Review of Cathay Pacific flight Sydney Hong Kong in Economy

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX110
Class Economy
Seat 59K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 08:56
Take-off 16 Mar 19, 09:14
Arrival at 16 Mar 19, 15:10
CX   #4 out of 136 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 440 reviews
Published on 26th March 2019

Flight Details:
Flight No.: CX110
Flight Route: SYD - HKG
Seat No.: 59K
Aircraft Model: A330-300
Aircraft Reg: B-LAP


Well, it's been more than 10 years since I last flew Cathay Pacific. I remember the last time I did was on a Boeing 747-400, which have been all retired now. Cathay Pacific has been always said that its service is slowly deteriorating, let's see how my flight was and it's up to you guys to say.


Departing Terminal: Sydney Terminal 1 (International)
As I have a silver tier in Qantas's frequent flyer program, its equivalent to having a ruby status in the Oneworld alliance, which made picking an emergency exit row free on all Cathay Pacific flights.

We arrived at the airport 2.5 hours prior to departure, which by the way, the flight's been rescheduled (rather than the term 'delay' was what Cathay used) to 9:15 am, 45 minutes later than the orginial scheduled departure time.    

photo img_3052

Having a ruby status in the Oneworld alliance also means that your checked bag would become a priority baggage, which is tagged with a 'Buiness Priority Baggage' label.  


Boarding Gate: 32
Going through customs and security screening at Sydney airport in the early morning is usually quick. As a more detailed version of the terminal's walkthrough has already been mentioned in another flight report - Qantas Upper Deck Economy, I'm gonna save some space and skip right to boarding.

As part of the upgrade and renovation, most gate areas here at Sydney International have a series of charging ports with seats near them, which makes it very convenient when your device is running out of battery or when you're about to fly with an airline that doesn't have charging ports.  

photo img_3061

Boarding was through gate 32 today. It is divided into 3 groups: business class (together with Marco Polo silver and diamond cards holders; as well as Oneworld's sapphire and emerald members), premium economy and finally economy.  

photo img_3064

Boarding was very quick as it was a small flight. From what I've observed, the load factor of this flight was approximately 70-80%, which made it so spacious even for economy passengers.  

photo img_3115

This was my seat, 59K. As mentioned before, it was an emergency exit row. I was worried that the legroom of this seat could be blocked by the compartment of the aircraft door and hence restricting legroom. Fortunately, the bulging of the door compartment wasn't as large as I thought. I had this concern because the door compartment on the Boeing 747-400s are quite large.

photo img_3067photo img_3068photo img_3069

Here are the seat features:
A foldable tray table hidden in the armrest, storable PTV, a controller for the PTV and a charging port for your electronic devices.
The seat itself also has an adjustable headrest.  

photo img_3070

the flight

Departure Time (ATD): 0914
We departed 1 minute earlier than the scheduled flight time, which was a good start.
As the runway wasn't busy at that time, we were the first in the queue and were cleared for takeoff very soon. The seatbelt sign however remained switched on for quite a long time, due to continuous turbulence during our climb.

After the seatbelt sign was turned off, inflight service commenced. We were first given a flight meal menu and a choice of drink between apple juice, orange juice and water.   

photo img_3074

The menu was in 2 languages - Chinese and English
2 meals were served in this flight. The first one was a breakfast, which was a choice between a chicken and mushroom congee or an omlette served with potato, both included a bread, a yogurt and a fruit box. The second meal was a choice between options: pan fried fish, penne and stir-fried pork with jasmine rice; all of them were served with salami and risoni pasta salad and a piece of bread.

My choice was the omelette. It tasted quite okay. What surprised me wasn't the taste of the food, but rather the number of 'plates' that were offered. I usually fly with Qantas, which the meal only includes a main and a dessert, unlike what Cathay Pacific does.

photo img_3092

Now lets talk about the IFE, or inflight entertainment system.
Cathay Pacific's IFE has a very well-designed welcoming screen, in which you first choose your language.

photo img_3072

After choosing the language, you'll come to the main page, where you can find numerous entertainment options ranging from movies, TV, games, map, music, news and flight information. Here, we will focus on movies.

Below are the categories of movies, which include Asian, Western, Chinese and more…. press the arrow to navigate through the photos.

photo img_3073photo img_3090photo img_3091

The lights were dimmed for a few hours after meal service was completed. During the flight, you can ask for snacks and drinks like coffee, tea, water and juices etc..

One thing good about Cathay Pacific that I noticed was their crew were quite attentive. They often come out to the cabin and check whether anyone needed any assistance or had any request. Another thing is, the lavatories were cleaned, wiped and sprayed with air freshener ar least twice per hour, which made them clean and fresh every time you visit the toilet.

The huge varities of movies made it easy for me to kill a considerable amount of time.
About 4 hours prior to landing, the second meal (lunch) was served. Firstly, pack of nuts and a cup of drinks were given. 

photo img_3097

Then here come the main meal: stir-fried pork with black pepper, vegetables and jasmine rice, followed by a Movenpick icecream

photo img_3098


We then landed in Hong Kong at 15:12, 2 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. We collected our bags at carousell 12, and as my bag was tagged as priority, I got my bag as soon as I got there

photo img_3117
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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew8.5

Sydney - SYD


Hong Kong - HKG



Cathay Pacific has done a superb job this flight. Comparing Cathay to Qantas, which is what I usually fly for this sector, the former obviously has done a far better job than the latter. From crew attentiveness to meals and services, Cathay Pacific has really beaten Qantas out.

One thing worth noticing is that, if you're planning to sit at an emergency exit row, don't forget to bring a jacket or coat with you as it could get colder than the rest of the cabin as you're sitting next to the exit.

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5037 Comments

    Hi TheTravellingBloke, thanks for this latest report with good detail and nice pics! CX service in Y is very good compared to most carriers so it's no surprise that you preferred CX in your comparison with QF. Granted, living in the US, I find QF to be a high quality carrier as well, at least compared to US carriers.

    I usually fly with Qantas, which the meal only includes a main and a dessert, unlike what Cathay Pacific does.

    - This catering concept on QF is relatively new so I haven't seen many reports on it, or experienced it myself, but from what I understand, the portion size of the main is larger than what you would get on a normal meal tray that traditionally has an appetiser as well, right?

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 495752 by
      thetravellingbloke AUTHOR 14 Comments

      I haven't really travelled in any US carriers except for a United domestic flight from SFO to SEA, as it was some years ago I couldn't really pick up any memories from it. I think the only thing that I can recall was the flight snack, which was a can of soft drink with a packet of savoury snack. Comparing this to a similar length Qantas flight, the service was similar. Anyway, Asian carriers are always better I reckon at least their meals are always better, even LCCs like AirAsia, definitely better than a Qantas domestic flight in economy.

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