Review of Citilink Indonesia flight Jakarta Bandung-Java Island in Economy

Airline Citilink Indonesia
Flight QG1994
Class Economy
Seat 12D
Aircraft ATR 72-600
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 16 Mar 19, 16:20
Arrival at 16 Mar 19, 17:20
QG 20 reviews
Eric V P
By 1016
Published on 17th March 2019
Report #63: QG1994 - A flight down Jakartans' favourite weekend getaway route

This will be my report on flying on Citilink Indonesia economy class from Jakarta HLP to Bandung BDO, an ultra short-haul intercity flight within Java island, on board its ATR 72-600. This flight was concurrently reviewed with Rahmat Dhani (YouTube: rhmtdhani / Instagram: rahmatdhani), one of Indonesia's well-known aviation vloggers. You may watch his video here:

Here are the 2 parts of the trip:


  • HLP - BDO on Citilink Indonesia ATR 72-600 economy class You are here
  • BDO - HLP on Citilink Indonesia ATR 72-600 economy class Coming soon


Since I have now relocated back to Jakarta, I decided to try QG's flight on AT7, which had been reviewed by another vlogger on another route. It was only from around February that QG started operating some of ex-GA's AT7, which despite technically being second-hand happened to be some of GA's newest (that is, PK-GAR turning into PK-GJR and PK-GAS turning into PK-GJS). Strangely enough, despite the HLP-BDO starting to operate on 2 March, when I flew the flight I saw that they had still not loaded the schedule for 18 March - UFN so I accidentally thought the route was about to close and made me decide to quickly book the ticket.

I bought the ticket 2 hours before departure, which in total costed me Rp328.735 (~US$23) after 21% base fare discount for GarudaMiles members when booked on QG's members-only portal. In return, I received 260 GarudaMiles award miles (60 miles distance x (75% fare earning + 25% status bonus) + 200 miles new route bonus).
photo qg1994 receipt

Departure to HLP and check-in

I went to the airport using motorcycle taxi, which from Senopati area costed me Rp13.000 (~US$0.9).
photo 20190316_142127

Those who read my reviews know almost all of my reviews to/from Jakarta are referring to CGK, but this time it's different.
photo 20190316_142359

I needed to walk from the church right outside the airport to the departure area since motorcycle taxis couldn't get in.
photo 20190316_142541

Since it took a while to confirm my ticket, I went to QG's customer service counter near the arrival area, only to find out that my flight was already confirmed when the agent checked.
photo 20190316_143008

Being a small airport in Jakarta means a crowded terminal.
photo 20190316_143108

Self check-in machines were provided for QG/ID/IW.
photo 20190316_143209

The machine, though, was barely useful - not only that it wouldn't allow me to select my seat, but also slow and not touch responsive.
photo 20190316_143258photo 20190316_143334

I then simply went to the check-in area where I had preliminary ticket and security check, which I cleared in 3 minutes.
photo 20190316_143359

HLP has a small check-in hall, though the queues were fortunately short.
photo 20190316_143800

I checked in at QG's desk where I also inputted my GarudaMiles number and selected my seats (seat selection is provided free of charge on all QG flights operated by AT7 for all seats)
photo 20190316_143837

My boarding pass for the late afternoon flight.
photo 20190316_144600

After my lounge visit I went to clear the proper security check, which I cleared in 2 minutes.
photo 20190316_152456

Lounge test #1: Saphire Premiair Executive Lounge

Saphire Premiair Executive Lounge is the only non-airline lounge in HLP, mainly catering for private aviation. However, this was also the sole Priority Pass lounge and also offered access through a number of ways, including partnership with banks. I received access by redeeming 500 myIndiHome points from my family's internet/cable TV subscription, which I valued at Rp25.000 (~US$1.75).

The Saphire Premiair Executive Lounge is located on the left side of the check-in hall. After I showed my boarding pass the reception staff assisted me in using myIndiHome point for lounge access and was then let in.
photo 20190316_144058

The lounge provided additional services for commercial passengers in form of straignt-to-plane service with dedicated security and car ride, though I didn't partake on it this time.
photo 20190316_145009

Seating in the lounge excludively consisted of sofas.
photo 20190316_144432

Some of them were reserved for private jet users, though at the current crowd level there was still a lot of space in the rest of the lounge.
photo 20190316_151921

Wi-Fi access was provided upon request.
photo 20190316_145429

During this visit, though, it was so slow and even barely usable, so I didn't get to do much work while inside.
photo 20190316_150238

Lukewarm hot meal items consisted of boiled egg with chili sauce, rice cake, and Bandung-style fishcake with condiments.
photo 20190316_145112photo 20190316_145240

Hot meal items consisted of rice, vegetables in coconut milk soup, and some fried items. This turned to be quite disappointing since the fried items were already left there for a while and dried up.
photo 20190316_145647photo 20190316_145745photo 20190316_145836

Toast with jam and butter was also an option for a lighter fare, which I didn't partake on.
photo 20190316_150315

Some traditional snacks on offer.
photo 20190316_150335

I had some of the cold drinks, which were pretty watery and especially the orange drink didn't seem to be orange juice.
photo 20190316_150359

Liquid dessert consisted of condensed milk and syrup drink with nata de coco among others.
photo 20190316_150404

Other amenities in the lounge include an indoor smoking room and prayer room.
photo 20190316_151702photo 20190316_151708

The lavatories were clean, although the finishes looked a bit dated and even perhaps cheap.
photo 20190316_151851photo 20190316_151902

Further inside the corridor was the dedicated security screening for private aviation users as well as paying customers, though I didn't use it.
photo 20190316_152413

Lounge test verdict, HLP transit area, and departure

At the value I got my lounge access, the lounge represented quite a good value. The food options offered weren't the best and the interior felt a bit dated, but for a small airport and considering the rather crap common waiting area inside it wasn't an overly shabby place to wait for flight.

Right after security are ID and QG's lounges - ID's is only accessible for business class passengers while QG's is accessible for those purchasing the preferred seats as well as pay-per-entry visits (interestingly enough, when I checked with GA's check-in counter GarudaMiles Gold/Platinum members flying on GA from HLP didn't receive complimentary lounge access, not even this one). None of them are accessible through non-airline partnerships, though - that's where Saphire Premiair Executive Lounge came in handy.
photo 20190316_152719

HLP had two waiting areas, one mainly for QG/SI and the other mainly for ID.
photo 20190316_152725

For the earlier one, I needed to walk down and up the staircase to bypass the access road.
photo 20190316_152743

The waiting area was quite crowded and simply consisted of rows of seats with shops around it. Though still better than TJQ, this was downright unacceptable considering the traffic it handled. While waiting I received a tip-off from one of my friends that Rahmat was about to fly on the same flight, so I decided to meet and talk to him for a while.
photo 20190316_152828

FIDS of the late afternoon, showing the multiple flights in such a short period despite the small number of gates.
photo 20190316_155050

HLP's small waiting area could barely cope with two flights on 320 boarding together, which looked almost like chaos.
photo 20190316_163937

As our flight was delayed, we ended up having our gate changed to gate 7, which was only communicated during boarding.
photo 20190316_164037

Unlike on QG's flights with 320, boarding was done without priority for this flight.
photo 20190316_164100

Since our plane was parked to the right we walked along the tarmac instead of being bussed, though that definitely means viewing some more planes along the way.
photo 20190316_164208

ID and QG's 320 - with QG operating an almost all 320 fleet and ID mostly 320, it become the most frequently seen commercial plane in HLP.
photo 20190316_164234photo 20190316_164257

The plane for this flight was PK-GJS, a 6 months old AT7 which was GA/QG's latest AT7.
photo 20190316_164339photo 20190316_164405

It was finally time to board the plane through the on board stair.
photo 20190316_164441

On board

Flight: QG1994
Plane: PK-GJS
STD/ATD: 16.20/17.24 (take-off)
STA/ATA: 17.20/17.52 (landing)
Load factor: 81% Y (57/70)
Seat type: Standard economy class (window seat)

As I boarded I was greeted by Ms. Ratih, the purser for this flight.
photo 20190316_164502

Boarding had just begun and there was no priority enforced so right after the person in front of me settled in ….
photo 20190316_164515

I immediately went to my seat after Ms. Michelle also greeted me.
photo 20190316_164554

The seat for this late afternoon flight.
photo 20190316_164626

Legroom wasn't that bad for an 1 hour flight.
photo 20190316_164646

Time for a seat tour: the seat belt was nothing out of ordinary.
photo 20190316_165418

The seatback consisted of a literature pocket, a tray table, and a seat pocket.
photo 20190316_164700

While the tray table was quite small, it's still sufficient for a snack box.
photo 20190316_164708

Contents in the literature pocket consisted of a shady-looking safety card and QG's inflight magazine.
photo 20190316_164720photo 20190316_164732

The seat pocket, on the other hand, only had an unbranded airsickness bag.
photo 20190316_164750

Though the seat was the slimline kind, it was still bearable. Note that apart from the slightly different branding this was basically the same as GA's AT7.
photo 20190316_164813

The view from the window consisted of QG's 320.
photo 20190316_164836

Me on the seat: while the seat was on the shorter side, it also helped me to get clearer photos of the cabin.
photo 20190316_170059_1

Ms. Michelle briefed those seated in the emergency exit row seats about the emergency procedures.
photo 20190316_165302

During pushback she also solely conducted the safety demonstration.
photo 20190316_165957

We pushed back together with ID's 320.
photo 20190316_170215

However, we needed to wait for a while since we needed to cross the runway as part of the taxi, which was still in use at this time.
photo 20190316_170454

Who's the weird kid in the block?
photo 20190316_170552

None other than PK-GAO as one of GA's AT7, serving flights between HLP and TSY/PLM. Interestingly, both GA and QG started operating their AT7 through HLP on 2 March, just 2 weeks before this flight.
photo 20190316_170934

Only after ID's 320 leaving the runway that we actually started taxiing.
photo 20190316_170855

The cabin light was not dimmed before takeoff since it was still on daytime.
photo 20190316_170958

HLP served as the private aviation hub in Jakarta, evident from the sheer number of parked private jets on the other apron.
photo 20190316_171549photo 20190316_171652

We followed ID's 320 in passing the hold short line.
photo 20190316_172218

Instead of following ID's 320 to turn around the runway, we simply proceeded to make a powerful take-off towards the west.

The nice weather allowed me to clearly see Jakarta's skyscrapers as we took off
photo 20190316_172416

Even on weekend the JORR expressway towards Taman Mini was still crowded - one can only dream of not so crowded main roads in Jakarta.
photo 20190316_172502

Passing through the Cinere - Jagorawi expressway intersection.
photo 20190316_172637

Skipping through traffic we were already over eastern Depok in only less than 2 minutes from when we flow above Pasar Rebo.
photo 20190316_172742

If anything, taking the joyride to BDO in a good weather could be really useful for soaking in beautiful views of the mountainous terrain over sunset.
photo 20190316_172926photo 20190316_173307

After the fasten seatbelt sign was switched off Ms. Michelle started the snack service from the front while Ms. Ratih assisted starting from behind.
photo 20190316_173427

Being seated in one of the rear rows I received the snack from Ms. Ratih.
photo 20190316_173508

The snack box when opened.
photo 20190316_173557photo 20190316_173658

Unlike GA which used Dua Kelinci brand mixed nuts (if I recall correctly), QG used Mister Pi brand mixed nuts.
photo 20190316_173641

The snack service for the flight consisted of:
Bread: Banana muffin
Nuts: Mixed nuts
Drink: Mineral water

On this flight the muffin happened to be on the drier side, which didn't help with identifying the flavour (I only had the realization after trying the same muffin on the flight back). The mixed nuts were nothing out of ordinary despite some minor differences from GA's normal mixed nuts (for example, the reduced flour coating on the green peas). On overall, this was an acceptable snack service considering the very short distance (even shorter than DPS-LOP, which was served by GA).

Typical on AT7 only one small lavatory existed on the plane.
photo 20190316_173800

Only 1 other person went to the lavatory throughout this flight, so as expected it was spot clean.
photo 20190316_173813photo 20190316_173817

All QG/GA's flights on AT7 only had one snack service, so to have space for 4 trolleys seemed a bit wasteful if anything (except perhaps when loading 3 sets of snacks for rural flights). From this point Ms. Ratih then talked to me by name, which was all the more surprising considering the very short flight (who would want to try noticing me when even snack service took a good portion of the time without the fasten seatbelt sign switched off?).
photo 20190316_173943

As we started our descent Ms. Michelle read the usual pre-landing announcement over the PA.
photo 20190316_174100

Saguling dam could be seen as we started approaching BDO.
photo 20190316_174212

Cimahi as seen from above - we would end up flying right above BDO as part of the approach.
photo 20190316_174238

On our approach we passed over and away from Bandung since it wasn't that plausible to land from the west so ….
photo 20190316_174425

We needed to turn around towards BDO, and in doing so the views remained being mountains for a while, especially since Bandung is surrounded with mountains.
photo 20190316_174611

Our final approach started right after we have finished turning towards BDO.
photo 20190316_174738photo 20190316_174820

We flew quite low over downtown Bandung during the final approach with Braga/Dago in sight.
photo 20190316_175024

As we further neared BDO the buildings became lower.
photo 20190316_175056

Landing was a tad bumpy, though most importantly we still made it in one piece.
photo 20190316_175118

BDO is also home to Indonesia's only aircraft manufacturing plant.
photo 20190316_175130

After we turned around the runway we could see JT's 738 and XN's 733.
photo 20190316_175312

While during my previous visit to BDO more than 10 years before there was only one airport terminal now an extension was made, which in turn became the de facto terminal for domestic flights.
photo 20190316_175331

JT's 738 accompanied us in the parking area. Due to space constraints, we taxied from the taxiway which line was right behind JT's 738.
photo 20190316_175507

After the delay it was sort of expected to have the passengers queuing up to disembark, nonetheless I opted to be among the last to deplane.
photo 20190316_175604

The almost empty cabin, save for Rahmat taking wefie with Ms. Michelle.
photo 20190316_175915

After I bid farewell to Ms. Ratih I went down only to see the bags already being unloaded.
photo 20190316_180045

IW's AT7 taking off from BDO.
photo 20190316_180118

See you (real) soon?
photo 20190316_180127

I then walked to the new terminal, with XN's stewardesses also doing the same.
photo 20190316_180143

Most, if not all passengers to/from BDO needed to endure the unsheltered walk to the terminal building since no aerobridge was installed.
photo 20190316_180227

The walk through the glass door beought me to the next phase of the flight.
photo 20190316_180254

Arrival at BDO and post-arrival trip

BDO's arrival area is rather compact with a short walkway leading to the luggage claim hall. At this time I also bid farewell to Rahmat.
photo 20190316_180309

The luggage claim area was quite crowded, but it's definitely not for me because ….
photo 20190316_180320

I couldn't even go to the kerbside to technically end this flight due to tight timeline, so I passed through the transit desk into the check-in desk where I would continue with the next flight.
photo 20190316_180405
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Citilink Indonesia

Cabin crew9.0
Buy-on-board menu6.0

Jakarta - HLP


Bandung-Java Island - BDO



Though starting from Jakarta, this flight offered some beautiful views along the way as well as an efficient way to skip Jakarta's traffic for a weekend getaway to Bandung. Despite the short stage length, the services offered were one of the better ones, especially on an LCC, with friendly crews and a complimentary snack service. In terms of the airports, HLP was pretty ill-equipped to handle even the current traffic and badly in need of expansion while BDO was quite efficient to walk through and still felt quite new.

On overall, I would be more than happy to take the flight again as one of the best ways to go to Bandung or back.

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    Lavie_L 5 Comments
    Hello... Thank you for sharing your experience on this route with QG!

    Since I wanted to reschedule my "mudik" trip to Bandung and the train tickets are already sold out for the end of this month, I would like to try this short-hop flight (which will be my first trip on a propeller plane)... By reading your report, I'm interested to try and get the 21% discount for GarudaMiles member, however I have the difficulty when trying to log into QG's member portal with my registered email address for my GarudaMiles account.
    So I would like to ask, based on your experience, whether you have made a separate registration on QG's portal or you did just log into the portal using the exact same email address and password for your GarudaMiles account?

    Anyway, from your opinion, is it worth to choose seat in front of the engines to get better view or not? Since by seating at the front part of ATR 72 you will have to disembark after the passengers at the rear part...
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      Eric V P AUTHOR 125 Comments
      Hi Lavie,

      So I would like to ask, based on your experience, whether you have made a separate registration on QG's portal or you did just log into the portal using the exact same email address and password for your GarudaMiles account?

      - I don't usually have any difficulty, though I must admit QG and GA's websites are rather crap. I use the exact same login as the one I used for my GarudaMiles account, which at least worked for me. By the way, discounts vary from time to time so it may not always be 21% off base fare.

      Anyway, from your opinion, is it worth to choose seat in front of the engines to get better view or not?

      - It really depends on your preferences - some may even prefer the rearmost rows. Everybody has its own style (and also QG offers a little-used free advance seat selection on all its AT7 flights), so I suggest that you try both and see how it goes for you.

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