Review of SWISS flight Zurich Hamburg in Economy

Airline SWISS
Flight LX1056
Class Economy
Seat 9F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 07 Aug 18, 12:50
Arrival at 07 Aug 18, 14:10
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Published on 7th March 2019
Salut to everybody!
Morning walk in Zurich was pleasant and the time had come to return.

Here I put the links for previous reports:


Zurich airport, departure

On the main railway station I took another train, the time in road was the same(12-15 min).

photo img_3432

That's an interesting moment for me.
Why is the luggage carried here in terminal? No free space to do it or just a way to show the passengers what happens with their cases?

photo img_3433

Of course, I used a check-in service before departing from Milan so I went to the local observation desk(I always wanted to visit it). While reaching the goal I went through several zones of traditional check-in..

The glass "indicated" different numbers connected with the prices but if you have a boarding pass you have a right for free visit. There is no doubt this opportunity is useful..Commonly you may visit this desk whenever you want(of course during its working hours) and you don't need to depart anywhere. But in this case you'll have to pay certain sum of money.

photo img_34421

Some photos of its exterior:

photo img_3446photo img_3447photo img_3456

That's time to see a small spotting! Here will be one slider without any signatures to make your reading a bit shorter..

After an hour's sunbathing there I Ieft this romantic roof. Amazing but hot, even in morning. Commonly, thank you a lot, ZRH's observation desk, I was glad to have seen the airport's life from the roof. This one is the best desk I've ever visited!
The next place I wanted to visit was this cafe with unusual design. Here you may see a mock-up model..

photo img_3496

Departure time was closer, I went for the passenger inspection..
photo img_3500photo img_3501

..and appeared in pretty pleasant central hall:

photo img_3504photo img_3503

One of well-known lounges:

photo img_3507

Regarding me, I was in process of returning to zone A where I had arrived earlier.

photo img_3508

The interior of this zone. As far as I know, this part is planned to be reconstructed.

Leaving of observation desk isn't a reason for finishing the spotting..)

That was "my" HB-IJP:

photo img_3527

The boarding started, time for flying!

photo img_3529

Flight Zurich-Hamburg

My seat was 9F, I didn't have any choice on the previous day..

photo img_35321photo img_3534

The pitch is normal, as usual. On short flights like this one it doesn't play big role.

photo img_3535photo img_3542

Overhead compartments are trivial for 320 family delivered till 2004:

photo img_3543

Swiss magazine and duty free catalogues were available for viewing on board..

photo img_3546photo img_3575photo img_3578

Start of push-back was shortly delayed for unknown reasons but the final delay was negligeable.

The cabin crew didn't have to wait for a long time.

photo img_3569

For passangers sandwiches with cheese and chicken were available. I took the first one. Apparently my sandwich had been left in Antarctica for several days before it appeared in my hands. So I don't know why it was like a stone but I hope we had a deal with small ridicilous haphazard ..

photo img_3570

Undoubtably there were traditional swiss chocolates:

photo img_3580

The flight was mostly proceeding without the big clouds..

photo img_3584photo img_3585

Soon we started descending to HAM and that moment I planned to see a field of Finkerwerder airport where Airbus factory was situated. Unfortunately this event didn't happen and I didn't unerstand the reason why our plane took right(because usually this airport is seen from the right window during an approach to HAM). So in fact I should have chosen the left place..

photo img_3587photo img_3589photo img_3594

This flight is finished so thank the cabin crew for flight and leave the plane. Welcome to Hamburg with a 1 day delay!
Regarding this flight, we had arrived on time as in schedule:)

Arrival to Hamburg airport

Go towards the luggage claim..

photo img_3615photo img_3618

The luggage of unknown flight(for me). I suppose passangers not to have passed the passport control that's why their bags were delivered faster..

photo img_3617

After taking the case I went to the railway station. Local navigation is easy, it's more difficult to get lost there..

The ticket to the centre cost 2.20 euros (or 3.30, I forgot). Pricing depends on the city zone you want to go.

The interior of local trains differs from the swiss ones..

photo img_3630photo img_3632

This report is close to its conclusion so read it below!
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Cabin crew10.0

Zurich - ZRH


Hamburg - HAM



Here the second block of my reports ended. You saw that sometimes even the easy task could be complicated with unplanned events like cancellations, delays e.t.c. However these events caused new story, the story of two pleasant flights via Switzerland. In sum I enjoyed this part of trip and Swiss is pretty attractive airline. Of course, I can't assess its work having only 2 short flights in my personal experience but these flights were pleasant.
Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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