Review of Singapore Airlines flight Guangzhou Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 851
Class Business
Seat 16A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 03:52
Take-off 20 Jan 19, 13:30
Arrival at 20 Jan 19, 17:22
SQ   #5 out of 92 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 687 reviews
By 1280
Published on 6th February 2019
Took a hired car back to Baiyun airport. With the heavy traffic on the highways, the car journey was about the same as the subway ride. Reached Terminal 2, which is the brand new terminal opened last year, and SQ had moved to the new terminal shortly after the opening.

photo 33095034608_1bdcb525ca_b

The check-in hall was huge and bright, though kind of sterile, similar to other Chinese airports.

photo 40005910343_8a317ec81b_b

Check-in was quick as there are no queues at the Business line, and boarding pass and lounge invite were issued.

photo 46056666785_9f563a0df4_b

photo 40005910303_bd5021772c_b

photo 33095034418_d388114006_b

Passed immigration and security into the departure hall. There was premium access for security, but none for immigration.

photo 40005910153_de49870cbc_b

Headed to the Premium Lounge, which was managed by the Plaza Premium group. The lounge ambience felt like many of the Plaza Premium lounges, and was decent for an airport lounge.

photo 46056666565_3a9df4851b_b

photo 33095034278_2f948dfc65_b

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photo 46056661205_42d7a99b40_b

photo 33095033938_a9bbeba186_b

photo 46056666655_ca26699d37_b

Pretty decent buffet offering in the lounge.

photo 40005909863_31a26d01a5_b

photo 33095034128_8edcb571db_b

photo 40005909773_ba472e8a06_b

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Nearing boarding time, a SQ rep came around the lounge with a signage requesting SQ passengers to head to the gate, which was still a walk away.

photo 40005909683_ec96ffe767_b

photo 33095033858_9366fba01d_b

China Southern whale.

photo 40005905963_fe6cddd45f_b

A long boarding queue for our flight.

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20 January 2019
Singapore Airlines
SQ 851
Guangzhou (CAN) - Singapore (SIN)
Business Class
Flight Time: 3H53M

The flight would be operated by the A330 regional workhorse.

photo 40005909513_4d934aa562_b

Boarding the aircraft.

photo 33095033738_0f3142057b_b

photo 46056665695_600fe85548_b

Regional Business Class seat. A pillow and blanket were placed on each seat.

photo 40005905803_80e7b01991_b

My seat at 16A.

photo 33095033578_98f15bf8b9_b

View out the window.

photo 40005909233_33f1bbe4dc_b

A champagne as always to start the flight.

photo 33095033428_b22ac63df3_b

Departure preparations in progress. The crew were rather busy, with the cabin being 29/30 in Business this afternoon, and a few special requests (saw requests for wines and hot beverages) for pre-departure drinks.

photo 33095033378_bf79942caf_b

The inflight magazines and menu.

photo 33095033328_5f70608746_b

Noise-cancelling headphones.

photo 40005909093_fa72fec8b8_b

Doors were closed ahead of schedule, safety video played and we pushed back.

photo 46056665155_d0efb514c1_b

photo 46056665205_659492dae6_b

Flight map and taxied to Rwy01.

photo 40005908193_2012e156b9_b

photo 40005908783_c9e52c17d1_b

photo 33095032588_7fa1500e29_b

photo 46970504531_7262131e92_b

Departure from Rwy01.

photo 33095032408_421106fb3d_b

photo 40005908123_4413e75047_b

photo 40005908053_a12134e15d_b

Generous legroom of the old regional business seats, which are in the process of being phased out.

photo 33095032348_d9e7fd0a93_b

Visit to the lavatory, stocked with the usual amenities and Penhaligon's products.

photo 33095032288_414d4ef93e_b

photo 46970504111_c695571b40_b

View of the cabin from the rear.

photo 40005907863_6b026711d2_b

After takeoff, packets of almond/cashew mix and beverages were served. I requested for the cocktail Skyhigh from the menu, and it was pretty refreshing!

photo 46970503921_64b0244513_b

photo 46918549342_14bf9ceb6b_b


photo 40005907743_e95eb13919_b

For the IFE, I watched a Chinese comedy.

photo 33095031828_f86de4928d_b

Lunch service commenced shortly after.

photo 40005906163_67313e1f6c_b

With the very full cabin, there were 4 crew conducting the service in Business Class.

photo 46970503651_192edef537_b

The menu selection for this flight.

photo 40005908933_de55727768_b

For those interested, the selection for the SIN-CAN leg.

photo 33095033118_572eb62574_b

Beverage selection

photo 46056665005_397cde9cfb_b

photo 40005908503_3f00028a25_b

photo 33095032828_a03e7d7348_b

photo 40005908423_3fcf6fb054_b

photo 33095032698_528614f9cb_b

photo 40005908323_8c30e22244_b

photo 33095032628_d1611c878b_b

I had pre-ordered the Shi Quan Wei Mei menu and was served the starter of Golden melon and Pepper chilli pork with kelp. Requested for a piece of garlic bread as well.

photo 46056663415_75ae731edd_b

photo 46918548982_3d227f4aeb_b

The starter was unmemorable.

photo 40005907683_5f3a2a2c39_b

The main of Pan-fried sea bass in orange lime sauce and egg fried rice was plated beautifully. However, the quality of the sea bass was definitely not premium. The meat was soft and mushy, compared to the flaky meat of the Chilean sea bass catered out of Singapore. The fried rice was very good though.

photo 46970503011_4d46b01c24_b

photo 46056663145_75df986952_b

My friend had pre-ordered the Oriental Vegetarian meal, and was served some braised tofu as starter.

photo 40005905463_8973b2f6d0_b

Main was some sort of stir-fried mock meat with vegetables and rice.

photo 40005906123_7b8229f40b_b

Desserts and fruits offered after the meal. As there were leftovers of the desserts, we were offered both. The Chinese dessert of purple rice porridge was similar to the Singaporean dessert of Pulot Hitam. There was no cheese course offered on this flight.

photo 40005907533_6146a0d9c4_b

photo 46970502781_7ed2169771_b

Ending with a coffee and pralines. Again, my preferred choice of Maofeng tea was unavailable, along with all other Chinese loose teas. Must be some catering lapses as all the loose Chinese teas were all unavailable on all my recent 3 flights to/from China in Business and Suites.

photo 46056662955_61a3e5744a_b

After lunch and movie, we were only 1.5hrs out of Singapore.

photo 40005907323_40154de88b_b

Remainder of the flight was spent resting, will we started out descent into Singapore.

photo 32029423567_1215f5eee3_b

photo 40005907133_be4b9c9d7c_b

photo 46056662775_81b8e408f3_b

Overflying the Indonesian island of Batam.

photo 32029423407_820421e44e_b

photo 40005906953_c167a7a4cb_b

Approach and landing into Rwy02L.

photo 32029423287_f739ea3868_b

photo 32029423207_e0f1792d14_b

photo 40005906733_d27b068d23_b

photo 40005906653_5290343415_b

photo 32029422937_e99ec4af7d_b

photo 40005906573_72ea2c4ac5_b

photo 40005906513_0198b779d2_b

Taxied to Terminal 2.

photo 40005906433_66906c23fe_b

photo 46056661575_dba91f26db_b


photo 32029422517_6a70e25665_b
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Premium Lounge


Guangzhou - CAN


Singapore - SIN



Overall, a standard regional SQ business class flight with the usual efficient, pleasant and professional service.

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