Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Istanbul in Business

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH1300
Class Business
Seat 01A
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 02:55
Take-off 08 Mar 19, 13:00
Arrival at 08 Mar 19, 17:55
LH   #70 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1598 reviews
By SILVER 2268
Published on 4th May 2019

Report No: 2019-305E

Ladies and Gentleman,

Welcome to another series that would include 2 transatlantic flights on Lufthansa Premium Economy on the newest version of the Queen of the Skies and 2 Frankfurt-Istanbul flights again on Lufthansa and one American Airlines regional flight. All 5 reports would include lounge reviews of their respective airports.   

This report would be the first time, me, flying Business Class on Lufthansa after an operational upgrade at the gate so I had the chance to experience the European Business Class product on Lufthansa onboard the Airbus A321. This report would also include a detailed review of the LH Senator Lounge in Terminal 1B covering the breakfast and lunch offerings alongside with the shower facilities.

The routing for this series would look like this

Pax for this flight:

Business Class: %100 [ Business Class until row 5 ]
Economy Class: %100

The flight was fully booked. 

Frankfurt Airport - FRA

After arriving by rail to Frankfurt Airport, I was already in Terminal 1.

photo img_7824

The famous FIDS of Frankfurt Airport.

photo img_7825

Like %99 of Istanbul flights, our flight was going to depart from Terminal 1B. In some rare occasions, Terminal 1Z is used for this route.

photo img_7826-98373

After clearing security and passport control which was a breeze with the usage of the priority lane, it took 10 minutes to reach to the Senator Lounge near gate B41-B43 from the check-in area.


photo img_7827

As I arrived during breakfast hours ( until 11:00 ), breakfast was present at the food area. The lounge was crowded when I've entered as there were lot of passengers traveling on ANA that day. However, after the ANA flight started to board passengers, the lounge got emptier.

Breakfast options

photo img_7828photo img_7829

Cheese, eggs and charcuteries

photo img_7830

Yoghurt and fruit bar

photo img_7831

Cereals present that day

photo img_7832

Jam and bread selection

photo img_7833

Fresh orange juice and a hand made coconut smoothie was present that day.

photo img_7834

The lounge has great views of Terminal 1B.

photo img_7835photo img_7836

Later on, the lunch service was present. Starting with the salad bar

photo img_7838

Sausages, potatoes and the dish that I don't remember + Pasta on the bottom

photo img_7839

Soup selection

photo img_7840

Dessert selections

photo img_7837photo img_7841

As I was waiting for my turn for a shower room, I have received this e-mail from Lufthansa that my gate has changed.

photo img_7842

After a 30 minute wait for a shower room, it was my turn and I was in one of the shower rooms by 12:00. The shower rooms are spacious and equipped with L'Occitane amenities.

photo img_7843photo img_7844photo img_7845

After having my shower, I have left the lounge and saw a friend. When Terminal 1B is out of gates, Turkish Airlines flights are operated from Terminal 1C.

photo img_7846

This Air Canada Dreamliner was parked at Terminal 1B.

photo img_7847

Boarding pass

photo img_0110


Our aircraft, D-AIDJ, just when I have arrived to gate B24.

photo img_7848

As the aircraft was being catered, I have noticed that there were 11 passengers at standby, a great chance of overbooking so I went to the gate desk and asked if they were looking for volunteers. After the gate agent checked, I had a negative answer. And, then the standby list was reduced to 2 people. €400 cash wouldn't be bad to wait at Frankfurt for another 6 hours.

photo img_7849

Boarding started 25 minutes before scheduled departure time with priorities being respected. As the flight was fully booked, I have got upgraded to Business Class and my new seat was 1A instead of 11A. I have been upgraded from the best window seat in Economy Class to the best window seat in Business Class.

photo img_7850

The paper that indicated I was upgraded

photo img_7854

The door

photo img_7851

LH 1300 Frankfurt Airport TO Istanbul Atatürk AIRPORT

After being welcomed by the cabin crew, I have took my seat 1A.

photo img_7852

Which had a great legroom and a tray table at the wall mounted in front which didn't reduce the seat width.

photo img_7853photo img_7855

This 747-400 was our neighbor that day.

photo img_7856

Shortly after boarding had completed, the overhead bins were full before all passengers have placed their belongings, so it took 5-10 minutes for the ground staff to tag them and load them down in the aircraft hold. Shortly later, we had pushed back.

photo img_7857

But, we have waited 10 minutes until this friend parked to the gate we had just left. He was arriving from Ankara. This specific aircraft TC-JHT has importance for me as this aircraft was the one taking me to Istanbul Airport for the first time. You could see the report of that flight by clicking on this line.

photo img_7858

Lufthansa 747-8i

photo img_7859

KC A321 and LH A320

photo img_7860

Condor A321 parked at a remote stand

photo img_7861

And we had left Frankfurt, 20-25 minutes later than our scheduled departure time

photo img_7862

Last view of FRA after we took off

photo img_7863

Southern Frankfurt

photo img_7864

After the seatbelt signs had been switched off, the cabin crew appeared for the first time to distribute menus. No pre-departure beverage was offered on this flight.

photo img_7865

Today's options were chicken or fish.

photo img_7866

And the beverage selection

photo img_7867

FlyNet was available during this flight. I haven't purchased an internet package for this flight but the prices seem reasonable.

photo img_7868photo img_7869

Later on, the aperitif service has begun with some snacks and a choice of drink.

photo img_7870photo img_7871-84246

The usage of the Lufthansa app is free onboard and doesn't require any internet package. However, I have noticed that Lufthansa had removed their Personal Device Entertainment System onboard their shorthaul fleet after introducing FlyNet.

photo img_7872

Shortly after aperitifs were served, the crew took meal orders and meals were served. A drink refill was offered when the crew handed our trays.

Spiced Salmon on Turnip Celery Salad served with 7 Herbs
Mustard Pesto Frankfurt Style and roasted pumpkin seeds
Allgau Wild Flower Cheese, soft Goat Cheese and medium-aged Gouda accompanied by Mango, Hot Pepper Chutney
White Chocolate and Nut Mousse on mashed Mango 

photo img_7873

I have opted for the chicken option which was delicious. The LSG Sky Chefs team in Germany knows to prepare great meals. While I was enjoying my meal, the crew came to refill water and other beverages, several times.

Corn-fed pollard with grilled Vegetables and Polenta

photo img_7874

Later on, trays were collected and the cabin crew asked for coffee/tea orders. I have opted for coffee and Bailey's. They were served with a small box of chocolate.

photo img_7875

Later on, I had the chance to look at the seat pocket content which wasn't surprising. Inflight shopping, which the catalogue isn't visible at this photo, was offered on today's flight.

photo img_7876

Lufthansa fleet

photo img_7877photo img_7878

Lufthansa European Route map: Istanbul is the only Turkish destination which is served throughout the year. Izmir, Bodrum and Antalya is only served during the summer.

photo img_7879

Information about the FlyNet service onboard

photo img_7880

Few minutes before landing, I have visited the lavatory and it was clean at that time

photo img_7881photo img_7882

Shortly after arrival, the world's meeting point, was visible.

photo img_7883

As well as Atatürk Airport

photo img_7884

And, we had landed to Atatürk Airport few minutes later than our scheduled arrival time.

photo img_7886

Mostly TK aircrafts were visible that day

photo img_7887photo img_7888

And more,

photo img_7889

As well as our neighbor was a TK A321.

photo img_7890

We had parked to gate 222, few minutes after are landing.

photo img_7891

Before leaving the aircraft, I had said goodbye to the crew.

Istanbul Atatürk AIRPORT - IST

A last view of our aircraft. At the jetbridge, two people were waiting for several passengers. One for a HON Circle passenger and the other one for VIP passengers onboard this flight. Also, Lufthansa stopped catering from LSG Sky Chefs in Istanbul and now they are catering from Sancak.

photo img_7892

First, I have opted to use the priority lane. A Lufthansa ground staff was waiting there to check eligible passengers as no invitation was distributed. However, the regular lane for Turkish citizens seemed much more emptier so I have used the regular lane and I was the first one to arrive to the carousel on my flight. Bags have shortly started to come 10 minutes after I have arrived to the carousel and mines were the first ones. The passengers who preferred to use the priority lane at Atatürk Airport hasn't yet arrived to the carousel while I was leaving the baggage claim area.

photo img_7893

This report has came to an end.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report.

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Cabin crew8.5

Lufthansa Senator Lounge B42 - B


Frankfurt - FRA


Istanbul - ISL



After arriving to the airport, the first thing that I have noticed that having access to Priority lanes at FRA would definitely save lots of time. While there was a 15-20 minute wait at the regular security checkpoint, the priority lane was empty so I had more time at the Senator Lounge. Since my last visit to the Senator Lounge, back few years ago, the food option have been improved ( both for breakfast and lunch ) as well as the beverage selection. The seating is also comfortable. In the first part of my stay, I was near the food bar and after the ANA flight started to board, I have found a set of couches that allowed more comfort and a beautiful view of the apron. The only negative part was the wait for the shower service. I have waited 30 minutes until a room gets available. However, the shower rooms were spacious and clean. Boarding was made a little bit later than the scheduled time, priorities being respected. I was upgraded to J class at the gate and after boarding the aircraft, I have taken my seat 1A which had great legroom. After waiting for the overhead locker issue to be solved, where some passengers needed to check their carry-ons to hold, we had pushed back few minutes behind the scheduled time and took off. While on the ground, no pre departure beverage was served in Business Class, however, the meal service was spread to 2 hours which made the flight pass much more faster. Drinks and snacks were served at the first point and drink refills were offered several times until landing. 20 minutes later than the snack service, the meal service was done, even though the portions were small the meal was great. Also, it's a nice touch offering chocolate after trays are collected. The toilets were clean throughout the flight and the crew was friendly towards passengers. It was also good that they offered Wi-Fi onboard this short flight, however, I was angry to LH after they have removed their PED entertainment system onboard their shorthaul fleet. This limited the only IFE option to the seat pocket content and paid Wi-Fi. At least they could have given free Wi-Fi for Business Class passengers. As we have landed to Istanbul, as usual, the regular lane was much more empty than the priority lane and I was in the baggage claim hall shortly after approaching to our jetbridge. My bags were one of the first ones to arrive and then I have left the baggage claim hall of Atatürk Airport for the last time.

(+) Reasonable security and passport check wait times
(+) Priorities respected during boarding
Lufthansa Senator Lounge FRA T1B
(+) Nice meal options ( Improved since my last visit )
(+) Comfortable seating
(-) Long wait for a shower room
LH 1300
(+) Great legroom at row 1, comfortable seats
(+) Meal and aperitif services well spread throughout the flight
(+) Delicious meals
(+) The presence of Wi-Fi onboard
(+) Friendly crew
(+) Lavatories were kept clean throughout the flight
(-) No welcome drink
(-) Removal of PED entertainment
(+) Quick and efficient passport control
(+) Reasonable wait for bags

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