Review of Scoot flight Singapore Kuala Lumpur in Economy

Airline Scoot
Flight TR 452
Class Economy
Seat 27A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 00:38
Take-off 04 May 19, 10:12
Arrival at 04 May 19, 10:50
TR 60 reviews
By 691
Published on 12th May 2019

Last weekend, I took a trip up north to Kuala Lumpur, just to grab some good food as well as making good of the Firefly discounted tickets on their relaunched flights to Singapore's secondary airport, Seletar Airport, after some political bickering between Singapore and Malaysia (you can google for more details if interested).

Flight up was via Scoot as it was offering the lowest fares compared to other airlines departing on a Saturday morning. Check-in done online and boarding pass printed at home.

photo 47780056352_23fb93753d_b

With no check-in bags, it was direct through immigration and to The Green Market for a complimentary meal with my Priority Pass. It was a very generous serving of good Japanese cuisine for breakfast.

photo 47832174511_bf9074b4b6_bphoto 32888244367_0e94519509_b

Headed to the gate, which was a bus gate.

photo 47780056282_54a373bbf7_bphoto 46915909785_8c80a5e85f_b

Boarding had just commenced, and we were onto the first bus to the aircraft.

photo 47832174251_392afb426a_b

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photo 46915912615_13545738f5_b

Tarmac tour while on the ride to the aircraft, passing SQ and TR 787s, A350 and A320.

Reached our A320 "Conscious Coupling" at Bay 200 for boarding.

04 May 2019
TR 452
Singapore (SIN) - Kuala Lumpur (KUL)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 0H38M

One of the first passengers to board.

photo 33954900118_d9694f448c_bphoto 47780055892_192e4b5796_bphoto 47780055872_082e79f256_b

Window view.

photo 47780055822_4fc7198e01_b

LCC-ish tight legroom but bearable for the short flight.

photo 47780055802_aa1a20f814_b

Seat pocket contents.

photo 46915911495_06e937724f_b

Quick visit to the basic but clean lavatory.

photo 47042596554_a445240aa9_b

Still waiting for 2 other busload of passengers to arrive.

photo 46915911665_e9b001c098_b

Pushed back on schedule and taxied to the runway.

photo 47042596334_7e9b719780_bphoto 47780055702_7b1335e857_b

After holding for at least 5 aircraft ahead to depart, we took off from Rwy20C. The new Rwy02R/20L and the T5 construction site could be seen.

Cabin view. Short cruise with the crew doing a quick round of BOB sales before we started the descent.

photo 47780055532_79bdb6f53d_b

Descend and approach into Kuala Lumpur.

Landing in KLIA Rwy33 and taxied to the terminal at KLIA2.

photo 47042595824_a606e27a8f_bphoto 46915910565_2874a6061e_bphoto 46915910415_6851e9e548_b


photo 47780055302_1a72391fd6_bphoto 47042595694_759cae4fbb_bphoto 46915910315_bc8849fc0f_b

Headed into the city via the very convenient KLIA Express train, and had lunch at Sin Kee restaurant near KL Sentral.

photo 46915910265_f893406339_bphoto 47042595574_08791f49ef_bphoto 47780055092_843bea41a8_b

Stayed at Parkroyal for the night. It is a reasonably comfortable, though a bit aging, room.

photo 46915910025_2d1932600d_b

Dinner was a Chinatown where we had the delicious and popular KL Hokkien Mee, as well as a 'Moonlight' Hor Fun.

photo 46915910065_18de71eb94_bphoto 33954900328_de258e1447_b
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Cabin crew7.5
Buy-on-board menu5.5

Singapore - SIN


Kuala Lumpur - KUL



It was a very short, punctual and uneventful flight on Scoot.

Information on the route Singapore (SIN) Kuala Lumpur (KUL)


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