Review of Firefly flight Seletar Subang in Economy

Airline Firefly
Flight FY3127
Class Economy
Seat 10A
Aircraft ATR 72-500
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 12 May 19, 11:20
Arrival at 12 May 19, 12:40
FY 19 reviews
Eric V P
By 3094
Published on 19th May 2019

Report #64: FY3127 - Probably the fastest way to shuttle between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

This will be my report on flying on Firefly economy class from Singapore XSP to Kuala Lumpur SZB, an ultra short-haul international flight within SE Asia, on board their ATR72-500. This is a part of the East Malaysia and Singapore aviation tour series, which I will review in the coming weeks.



As much as SIN was once my home base, there was only so much to explore at SIN (and in fact, I have tried avoiding it in a number of occasions due to the exorbitant airport fees as well as generally higher fare than, say, when flying to/from KUL). Therefore, when XSP's new passenger terminal and therefore new commercial services were annouced I was pretty excited to try it out in conjunction with the east Malaysia trip.

This flight costed me Rp896.700 (~US$62) including a throwaway ticket after OTA discount, though I didn't get to earn any miles for this flight. Included in the ticket price was S$30 (~US$22) airport fee, which was less than the S$50 (~US$37) airport fee for ex-SIN flights.

photo fy3127-12052019-receipt

Trip to XSP and check-in

I took the 102 bus service from Sengkang Stn, the only public bus service going to XSP (and as expected it doesn't have its own metro train station)

photo 20190512_094728

The bus service isn't even a direct or express one, passing through some residential areas and even small roads before making its way to XSP as well as the surrounding aerospace park.

photo 20190512_095254photo 20190512_095828

I alighted at the bus stop near the airport.

photo 20190512_100610

From there the passenger terminal could be seen, which isn't large by most measures.

photo 20190512_100606

A walkway connects the bus stop and the terminal, which also serves the open air carpark. Typical in Singapore, carpark is self-serve so there is no parking booth involved.

photo 20190512_100635

After a short walk I reached the terminal building.

photo 20190512_100757

Its curbside is definitely on the smaller side and unlike its larger sister SIN is shared for both arrival and departure, not unlike SWQ.

photo 20190512_100812

Since the airport is rather compact there isn't much opportunity to provide greeneries, so a small garden is put outside so that it can be viewed across the entire public area.

photo 20190512_100831

The interior reminded me of SIN terminal 4/renovated terminal 1, but with a more cozy feeling.

photo 20190512_103713

Some lounge-like seating for greeters are put right beside the garden.

photo 20190512_100850

4 check-in desks were on the left side. Only 2 desks were opened, but thanks to the low load it was a speedy process.

photo 20190512_101100

I got my boarding pass in a couple of minutes, which was printed in FY stock.

photo 20190512_103603

While tax refund facility is available, no cash refund was available here since there is no desk available on the transit area.

photo 20190512_101116

There is only one store available in the entire airport, which also serves as the waiting place for people before going into the transit area.

photo 20190512_101146

Its menu is decidedly nuanced towards Malaysian with Indian influence, which suits the destination. Its offerings were also reasonably priced, so as far as that goes there's nothing to complain about.

photo 20190512_101323

For example, I had a glass of hot teh tarik (pulled milk tea), which costed me S$1.4 (~US$1), roughly around the same price if not less than had I had one in a mall.

photo 20190512_101821

After I had my cup of tea, I went to the transit area where I was subject to ticket check, immigration, and security check in a succession.

photo 20190512_101231

XSP transit area and departure

All three of them were queue-free, so I cleared all of them in only 4 minutes.

photo 20190512_104151

The entire transit area consisted of a waiting room, which was beautifully arranged. If anything, this almost resembles an airport lounge, so that's considered very good in my books.

photo 20190512_104236

They even have some books to read, which further supports the welcoming feel.

photo 20190512_104320

While SIN's drinking water stands can also be found here ….

photo 20190512_104256

So do the difficult-to-reach charging stands, and to make it worse only UK-style plugs are supported. On the plus side, the waiting area is small enough and there's nowhere for people to go so I felt safe leaving my phone to charge while sitting somewhere else.

photo 20190512_104347

I visited the lavatory, which was spotless.

photo 20190512_104506

This airport was also (still) dominated by Malaysia-bound passengers so unlike at SIN (it's still one of my largest pet peeves when staying in Singapore) bidets were provided.

photo 20190512_104518

There was a smoking room since people couldn't just walk out from the airport (or at least get to some semi-open space like in SIN).

photo 20190512_104422

The smaller guests were provided with a photo booth and a play area.

photo 20190512_104400photo 20190512_105430

The two TVs do not show any news, instead they showed cartoons and an animation video of the airport's history in loop. XSP was once an air force base, then turned into a MRO hub, business and general aviation airport, as well as now a passenger airport.

photo 20190512_110356

Situation at the gate before boarding.

photo 20190512_110416

Boarding was fast and I soon made my way through, but I couldn't get a shot of the plane from the front as a ground staff asked me not to take photos from there, so I decided to take ne while walking to the plane. The plane for this afternoon was 9M-FYE, a 10 years old AT7.

photo 20190512_111052

Unlike other airports, XSP house a large number of hangars and buildings for its size.

photo 20190512_111102

As it's the norm on AT7, I boarded from the rear door.

photo 20190512_111116

On board

Flight: FY3127
Plane: 9M-FYE
STD: 11:20
STA: 12:40
Load factor: 31% Y (22/72)
Seat type: Standard economy class (window seat)

I wasn't welcomed by the purser as she was still making announcements to the cabin, so I went straight to the cabin.

photo 20190512_111132

My seat for this flight, which was styled like MH's economy class on their 738.

photo 20190512_111211

Legroom was pretty tight, which didn't exactly sound premium considering FY charged among the highest fares across Malaysia.

photo 20190512_111332

Only a foldable table and seat were present for me to use for this flight.

photo 20190512_111346

Contents in the seat pocket were rather ordinary.

photo 20190512_111450photo 20190512_111502

Seatbelt was pretty normal.

photo 20190512_122621

Its seat recline button reminded me of the one used by 3K or JQ.

photo 20190512_122628

Me on the seat. While the seat was rather short and a bit hard, it was acceptable for the short hop.

photo 20190512_122647

The passenger service unit above had really started showing its age.

photo 20190512_111629

View from the window was pretty much nothing at this stage.

photo 20190512_111535

As the doors were closed, Ikhwan as one of the flight attendants conducted the safety demonstration while purser Suzanna read through the script.

photo 20190512_111619

Just to make sure I departed from the right airport.

photo 20190512_111733

As we started our engine, a private jet had arrived at XSP.

photo 20190512_112024

What better proof is it for XSP to be a business aviation airport than rows of private jets?

photo 20190512_112110

The private jet that had just arrived at XSP had finally reached her parking stand.

photo 20190512_112416

After the short taxi we were cleared for takeoff. Since XSP's runway is rather short, takeoff was done in a hurry.

photo 20190512_112517

The reason for that was also because after take-off we needed to climb really fast. This is also one of the reasons why on this route FY limited the passengers to only 50 instead of the usual 72.

photo 20190512_112604

Last views as we crossed the Johor strait.

photo 20190512_112619

We passed over the Pasir Gudang port, which together with the industrial area became a thorn in XSP's opening for commercial flights.

photo 20190512_112707

We climbed so fast that we were already around the clouds only 3 minutes after liftoff.

photo 20190512_112843

After the fasten seatbelt sign was switched off, both Ikhwan and Suzanna conducted the snacks and drink service, brought to each passengerby basket and tray respectively.

photo 20190512_113817

I had mango juice for the drink and both curry puff and salted peanuts for the snack.

photo 20190512_113950

Contents when opened.

photo 20190512_114132

As much as I was expecting a half-decent curry puff, it looked like that was not the case.

photo 20190512_114200

The snack service consisted of:

Snack: Pastry puff with curried potato and chicken or salted peanuts
Drink: Mango juice or water

While the peanuts were ordinary (I don't ordinarily eat peanuts so take it with heaps of salt), the curry puff was a letdown - it was soggy and the fillings were not filling. In terms of drink it's always good to have choices (take that, GA!), though the mango juice wasn't chilled when it was served despite the ice and didn't especially have the thick mango consistency, which made me think it may be mango drink after all. On overall, it was a barely passable snack service given the distance.

I then did the usual lavatory visit, which was still clean (after all, what do you expect from a one third full plane?)

photo 20190512_114924photo 20190512_114929

A view of the cabin from behind.

photo 20190512_115234

Some views from above: can you find Malacca from the above?

photo 20190512_115711

KUL terminal 2 as seen from above.

photo 20190512_120830

During the descent an insecticide was sprayed around the cabin.

photo 20190512_121345

Plantations and some patches of buildings accompanied me throughout the descend into SZB.

photo 20190512_121613photo 20190512_121923

As we approached SZB, the view slowly changed into more residential areas.

photo 20190512_122032photo 20190512_122209

We landed 17 minutes before the STD and reached our gate 14 minutes before STD, which was very good.

photo 20190512_122337photo 20190512_122543

After I took my backpack it was time for me to leave the plane.

photo 20190512_122738

Thank you, -FYE, you will not be missed.

photo 20190512_122832

Just like my previous flight into SZB, I was directed to walk through the noisy covered walkway.

photo 20190512_122851

I reached into the door marked international arrival, which brought me into the next section.

photo 20190512_122937

Arrival at SZB and post-arrival trip

Despite the small size, SZB boasted a duty-free shop just before immigration.

photo 20190512_122944

As you may have expected, SZB's immigration and luggage claim facility isn't the largest of all. During immigration I was asked for my purpose to visit Malaysia, to which I answered to transit and afterwards was let through.

photo 20190512_123040

In fact, like in JHB international and domestic passengers were mixed and only separated at the customs checkpoint.

photo 20190512_123409

It took me roughly 7 minutes from plane to public area while clearing customs and immigration, which was pretty fast by most standards

photo 20190512_123518

The bus from SZB to KUL would only leave at 2 PM, so I figured out that I may as well go to KUL via KL Sentral and try SZB's airport train.

photo 20190512_123702

The walkway was pretty poorly marked that I was lost in the second floor for a while.

photo 20190512_124154

The station wasn't really inside or even adjacent to the airport terminal, so I needed to cross the main road using the bridge.

photo 20190512_124236photo 20190512_124241

From there it could be either a walk through the hot carpark, ….

photo 20190512_124422

Or around it using a sheltered walkway, which I picked

photo 20190512_124553

Whoever made this station should be severely punished - the point of an airport rail link is for convenience, not sport. It took me 5 minutes from leaving the terminal building to reaching the train station, which thanks to Malaysia's heat wasn't the easiest walk either.

photo 20190512_124652

Give it a try - fine, but only this time.

photo 20190512_124900

Ticket to KL Sentral costed me a whopping RM11 (~US$2.8) - I may as well take Grab if the schedule doesn't match and earn my rewards and cashback.

photo 20190512_125202

The platform required one escalator ride up, which revealed the sad state of the train I was about to ride.

photo 20190512_124957photo 20190512_125023

The legroom wasn't as punishing as what I had on FY, but the seats were plain terrible.

photo 20190512_125409

If even KLIA Ekspres don't feature power plugs, why should this train do, and therefore it doesn't have one. The advertised free Wi-Fi was also unavailable on board.

photo 20190512_125422

At least it departed on time, and 30 minutes later I was back at KL Sentral for my bus to KUL.

photo 20190512_133144
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Cabin crew6.5

Seletar - XSP


Subang - SZB



Managed by the same people behind Changi Airport, apart from the difficult public transport access, XSP is an excellent airport for short-haul flights. It's not something I would want to go for a layover, but when it comes to passing through quickly and lounging for a while before a flight, few can beat this airport. In terms of the flight, apart from the on time performance FY turned out to be quite disappointing with the old fleet and low quality snack service.

On overall, I would do this flight again if I am pressed for time, but not specifically to fly on FY.



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  • Comment 503610 by
    wop 345 Comments
    Thanks a lot for this first review from Seletar, it seems to be a cozy and convenient airport! The flight is less comfortable, though the catering looks decent.
    • Comment 503734 by
      Eric V P AUTHOR 123 Comments

      Thanks a lot for this first review from Seletar, it seems to be a cozy and convenient airport!

      Someone has done it earlier in the French website :p It's cozy, true, but not exactly convenient since it's almost as far as city centre to Changi (and if you factor in the public transport options, Changi would hands down beat this).

      Thank you for reading!
  • Comment 503659 by
    JW19 120 Comments
    All things considered, FY is actually a budget airline, so having a snack, drink and baggage allowance should be a bonus. Also the premium in pricing is due to demand not perceived quality, its convenience landing in SZB means that its favoured by businessmen.

    Finally the rail link was a recent project while the terminal has stood there for decades, even CGK couldn't link the city rail train into the airport compound shows that its no easy task integrating one. For an airport that only handles 2 million passengers a year, I am actually glad that the government there has provided a rail link.

    Either way, enjoyed the report, just the fact stating being a little insensitive.
    • Comment 504329 by
      Eric V P AUTHOR 123 Comments

      All things considered, FY is actually a budget airline, so having a snack, drink and baggage allowance should be a bonus.

      I would classify it as hybrid LCC (like Malindo, for example) rather than budget carrier, so those things are pretty much a standard.

      ... its convenience landing in SZB means that its favoured by businessmen.

      Yes, that's quite convenient - in KUL I'd still be queuing in the immigration during the time it took me to get out of the customs from SZB. That aside, FY also doesn't benefit from XSP's restrictions (as I mentioned before, the flight was capped to 50 pax instead of 72 like usual) so the high fare also came from there to some extent.

      Finally the rail link was a recent project while the terminal has stood there for decades, even CGK couldn't link the city rail train into the airport compound shows that its no easy task integrating one.

      Now that you mention CGK, that's indeed on another level. My view, though, is that rather than a barely thought of rail link I'd have preferred more frequent bus services (say, once every 10 or 15 mins to Subang Jaya LRT/Komuter like what's available for XSP to Hougang/Sengkang MRT), which was also not the case with SZB.
  • Comment 504112 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6858 Comments
    Hi Eric, beautiful pics as always. Too bad you didn't find Firefly to be all that great. I like their livery and the cabin looks nice, though yeah the legroom seems tight. Thanks for sharing

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