Review of Emirates flight Sydney Christchurch in Business

Airline Emirates
Flight EK412
Class Business
Seat 23A
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 02:20
Take-off 04 May 19, 08:40
Arrival at 04 May 19, 13:03
EK   #3 out of 78 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 592 reviews
Published on 6th May 2019


The flight departed at International terminal and check-in was divided into 4 lanes: economy, online checked-in, business/gold/silver and finally first class/platinum.  There were a lot of people queing up in the economy lane, while business and first class lanes were nearly empty.  

photo img_4477-min-1

At Syndey Airport, there used to be an express security channel for premium passengers, just behind Qantas's first class check-in area.  However, on the day of the flight, it was the beginning of mainenance of that area, so the express channel was unfortunately closed.  Luckily, during the early hours, there weren't too many passengers. 

The Lounge

Business and first class passengers are entitled to enjoy the Emirates lounge.  The lounge is situated next to gates 50-57, just next to Starbucks.  

photo img_4478-min

The Emirates lounge is just one level down from the main terminal area.  Upon entry, you'll be greeted by a friendly staff who will check your boarding pass and verify some details and after that you're all set to enjoy the lounge.  There are 2 area in the lounge, one is just on the left, away from the main lounge area which is quieter and the main area is larger with the buffet section and washroom.  

photo img_4479-min

I chose to sit at the main lounge area mainly because of the buffet.  There are 2 morning Emirates flights, one departing for Dubai (the earlier one) and the other to Christchurch.  It could be a bit noisy and busy when passengers flying to Dubai hasn't left the lounge yet.  Once all the passengers for the Dubai flight have left, the lounge became peaceful again.  

photo img_4480

I settled down on the far right-hand corner of the lounge, just under the Emirates logo.  For the buffet, continental style breakfast was served during the morning hours, which include sausages, hashbrown, toast, scrambled eggs, fruit plates, museli and more.  As for drinks, they include coffee, tea, juices, a wide variety of wines as well as water.  Unfortunately, I don't have photos of the buffet.  

WiFi was also offered, however, the speed was slow. 

photo img_4481

The Flight

The flight was boarded at gate 57, not far away from the lounge.  
Boarding is divided into economy and business/first passengers. 

photo img_4482-min

To my surprise, economy passengers seated at zones C and F were asked to board before everyone and they had to wait in the aerobridge before business and first-class passengers actually stepped into the plane.

The business class cabin is divided into 2 cabins, both of them are behind the first class cabin on the upper deck.  There is also a bar area behind all the seats for both business and first-class passengers to enjoy.   

And this is my seat, a very decent product. A pillow, blanket and a noise-cancelling headphone were provided. Apart from the overhead bin, you can also store your personal belongings inside the cabinets just next to your seat.  

photo img_4483-min

A high-quality noise cancelling headphone (among all airlines headphones).  

photo img_4495-min

There are one large screen in front of the seat, just above the footrest.  There is also a tablet-sized screen next to you, in which you'll find it convenient to control the large one.

photo img_4485-min

Just next to you, you'll find a tiny drink cabinet, where Evian water, Perrier water and a few cans of soft drinks are provided.  Charging including an USB port and a power outlet can also be found.  A HDMI inlet is also provided if you wish to broadcast your own media to the large IFE screen.   

photo img_4487-min

These are the seat recline functions
Basically, you can choose to lie flat completely, gradually recline the seat, revert to its original position or move the seat forward or backward 

photo img_4488

The window shades on premium cabins are also slightly different.  Instead of using those traditional plastic shades, paper blinds are used, which are controlled by 2 buttons (up and down) under the window.  There are 2 layers of blinds, with the first layer drawn down, you'll still get a bit of sunlight in however with both layers down, there'll be almost no sunlight coming in.  

photo img_4490-min

There is also a remote control that lets you control the entertainment system as well.  This would come in handy when you're reclined at an angle and couldn't reach the tablet on the far right.  This remote gives you control over entertainments, in-flight information and also seat controls such as overhead light and crew call bell.

photo img_4491

As mentioned earlier, there is a bar area at the back of the cabin.  Fresh fruits and a wide range of alcohol were served.  You can also act as a bartender and the friendly crew will take pictures of you.  They are really nice and funny too!
There are some seats on both sides of the bar if you wish to meet new people onboard or simply chat with your friends 

photo img_4492-min

Then breakfast was served, there were 3 choices:
1) Poached eggs with hollandaise
2) Scrambled eggs with truffle
3) Gingerbread french toast 
I went for the second option 

photo img_4494-min

It was also served alongside with a muffin, salmon, fruits and pancake.  In my opinion, the salmon was a bit dry, the eggs tasted a little bit strange and the best food here was the fruit

This is the seat in the recline mode (i.e. reclined the most) Of course the seat can be lied completely flat however I didn't find that too comfortable given that I wasn't sleeping

photo img_4497-min

We soon entered New Zealand above a series of spectacular snowy mountains and landed just 10 minutes late, given that we departed 30 minutes late, meaning that we were able to catch up some time

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Cabin crew9.0

Emirates Lounge - First


Sydney - SYD


Christchurch - CHC



Emirates hasn't let me down in any aspect of its business product, except for its catering onboard. The lounge is also fairly outdated, which would require some upgrades to match the standard of other airlines lounges. Overall this was a very enjoyable flight across the Tasman

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  • Comment 502284 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6049 Comments

    Hi there, very nice report once again. Always great to see reports from Australia and New Zealand (two of my favourite places)! It's cool that you got to take the EK A388--when I flew this route a few years ago, it was just before EK began flying the A388 so my only option was a QF 737. Way less interesting haha.

    I'm still not a fan of all the tacky faux-wood in the cabin, but the seats are definitely better than their 777s (old or new cabins). But you can't beat that bar and there's no better way to fly J between SYD and CHC.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 502353 by
      thetravellingbloke AUTHOR 14 Comments

      Thanks for spending time to read my report again. I agree with the point where Qantas 737 business class isn’t much of an enjoyment or excitement.
      IMO, the faux-wood in the cabin elevates the entire mood or atmosphere.
      I hope you’ll fly on EK A380 J class one day! It’s such a decent product!

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