Comment 485077 by
    Rewardflying GOLD 494 Comments

    Hi TerryYong

    In the midst of being overwhelmed with the seat and space, the captain informed that due to a tropical depression, the flight would be longer than usual due to a rerouting required to avoid the bad weather. Estimated flight time of 5h30m. Yess!

    -Lucky you!

    So 2A is laid out completely different than 1A. At least you have access to some of the controls the you don't in 1A. Seeing this reaffirms they didn't think this suite concept out.

    I also heard the bed was firmer, didn't get a chance to try on the short HKG-SIN. And they didn't serve Satay's either!

    I don't know if you tried Book the Cook, but they don't have that option for flights out of PVG. That may give some hints why your food wasn't up to SQ par.

    Anyway, nice comparisons. Happy reward flying

  • Comment 485093 by
    atco GOLD 134 Comments

    Ohhhhh I've been waiting for this one for sometime, although I did catch bits on your thread over at Flyertalk.

    I'll be doing this flight in Suites in May and my excitement level is off the carts. First time in SQ F so this gives me a great idea of what to expect.

    I'm a little irritated by the fact that there is no BTC from PVG and no pyjamas on this flight. Given that it arrives after 10pm and is over 5 hours I think SQ could reasonably expect people to want to have a bit of rest.

    Thanks for the great insight into the Air China F lounge. I was really interested to get a good look at this as I've never heard anything good about lounges in China. Dare I say it this looks actually quite decent.

    I'm hoping Crazy Rich Asians is still on when I travel as I haven't seen it yet but its a movie I really want to see!

    The one thing I do wish SQ had thought about more is the awful staring at your neighbour while eating. That's a massive fail in my opinion and its hard not to think that Rewardflying has some valid points about the design, concept and testing that went into these new Suites. I wonder if the fact that Emirates announced a brand new F around the same time led to the project being rushed a little?
    It's also disappointing that you can't really dine with a travel partner, although my wife and I have 1A and 2A so we will have a combined Suite with the wall down, but its not going to be easy to hold conversation from so far away. That's about the most First World Problem I can possibly imagine!

    Thanks for a wonderful and really useful for me, report. Appreciate it very much

  • Comment 485124 by
    pokcay 68 Comments

    "In the midst of being overwhelmed with the seat and space, the captain informed that due to a tropical depression, the flight would be longer than usual due to a rerouting required to avoid the bad weather. Estimated flight time of 5h30m. Yess!"

    can totally relate to that! :D

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